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Chapter 211 - Shu's Confession

Yet Pinliang didn’t really deserve that from Mengyao- even he realized what Yushu was doing after falling for her tricks the first few times.

But what if it really were Mengyao asking for it? What if Yushu wasn’t lying that one time?? Pinliang would be in tears if something like that happened.

As a result, he’d always carry out the requests, even when he knew Yushu was lying… Just in case it was actually Mengyao. Better safe than sorry.

Mengyao, on the other hand, was quite looking forward to Yushu’s big moment. She finished her food quickly and noticed Yushu still nibbling at her swordfish slowly. “Shu, why’re you eating so slowly?”

“It’s healthier! It’s not like we have anything important to do, what’s the rush?” Yushu mumbled incoherently with the fish in her mouth. “What, did you have something to do, Yao Yao?”

Yao Yao couldn’t believe this woman- of course they had something important to do! Hmph, keep it up Shu. We’ll see how long you can drag this out…..

Mengyao watched as Yushu took her time- it was quite a while before she patted her belly, satisfied. “I’m full… Hm? Yao Yao, you and Shield Bro are done already? You two sure are hitting it off!”

“Is that so?” Mengyao hmphed softly. “Shu, didn’t you tell me you’ve something important to say to LIn Yi? Didn’t you say something about taking that big step in life? Well? Isn’t now a good time? I’m interested in what that is, too.”

Lin Yi was preparing to go back to his room when Mengyao’s words stopped him- he connected it to what Yushu had whispered to him earlier. Turning back to face Yushu, he wondered what she wanted to say- could this be the show he was supposed to put on?

“Yeah…. So I’ll say it right now?” Yushu looked at Mengyao, and looked at Lin Yi, fidgeting a little- the time had come.

“Yeah.” Mengyao urged.

“Shield Bro..! I.. like you…… I’ve actually had a crush on you for a really long time……” Yushu said, standing up all of a sudden and looking into Lin Yi’s eyes with her hands in front of her chest. It reminded her of that game she played… where there was this girl making a confession under a tree.

“Uhh……” Lin Yi blinked at the confession- this was probably what Yushu was talking about earlier. With that, Lin Yi stood up with a burst and grabbed Yushu’s hands. “Shu, I like you too!! I’ve actually liked you since the first time I came to the villa!! I’ve just never had the courage to confess- I actually really like you and Yao Yao……”

Mengyao coughed a bit- what was Lin Yi doing, pulling her into that mess? She wasn’t feeling very good from what Lin Yi was saying to Yushu, too- was he accepting her confession?

He wasn’t that shallow, was he? Accepting Yushu’s confession right away, just like that? He looked so excited, too, as if he’d been waiting for this moment for so long… Mengyao was feeling really conflicted at this point. She forced on a smile. “Shu, I didn’t know you liked him?”

Yushu, on the other hand, was really panicking, not expecting this strong a reaction from Lin Yi, who even grabbed on her hand to confess to her!! Her heart was thumping as she tried to understand what was happening. Shield Bro likes me?? No way… I thought he liked Yao Yao!!!

But she did tell him to put on a show with her… Was he acting?

Yushu sighed in relief, but felt a slight bit of disappointment… Would Shield Bro accept her confession if she did it for real? She blushed at the thought.

Mengyao’s coughs brought her back to reality, and she looked at Mengyao shyly. “I… Yao Yao!! I confessed, so leave this all behind! Don’t talk about this anymore!”

“Lin Yi, aren’t you gonna say something?” Mengyao asked, curious at Lin Yi having calmed down and returned to normal already. The guy had been so excited just a moment ago, too.

“Say what?” Lin Yi said as he sat back down. “I did, I accepted her confession.”

“Just like that? Nothing else?” Mengyao said, suspicious.

“What else is there? Who knows if she’s being serious or not.” Lin Yi shrugged. “She’s always like that isn’t she.”

“Ugh……” Mengyao opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. So Lin Yi knew that Yushu wasn’t being serious?

Her disappointment had a slight relief to it- so Lin Yi wasn’t accepting her confession? She didn’t know what to think anymore, her mind was a complete mess! She needed to go think things through quietly in her room!

“Shu, come with me!” Mengyao said as she pulled Yushu upstairs with her, leaving Lin Yi at the table, all alone…

Yushu turned her head back to make a face at Lin Yi, as if nothing had happened.

Lin Yi smiled- what were these girls even doing?

He put the leftovers away, thinking of making a dish with swordfish tomorrow as he went back to his room, not thinking much of Yushu’s confession. He’d been warned from the start, after all.

Mengyao, on the other hand, had thoughts piling up inside of her… What if Shu hadn’t got stuck today? What if she lost? Would she have confessed to him, and would Lin Yi have treated her seriously if she did?

She wasn’t like Yushu, after all- she didn’t bounce all over to place, and Lin Yi might’ve just believed her… Mengyao was starting to regret closing Lin Yi’s door- she should’ve just hid in there and let Shu find her…

But why would she want to confess to Lin Yi in the first place? She didn’t even like him? Mengyao shook her head, trying to push the mess in her brain away.

“Yao Yao… what do you want…..” Yushu asked as she went up with Mengyao.

“Shu, why didn't he believe your confession?” Mengyao wasn’t sure what she was asking at this point- nothing made sense anymore.

“Oh… I guess what I say isn’t very believable…” Yushu said as she rubbed her head. “I always do dumb stuff?”

“That might be it……” Mengyao said, shaking her head. “Alright, sorry Shu, I went overboard today… Shouldn’t have forced you to confess to him- it’s pretty bad for your reputation. Good thing Lin Yi didn’t believe you… How would you get ever get a boyfriend if word gets out?”


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