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Chapter 986

Chapter 986: Unravel

The space in the sky above a lush green mountain range fluctuated. Soon after, a silver-colored figure slowly appeared.

Fei Tian’s expression suddenly changed as his figure appeared. He discovered that the thread of spiritual feeling had been split into four. Moreover, each of them was flying in a different direction.

“Has he discovered it… this brat is actually willing to abandon such a treasure…”

The smile on Fei Tian’s face slowly turned gloomy. The reason he had been able to accurately tell Xiao Yan’s location earlier was because he was relying on the special imprint within those four scrolls. It was unexpected that this was also discovered by Xiao Yan. Moreover, they were abandoned in such a decisive fashion.

Fei Tian’s gaze was gloomy as he ltared off into the distance in front of him. He knew that Xiao Yan was fleeing that way. However, if he were to continue giving chase, it was likely that those four Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body would fall into the hands of others. Thus, there would be some other troubles. If he were to allow Xiao Yan to escape, however, he would have difficulty calming his anger. Moreover, he was also extremely interested in the mysterious Qi Method Xiao Yan practiced, that could merge ‘Heavenly Flames.’

Fei Tian gently exhaled a breath of air as his eyes flickered slightly. He spoke in a dense voice, “Brat, if you think that you can shake me off with such a simple trick, it is likely that you have really underestimated this chief!”

Fei Tian’s hand seal suddenly moved when his words sounded. Dazzling unusual seals were formed in a lightning-like manner. His expression was stern as he coldly cried out, “Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body! Appear!”

An invisible strength suddenly surged from Fei Tian’s body after his cry sounded. A strange fluctuation occurred, agglomerating into an avatar that was exactly the same as Fei Tian. The thing that was most shocking was that the aura of this avatar was also extremely powerful. Although it was inferior to the actual Fei Tian, it was also an elite Dou Zong which far exceeded the strength of the four great Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion.

“Unfortunately, my Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body has yet to reach complete mastery. Regardless of how cunning that fellow is, he will have difficulty escaping alive…”

Fei Tian looked at the avatar beside him and shook his head. He faintly commanded, “You will go and chase after that brat. I will go and chase after those scrolls. There is no need for you to fight head-on against them. All you need to do is delay them.”


Fei Tian’s avatar let out a faint smile. His expression was exactly the same as the actual body. Moreover, his silver-white eyes were filled with an intelligence. It was completely different than the emptiness the other avatar had. It seemed that this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body had some profoundness to it. It was indeed worthy of a mysterious Dou Skill that was comparable to a Tian class Qi Method.

Fei Tian nodded. He ceased speaking as he turned around. Space trembled and his body slowly disappeared. Following the disappearance of Fei Tian’s body, that avatar also turned his head and threw his gaze in the direction Xiao Yan was fleeing. He let out a cold laugh as his body emitted a ‘bang’ and transformed into nothing.

A ray of light flashed through the completely clear sky while the faint sound of thunder was emitted from it.

“Fei Tian’s aura is gradually disappearing. It is likely that he has gone to pursue the four scrolls. There is indeed a problem with those things…” Xiao Yan glanced behind him while he

was flying with all his might. He sighed in relief. Although it was a pity to toss those things aside, it was fortunate that he had already remembered all the contents in his mind.

“Yes, his aura has indeed headed in another direction. It seems that we have shaken him off… be careful!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe’s words had just sounded when his voice suddenly changed. Immediately, a powerful Spiritual Strength surged out of the snow-white ring and violently smashed against empty space.


The empty space where the Spiritual Strength collided immediately fluctuated. The space became distorted and a figure with a vague lightning glow lingering over it slowly appeared. It was surprisingly Fei Tian!

Xiao Yan’s expression also suddenly changed. His figure instantly pulled back. He had never expected this fellow to actually give chase.

“The old me said that you will never be able to escape from my hands…”

Fei Tian’s eyes were ice-cold. He stared at Xiao Yan as he slowly spoke.

Xiao Yan clenched his fist slightly and coldly smiled. “It seems that you really do not want the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body scrolls…”

Fei Tian merely smiled when he heard this. His smile contained a little ridicule as he said, “The scrolls will return and you will also not be able to escape.”

“Something’s wrong. This fellow’s aura is much weaker and is far from what he was earlier. The current him is at most a six star Dou Zong!” Tian Huo zun-zhe’s spirit suddenly appeared. He frowned, looked at Fei Tian, and spoke in a solemn voice.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. A thought passed through his heart before he involuntarily cried out, “Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body? He is merely an avatar of Fei Tian!”

“It looks like you do have some understanding of the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body…” Fei Tian laughed.

“Kill him, he is delaying time. Fei Tian’s actual body has definitely gone to pursue those scrolls. Once the actual body hurries over, we will really be unable to escape!” Xiao Yan hurriedly said.

Xiao Yan’s voice had just sounded when Tian Huo zun-zhe by the side rushed out with a ‘swoosh’ sound. Majestic Spiritual Strength surged out and shook the entire space until it fluctuated.

Fei Tian merely laughed when he saw Tian Huo zun-zhe rushing over. The lightning glow on his body flowed and an enormous lightning flickered on his palm. His body moved and also charged out. Finally, he collided violently with the spiritual body. An enormous energy wave and a loud thunderous roar immediately resounded over the mountain range.

Xiao Yan hurriedly pulled back while watching the two people engaged in a ruthless fight. His gaze was staring intently at the battle circle.

Although Tian Huo zun-zhe’s strength was similar to Fei Tian’s actual body, this avatar was clearly no match for him. Hence, after a short dozen exchanges, Fei Tian’s avatar had fallen to a disadvantage. Despite this being the case, Xiao Yan’s heart became more and more anxious. He knew that with Fei Tian’s speed, it was likely it would only take him a short while to catch up to those scrolls. Once he got those scroll he would come here, it was likely that it would be even more difficult for them to escape today.

“Old mister Yao, faster. This avatar’s intention is clearly to hold us back!” Xiao Yan cried out in a deep voice.

Tian Huo zun-zhe nodded gently upon hearing this. His body shook and disappeared in a strange manner. Immediately, he came rushing out of a space behind Fei Tian’s avatar. A palm that was filled with surging Spiritual Strength mercilessly imprinted itself on the back of Fei Tian’s avatar in a lightning-like manner.


A low muffled sound appeared and a lightning swiftly flowed over Fei Tian’s avatar. The lightning glow dimmed, revealing the somewhat illusionary body.

Xiao Yan’s eyes immediately shrank upon seeing the illusory figure under the lightning glow. The energy that had seeped out from the dim lightning glow was something that he was extremely familiar with. It was clearly fluctuating Spiritual Strength!

“This avatar is agglomerated from his spirit?”

This thought came flashed within Xiao Yan’s heart in a lightning-like manner. His gaze swept over the sky behind him as he suddenly clenched his teeth and shouted, “Old mister Yao, lend me your strength. I will fight!”

Tian Huo zun-zhe was startled upon hearing Xiao Yan’s cry. He swiftly withdrew. After which, his illusionary body shook and merged into Xiao Yan’s body.

With the merger of Tian Huo zun-zhe, Xiao Yan’s aura appeared to be just like a mountain that had risen from flat plains as it abruptly soared. His expression was cold. Xiao Yan clenched his hand and the invisible Fallen Heart Flame immediately surged in all directions. He flicked his finger and the flame emitted a low whistle before transforming into a couple of enormous fire pythons that twirled and shot out.

“Fallen Heart Flame?”

Fei Tian’s body immediately cried out in surprise upon seeing the invisible flame. A fear flashed across his eyes as his body rushed back. With his experience, he was naturally aware that the Fallen Heart Flame could burn and injure a spirit. It was known as the nemesis of spirits.

“You wish to escape?”

Xiao Yan merely laughed upon seeing this. After borrowing Tian Huo zun-zhe’s Spiritual Strength, Xiao Yan’s strength was already no longer weaker than Fei Tian’s avatar. The seal he formed with his hands changed and the speed of the fire python soared. Finally, it ruthlessly smashed into Fei Tian’s body in a lightning-like manner.


The fire python collided with Fei Tian’s avatar, and the lightning glow covering his body immediately vanished. Before he could retreat, an invisible fire python quickly gave chase and once again ruthlessly collided with him.


Having lost the protection of the lightning glow, Fei Tian’s avatar ended up colliding head-on with the Fallen Heart Flame. Immediately, he emitted a miserable cry and the avatar swiftly became much paler.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Yan’s hands danced. He did not give up this opportunity to beat Fei Tian up when he was down. A couple of fire pythons, formed from the Fallen Heart Flame, shot out and crashed into Fei Tian’s avatar, sending him back a couple hundred meters.

When the final fire python exploded on Fei Tian’s body, Xiao Yan’s figure also vanished in a strange fashion. The next time he appeared, Xiao Yan was already in front of the illusionary Fei Tian. He coldly laughed, “It’s over!”

Xiao Yan’s voice sounded as his fist, which was wrapped in a dense Fallen Heart Flame, violently struck out. It penetrated Fei Tian’s avatar’s chest.

“Little bastard, you will not be able to escape!”

Fei Tian’s figure swiftly became illusionary under the grilling of the Fallen Heart Flame as he shouted with a savage face.

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His hand was tightened and Fei Tian’s avatar suddenly exploded, transforming into illusionary light that scattered.

Xiao Yan seemed to have understood something as he watched the scattering light spots. He reached out and an invisible energy shot out of the light spot. This energy was accurately pulled toward Xiao Yan’s hand.

The invisible energy had just landed in Xiao Yan’s hand when it transformed into information that entered his palm and invaded his mind.

With the entrance of this information, the lightning words in Xiao Yan’s mind, that had been difficult to unravel, immediately emitted an intense glow. A moment later, the glow weakened and a complete training method slowly appeared…

Xiao Yan’s mind was a little dull as he stares at this complete training method that had appeared. His heart suddenly pounded. It was unexpected that he had unintentionally obtained the key to open the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body from Fei Tian’s avatar…

“Old fellow, ha ha, thank you for your gift. I will repay you this favor in the future!”

Xiao Yan was dull for a moment before he uncontrollably laughed in the sky. His body moved, transforming into a ray of light that swiftly disappeared into the horizon.

The space rippled slightly a couple of minutes after Xiao Yan disappeared. A ferocious looking Fei Tian slowly appeared. His gaze swept all around him, but he had completely lost Xiao Yan’s aura. Immediately, his furious roar resounded over the mountain forest.

“Brat! I will take your life the next time we meet!”

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