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Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Tian Lei Zi

Xiao Yan tidied up his room a little the morning of the next day. After which, he walked out of the room. He did not start his journey right away. Instead, he walked to the second floor of the inn, and randomly found a chair close to a window to sit in.

There were many people in the second story of the inn. It could be considered a place filled with all sorts of people. This place was usually where a great amount of news was passed around. Thus, one would usually find it extremely easy to learn some news here. Additionally, one would not end up stirring any attention from others. Xiao Yan asked for a pot of sake. While he poured it and took a sip, his ears were absorbing all of the conversations amid the noise.

It was just as he had expected. The current focus of the entire Bone Transforming City was on the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool. The faces of quite a number of people turned red when mentioning it. A dense greed was present on their faces. It seemed that the allure of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool was really too great. However, how could such a treasure be encroached upon by these people? They were merely just whining in this place.

“It is rumored that the Wind Lightning Pavilion, Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion, and other stronger factions have dispatched their core elites to head to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. From the looks of it, they are clearly targeting the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool.”

“Dammit, with these fellows participating, there will be fewer and fewer of the ten spots left. Not everyone can enter the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool.”

“Hei, what can we do? The other parties are great factions. It is best for those without ability to not participate in this matter. Otherwise, one would not only fail to benefit, one would also get into trouble.”

Xiao Yan frowned involuntarily when he heard this. It was unexpected that the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool also possessed an allure to a faction like the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Would he not end up attracting trouble if he headed out and ended up meeting them.

“The four pavilions in the Central Plains will conduct a competition called the ‘Four Pavilion Heaven’ every few years. Those who participate in this competition are the most outstanding members of the younger generation within each pavilion. It is likely that the Wind Lightning Pavilion and the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion are heading to the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool in preparation for it. I wonder if the Yellow Spring Pavilion and the Falling Star Pavilion will participate. The Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool does not have much of an effect on those old fellows; it is a treasure for the younger generation. By soaking in it, one would not only be able to wash one’s bones, but it might even be able to help one breakthrough. There are only a couple of months left before this season’s ‘Four Pavilion Heaven.’ If one could breakthrough at this moment, the pavilion’s chances of victory would greatly soar.” A somewhat skinny-looking man coldly laughed.

“It is rumored that there is a Miss Feng in the Wind Lightning Pavilion who has an extremely frightening training talent. There are even rumors that she will be the next pavilion head of the eastern pavilion. Moreover, the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion is also quite strong. Tang Ying, who is known as Sky Fountain Sword, uses extremely mysterious, skillful sword techniques. He is even able to exchange blows with some of the experts from the older generation. They could be called the top of the younger generation in the northern region. I wonder who will win if they end up meeting in a fight.”

“Chi, these two people might be strong, but they seem to be a little inferior when compared to the recent individual called Xiao Yan. The Central Plains are filled with hid

den talents. Who dares to call himself the strongest?” A man with a scar on his face laughed.

“Xiao Yan? Is he the one who killed Chen Yun from the Wind Lightning Pavilion and forcefully broke the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation the remaining three Elders had set up?”

“Hee hee hee hee hee hee, that’s right. All of you did not see the big battle in Tian Bei City back then. That was damn interesting. That fellow looked to be only in his twenties, but his strength was absolutely terrifying. He relied on his own strength to fight against three great Dou Zongs. Moreover, the ancestor of the Hong clan, Hong Tian Xiao, also came to an extremely miserable end. Who are Miss Feng and Tang Ying compared to him?”

“You cannot put it this way. Although that Xiao Yan is very strong, Miss Feng and Tang Ying are not weak either. According to what I know, Xiao Yan used a kind of unknown secret technique back then to forcefully raise his strength. Otherwise, he would have difficulty fighting against three great Dou Zongs.”

Xiao Yan was involuntarily startled when he heard the conversation suddenly focus on him. He immediately let out a bitter smile, took out a Doupeng from his Storage Ring and quietly put it on his head. He did not wish to end up exposing his identity, attracting unnecessary trouble.

Xiao Yan listened for a little longer and was planning to leave when a silver-colored figure slowly appeared on the stairs of the inn. After which, the figure climbed to the second floor.

The second story of the inn had become a lot quieter following the appearance of this silver-colored figure. An aura that caused one to feel pressure vaguely seeped out of the figure’s body. At a glance, one could tell that this figure was not an ordinary person.

It was difficult to tell the age of the silver-colored human figure. His face seemed somewhat young, but his hair was an old-white color that faintly gave him an elderly appearance. The most shocking thing was that this person possessed a pair of extremely rare white-colored eyes.

The silver-colored figure’s gaze slowly swept around him after he had climbed the stairs. After which, he walked to a window. A moment later, he paused beside the table Xiao Yan was occupying.

“May I have a seat?”

The silver-colored human figure smiled to Xiao Yan. However, despite what his question and tone suggested, he had already sat opposite of Xiao Yan.

Everyone’s gazes were involuntarily shot toward Xiao Yan when they saw this person sit opposite him. They only began to turn away after seeing that Xiao Yan did not react. A noisiness started up once again.

Xiao Yan raised his head. He glanced at the other party somewhat uncertainly. He was certain that he had never met this person. When he was just about to speak, Tian Huo zun-zhe’s solemn voice suddenly sounded quietly within his heart.

“Xiao Yan, be careful. This person’s strength is extremely frightening!”

Xiao Yan tightened his grip on his winecup and a ripple was formed within it. By being able to get Tian Huo zun-zhe to say such words, it was clear that the other party’s strength was likely not one he could contend with.

On the surface, however, Xiao Yan remained impassive. He smiled and said, “I did not reserve the seat you. You can sit if you want to. However, I still have some other matters to deal with and cannot stay for long. Goodbye.”

“You are not afraid of the Nine Heavenly Lightning Prison Formation that the three Elders from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion formed. Don’t tell me that you are afraid of me?” The silver-colored human figure smiled. His voice had suddenly became a lot louder and clearer, suppressing all the noise on the second floor of the inn. Immediately, numerous stunned gazes were thrown over before pausing on Xiao Yan.

“He, don’t tell me that he is Xiao Yan?”

The expression under the Doupeng had gradually become darker and more solemn. Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the silver-colored human figure opposite him as he slowly asked, “Just what great being are you? Tell me your name. Hiding around is not the style of a skilled person.”

“Ha ha ha ha, I cannot be considered a skilled person. The reason I have come here is mainly to demand something from you.” The silver-robed man lifted his wine cup and laughed.

“What thing?” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. The Dou Qi within his body had slowly begun circulating. As the saying went, those who come do not have good intent and those with good intent do not come. This person was clearly targeting him. Moreover, from this manner of his, it was likely that he was not here to make friends.

“Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body.”

The silver-robed man smiled faintly to Xiao Yan. However, his soft voice caused Xiao Yan to suddenly stand up. A deep voice demanded, “You are someone from the Wind Lightning Pavilion?”

“Other people call the old me Tian Lei Zi.” The silver-robed man’s finger was inserted into the cup and a lightning arc shuttled around the cup like a small snake.

“Tian Lei Zi, Fei Tian, the pavilion head of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion?”

The silver-robed man’s words had just sounded when waves of the sound wine cups make while falling appeared. Immediately, numerous shocked exclamations were involuntarily emitted.

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly shrank when he heard the final few words: ‘head of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion.’ The Heavy Xuan Ruler had appeared like a reflex action. His ruler violently hacked at the head of the silver-robed man in a violent manner. A sonic boom was formed on the ruler, shattering the table into powder despite being some distance away.

“It is really a little rude to treat an old man like you do.”

The silver-robed man faintly smiled. His finger was gently flicked and a bright lightning glow shot out from it. It collided with the heavy ruler. The lightning glow was just like a poisonous snake that burrowed into Xiao Yan’s hand.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort when he saw this. A jade-green flame surged out of his hand and collided with the lightning glow. A thunderclap sounded and both were eliminated.

“It is indeed a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ However, given my eyesight, I am unable to see where it belongs to on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking…’” Surprise flashed across the silver-robed man’s eyes when he saw the jade-green flame. He whispered.

Xiao Yan swiftly stored away his heavy ruler after his futile attack. His body trembled and a rumbling thunder sounded and his body charged out of the window. With a shake of his back, the bone wings were extended. Finally, he transformed into a ray of light, that shot out of the city with a swoosh sound. The frightening speed left anyone watching speechless.

“It is indeed the Three Thousand Lightning Movement!”

That silver-robed man was not in a hurry to give chase when he saw Xiao Yan flee. He drank all of the wine in the wine pot in one go before slowly standing up. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile as he looked in the direction Xiao Yan had fled.

“Little fellow, you won’t be able to escape. It is indeed as Elder Lei and the others described. You possess a couple of ‘Heavenly Flames’ in your body. If I have guessed correctly, the jade-green ‘Heavenly Flame,’ which I have never seen before, should be something formed from the merger of ‘Heavenly Flames.’

“Tsk tsk, the old me has never even heard of a Qi Method that can merge ‘Heavenly Flames’ in my entire life. It is really an eye-opener this time around.”

Fei Tian smiled. There was an extremely interested expression within those silver-white eyes. He immediately stepped forward and his body quietly disappeared in a ghost-like manner.

Only after Fei Tian disappeared did the completely silent second story of the inn gradually recover. Everyone looked at each other with shock. It was unexpected that they would actually meet this legendary old demon today. Moreover, they were also extremely surprised that this old demon was personally chasing Xiao Yan.

“It is likely that the little fellow is going to be extremely unlucky this time around. This old demon Fei Tian is rumored to have become an eight star Dou Zong a number of years ago. However, by being able to get this old demon Fei Tian to act personally, it is already sufficient for his name to be known throughout the entire northern region… such a treatment is not something an ordinary person can enjoy.”

There were some sighs vaguely emitted from the crowd.

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