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Lin Yi recognized her- she was a famous pornstar. He couldn’t quite remember her name, however.

But it didn’t matter. The lady had a very alluring figure, and a horny personality. Her work left a deep impression on Lin Yi whenever he would watch her.

He wanted to hit himself in the head. The password was right there on the tv for him, the whole time!

It was a first for Lin Yi to watch porn on a big HD screen. He’d always go about his business on his ten inch laptop, but never were they leisurely experiences, since he had to be careful for the old man. The images weren’t very clear, either.

His blood started pounding, and Lin Yi had to hold himself back from going right in front of the screen.

“Aaahh… So tired… That damn Yao Yao, keeping me up all night. Don’t think I can fall asleep anymore…”

Chen Yu Shu’s voice came from the second floor, and she started walking down the stairs.

Lin Yi had sensitive ears, and he managed to catch every word with ease.

Needless to say, he did not want Yu Shu to catch him watching porn in the living room.

He was standing beside the tv, and Lin Yi understood that he wouldn’t make it to the remote in time. Without much thought, he reached out and turned only the tv screen off.

He then looked out the window, pretending to be deep in thought.

Lin Yi felt that he was an unfortunate man. After the whole first kiss thing last night, getting caught watching porn in the living room was the last thing he wanted to do. He’d be kicked off right away for that!

He didn’t mind being a study companion for the Miss, since the pay was much higher than any job he’d ever done. There was also good food every day, and a good living space. It wasn’t a job he wanted to throw away.

The key here was that it’d be the Miss kicking him off the mission, instead of him resigning himself. He would have to live his life in shame if the old man found out.

He sighed, pissed at himself. Why the hell was he trying out the password in the first place?

But Lin Yi supposed that Meng Yao was to blame, as well. Couldn’t she have changed the password?!


Yu Shu jumped the moment she saw a man standing by the window.

She remembered Meng Yao, who was sleeping upstairs, and her hand slapped against her lips on reflex. She didn’t want to wake her up.

“What’s with you standing there this early in the morning?”

Yu Shu realized it was Lin Yi, the guy responsible for Meng Yao’s crying and complaining at her last night.

“I couldn’t sleep, so…” Lin Yi’s face was a combination of awkwardness and guilt.


Yu Shu didn’t seem to see the guilt on Lin Yi’s face. “Just hang around in your room the next time you wake, you almost scared the life out of me. We’re used to just two people around here, so we haven’t adapted to you joining us yet.”


Lin Yi decided to never watch porn in the living room again- it wasn’t worth it.

This Miss Chen was unpredictable, and he almost got caught in the act because of that.

Yu Shu sat down lazily on the sofa and crossed her slim legs together, and Lin Yi turned his head away. He didn’t need any more excitement.

He was already pitching a tent from the porn a while ago, and he didn’t want Yu Shu seeing it.

“Shield guy, Lin Yi! I’m hungry, can you go make something for me?”

Yu Shu ordered Lin Yi lazily.

“Me? You want me to cook for you?”

Lin Yi didn’t expect the command. Why would he be serving her, what happened to the whole study companion thing?

“Yes, you. Hurry up, this cutie here’s hungry!” Yu Shu waved her hand at Lin Yi, impatient.

Lin Yi only felt helpless at the whole situation. What gave Yu Shu the right to order him around? If he remembered correctly, he should be listening to Meng Yao, if anyone at all.

“Miss Chen, I’m here as a study companion for Miss Chu… I’m not a nanny or anything…”

“Huh? Is there a difference? A study companion in this context is the same as a servant of the house, like back in an older society! A Miss’ orders are an absolute for you!”

Yu Shu glared at Lin Yi, as if her words really were absolute.

“But… I’m Miss Meng Yao’s study companion…”

Lin Yi was used to cooking for others, but there was a sort of bottom line for situations like this. He wasn’t about to do everything Yu Shu told him to, just because she’s sexy and playful.

What if Meng Yao saw him preparing a meal for Yu Shu, what then? He didn’t want any more trouble, that’s for sure.

“It’s the same! Me and Yao Yao are best friends, you should listen to me the way you would to her!”

Yu Shu was troubled after seeing Lin Yi completely unaffected by her display of authority. The guy had left her a good first impression, but now..!

He should be honored that she’d ask him for servitude! “Hmph! Fine, just go help me turn the hot water on, I’ll cook some instant noodles myself.”


The drinking fountain was right beside Lin Yi, so it wasn’t a big deal. With a reach of his hand, Lin Yi clicked the button at the back and started boiling some water.

Meanwhile, Yu Shu decided to turn the tv on with the remote as she waited for the hot water..

There was this celebrity Xu Si Han’s MV trivia that aired every morning, and Yu Shu would always take a look when she had the time.


Lin Yi’s eyes widened with panic, but it was too late. With a flash, the image of the famous pornstar came into full view.

The foreplay had already ended.

“Huh? Huh??? Wha……!!!”

Yu Shu’s eyes were about as wide as Lin Yi’s as she turned to glare at him, a hand clasped over her mouth.


Lin Yi wanted to die in a hole. He didn’t even experience a minute of the porn, and now he had to take full blame for it?! What the hell!

What was up with this development? He could at least admit to watching porn in the living room if he actually did!

“It wasn’t me…”

Lin Yi simply wasn’t willing to admit to something so unfair.

“Lin Yi! How could you watch something so dirty…!”

Yu Shu couldn’t take it anymore, this Lin Yi was too much!

So that was why he woke up so early, he wanted to watch some HD porn in the living room!

“I told you, it wasn’t me…”

Lin Yi’s tone was innocent as he denied the girl’s accusation. He wasn’t even in the mood for porn- he just happened to stumble across an adult channel! Remove the channel if it wasn’t supposed to be watched, why don’t you? Why would anyone just leave it there?!

“Yeah, right! Not you, huh? I suppose it was me and Yao Yao, then! We were watching the Young Lady Channel when we turned the tv off yesterday!”

Yu Shu had no doubt that it was Lin Yi, at this point. “Also, when we stumbled across this channel we locked it up with a passcode! How did you get in without one?”

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