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Chapter 212 - Something Knocking On The Window

“Ugh……” Mengyao’s words were actually making Yushu feel bad. “Yao Yao, don’t say that… I was the one who made the bet, too! Of course I’ll honor the agreement. I mean… I actually told Shield Bro about it when you were on the phone, I asked him to put on a show with me……”

“Wha-?!” Mengyao froze at the revealation- she hadn’t expected the girl to manage that during those seconds! So what happened earlier was a complete performance, then? It was all fake?! Mengyao shot an angry glare at her. “Shu!!”

“Uh… I told you the truth, didn’t I… Don’t get mad, Yao Yao……” Yushu said, startled as she ran for the room.

This Yushu… Mengyao didn’t know what to do with this girl anymore, but things had ended pretty well, hadn’t they? She did go a little overboard…

Zhong Pinliang was in his villa, watching a horror movie on his laptop as he sat in his room. He wasn’t a very brave person- he still wet his bed at eight, didn’t dare sleep alone at ten, and didn’t dare go out alone at twelve…

It was an image completely different from the one he had at school- to solve that he thought up a plan, and that was to hide himself in his room in the middle of the night, watching horror movies by himself…

He always got scared shitless at the start, but he’d managed to force himself to become brave, even if by just a little. He could go out of the house at night now, on his own.

Yet the horror movies still scared him- he couldn’t turn the lights off, and always watched them with the house completely lit… He was watching this film about a kid living alone, who always heard something knocking on the window at night.

It was simply horrifying! Pinliang wondered if something like that would happen to him tonight, his parents weren’t home with him after all…

He was focusing on the movie when a black figure appeared outside his window…

And started knocking on it.

“AHH……….” Pinliang cried out, a little pee coming out as he fell on his butt. “Who?! Who is it?!!”

The knocking continued…

Pinliang was trembling, but he forced himself to look in the window’s direction- his luck wasn’t this shitty, was it? Something really came knocking on his window??

“Eh?” Pinliang sighed in relief after seeing who it was. He then wondered what the hell he was doing here. Ignoring his pee-stained pants, he quickly ran to the window and opened it. “Heibao Bro, why’re you here?”

It was Heibao, who had escaped from the police earlier today, sneaking to Pinliang’s place during nighttime, and was thinking of getting some money for his escape plans. He also wanted to discuss revenge against Lin Yi.

“Master Zhong, I beat a couple of cops up on the way to the prison- I escaped!” Heibao said, vaulting himself into the room with an agile movement.

Pinliang, on the other hand, was stunned.

“Heibao Bro… How’d you get up here?” Pinliang understood his villa’s structure well- the villas here had a clean, slippery mosaic over the walls, and no ledges or cracks for the guy to hold on to… It was impossible for him to have climbed up, nor was it possible for him to have jumped up! It was a ten-meter jump!

“I jumped up.” Heibao said faintly. “Master Zhong, I’m not the old Heibao anymore- I’m at the peak late phase of the golden class now!!”

“Golden class? Peak late phase? How strong is that?” Pinliang didn’t know the class divisions very well.

“A little stronger than regular special ops!” Heibao said. “That Song girl, from the criminal police- she’s just at the middle phase!”

“Oh, Oh…” Pinliang couldn’t quite catch on to what Heibao was throwing at him. “Heibao Bro, how’d you get so strong all of a sudden?”

Heibao looked pretty weak when he got messed up by Lin Yi that day, but the guy was claiming to be even stronger than Song Lingshan from the criminal police- from what Pinliang had seen, Heibao didn’t seem to be lying.

He’d managed to level up all of a sudden. Pinliang wondered how nice it’d have been if Heibao was this strong back when he’d faced Lin Yi.

“Hmph. I joined a mysterious sect in my earlier years, and there was this really powerful scroll there. One of the chapters talked about peaking your body’s potential at the cost of your life force!” Heibao explained without hiding anything. “But I broke some sect rules, and they kicked me out… but I did manage to take notes on the chapter…”

Pinliang was barely following, but he nodded. “Then there’s a flaw with this method right?”

“Yeah, and not just any flaw- a big one. You lose five years of your life! That, and the time period of one month- the body returns to normal one month later, and the main veins and everything get permanently damaged. I’ll never be able to practice martial arts again!” Heibao said. “But that’s worth it- it’s way better than what I was about to face.”

Heibao only ran away because of how serious his fuck-up was this time- he’d broken a number of laws! There was also his history of crime on top of all his illegal gun wielding and attempted murder- he had at least ten years waiting for him in prison!

Ten years in there was absolutely hell for someone like Heibao, who lived for pleasure- he’d really rather die.

He had two main priorities he needed to take care of after escaping: the first was to shed Lin Yi’s blood!! The guy had thrown him in prison, and messed up his hand and half his face, too! It was an absolute disgrace, nothing like what Heibao had ever been through before!

The second was to get a sum from Pinliang, so as to leave the city and continue living in luxury.

“Oh… Then, Heibao Bro, you came here to……” Pinliang asked carefully, aware that he had a direct hand in causing Heibao’s imprisonment- he was worried that the guy had beef with him because of that.

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