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Lin Yi didn’t expect Yu Shu to remember everything so clearly- there was no point in denying it any longer. He lowered his head.

“...Okay! I was the one who turned it on, but I didn’t mean to! I was just curious, and tried entering the passcode, honest! The moment I saw what the channel was about I turned the tv off right away..!”

“Is that so?”

Yu Shu, naturally, didn’t believe him.

“Of course…”

Lin Yi felt so wronged under her suspicious gaze. He was telling more or less the truth, after all!


Yu Shu didn’t want to spend any more time on the issue. She reached for the remote to have the channel changed when something caught her eye…

It was some crumpled up tissues.

There was no doubt about it- there was a sort of sticky, liquid like substance within the tissues.

“What’s that?”

Yu Shu’s face turned green as she spoke with a shaky voice. “N-nice, Lin Yi… What a vulgar thing you’ve done..! So not only did you watch porn in Yao Yao’s living room, you even…”

“What? What did I do?”

Lin Yi didn’t know what Yu Shu was so worked up about. He followed her gaze, and saw the crumpled up tissues himself.


Seriously? First he gets caught watching porn, then his nose fluids get spotted by Yu Shu, who, at this point, wouldn’t even consider that this particular bodily fluid came from the nose!

What the fuck! He didn’t deserve this!

“Chen Yu Shu… It’s not like that… I just came down here from the North, you know..? I’ve caught a cold, you see, and those tissues were what I used to wipe my nose with… Here, you can take a look for yourself…”

Lin Yi picked up the crumpled up tissues as he spoke, intending to spread them open for Yu Shu to see.

“Get that away from me!!!” Yu Shu shrieked. “I don’t wanna see that shit! Lin Yi, you bastard!”

Embarrassed, Lin Yi lowered the tissues. There wasn’t much he could do if Yu Shu didn’t believe him- he couldn’t just force her to look at what she thought was ejaculation fluids, now could he?

“Whether you believe it or not, I really didn’t-”

Yu Shu turned back at him, suddenly scheming something. “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want instant noodles anymore. Go prepare a meal for me!”

“Hah?” Lin Yi stared at her a while before opening his mouth. “Why?”

“Heh heh, because if you don’t, I’ll just go ahead and tell Uncle Chu that you were touching yourself using the tv, in the living room, no less! How shocked me and Yao Yao were when we saw what you were doing!”

Yu Shu smiled mischievously.

Lin Yi couldn’t believe this. It wasn’t like that!!!

But he was in no position to bargain or complain- If the old man found out about this, Lin Yi would be done for his whole life.

Lin Yi gritted his teeth. “You win.”

“Did I? You’re the winner, getting to enjoy yourself out in the open air like that!”

Yu Shu wasn’t planning on holding back one bit, it seemed.

Lin Yi had given in at this point, but he didn’t want to go down without at least some form of retort. “But, you sure you wanna eat food made by these hands?”

“Ho, that’s fine, isn’t it? The books say there’s tons protein in that stuff, it’s good for my skin!”

Yu Shu didn’t seem to care at all.

Lin Yi was completely speechless. This girl… She’s way more trouble than the Miss. Meng Yao only hated him, at least, but this Yu Shu was actively thinking up ways to mess with him!


Yet something seemed off to Lin Yi- Yu Shu was acting like a completely different person.

She was telling him to get the tissues away from her earlier, and now she’s talking about protein?

“What do you wanna eat?”

“Anything. I don’t even know what the kitchen has, you can go take a look yourself.”

Yu Shu leaned back into a more comfortable position on the sofa, and her smooth legs fell out of her pajamas. She was even swinging it about, and Lin Yi’s softened part hardened again.


He pulled his crotch back as he made his way to the kitchen, only to be stopped by Yu Shu after a few steps.

“What’s wrong, shield guy? What’s with the posture?”

Yu Shu was eyeing Lin Yi’s arching body when she reached his bottom half, instantly understanding what the guy was doing. Blushing, she turned her face away. “Nasty, dude!”

Lin Yi had had enough of explanations. Since he’d been found out anyway, he decided to straighten up and get in the kitchen as fast as possible.

Another mischievous smile crept across Yu Shu’s lips the moment Lin Yi disappeared from her sight. Heh heh… You think I’m some sort of idiot? Of course I know you wiped your nose with those tissues! We learn this in biology you know.

Even Yu Shu understood that the stuff was supposed to be milk white, and that you didn’t even need to be close to notice the unique smell it produced.

She didn’t know what it was supposed to smell like, but the tissues were right next to her. It couldn’t be that stuff if she didn’t notice at all.

Plus, the internet told her that the boy part gets soft after doing that stuff. Looking at how Lin Yi was acting, it didn’t seem like he’d relieved himself.

Yu Shu, of course, wasn’t about to tell Lin Yi that. With this in her hands, she could order Lin Yi around and tell him to do whatever bidding she desired of him! That’d teach him to defy her.

Yu Shu smiled with pride after getting herself a free servant. It wasn’t long before a delightful scent came from the kitchen, pleasing her even more.

Lin Yi was shocked at how well equipped the kitchen was, much more advanced and modernized than that big cauldron back home.

There was even a cute apron with baby faces on it.

It seemed really new, and it didn’t look like the two girls used it at all, seeing how they just waited for food with open hands.

Lin Yi wasted no time in searching for ingredients after putting the apron on.

There were tomatoes, spinach, celery, and other kinds of vegetables, as well as eggs. It was variety over quantity, however.

It was probably a safety measure from Li Fu, prepared in case Meng Yao wanted to cook something. Whether or not the Miss cooked was no business of Lin Yi, but the man was very considerate when it came to Chu Peng Zhan’s daughter. He was his most trusted man, after all.

For the main ingredients, Lin Yi picked some flour out of the noodles and rice in the selection. He started making some Yangchun Noodles, remembering to prepare his own portion, as well.

Lin Yi was no stranger to cooking. He’d been making meals for the old man back home since he was six, and it became a habit of his.

It didn’t take long for Lin Yi to have lines of thin, silky noodles covering the cutting board. Not with a kitchen this packed.

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