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Chapter 176 - Just Like That

“Hey!! What are you doing?!” Lingshan was starting to panic- Lin Yi was reaching the edge already, clearly not planning on stopping! “It’s fine if you can’t find them- don’t do anything stupid!!”

It wasn’t Lingshan’s fault for assuming that of Lin Yi- after all, the guy was moments away from falling off the cliff. It was obvious suicide; there simply wasn’t another explanation for the speed he was walking at!

Was the guy afraid that she’d mess with him if he told her he couldn’t find anyone?? She did act pretty cross with him… was he planning on ending things here and now?!

Lingshan didn’t think it was in Lin Yi’s character to commit suicide just like that, judging from his calm attitude regarding almost everything- there was no way he’d be afraid of her, from what she’d seen of the guy! Yet the reality and gravity of the situation was right in front of her, and Lingshan had to do something.

Without replying, Lin Yi got to the edge of the cliff before coming to a halt.

“Fuu…….” Lingshan sighed in relief as she caught up to Lin Yi. “What are you planning? Are you trying to scare me?”

Lin Yi only stood there quietly, eyes shut.

“Hey……” Lingshan raised her eyebrows. “You’re not angry at me, are you? You’re a man, aren’t you, don’t be mad at something like this, okay?”

“They’re down there.” Lin Yi said, opening his eyes and hitting the soil on the edge with his shoe, much to Lingshan’s worry. Dude, careful!

“What’re you saying?” Lingshan asked, not understanding Lin Yi’s words.

“The suspects- they’re down there.” Lin Yi said.

“Ugh……” Lingshan’s face darkened at the statement. “You’re not trying to tell me that the suspects are at the bottom of the cliff, are you? They fell to their deaths..?”

“They’re alive.” Lin Yi said, shaking his head. The jade didn’t respond to dead people.

“Alive?” Lingshan paused, not expecting that- she had thought that Lin Yi was throwing some random reason at her, planning to tell her that the suspects they were looking for had fallen to their deaths.

“They’re right under my feet, not at the bottom of the cliff.” Lin Yi said, stomping his foot again as he explained. “It’s a different thing- this means there’s a cave at the bottom of this cliff.”

“Cave?” Lingshan blinked as she tried to take the claim in- there was a cave inside the cliff?

“It’s a guess.” Lin Yi said. “You can send someone to check it.”

Lin Yi could very well climb down the cliff bare-handed, but had no intention of doing so- after all, he’d completed his task of locating the suspects for Lingshan. He’d rather keep his capabilities a secret.

After all, climbing down a cliff without equipment like that was a feat expected of people at the special ops level- even trained professionals had a difficult time scaling unmapped terrain like this.

Lin Yi performing what was believed to be a difficult feat would only attract the suspicion of special ops Song Lingshan.

“You sure?” Lingshan couldn’t just take Lin Yi’s word for it- after all, the guy really just walked around randomly before stopping at the edge of a cliff, telling her that the suspects were hiding themselves in a cave inside the cliff…

It was only natural to doubt the claim- anyone would find it hard to believe.

“I’m sure… probably.” Lin Yi nodded, thinking that the jade had yet to make any errors. He was still receiving strong signals from the jade, after all.

It seemed that people who had been hostile towards him were recorded in the jade regardless of the degree of malice they had.

“Wait for me then- I’ll go down for a look.” Lingshan said after looking down the cliff, rubbing her hands as she prepared to descend it. She still found it hard to believe that the suspects were right under them.

“I don’t think you should.” Lin Yi advised. He wasn’t underestimating Lingshan, but it didn’t seem very safe at all for her to deal with four to five armed criminals on her own. “They have guns.”

“Fine, I’ll believe you just this once!” Lingshan said, giving up on the idea. She wanted to see if Lin Yi was telling the truth as soon as possible, but it wasn’t worth the risk- what if the suspects really were down there?

“Of course you should- why should I even be here if you don’t?” Although, Lin Yi understood the cause for Lingshan’s doubts- it’d probably sound like a miracle to even Huaijun if he heard that Lin Yi had found the hideaway on his first try.

“I’ll contact the chopper- they’ll bring some men over.” Lingshan said as she pulled her phone out. They’d used helicopters for the search before, but they couldn’t go too far down because of the trees, only circling the area and giving up when nothing showed up.

It was also true that they hadn’t sent a chopper to check for a cave in the cliff before- Lingshan decided to use her trust in the captain with Lin Yi, since the guy sounded so confident and all.

“So can I go now?” Lin Yi asked, thinking that there wasn’t much else he could do now that the suspects have been located.

“No!!” Lingshan rejected instantly. “Wait until the suspects are caught!”

“I still have class.” Lin Yi said.

“I’ll drive you to class!” Lingshan insisted.

“Okay then.” Lin Yi said as he seated himself on the ground for a better view of Lingshan, running his eyes up her figure. “What a view! Absolutely stunning!”

Lingshan assumed that Lin Yi was describing the scenery from the cliff, but something seemed off, prompting her to follow Lin Yi’s gaze…

Her face reddened as she realized what the guy was talking about- she really wanted to just kick Lin Yi off the cliff at this point! “Where are you looking at?”

“A part of your body’s sticking up so much it’s blocking my view. Of the sky.” Lin Yi said innocently.

“Yeah, keep looking, I’ll poke your eyes out to clean my shoes with.” Lingshan threatened as she turned her body away from Lin Yi’s eyes.

“You’re threatening me- I’m gonna call the police.” Lin Yi said nonchalantly as he relaxed and laid himself on the ground.

“Big sis here is the police. Why don’t you tell me your concerns?” Lingshan said with a glare.

“It’s nothing, then.” Lin Yi said.

“......” There wasn’t much Lingshan could do, other than glare at the guy.

It wasn’t long before the chopper arrived, and Lingshan’s phone rang. She told them of the enemy’s location and sent them to investigate the cliff.

Lingshan wasn’t expecting much, but her phone rang again- the suspects were all there, save for the dead members Baldy and Ma Laoliu.

Lingshan was speechless- there really were people in there?

Wasn’t Lin Yi trying to bullshit his way out of things? It didn’t seem likely anymore, but… How was the guy so sure, and how did he even know about the cave in the first place?

She’d been following him around the whole time, so how come he’d known about it and she hadn’t? Could anyone tell her what was even happening anymore?

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