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Chapter 253 - Had It Become Real?

“Ah.. So Yao Yao, you’re saying he should take responsibility?” Yushu blinked blankly.

“......” Mengyao didn’t know what to say anymore. “You’re not gonna ask your brother to beat him up?”

“Oh, well Shield Bro’s touched me already that time I got stuck in the fence.” Yushu said after some thought. “Yao Yao, maybe we can just write this down, and leave him alone if he listens to us and be a good boy.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.” Naturally, Mengyao agreed- it wasn’t her who got touched, so why would she mind when Yushu was fine with it?

“Both times were because I saved you!” Lin Yi wasn’t too happy with what was going on here- this girl was trying to cause him trouble after he’d saved her twice!

“Oh. We’ll call it even then, but Shield Bro, come bungee jumping with us this weekend! I haven’t tried it before, you know! Let’s go together.” Yushu didn’t mind- she had Lin Yi’s secrets against him, so it didn’t really matter.

“Sure……” Lin Yi had planned to reject her, but he did touch her, and in front of his Miss, too… He’d be lucky enough if Mengyao weren’t causing him trouble- bungee jumping compared to that was nothing.

Mengyao didn’t know what Yushu was thinking. She waited for Lin Yi to go eat before whispering to her. “Shu, do you really have a crush on Lin Yi?”

“Ah? No….?” Yushu said as she peeled her orange.

“No? You let him touch you..?” Mengyao frowned, sighing internally- Lin Yi’s probably seduced her already! She didn’t react at all when Lin Yi touched her!

“But it wasn’t on purpose!” Yushu was starting to find it odd herself… She seemed to really get along well with Shield Bro? She didn’t even care about getting touched and was even talking about bungee jumping, as if it wasn’t a big deal……

“You…….” Mengyao didn’t know what to say anymore… Could her best friend have fallen for Lin Yi after that one confession..? Had it become real for the both of them?

Zhang Tongtian was leaning back in his chair as he called Sun Jingyi, a triumphant look on his face.

“Hello? Miss Sun?” As far as Tongtian was concerned, Jingyi might as well be on his bed already- unless she wanted to stop doing trading in Songshan!

With his connections in the city, Tongtian only needed to release the footage to the media, and Jingyi would be done for, along with her company!

Putting the departmental punishments aside, there was the simple fact that no one would go to their company for business anymore! No one would trust a company this unsafe!

The purchasing managers all understood what that meant- why would they go to Jingyi’s exposed company when they could get their rebates from safer ones?

Yet Tongtian didn’t know the sort of background Jingyi had- the girl had come to Songshan alone not to rely on her family’s influence, but to cut herself off from them!

The Sun House… She couldn’t stand those people anymore, fighting with each other for her grandfather’s wealth- what happened to family? Her grandfather wasn’t even dead yet, one could only imagine how much worse off things could get when her grandfather died.

Jingyi’s parents had died young, and her grandfather had been her parent figure growing up. Her relationship with her grandpa was closer because of that, they were actually family… The other Suns, on the other hand, treated her as public enemy number one, since she was the one most likely to inherit that fortune- it discomforted her too much, and compelled her to come to the outer city and start her own empire!

“Chairman Zhang, what do you need?” With the memory card in her hand, Jingyi wasn’t scared of Zhang Tongtian in the slightest anymore- her voice was calm and casual as he spoke, no longer tense.

“Miss Sun, have you forgotten? I’m hosting a press conference today- I’ll be exposing some company’s rule-breaking!” Tongtian said. “Miss Sun, would you be interested in participating?”

Tongtian smiled coldly. Sun Jingyi… This is your last chance. Don’t make me put you and your company to ruin!!

“Oh? How could I reject an invitation from Chairman Zhang?” Jingyi said faintly. “When and where is it?”

“9 AM today, in my company’s conference room. I’d advise Miss Sun to come earlier, we can discuss the contents of the press conference before it happens!” Tongtian hinted.

“I apologize, I have something to attend to here- I’ll be lucky if I manage to get there on time!” Jingyi wondered why this Tongtian was still so triumphant- hadn’t he noticed his missing memory card? Did he have a backup?

That’d be really bad… She’d gotten Lin Yi to steal the memory card for her because Tongtian was bad with technology! From what she had heard, the guy didn’t even know how to use computers or cameras, he’d gotten that footage by hiring a private detective to do the deed for him! He should have just left it in his bag after watching the footage once.

Jingyi’s guess wasn’t off- Tongtian did check his camera again this morning, and saw the memory card still safely inserted. He wasn’t tech-savvy, and just left it at that without looking into it further.

Tongtian was a social but gruff man. His company sold computers, but he himself couldn’t even find the power button.

“Alright then. I hope you won’t regret it!” Tongtian hung the phone up after a cold hmph. The damn woman was just asking for it!

Jingyi walked into Tongtian’s conference room a little after nine o’clock- Tongtian was looking really displeased as he watched her walk in, wondering how she’d hold up when he exposed her.

Tongtian had made his decision- the girl didn’t know when to give in, and this was her well-deserved punishment.

“Miss Sun, you’re quite late.” Tongtian said neutrally as he nodded.

“Chairman Zhang. Why would my tardiness matter in your company’s press conference?” Jingyi asked faintly.

“Miss Sun, do take a seat.” Tongtian said with a cold chuckle as he seated himself at the host table.

The majority of these reporters were on good terms with the company- he’d even used his connections to get a couple of reporters from big news companies… This exposure would make quite the news.

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