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Chapter 230 - You Cheated

Lin Yi hadn’t any use for Zhong Pinliang anymore, and decided that he’d knock the guy out before observing his surroundings from inside the car.

“Come out, Lin Yi.” A man said as he walked to the car, standing a short distance away from Lin Yi- as expected, it was Heibao.

“Golden class, end phase peak?” Lin Yi frowned- it was his ultimate golden finger to be able to see what level someone else was at, but he still had doubts. After all, it didn’t seem realistic for a guy to just get to end phase peak from scratch.

Lin Yi wanted to look around a bit more, but remembered Tang Yin, who was at the top of the building. Without much choice left, he exited the car- Tang Yin was in trouble.

“Well, Lin Yi? Didn’t think I’d get away from the cops, huh?” Heibao said, his eyes full of bloodlust as he looked at Lin Yi, as if he were a piece of porkchop.

“Yeah, didn’t think you’d manage that.” Lin Yi noded. “But there’s something else that you wouldn’t expect.”

“What do you mean?” Heibao said with a pause.

“I’m actually a golden class early phase master!!” With that, Lin Yi powered himself, making sure that his aura didn’t go over the early phase threshold.

“Hm?” Heibao wasn’t expecting that from Lin Yi, but a mocking smile soon formed on his lips… He didn’t know how strong Lin Yi was before his own power up- he only thought that the guy was a bit better than a regular human.

It turned out Lin Yi was a golden class master as well, much to his surprise!

Yet a master at the early phase wasn’t anything much to Heibao anymore… To an end phase peak golden class, Lin Yi was but a mere infant.

“What’re you smiling for?” Lin Yi said faintly. “Haven’t you heard of the division classes? Sky, earth, mystic, and golden- Golden’s the lowest ranking one, but just an early phase practitioner’s strong enough to be at the special ops level.”

“Haha, of course I have.” Heibao almost burst out laughing at Lin Yi’s words- the guy had no idea, he still thought he was hot stuff!

“Then why’re you still standing here? Are you waiting for a golden class to send you to heaven or something?” Lin Yi threatened.

“HAHAHA!” Heibao laughed- he laughed happily. How arrogant could a guy be just for getting to the early phase? “Alright then, enlighten me- show me how strong an early phase golden class is!”

Lin Yi’s current behavior was one completely atypical of his usual self- Heibao would realize something was off if he’d known the type of person Lin Yi was. After all, Lin Yi wasn’t one to boast around arrogantly like that…

Yet Heibao wouldn’t know that.

“Come.” Lin Yi said with a disdainful look at Heibao. “I’ll show you what kind power a golden class has.”

Lin Yi then got into a posture to look down at Heibao.

Heibao only smiled coldly at Lin Yi’s arrogance- he treated the guy as completely ignorant at this point. With a slight shift in his stance, Heibao flung himself at Lin Yi with an abrupt burst.

Lin Yi smiled as well, sending a fist out to receive Heibao’s.

Heibao still had a grin on his face- he found Lin Yi’s blind confidence to be quite amusing. Didn’t this guy know that even a mid phase golden class could destroy an early phase fighter? Heibao was an end phase peak!!

Yet an attack at full strength would undoubtedly explode Lin Yi, and that wasn’t what Heibao was looking for. Pinliang’s instructions were to have Lin Yi seriously injured before dragging him up to see what Ruoming was doing to Tang Yin, so that he may die in agony and pain.

For that end, Heibao lessened the power behind his fist to that of a mid phase level, so as to leave Lin Yi breathing.

Their fists collided, and the air around them rumbled.

“You’re… You’re not an early phase……” Heibao muttered with wide open eyes as his whole body was sent flying backwards, landing with a heavy thud before finishing his sentence.

Lin Yi flashed to Heibao’s side before he even hit the ground. He lifted his leg and sent it into Heibao’s chest, followed by many bones cracking…

Lin Yi sent a quick flurry of violent kicks at the same spot, and Heibao’s eyes rolled back as he fell into unconsciousness as he spoke his last words in pain. “………”

Lin Yi’s lips twitched. “My sifu said any competent killer would hide his strength.”

In Lin Yi’s eyes, there weren’t many rules in this world of martial arts and fighting- as long as it did the job, anything went. There was no point talking rules to an assassin.

If Lin Yi had exposed the same end phase peak strength that Heibao had, then Heibao would’ve been on alert and cautious- he wouldn’t have pulled his punches and would’ve used end phase strength, as well.

Lin Yi had a rich array of assassin’s methods under his belt, and the Art of Dragon Mastery to support him as well- winning against Heibao was no impossibility, but Lin Yi hadn’t the time to waste on fighting... Tang Yin was right up there!

It was why Lin Yi decided to trick Heibao, but he hadn’t really expected the idiot to have fallen for it so easily. This IQ…… Lin Yi sighed.

While it may have been a despicable method, stuff like that no longer held sway over Lin Yi’s mind, not after growing up under the shameless influences of his old man and sifu.

He turned his eyes away from Heibao and started walking to Pinliang’s Audi. He’d really wouldn’t have minded ending Heibao right there and then if it weren’t for the involvement of Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming.

He couldn’t really kill those two at the moment, and that meant that Heibao couldn’t be dead either. Even so, Heibao was no longer functional- he considered it a gift to that little tigress Lingshan.

He opened the door and pulled Pinliang out, dropping him in front of the building before leaping off onto the second floor.

He held onto the cracks in the wall as he moved about like Spiderman, scanning the rooms one by one for Tang Yin…

He stopped at one of the rooms- Tang Yin was lying there, safe and sound. He’d made sure to listen to anything that might’ve been taking place on the second floor earlier during his confrontation with Heibao, only playing with the guy for a bit because Ruoming probably hadn’t done anything yet.

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