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Chapter 983

Chapter 983: Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool

Bone Transforming City, a city not smaller than Tian Bei City. However, it was quite far from Tian Bei City. It was barely outside of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s influence.

This city was controlled by a faction called the Bone Transforming Gate. Although there were many other factions beneath it, all of them had difficulty contending with the Bone Transforming Gate. Moreover, this Bone Transforming Gate did things in a moderate manner. Although it would occupy a lion’s share, it would not swallow all the profits that existed. Hence, it had always been the overlord of the Bone Transforming City during these years. There was seldom any factions who would stand up and challenge them.

The chief of Bone Transforming Gate practiced a water affinity Qi Method and was a little unusual. Hidden force would unknowingly enter his opponent’s body before it would gently disperse. If one were to be struck by this force, one’s bone would even show signs of weakening. Hence, the Bone Transforming Gate was renowned even among the surrounding cities.

This city was also the first place Xiao Yan had stopped to rest after starting his crazy journey from Tian Bei City. During his journey, he went in the deep mountains and hidden forests as he traveled in a single direction. According to his guess, he should have already left the territory of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Moreover, he was unfamiliar with this place and did not know the roads. Randomly flying around was not a solution. Hence, he chose to obtain a map of the northern region first. Thus, he would not end up flying around like a housefly without direction.

Moreover, he needed to search for the medicinal ingredients that were necessary to refine the Soul Cleansing Pill as well as to inquire about some information.

The interior of the Bone Transforming City had mainly been decorated with a pale-white color. At a glance, it seemed as though it was a city completely built from bones. It caused one to feel a faint chill within their hearts when they looked at it. However, the liveliness of the city was not lessened as a result of chill. A noisiness that shot to the sky could be clearly heard even from a great distance.

This was the first time Xiao Yan had entered a human city after having traveled at a crazy pace for a couple of days. He involuntarily felt somewhat unused to the noisiness that he felt. Immediately, he shook his head and walked into the city.

A map of the northern region was not considered an overly rare item. Xiao Yan did not spend much effort before finding a map shop, called Map Court. He entered it, saw the many maps piled within and felt a little absent-minded. When he had met Hai Bodong in the Jia Ma Empire for the first time, he obtained the second map fragment of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame from the map shop.
TL: The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame has been called the Clean Lotus Demon Flame earlier in the story

Xiao Yan helplessly sighed when he thought of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Ever since he had obtained the third map fragment, he had not been lucky enough to chance upon the fourth map fragment, causing him to feel extremely regretful. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was ranked third on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranking. Even Yao Lao had only heard of its name and had never seen its form. Hence, one could tell just how mysterious and powerful this thing was. If Xiao Yan successfully swallowed it, his strength would soar like crazy. Unfortunately…

Xiao Yan suppressed the sadness in his heart. He slowly walked into the shop. There was an old man in the shop, but he was not some expert. His face had the shrewdness that a merchant ought to have. Xiao Yan glanced over him. The strength of this old man had just reached the Dou Shi’s class. It seemed that his training talent was real

ly insignificant.

“This young brother, are you planning to purchase a map?” That old man hurriedly stood up and asked a question with a smile when he saw Xiao Yan enter.

“Give me the most precise map of the northern region you have.” Xiao Yan nodded and made a request. His gaze slowly swept over the shop carefully. A moment later, he withdrew his gaze with some disappointment. He was foolishly hoping that the matter back then would occur once again.

“Hee hee, young brother, this is the map you requested. It is the most detailed one created by my shop, and it is worth thirty thousand gold coins.” The old man swiftly pulled out an extremely beautiful scroll from a platform and handed it to Xiao Yan before speaking with a smile.

“Thirty thousand gold coins…” Xiao Yan involuntarily rolled his eyes when he heard the price. This old fellow was really merciless when it came to ripping someone off. Xiao Yan randomly opened the map and studied it a little. After finding that it was indeed somewhat detailed, Xiao Yan found he was too lazy to argue with the old man. He handed over the gold coins required, turned around, and started to leave.

“Ke ke, young brother, please wait.” The old man suddenly cried out when he saw Xiao Yan turning around to leave.

“What is it?” Xiao Yan frowned and demanded.

“Hee hee, young brother really looks quite foreign. You should not be a person from the Bone Transforming City, right? Are you also here because of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range?” The old man inquired as he smiled.

“Heaven Eye Mountain Range? Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool?” These two names caused Xiao Yan to be startled. Not because they were foreign, but because he had already heard these terms over a dozen times since he had entered the city. However, he was not aware of the mysteries they referred to.

The old man was also startled when he saw Xiao Yan’s expression. He asked in surprise, “Does young brother not even know about the Heaven Eye Mountain Range and the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool?”

“I only arrived in the northern region recently. Hence, I am not familiar with everything around here. Can boss tell me about it?” Xiao Yan randomly threw over a bag of gold coins. They landed on the counter as he inquired with some interest. He was quite interested in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range since it was a topic many people were talking about.

“The Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range is extremely famous. There are few people within the northern region of the Central Plains who are not aware of it. It is rumored that every three years a natural energy tide appears at the top of a volcano in the mountain range. After the tide is over, the Heaven Mountain Lake within the volcano is filled with a an extremely mysterious red liquid. Moreover, this Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool only remains for five days. After which, it completely disappears.” The old man smiled as took the gold coins and spoke with a serious expression.

“What is the use of the blood pool?” Xiao Yan asked.

“It is rumored to be able to help some experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class. Moreover, even if a Dou Zong expert enters the pool, it will wash through and reinforce one’s body, allowing one’s strength to increase. In any case, the effect of the blood pool is extremely mysterious. Every three years, the Heaven Eye Mountain Range fills with a countless number of people from the northern region of the Central Plains as well as other places. Moreover, next month is coincidentally the time when the three years is up. Hence, there have been many people hurrying to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range recently. Hee hee. However, the Heaven Eye Mountain Range is extremely vast. There are many high rank Magical Beasts within it. The mountain peak is also covered by a fog all year around. Hence, if young brother wishes to head there, you can purchase a map of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range from the old me. It only costs forty thousand gold coins. With the help of the map, you will be able to reach the mountaintop before everyone else.” The old man laughed. He explained the situation before finally revealing his cunning intent.

Xiao Yan felt like was not able to laugh nor cry when he heard this. This old fellow had explained so much because he was promoting his map of the Heaven Eye Mountain Range. However, if Xiao Yan was being honest, the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool was tempting. No wonder it was able to cause all the people in the city to talk about it with great interest.

Moreover, Xiao Yan was coincidentally a nine star Dou Huang. He was not far from the Dou Zong class. However, if he were to rely on normal training, it would definitely take a long time for him to breakthrough. Yet, Xiao Yan might not have much time to grow…

Even if he forget about there being a little over a year left until the Pill Gathering, he still needed to help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a body. According to what Yao Lao had mentioned back then, there were three requirements to refine a body. One was the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, two was the essence blood of a rank 7 Magical Beast, and three was the skeleton of an elite Dou Zong. With Xiao Yan’s current strength, it was not difficult to obtain the last two. However, the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was a medicinal pill that belonged to the peak of the seventh tier. With Xiao Yan’s current medicinal refining ability, it was impossible for him to refine it. Unless he reached the Dou Zong class, his success rate would likely be too low.

“Young brother, the old me is doing this for your own good. The effects of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool might be mysterious, but it can, at the very most, be used by ten people. In other words, if you arrive at the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool after those ten people, you can only look at the empty blood pool and wait another three years…” The old man hurriedly added when he saw that Xiao Yan did not declare his intentions.

“Oh?” Xiao Yan was also startled when he heard these words. Immediately, he nodded with a smile. If this was really the case, he should really make a move ahead of schedule. The effects of the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool were mysterious. There would definitely be many experts attracted by it. If he were to arrive too late, he might really have to wait another three years.

The old man immediately rejoiced when he saw Xiao Yan nodding his head. He joyfully took out a map and muttered in his heart with a grin. “I have ripped off another wealthy person. How many has there been today?”

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of the old man’s inner thoughts. Moreover, even if he knew about them, he would be too lazy to find fault with the other party. This map might not be worth so much money, but in his opinion, the situation regarding the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool was worth far more than money.

Xiao Yan randomly paid the gold coins and put the map into his Storage Ring. After which, he walked out of the shop in front of the old man’s smiling eyes.

After having exited the shop, Xiao Yan made a trip around some medicinal shops. It was not a futile one. At the very least, he had managed to obtain the Water Spirit Lotus Seed that he needed to refine the Soul Cleansing Pill. Although it was quite expensive, it was naturally nothing to remiss for someone like Xiao Yan, who was in a hurry to remove the remnant spiritual imprint in his body.

After roaming once around the Bone Transforming City and inquiring about more information, Xiao Yan had a much greater understanding of the so-called Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool. That old man had not deceived him. A month later, the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool would appear again. Moreover, there were currently a countless number of people from the northern region hurrying to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.

Xiao Yan stopped in front of an inn in the city. He looked at the many people on the street. There were many people present here whose target was the Heaven Eye Mountain Range.

“I will get moving and head to the Heaven Eye Mountain Range tomorrow after resting for the night here. If I am able to be the first ten to enter the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, there is a chance that it might help me breakthrough to the Dou Zong class…”

Xiao Yan’s heart became boiling hot when he thought of the possibility of him breaking through. This Central Plains was really worthy of being in the middle of the Dou Qi continent. Such a mysterious matter would seldom occur in other places. However, it had appeared here. Xiao Yan naturally did not intend to give it up…

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