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Chapter 172 - Proven Rumors

Tang Yin’s face paled instantly upon hearing Erlan’s words, and she bit her lip as she lowered her head.

A hint of killing intent flashed across Lin Yi’s eyes- Li Erlan would’ve become a corpse that instant if it weren’t for the circumstances he was in.

He looked at Erlan coldly. “Don’t give me a reason to touch you, alright?”

With that, he grabbed Tang Yin’s arm. “Get in!”

“Ah… Oh……” Tang Yin uttered, troubled and confused at what Lin Yi’s sudden appearance and the things he’d said to Erlan- resisting Lin Yi hadn’t even crossed her mind as Lin Yi got her into the front seat.

Lin Yi then got on the driver’s seat, making sure Tang Yin was properly seated before driving the car away.

Erlan, on the other hand, glared at Lin Yi’s departing car angrily. “It’s a fucking girl car, who do you think you are? You wait and see.”

Li Erlan wasn’t in a good position to be doing anything to Lin Yi at the bus stop- he was also wary of Lin Yi’s strength, judging from how easy it was to throw him off the bus yesterday. He was still injured in the butt, too, and it’d only be disadvantageous for him to pick a fight with Lin Yi right now.

Yet he wasn’t about to just let the guy go like that- he wasn’t threatening Lin Yi for fun earlier, too. After all, the guy couldn’t just look after Tang Yin the whole time! The Beetle wasn’t anything impressive, either, and even Erlan himself had someone backing him up. He’d like to see how fucked Lin Yi would be when he told Master Bin about what he’d done to him.

He rubbed at his ass before standing up, yelling at the bystanders who were having fun watching him. “The fucking ass you looking at? Mind your own fucking business!”

Erlan’s words, however, encouraged the laughter, and some of them even mocked him softly. “Yeah, it’s your ass we’re looking at……”

Erlan was a gangster of the slums, but even he couldn’t mess with a crowd in public like that. There wasn’t much he could do but leave in embarrassment.

Tang Yin only recovered after the car drove on for a while- what the hell was she doing in Lin Yi’s car? The guy even held her hand, too…!!

The guy had pulled her in during the confusion, but everything happening that instant was clearly very wrong.

“Ah!! Stop the car!” Tang Yin said, panicking and blushing as she raised her head at Lin Yi. It’d be just perfect if anyone happened to see her in Lin Yi’s car- the rumors would be as proven as proven could be at that point!

Tang Yin’s concerns were actually well-founded, for Xinwen just happened to see Lin Yi pull Tang Yin into his car……

She stopped herself from calling out to Tang Yin the moment she saw that, for the car was long gone already…

“Yin, you liar!!” Xinwen stomped her foot angrily. “Oh no… Doesn’t she remember what happened to Fen…”

She was just getting pissed off when she saw Erlan limping in her direction. She knew clearly about Erlan’s feelings for Tang Yin, and was the reason why Erlan never crossed any lines in his attempts to chase Tang Yin.

After all, the girl was an absolute tigress, waving a butcher knife about all the time! She wasn’t someone Erlan wanted to mess with.

“Li Erlan, what’re you doing fidgeting over there? Are you itching? Maybe I can help massage you a bit?” Xinwen said, venting her anger on the man.

“Nono! It’s nothing, Wen Sis! I tripped and fell, that’s all……” Erlan said, shaking his head quickly- he was way too unlucky today, bumping into Xinwen of all people right after getting bullied by Lin Yi.

This had to reach Master Bin’s ears- he needed to show the guy what he was made of! As for Liu Xinwen… She wouldn’t be a problem any longer, as soon as he established a proper connection with Master BIn.

“Stop the car? You’re not going to school?” Lin Yi asked, wondering what the girl was saying.

“I am, but I can’t let anyone see me with you! You gotta let me off!” Tang Yin panicked- she couldn’t just open the car doors when Lin Yi was driving, after all.

“I have something to do this morning, so I’m not going to school- I’ll drop you off at the food street.” Lin Yi said with a smile. “That should be okay, right?”

“You… How can you……” Tang Yin stammered as she tried to find a retort, glaring at Lin Yi all the while. Her relationship was getting extremely muddy and complicated with Lin Yi ever since the first day they’d met.

“I don’t know if you believe it, but I was really just passing by.” Lin Yi shrugged.

Tang Yin, of course, didn’t believe that claim in the slightest- it’d be too many coincidences! They just happened to meet each other out of chance yesterday as well!

With that, Tang Yin curled her lips in silence. She didn’t have anything to argue against Lin Yi with, and it was all she could do to sit in her seat, pissed as she tried her best to look at anything other than Lin Yi.

“Yesterday… Were you the one who started it?” Tang Yin asked, suddenly remembering the question she wanted to ask him as she looked out the window.

“Yesterday?” Lin Yi blinked, looking at Tang Yin curiously. “What happened yesterday?”

“You……” Tang Yin wasn’t sure if Lin Yi was playing dumb, but explained through gritted teeth all the same. “The love letter you wrote me……”

“Love letter??” Lin Yi blinked again, remembering the rumors going around at school. He smiled bitterly. “You think I’m that kind of guy? I wouldn’t even need to start any rumors if I wanted to chase you, right?”


Lin Yi was being quite shameless, but the guy was right- Lin Yi had no need for that, and Tang Yin decided to believe his words after some thought. After all, the guy had completely persuaded her mother that he was a really nice guy, who was dying to get Tang Yin to be friends with him. There was no motive whatsoever for Lin Yi to be starting rumors, but that just infuriated Tang Yin even more.

“Maybe someone who saw us misunderstood.” Lin Yi said. God, me starting rumors… There’s still those two ladies back home to deal with! One of them even got pissed at me.

“Oh……” Tang Yin responded softly, curling her lips. “Then…. Don’t come looking for me all the time….. People will think something’s up……”

“Ah… I honestly just passed by..” Lin Yi said helplessly, finding it hard to explain as well- they really were coincidences…

Tang Yin put her chin on her palm, quietly looking out the window as she stopped paying attention to Lin Yi. They reached the food street a while later, and Lin Yi parked the car before unlocking the doors.

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