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Chapter 252 - Out of Her Mind

Lin Yi walked into the villa to see Mengyao and Yushu in the living room- the tv was off, and the two looked like they were waiting for him so they could give him a scolding.

“Be careful Shield Bro, Yao Yao’s jealous!” Yushu warned as she ate some mandarin orange.

“Shu!!” Mengyao turned to glare at her. “What’re you talking about?! Who’re you calling jealous??”

“Oh no, Yao Yao’s angry now, too. Shield Bro, good luck! I’ll shut up now.” With that, Yushu shut her mouth.

“Shu… You……” Yao Yao had put on her scolding face to teach Lin Yi a lesson already, but Yushu was ruining everything here! She wasn’t really in the mood to be scolding anyone anymore. “Shu, are you falling in love with Lin Yi ever since that confession? Why’re you always standing up for him?”

“Oh, are you hoping that I’d fall in love with him, Yao Yao?” Yushu chewed her orange casually. “You and me- we have to marry the same man anyway!”

Mengyao really wanted to kick Yushu into space at this point- what did she think she was doing, they were really off topic now! She turned back to Lin Yi, who looked pretty casual himself, as if whatever was going on didn’t concern him.

What the hell was she even doing in the first place, butting into Lin Yi’s affairs? What did it matter to her what the guy wanted to do?

Him hitting on girls and playing delinquent didn’t affect her own agenda- as long as he kept Zhong Pinliang away from her, it counted as doing his job. Mengyao waved her hand, irritated. “Lin Yi, just mind your image at school- I don’t care what goes on between you and Tang Yin, just… As long as you keep Zhong Pinliang away from me…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that- the guy’s pretty overwhelmed now. He won’t be bothering you anymore.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Alright then, that’s fine then. But you have to tell me in advance before you go out in the future- I don’t wanna not be able to find you when I’m looking for you!” Mengyao didn’t know what was up with her anymore- was this about Lin Yi being with another girl, or was this about his unprofessionalism?

“Alright.” Lin Yi nodded without thinking.

The relationship between Mengyao and him had thawed. Lin Yi valued the mission, and despite not knowing what the mission actually was, it was a job that’d set him up for life. He had Old Lin’s blessing on top of that, too- it was a mission he’d complete without fail.

“Then go do your stuff, Shu and I have a concert to watch. There’s food in the kitchen, go eat them yourself if you want! Shu and I have eaten already.” With that, Mengyao dismissed Lin Yi with a wave of her hand.

“Eh? Yao Yao, you said you wanted to go bungee jumping and push Lin Yi down! Why aren’t you talking about that now?” Yushu interjected suddenly.

“Shu!!” Mengyao couldn’t believe this- she was just saying that out of anger! Of course she wouldn’t push Lin Yi down like that, that’d be murder! She glared at Shu. “What’s in their head of yours, Shu, what’s wrong with you? I obviously didn’t mean that!”

“But I wanted to go bungee jumping! How about we don’t push Shield Bro down, but just go bungee jumping?” Yushu asked, her eyes on Mengyao.

“Ah……” Lin Yi shook his head- Yushu was such a riot. None of the conflicts in this house could get serious with her around. Although, Lin Yi wasn’t expecting Mengyao to be so pissed to the point where she wanted to push Lin Yi to his death..?

Mengyao cleared her throat, getting a little embarrassed because of Yushu. “Lin Yi, don’t listen to Shu- I’m not thinking of pushing you at all.”

“Oh.. I’d be fine if you wanna push me….” Lin Yi said as he imagined getting pushed down by the Miss. Mm.. that’d be pretty nice…..

“Hm? What was that?” Mengyao didn’t quite catch that.

“Nothing.” It wasn’t something Lin Yi dared repeat.

“Yao Yao, Shield Bro said he wanted to be pushed down by you.” Yushu, on the other hand, heard Lin Yi’s words loud and clear…

“Wha?!” Mengyao froze as her face started to redden- as innocent and unexposed as she was, even a young girl like her understood what ‘push down’ meant in that context. She started getting pissed as well. “Lin Yi, what did you say?!”

“I just said I’d be fine if you wanna push me…” Lin Yi sweated a little- he did mean it in that way, but he definitely didn’t say it like that. “I mean, it’s not like I’d die or anything from a fall like that……”

Mengyao frowned as she thought about it- Lin Yi did say ‘I’d be fine’ and nothing about getting ‘pushed down’. With that, she turned back to Yushu. “Shu!!”

“Oh……” Yushu stood up from the sofa, thinking of running away when her legs, numb from sitting cross-legged the whole time gave under her weight… She then started falling…

“Shu- Lin Yi!!” Mengyao leaned forward to try and catch her, but couldn’t quite make it- Yushu was falling head first to the ground, and Mengyao called out to Lin Yi without thinking about it…

“Okay…” Lin Yi reached his hand out and caught Yushu…

“Shu, don’t say stuff like that! There’s a man in the house!” Mengyao glared, her scolding mood back. “Are you planning to just let him just feel you up if I don’t ask him to let go?”

“But……” I can’t just drop and fall on the floor, right?

“But what? Why’re you focused on me, Lin Yi’s touching you right now! Focus on him, focus on paying him back!” Mengyao said, exasperated.

This girl got her brother to beat that Wu Xiaocan up after he’d insulted her a bit, but Lin Yi touching her boobs was fine? She was acting as if nothing was happening! Was this soul mate of hers out of her mind?!

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