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Chapter 987

Chapter 987: Bitter Training in the Forest

A human figure, concealed under dense tree branches within a thick forest, revealed a pair of eyes that stared intently at the sky. His aura was completely hidden under a majestic Spiritual Strength.

Although Xiao Yan had escaped the area Fei Tian could sense him, he clearly knew just how frightening this old fellow’s speed was. Hence, he immediately changed directions after having left the scope of Fei Tian’s sensing abilities, and had swiftly entered the forest. After which, he borrowed Tian Huo zun-zhe’s strength and perfectly hid his aura.

It had been over ten minutes since Xiao Yan had concealed himself in this place. During this period of time, he had remained as still as a statue. His entire body was covered by lush green leaves. This, along with the concealment of his aura, would likely make it extremely difficult for Fei Tian to detect him despite his great strength.

Such a quiet wait continued for a couple of minutes when the distant sky suddenly rippled. Immediately, a ferocious-looking Fei Tian appeared. His dense gaze slowly swept over the forest below before letting out a furious roar. With a violent wave of his sleeve, a majestic Dou Qi pillar shot out and flattened the forest within a hundred meter radius. Only after he had vented his anger did his gaze viciously turn to another direction. His body moved and slowly disappeared.

Xiao Yan did not move even a little ever since Fei Tian appeared and disappeared. He knew just how frightening an eight star Dou Zong was. His perception was so sharp that it was terrifying. Any slight movement would alert him. Moreover, with Fei Tian’s speed, there would be little opportunity to flee upon being discovered…

Xiao Yan still maintained his completely still position after Fei Tian left. This continued for around two hours or so before his body slightly moved. Xiao Yan gently leaped down from the tree branch and landed on the ground without emitting the slightest noise. He cautiously swept his gaze around him when he landed. Only then did he transform into a blurry figure that swiftly entered deep into the forest.

Xiao Yan shuttled through the forest for awhile. He tried his best to dodge the Magical Beasts he met along the way. Those he was unable to dodge were quickly finished off. Xiao Yan would kill the beast before it could emit a roar. After shuffling through the forest, a mountain peak finally appeared in front of him.

Xiao Yan agily leaped toward the mountain peak. He found a safe place halfway up the mountain. Only then did he sigh in relief, appearing to have released a great burden as he did so. He sat down in a manner that seemed to indicate that he had collapsed from exhaustion. The chase today had really caused his mind to completely tense up.

Today was perhaps the most dangerous experience Xiao Yan had faced since he had arrived in the Central Plains. If he had not decisively tossed aside the scrolls, it was likely that he would have difficulty fleeing from Fei Tian. Unless Xiao Yan used the Extermination Fire Lotus, he would have a difficult time defeating an eight star Dou Zong. However, the Extermination Lotus Flame was a powerful killing move and would exhaust him. Once it was displayed, Xiao Yan would enter his weakest state. Hence, unless it came to a critical point where he had no choice, Xiao Yan would not use it.

Moreover, Xiao Yan was restricted to only one Extermination Fire Lotus because of the amount of Life Transforming Flame that he had left. Additionally, Xiao Yan did not have the time to practice that ‘Flame Creation Skill.’ He had also not refined a new ‘Life Transforming Flame.’ Hence, he could use such a killing move to preserve his life only once during this short period of time…

“Looks like I will need to find an opportunity to practice the

‘Flame Creation Skill.’ That little Life Transforming Flame is really insufficient…”

Xiao Yan sighed and sat down. He let out a deep breath and summoned the Earth Demon Puppet with a wave of his hand. He ordered it to guard him before he gradually shut his eyes and begin to carefully study the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body’ training method, that had already changed its shape within his head.

Due to the information from Fei Tian’s spirit, the profound and difficult to understand lightning words within Xiao Yan’s mind had been unraveled. Replacing the jumbled mess was a complete training method Xiao Yan could use.

Time quickly flew by while Xiao Yan’s heart slowly sank into the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body training method. It appeared as though only an instant had past. Yet, the night sky in the outside world had already turned completely dark.

Within the darkness, Xiao Yan, who had not moved for an entire night, finally shook his hand. He slowly opened his eyes. Some astonishment was visible in them.

This Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body was indeed extremely mysterious. Moreover, the thing that surprised Xiao Yan the most was the harsh requirement of Spiritual Strength. No wonder there was hardly anyone within the Wind Lightning Pavilion who was able to successfully practice this skill. Other than some with extremely abnormal strength, how could an ordinary person achieve such a harsh Spiritual Strength requirement? Even if one managed to meet the requirement, the formation of the avatar was also quite difficult.

Originally, Xiao Yan had felt somewhat surprised that the Three Thousand Lightning Movement was actually related to it. Only by reading the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body did Xiao Yan understand that the formation of this avatar would only have a slight chance of being successful when one had reached the highest level of the Three Thousand Lightning Movement.

Moreover, even if one successfully created it, this avatar was also divided into three categories, entry level, intermediate level, and mastery level.

These three categories represented the strength of the avatar. An entry level avatar would at most possess one-third of the actual body’s strength. An intermediate level would possess around two-thirds of the actual body’s strength while the mastery level would mean the avatar possessed a similar strength to the actual body…

“It is likely that Fei Tian’s Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body back then should be at the intermediate level. Otherwise, even if I possessed the help of the Fallen Heart Flame, it would not have been possible for me to defeat it in such an easy manner.” Xiao Yan softly muttered.

“However, this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body does indeed have areas where it surpasses others. I really don’t know just what kind of outstanding person was able to create such a mysterious Dou Technique.” Xiao Yan stood up. A bright silver glow surged under his feet. Immediately, his eyes coagulated and his body shot forth.

A couple of afterimages immediately appeared behind Xiao Yan after his body shot out. His footsteps paused and hurriedly turned his head around, only to see the afterimages gradually disappearing. The situation that was mentioned in the training method did not occur.

“The agglomeration of an avatar is indeed difficult…”

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. His mouth softly muttered the requirements recorded in the training method, “Using one’s heart to form the shape and leave one’s spirit within the figure…”

Xiao Yan repeated this over a dozen times. Suddenly, he understood something. His eyes were slowly shut and his foot gently stepped forward. When his feet landed, his body appeared dozens of meters away in a lightning-like manner. Four afterimages were left behind along the way.

Three of the four afterimages swiftly scattered. However, the rate the last afterimage was disappearing was much slower. However, it remained for only around twenty seconds or so before it slowly turned into nothingness. Xiao Yan could vaguely sense a thread of extremely slight spiritual ripple from the interior of this afterimage.

“I must leave a thread of Spiritual Strength within the afterimage the moment that it appears. Only then will it be possible to form an afterimage. However, one must be extremely fast at that moment. Otherwise, how could it be possible to leave behind a spirit within the afterimage in time?” Xiao Yan frowned and muttered.

Xiao Yan thought bitterly for awhile and could only softly sigh after his futile attempt. The training of this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body was indeed difficult. However, he would not give up so simply. He had confidence in himself. Regardless of how difficult it was to practice this Three Thousand Lightning Movement, he would successfully learn it. When he meet that old fellow Fei Tian the next time around, he wondered if that old fellow would end up vomiting blood in anger after he created an avatar.

Xiao Yan gloatingly laughed. A stubbornness had been stirred in Xiao Yan to learn this skill. He clenched his teeth, once again braced his attention, and continued to use the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. If he failed once, he would try a hundred times. If he failed a hundred times, he would try a thousand times. Although the Three Thousand Lightning Movement exhausted a great amount of Dou Qi, Xiao Yan was not bothered as long as he was able to successfully learn the skill.

Xiao Yan made up his mind within his heart. He had also completely given up on resting. Hence, numerous silver glows were occasionally released within the dark forest, appearing like ghost flames. Fortunately, this place was void of anyone. Otherwise, anyone who saw this scene in the middle of the night would receive a great shock.

Xiao Yan’s somewhat crazy training continued for an entire night. Only when the morning sun broke through the darkness, scattering over the land, did he finally stop to catch his breath. He wiped the cold perspiration off his forehead and involuntarily laughed. Although he had failed to successfully agglomerate an avatar after a night of bitter training, he was becoming familiar with his control of the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. The only imperfection was the overly great exhaustion of Dou Qi. Even with the support of medicinal pills, Xiao Yan still needed to stop a couple of times to recuperate.

“There is still around a month or so until the energy tide in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. I will walk through this mountain range during this period of time. I should be able to reach there beforehand.” Xiao Yan rested for a moment before once again recovering his focus. He looked at the end of the mountain range and muttered to himself.

Quite a number of Magical Beasts were hidden within this mountain range. There was no lack of strong Magical Beasts among them. This place surpassed the Jia Ma Empire’s Magical Beast Mountain Range in every way. Xiao Yan planned to engage in a bitter training regimen during this period of time. He would use this opportunity to practice the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body and attempt to quickly agglomerate an avatar as soon as possible. Moreover, the life and death battle with Magical Beasts would have a big impact on the increase of his strength.

Xiao Yan smiled after making up his mind within his heart. This caused him to recall the memory of how he had left Wu Tan City and headed to the Magical Beast Mountain Range to train back then. At that time, he was a little fellow who had just become a Dou Zhe. Yet, the Dou Zhe who had just stepped into the training world back then had currently reached the level of a nine star Dou Huang. There was indeed a kind of dream like feeling when he thought about it…

Xiao Yan’s figure leaped to the mountain top. He looked down at the vast mountain range and heard numerous Magical Beast roars being emitted from within. He involuntarily howled toward the sky. With a swoop, he rushed down like a giant bird and charged into the mountain range densely populated by Magical Beasts.

“Ha ha…”

The clear laugh that remained in the sky represented the beginning of Xiao Yan’s bitter training in the forest!

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