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Chapter 148 - Off The Table

“Yin Yin- did Lin Yi actually talk to you? Did he give you a love letter?” An important thought crossed Xinwen’s mind- there had to be something substantial for the rumors to be based off of, even if Lin Yi was responsible for starting the rumors.

“No, he just gave me this barbeque recipe!” Tang Yin explained as she pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket. “See? Take a look.”

“This?” Xinwen took over the recipe curiously, flipping the piece of paper open for a look. “What did he give this to you for?”

“It’s all because of my mom- I don’t know how Lin Yi poisoned her, but he told her that business would be a lot better if she used the recipe.” Tang Yin explained. “So my mom’s completely persuaded by him, and she asked me to go get the recipe from Lin Yi……”

“Just like that?” Xinwen’s eyes were wide open- this didn’t seem like something a young master would do at all… Rich kids simply didn’t hit on girls that way. This Lin Yi was quite novel, it seemed, and quite strategic as well, to start from the mother… Although, this didn’t feel like something a teenager would be able to do.

“Yeah, so there wasn’t much I could do about it.” Tang Yin continued helplessly. “Well, that’s all there is between me and Lin Yi- I’m not gonna say yes to him just because he’s chasing me. Who knows if he’s even serious about it?”

“From what I can see, Tang Yin… You’re talking as if you actually like him..?” Xinwen squinted her eyes at Tang Yin, as if trying to read her face. “So you’ll say yes if he’s serious, you mean?”

“What? Wen Wen, what’re you saying?!” Tang Yin blushed as she realized the mistake in her wording once more. “I’m saying that guys like him only play around with girls- you think I’ll accept feelings like that?”

“Alright, alright, whether you like him or not doesn’t matter- just remember, don’t say yes!” Xinwen said. “Us three sisters have to stay together, and you’ve always been the best out of us- good grades, good looks… Don’t waste that! Fen and I will be relying on you in the future!”

“Yeah……” Tang Yin nodded as she thought about how the rumor had started in the first place- did the asshole turn into an even bigger asshole to spread stuff like that around?

She’d have to talk to him about it if that were the case- he may not care, but Tang Yin did! Who did the guy think he was?

Yet it was but a thought- it’d be like a lamb trying to argue with a tiger.

Lin Yi spent the rest of his afternoon in peace after he’d handed the recipe to Tang Yin. It wasn’t until school ended that he realized that people were pointing at him and whispering to each other as he walked out the building with Xiaobo.

He didn’t think much of it at first, but it seemed that there were people paying attention to him everywhere… He didn’t recall being this famous even after the Heibao incident?

“Boss, what’s with these people?” Xiaobo asked, perplexed.

“I dunno. Maybe you can go ask?” Lin Yi said, perplexed as well.

“Hey, you! Come here!” Xiaobo was starting to get pretty confident now that he was a Big Four’s follower. He wasn’t just a nobody anymore, and he was brave enough to even bark at Zou Ruoming, after all- he had no problem doing that to the other students.

The guy was chatting with his buddies happily when Xiaobo barked at him, startling him with a jump. He didn't know who Xiaobo was, but the guy was standing next to Lin Yi… He had to be a beast as well. The guy decided that he’d mind his mouth next time- he didn’t want to get into trouble with a Big Four…

“Bro…… Are you talking to me?” The guy asked carefully. (the way he says bro is respectful)

“What do you think? Get over here!” Xiaobo said mercilessly. “What were you talking about over there, hm? Pointing at my boss and everything, you think you’re hosting a show?!”

“Um…… Bro… what did I do…” The guy said as he walked over carefully.

“I’m asking you what you were talking about! Do you speak human?!” Xiaobo was starting to get a little frustrated- the guy had been running his mouth earlier, so what was he doing all stuttery all of a sudden?

“It’s… It’s nothing……” The guy said with a shake of his head, terrified.

“You wanna get beat up?!” Xiaobo glared. “Listen well- talking behind another’s back is something very rude to do. You tell me the truth now and I’ll let you go. Otherwise… I’ll go ask those friends of yours and see what you were saying to them?”

“Ah..?” Xiaobo actually had a way with words- the guy could deny it all he wanted, but the same couldn’t be said for the people with him… His face whitened at the realization. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…… It’s just something I heard other people talking about……”

“What’s that?” Xiaobo was pissed enough as it is- could the guy start saying useful stuff already?

“I heard that Lin Yi Bro and Tang Yin were in a relationship……” The guy whispered. “Lin Yi Bro confessed to Tang Yin earlier today, even giving her a love letter that Tang Yin shyly accepted……”

Lin Yi’s eyes shot themselves wide open!! What the?!! When the hell did that happen? Who would even spread something like that? Lin Yi couldn’t believe it- the people that started that rumor must’ve been really bored or something.

He had to acknowledge the imagination at work here… When did his barbeque recipe turn into a love letter?

Lin Yi didn’t mind too much, but Tang Yin… Fuck. Lin Yi wondered who’d be so much of an asshole that he’d do something like this- Tang Yin would probably avoid him from now on. So much for his plans for a nice, young relationship…

There was the Miss to worry about, too- what would she think of the whole thing? Lin Yi cursed at how unlucky he was today.

“L-Look, Lin Yi Bro, and this other bro…… It’s just something I heard from someone else……” The guy apologized, having noticed the change in Lin Yi’s face- he did not want to piss this guy off.

“Alright, you can go now……” Lin Yi wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. There wasn’t anything he could do with this guy, needless to say- he had just been spreading the rumors he’d heard about for fun… It was next to impossible to find the people who’d started the rumors in the first place.

“Thank you, Lin Yi Bro, thank you……” The guy said as he made a hasty retreat.

“You know, boss… This is actually a good thing?” Xiaobo said as he narrowed his eyes. “You have a nice chance now that everyone knows Tang Yin’s your girlfriend.”

“Chance my ass, you don’t know what Tang Yin’s like!” Lin Yi replied with a bitter smile. “She’s pretty much off the table at this point.”

man i remember when bab was 31 and i was so excited

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