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Chapter 149 - Unwanted Result

In Haili, Zhang Yuchu sat gloomily in the chairman’s office of Yuchu Industries.

He was the mastermind behind Mengyao’s kidnapping, and he’d just gotten a scolding from his partner Jin Gubang for its failure. He wouldn’t be taking that shit from Gubang if his boss didn’t value Gubang more than him.

The thugs weren’t even his responsibility- it was his boss who’d hired all of them! Jin Gubang pushing all the blame onto Yuchu’s head was something he was extremely displeased about.

He had an epic name coupled with an epic company name, but Yuchu himself knew best- he was but a mere puppet of his boss… He was actually even less than that: he was just the puppet of one of his boss’ representatives, Cihua Bro……

(theres like a ‘galaxy’ or ‘universe’ in his name)

There were some things he didn’t have the power or authority to be making decisions for, and there wasn’t much he could do but give Cihua Bro a call.

“Cihua Bro, it’s Yuchu here……” Yuchu said with respect and humility.

(Yuchu says ‘little Yuchu’ in the greeting)

“Yeah, what do you need?” Cihua was in a bad mood these days- he’d been trying to make contact with Baldy for a while now, to no avail, when he’d heard that the police had located Baldy’s corpse already… It gave him a little room to relax, since the guy was no longer his problem anymore.

Baldy’s lackeys, on the other hand, only knew of his existence- they’d never had any direct contact with him before, and there wasn’t much the police could do to Cihua even if they did manage to apprehend them.

Cihua had nothing to fear even if Baldy did turn out to have told the police about him. After all, the power supporting him was not someone just any person could mess with.

What Li Cihua was concerned over, however, was the failure of their plans. He wasn’t in a very good position right now- he’d really underestimated the enemy this time around to have sent a common gangster for the job…

“Cihua Bro, that Jin Gubang’s pushed all the blame onto me, saying that I got inadequate men for the assignment. He’s basically looking down on you and calling you out……” Yuchu complained. It wasn’t even his fault in the first place.

“I know!” Cihua said with a frown, evidently not expecting Yuchu to be yapping about useless stuff like that. “Jin Gubang isn’t under the boss, we’re just in a partnership with him. Don’t mind him, let him say whatever he wants. You and I are in the same boat, I know how you feel so just tough it out and do what I do- remember the things that you have to endure.”

“Alright, boss, I feel better already……” Yuchu said. He’d really only wanted some sort of acknowledgement, after all.

“Right, how’s the investigation over there coming along? Who’s that guy guarding Chu Mengyao?” Cihua asked.

“That Jin Gubang’s looked into it already: On the surface, it’s like Chu Pengzhan hired some farmer from somewhere and put him in the same school with Mengyao for bodyguard duties.” Yuchu said. “As for which bodyguard agency he got him from… It’s still an uncertainty. Jin Gubang doesn’t know that yet.”

“Then continue investigating.” Cihua said. “The boss is really invested in this, he’s sent a master from Golden Peak to handle the matter. There won’t be any underestimating this time around… Hmph.”

“Golden Peak……” Yuchu’s heart jumped at the name- he’d heard from the boss of the type of power levels from there… they were tougher than even special ops, and Yuchu was quite surprised that they’d send someone of that caliber to deal with some bodyguard…

“Keep your mouth shut about this, and don’t say anything.” Cihua reminded.

“Rest assured, Cihua Bro. I won’t.” Yuchu promised.

Lin Yi got in Li Fu’s Bentley swiftly before anyone noticed him.

He saw Mengyao with a displeased face and Yushu giggling on her own the moment he got in- evidently, the two were aware of the rumors going around about Tang Yin and him.

Lin Yi shook his head- Mengyao was obviously pissed, holding back only because Li Fu was in the car with them.

The three didn’t say anything to each other the whole trip, with even Yushu keeping her mouth shut to avoid pissing off the on-edge Mengyao.

Lin Yi was about to go back to his room after reaching the villa when Mengyao stopped him.

“Stop right there, Lin Yi!!”

Lin Yi wanted to get away from the Miss as soon as possible- who’d dare mess with her in a situation like this? It turned out to be futile, after all… Lin Yi had little choice but to turn around and look at a Mengyao with a hand angrily on her hip.

“Um…… Is there anything you need, Miss Chu?” Lin Yi said with a dry smile.

“Not bad, Lin Yi, not bad at all. Just two days in school and the rumors are all out already! My dad didn’t pay you to be messing with girls at school!!” Mengyao was genuinely pissed at this point- wasn’t this Lin Yi a little too much..?

“Miss Chu, your father’s made it quite clear when he gave me his salary, that I’m only obliged to help with your studies and life in general… All that other stuff isn’t included in my paygrade at all.” Lin YI wondered if he’d been too weak and easygoing the last few days. Men had to stand their ground on many occasions, after all, so as to show the Misses what they were made of.

“That……” Mengyao didn’t quite know what to say to Lin Yi’s retort- it was true, her father hired Lin Yi as an employee! She didn’t really have the authority to be meddling with Lin Yi’s private life, it seemed…

What was she even getting pissed off for- what did it matter if the guy was looking for a girlfriend? Yet Mengyao was in discomfort all the same- why was this guy messing with other girls when Yushu and her were living in the same house with him?! What was that supposed to mean, was their appeal not good enough for him?

It was a sort of humiliation she couldn’t take- it was even worse than if Lin Yi had decided to murder the two of them!

Yet Mengyao was not one to say something like that… After all, where would she start? Ask Lin Yi why he was so blind as to go play with girls outside with two beauties right in front with him? They were living in the same freaking house with him, for god's sake!!!

“You… J-just keep yourself in check, have some control!! Don’t ruin our reputation! We don’t want our follower to be seen as that kind of person!” Mengyao said angrily.

“Oh, don’t worry, Miss Chu. I’ll make sure to keep my distance from you at school… I won’t let anyone find out about us.” Lin Yi said reassuringly.

“You…… I……” Lin Yi’s words stunned Mengyao completely… She closed and open her mouth as she stared blankly at Lin Yi, not expecting the development to go down this way…… Was this truly the answer she wanted from him?

Mengyao wasn’t aware of it, but a genuine disappointment and stress was building up inside her… It was like she had lost something really important that very instant…...

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