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Chapter 229 - Fist to the Face

The manager stepped to the side- Zhong Pinliang clearly didn’t want anyone butting in.

PInliang was quite troubled, on the other hand… His young master image was no less than ruined! The inheritor of Liangbai Industries, getting his face beat up in his own territory- it was just disgraceful.

At least Lin Yi was about to go off to heaven soon, and Pinliang endured to see things to that end.

He didn’t need play follower anymore- he got in the car without opening the door for Lin Yi, who didn’t seem to mind as he got on the co-driver seat.

The situation had changed, and Pinliang didn’t care if Heibao was prepared- it wouldn’t matter as long as he got Lin Yi there.

He would’ve really preferred for Lin Yi to go through some pain before dropping dead, but there was no helping it now.

Pinliang’s phone vibrated, and he was about to pull it out for a look when he remembered Lin Yi sitting next to him.

“Ah, Heibao? Wanna show me what he said?” Lin Yi said with a glance.

“I…. fine…” Pinliang was pretty aware of his situation at this point- he’d only get beat up again if he didn’t comply.

Lin Yi’s methods were even the type that avoided any lethality, only aiming for the fragile but less important parts- there was only pain and no danger, and pissing Lin Yi off wouldn’t benefit Pinliang in the least.

Pinliang made sure not to cross the line, since the guy had current control over the situation while he didn’t- there wasn’t even anything to threaten him with anymore.

‘The preparations are made.’ were the only words on the display, but Lin Yi was sure that it was Heibao who sent it.

“Drive faster.” Lin Yi said as he tossed the phone under the windshield.

Pinliang had thought of dragging things on, but he didn’t want to be pissing Lin Yi off. There wasn’t much traffic at this hour, and he sped the car up.

“Is this Zou Ruoming?” A coarse voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

“Yes. Are you Master Zhong’s man?” Ruoming was near the abandoned building, waiting to meet up with Pinliang’s man.

“That’s right. I’m at the place already- where are you?”

“Nearby.” Ruoming said.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you in front of the building!” With that, he hung up the phone.

Ruoming rushed to the meeting point, his eyes widening as he saw who the person was.

It was Heibao Bro! What was going on?

Yet Ruoming managed to recover his composure an instant later, emotions surging up within him. How did Pinliang get his hands on Heibao Bro?

Heibao Bro’s escape made the news- Ruoming assumed that the guy would leave Songshan, since that’d be a reasonable priority… He shouldn’t be waiting around in the city waiting to get captured again.

Yet here he was, helping Zhong Pinliang out and even kidnapping Tang Yin for him. Ruoming couldn’t help but grow uncertain.

He kept his mouth shut, however, since things like that weren’t his business. He didn’t care why Heibao Bro was still hanging around, but he did care whether he’d gotten Tang Yin for him.

“Hi, Heibao Bro! I’m Zou Ruoming!” Ruoming said respectfully as he ran up to Heibao Bro.

“You know me?” A brief intensity flashed in Heibao’s eyes.

“I’m a close friend of Master Zhong, of course I’ve seen you around!” Ruoming said as he leaned in. “Heibao Bro, what I’m about to do today is illegal, so you gotta help keep a secret……”

“Yeah…” Heibao said, calming down a bit after hearing Ruoming’s words.

Ruoming let out a breath of relief, as well. After all, the guy was a fugitive- Ruoming didn’t want to risk Heibao Bro killing him off because he didn’t trust him. Telling him that Ruoming himself was about to commit a crime put them more or less in the same boat.

“Ah, Heibao Bro… Where’s Tang Yin...?” Ruoming asked after realizing that Heibao wasn’t mentioning the girl. Truth was, he had no business with where Heibao Bro was planning to run to, if he was thinking of running at all.

“She’s unconscious, I drugged her. She’s right in that van!” Heibao said as he pointed to the white van not too far away, an old model from at least twenty years ago. “Want me to get her up for you?”

“I’d appreciate that, Heibao Bro!” Ruoming’s soles weren’t in the best condition, and going up rusty stairs that didn’t even have rails was not something he wanted to do with a person in his hands.

Heibao got Tang Yin upstairs and tossed her down before walking away.

“Fucking shit, not even a lightbulb in this shithole!!” Ruoming cursed as he went up the stairs in the darkness. He pulled a vial out and put a pill in his mouth, swallowing it.

He popped another one in his mouth after some thought, feeling that just one pill might not be enough.

It was a Japanese supplement- he’d heard that one pill was strong enough to get a guy going for three rounds. It was the type of pill men in the p*rn industry took.

Ruoming had a small condition people didn’t know about- he was impotent.

He should’ve held back a bit on those sessions when he was younger- he wouldn’t have to rely on pills if he hadn’t went overboard so much.

He had to resort to even stronger pills after getting used to them- regular ones don’t have as much of an effect anymore.

Two pills should probably equal around one to two hours of battle power! Ruoming started quaking with laughter. Oh Tang Yin! Let’s enjoy ourselves later- I’ll show you what I’m made of!!

He waited for the pills to take effect as he sat down, not looking at Tang Yin. He’d have all the time in the world with her soon- she wouldn’t be waking up for another hour or so.

“Lin Yi, Heibao Bro’s right up front! Your wife Tang Yin’s up there in that building, ahaha!! You’re late, Lin Yi, Zou Ruoming’s probably-” Pinliang hadn’t finished talking when a fist connected with his face, knocking him unconscious.

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