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Chapter 171 - Threat

It was dawn when Lin Yi’s ringtone woke him up. He’d been experiencing the benefits of sleep the last couple days- it was extremely effective in replenishing the energy inside of him.

“Hello?” Lin Yi answered, still not fully awake yet.

“Lin Yi?” A familiar voice sounded from the other end of the phone. “This is Song Lingshan.”

“Oh, the lioness. Hello……” Lin Yi said as he yawned.

“What the-?! Lin Yi? What did you just call me?!” Lingshan said, instantly exploding from Lin Yi’s comment. “I dare you to say it again!”

Lin Yi had subconsciously set that nickname for Lingshan just from his initial impressions of her- the girl had quite the violent personality, after all. He couldn’t help but accidentally slip that out when half-awake, however…

“Ugh…… It was a dream, I was fighting a lioness!” Lin Yi said, sweating a little as he snapped himself wide awake. The nickname wasn’t something he should let Lingshan know about!

“Hmph!” Lingshan hmped, not in the mood to be dwelling on the matter, even if she knew Lin Yi was bullshiting his way out of the remark. “Do you have time?”

“What for?” Lin Yi asked.

“I’ll go find you at school later- Captain Yang told me to consult you.” Lingshan explained. “To help me out with the case.”

Song Lingshan was simply out of options- searching for the culprits in the mountain forest was too much of a hassle. It wasn’t a safe area, and she couldn’t just throw people in there one after the other. There was no progress whatsoever the last couple days, and Lingshan remembered Huaijun’s suggestion. She decided to try her luck with Lin Yi after that.

The only reason she’d ever do that, however, was because of her absolute trust in Yang Huaijun. As far as she knew, the guy was Chu Mengyao’s bodyguard- how capable could a mere bodyguard be?

“Ah……” A soft smile formed of Lin Yi’s lips. So she decided to call me after all. “Sure, but you need to get me a leave first. I can’t skip school all the time right?”

“All the time? This is my first time asking for you, okay?” Lingshan said, pissed. “What does your class skipping have to do with me?”

“I skipped yesterday because of Jun Bro, and I’m skipping today because of you. I’m skipping school so much caz of the police force, right?” Lin Yi said.

“Jun Bro? Captain Yang?” Lingshan blinked, not expecting Huaijun to have asked for Lin Yi yesterday, as well. After all, there was no reason for Lin Yi to lie about this sort of thing in the first place- it was something she was one phone call away from knowing the truth of, and she didn’t doubt Lin Yi’s claim because of that. “Alright, I’ll talk to your dean about it.”

“Sure. Wait for me at food street near the school then- not a lot of people there in the mornings.” Lin Yi said, getting out of bed and looking for some clothes to put on.

He’d planned to go to school with Mengyao and Yushu today, having missed class too often and all… Wang Zhifeng wouldn’t say anything about that, but he had no intention of having too many special privileges. He was still a student, after all.

Mengyao and Yushu had barely touched the food from yesterday, and Lin Yi decided that he should leave it for them. Song Lingshan had just asked him for help, and it was safe to assume that she’d at least treat him to a meal…

Truth be told, Lin Yi was looking to pick the criminals out on his own even if Lingshan hadn’t reached out to him, considering that he’d destroyed the pacified relationship he and Cihua had already. There was no reason to avoid pissing the guy off anymore, and it’d be better if he got rid of these smaller factors first.

He left a note for Mengyao, telling her that he had something to do again today. He then got in Yushu’s Beetle, wondering when Li Fu would get him his driver’s licence. He should have asked Huaijun to fix that up for him in the first place- Li Fu still needed to work some connections out before he could get Lin Yi a quick licence.

He drove past the slums, and slowed down subconsciously as he noticed the gangster bothering Tang Yin, who was at the bus stop again. The guy was making gestures and rich expressions as he talked to Tang Yin, who tried her best to ignore the gangster, albeit a little uncomfortably.

What the? Lin Yi wasn’t expecting the guy to be bothering Tang Yin again this soon- was his butt all healed up already?

Lin Yi raced his hand across the wheel, shot his foot down at the accelerator, and swerved right at the youngster, the wheels of his car screeching as he did so.

He stopped the Beetle an instant before hitting the youngster, evidently a master at handling smaller cars like this one.

“Ah……” The people at the bus stop stared, clearly shocked by the scene. Tang Yin, on the other hand, looked extremely pale and shocked as well.

The one most affected, however, had to be the youngster, who sweated all over his body as he stared in utter shock at the car in front of him. He blinked a while after, realizing that the car hadn’t done him any harm before jumping out at Lin Yi. “Fuck your mom, man! Do you fucking know how to drive? Are your eyes fucking blind? Get the fuck out of the car!!”

The youngster’s cockiness started flowing out again, and was just about to pull at Lin Yi’s door when something crossed his mind- this car seemed to be a Beetle, and it had to be at least two hundred thousand kuai… The youngster then tried to figure out a way to scam the driver into paying him a couple thousands’ worth of medical fees.

Lin Yi’s door was locked, and Li Erlan had no way of opening it. He was just about to give up when Lin Yi shoved the door open, sending Erlan stumbling and landing on his butt, opening his wound once more as he shrieked in pain.

“Oh? Your butt doesn’t look very healed to me- I thought you’d forgotten what it was like to fall off a bus already.” Lin Yi said, quite tyrannical as he faced the man sitting on his butt.

“You… It was you!!” Li Erlan exclaimed, instantly understanding the situation- That was why Lin Yi drove straight at him! He was the one who threw him off the bus yesterday!

“Haha, you’re pretty smart!” Lin Yi said, eyeing Erlan coldly. “But your brain doesn’t seem to understand the situation. Make sure you keep your hands off Tang Yin from now on- you won’t be so lucky the next time I catch you.”

The entire school thought of the two as a couple, anyway- the truth of it didn't matter, but there was no way Lin Yi could just ignore things like this when it concerned his ‘girlfriend’ from now on. Although, he’d probably help Tang Yin out even without the whole rumor going around in school.

“Fuck, so you’re Tang Yin’s guardian angel?” Erlan laughed. “Hey, Tang Yin lives in the slums you know? Let’s see you protect her every day… we’ll take care of the debts we owe each other then. Isn’t that right, Tang Yin?”

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