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Chapter 204 - Witch

Mengyao was hiding first- Yushu was the seeker.

As agreed upon, Yushu hid herself in the bathroom and locked the door- she wasn’t allowed to come out until Mengyao vibrated her phone with a call. That was the cue for her to start searching.

“Hehe…… You should start preparing for your confession tonight, Yao Yao…… Heh… HAHA……” Yushu chuckled evilly in the bathroom. She’d found the ultimate hiding spot before even suggesting the game- it would definitely take Mengyao more than an hour to find a spot perfect as that.

It was why she’d suggested a bet as crazy as that- she had absolute confidence that Mengyao would be the one losing.

Yushu’s phone vibrated after a while- it was Mengyao’s number. She hung it up and walked out the bathroom.

Yushu didn’t rush things as she closed the bathroom door behind her- she placed herself in the living room as she observed her surroundings. It was Mengyao’s home, but she’d been visiting the place so often since fourteen that she knew the place upside down.

Mengyao’s hiding place wouldn’t be a conventional one, nor would it be some corner in a room- after all, Yushu knew all the corners Mengyao did. It was obvious that Mengyao would avoid places where she knew Yushu would look.

According to that logic, Yushu decided to leave the corners for last- Mengyao wouldn’t be waiting to lose in places like that.

She looked at Lin Yi’s room, a sneaky smile forming on her lips.

Lin Yi’s room had been half-open when they were watching the concert… She hadn’t been paying attention to the room or anything, but she did glance at it out of guilt when she suggested confessing to Shield Bro if they lost.

Yet the door was now completely shut- where else would Mengyao be hiding, if not in there?

Yushu tiptoed to Lin Yi’s room, and opened the door with a violent gesture, a big smile on her face as she announced her victory. “Come out, Yao Yao! I see you!!”

Yushu was holding a victory fist as she waited for Mengyao to come out… She started panicking when she didn’t.

“Yao Yao, stop hiding! Come out!” Yushu called as she walked in the room.

Yushu knew what Lin Yi’s room was like- she’d been here before when the guy was in his underwear……

Her eyes darted around the room. She spotted her laptop on the desk, and there wasn’t anyone under it… The bed wasn’t tall enough for a person to fit under there, too…

The closet was practically empty, with just two or three sets of clothing Lin Yi just bought… The bathroom was empty, too, and there were even two pairs of underwear on the drying rack.

“Ehh?” Yushu was confused- where was Yao Yao? Did she know some invisibility technique?

Completely unsatisfied, Yushu searched the room once more, still not finding Mengyao anywhere. Disheartened, she wondered if Mengyao really wasn’t in here……

Yushu was deep in thought when her phone rang. She pulled her phone out and answered it helplessly after seeing Mengyao’s number on the display. “Yao Yao, where are you?”

“Shu, time’s up!! You didn’t find me!” Mengyao said, clearly quite pleased with herself.

“Yao Yao, where are you hiding??” Yushu said as she looked around the room for the source of Mengyao’s voice- nothing turned up. Mengyao wasn’t in the room.

“I’m in our room- I was lying in the bed for a bit, waiting for you!” Mengyao said, a little lazily so as to piss Yushu off.

“Ugh……” Yushu almost dropped her phone. “Our room? But Shield Bro’s door was shut!”

“Oh, that…… I closed it.” Mengyao said casually. “He might have something valuable in there, and I don’t want the guy trying to blame us for anything we break!”

“Ugh……….” Yushu couldn’t believe the excuse Mengyao was using. It was clearly a tactic!! An shameless tactic!! “Yao Yao, you’re such a witch!”

“A witch? Really?” Mengyao laughed. “Well, I’m coming down now Shu- you better hide yourself good, cause it looks like you’re gonna be confessing tonight!”

Yushu hung the phone up, troubled as she sat on a sofa waiting for Mengyao. She came down a while later, and Yushu couldn’t help but be pissed off.

“Yao Yao, it’s my turn! You go wait in the bathroom.” Yushu said.

“Sure- call me when you’re ready.” Mengyao said, not a care in the world- she’d still be safe even if she lost the second round, after all, and there was no reason for her to panic at all.

She walked in the bathroom and closed the door.

Shu had wanted to pick a random place, but she’d lost the first round! It had to be the ultimate spot, now or never.

She made sure Mengyao had shut herself in the bathroom before walking out the villa. She made her way to the villa’s backyard- there was a storage room there that was usually locked up and barred with fences.

Mengyao lived in the villa alone, and she didn’t really need the space. Yushu remembered that they got a cockshuttle inside the fence when they were playing badminton- it was a long time ago, when she had to crawl past the fence to retrieve it.

It was a fail-safe hiding spot, a place Mengyao would never even think of! Yushu was confident of that. After all, the metal fence was locked, and Mengyao probably didn’t even remember where the keys were.

Yushu chuckled to herself before quickly squeezing herself past the opening in the fence...

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