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Chapter 960

Chapter 960: Sky Stone Stage

Two tall figures were standing in a small yard outside of the room. A breeze blew past and their long hair fluttered, revealing a moving enchantment amid a cold stunningness, especially since both women’s pretty face were somewhat similar. There was an additional unique style when one looked at them.

Han Xue stretched her lazy waist after standing for a moment and seeing that there was little activity. Her perfect curves appeared extremely alluring under her silver-colored dress. After which, she sat on a stone chair and placed her hands on the stone table. She held her cheeks, revealing a great allure while her eyes roamed around.

Compared to the quiet Han Yue, Han Xue was unable to sit still. After seeing that there was not the slightest activity within the room despite having waited for half a day, she involuntarily asked, “Why is he not out yet? Today is the third day. Father and the others are all preparing to head to the Sky Stone Stage.”

“Why are you so anxious? Relax, given my understanding of him, he is not the type who has a problem being punctual. Since he has agreed to lend a hand, nothing unexpected will happen no matter what.” Han Yue involuntarily covered her mouth and softly laughed when she saw her usually cold and indifferent sister acting in this manner.

Han Xue stopped her pacing footsteps when she heard this. She was only quiet for a short while before she suddenly asked again, “Sister, do you think that something could have happened to him? He had suffered an extremely serious injury when I picked him up in the desert back then. He didn’t even possess the strength to get up.”

Han Yue was startled. She raised her head slightly and her pretty face seriously looked at Han Xue’s pretty face where a thread of enchantment was present amid its coldness. There seemed to be a hint of worry on it as well.

“Sister, what are you looking at?” Han Xue involuntarily spoke in an annoyed manner upon being stared at by Han Yue.

“Xue-er, you… have you fallen for Xiao Yan?” Han Yue hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking.

A fiery redness immediately surged onto Han Xue’s pretty face when she heard this. She said in an embarrassed manner, “Sis, what nonsense are you spouting. I have only been acquainted with him for a short while.”

“I am only trying to remind you that Xiao Yan is indeed very outstanding. However, it is very difficult for the heart of such an outstanding man to be retained by someone. Moreover, he also has a girl that he likes…” Han Yue spoke in a serious tone.

Han Xue lowered her eyes slightly. She turned her head and softly said, “It’s not what you think…” She was quiet for a moment after her words sounded before she suddenly asked, “Is that girl very outstanding?”

Han Yue’s delicate hand parted a thread of bright silver hair in front of her forehead. A look of recollection flashed across her pretty eyes. A moment later, she bitterly smiled and said, “She’s more than just outstanding… if one were to really talk about it, it is likely that she is the person who hid the deepest among the students of our batch. I once told you about Lin Xiu Ya. He is an existence on the top three of the Strong Ranking. However, he did not even last ten exchanges in her hands. Moreover, she is a little younger than Xiao Yan. This kind of training talent is really demon-like…”

Han Xue bit her lower red lip with the back of her teeth when she heard Han Yue’s soft sigh. A sentimental and dim feeling flashed through her pretty eyes without anyone discovering it. However, these feelings were swiftly hidden by her. She pounced onto Han Yue with a lovely smile and asked, “Don’t tell me

that she is even more outstanding than this haughty elder sister?”

“Ha ha, your elder sister also cannot be compared with her. Otherwise, I would have snatched him away in the Inner Academy back then.” Han Yue smiled sweetly and replied.


The tightly shut door was suddenly opened after Han Yue’s words sounded. Immediately, a young man in linen clothes slowly walked out. He was startled when he saw the two ladies fooling around in the yard.

The sudden appearance of Xiao Yan also stunned Han Yue and Han Xue. A bright redness swiftly appeared on their pretty faces. They hurriedly ceased fooling around, arranged their clothes, and finally recovered their reserved manner.

“Ke ke, is it time?” Xiao Yan turned his hand and shut the door before he asked with a smile.

“Aye.” Han Xue nodded. Her pretty eyes wandered once around Xiao Yan as she asked with some worry, “How are your injuries?”

“I’m almost completely well.” Xiao Yan smiled as he replied. After which, he waved his hand and walked out of the yard. “Let’s go. Don’t let uncle Han and the others wait too long.”

Seeing Xiao Yan completely familiar with the route and looking as though he was in his own home, both Han Yue and Han Xue involuntarily muttered to themselves. After which, they ran a little and swiftly followed.

The Sky Stone Stage sat in the middle of Tian Bei City. Its size was around a thousand feet or so. If one were to carefully look at it, one would discover that this Sky Stone Stage was completely built on an enormous rock. This enormous rock had existed since the Tian Bei City first built the stage. It allowed time to corrode it, but hardly any trace of this corrosion remained. This place was also the place where the most attention in the Tian Bei City was being placed. This was because every time some faction had a conflict, but did not wish to engage in a war, they would choose to have a match on it…

The Sky Stone Stage today was undoubtedly the most heated it had been during these two years because the ones who were going to have a showdown on the stage were the two main factions in the Tian Bei City, the Hong and Han clan.

Moreover, according to the rumors, the one who was fighting for the Hong clan was Hong Chen, who had been accepted as a disciple to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The citizens of the Tian Bei city were quite familiar with this name. This person had always been arrogant. However, he had displayed a shocking talent since he was young. After growing up, he caught the eye of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It could be said that Hong Chen had lived these years in glory. The aura of a genius had never disappeared from him. If one were to talk about it, if Xiao Yan did not experience that occurrence when he was young, it was likely that his training path would be similar to Hong Chen’s path. In the future, Xiao Yan might have even caught the eye of the largest sect in the Jia Ma Empire, the Misty Cloud Sect, because of his outstanding training talent, and would have endex up becoming one of its members…

However, the appearance of Yao Lao had changed his route. It was such a route that it allowed Xiao Yan to walk until today, reaching such a high level.

The surroundings of the Sky Stone Stage were densely packed seats that had been carved from that enormous rock. At this moment, these seats were flooded with numerous black masses of human heads. This time around, the exchange between the Hong and Han clan had attracted the eyes of the entire Tian Bei City.

There were some somewhat exceptionally elegant seats located at the two highest points in the western and northern parts of the Sky Stone Stage. Only the leaders of some factions within the Tian Bei City had the qualification to sit in them. These spots enabled them to look down from above and absorb the entire arena in their eyes. At this moment, these northern seats already had quite a number of human figures seated in them. Most of the people were wearing red robes. Their chests had badges on them that represented the Hong clan…

In one of the Hong clan’s seats was Hong Chen, whom Xiao Yan had seen back then. He was folding his hands over his chest and leaning against the rock chair. His face was heated as he looked at the exit of the arena. That pretty figure, which had lingered in his dreams, had always been imprinted in his heart. In his heart, he had already believed that this woman would definitely belong to him!

Only he was able to match with such an outstanding woman!

Following the flow of time, the number of people on the Sky Stone Stage also increased. The boiling noise surged to the clouds, forming a large sound wave that spread out in a ripple-like manner, causing everyone in Tian Bei City to hear the noise of this place.

When the dense seats on the Sky Stone Platform were gradually filling up, a large group of human figures finally appeared at the entrance of the arena. Their appearance immediately stirred a commotion within the arena.

“It’s the people from the Han clan. They are finally here.”

“It is rumored that Hong Chen had said that as long as the Han clan was able to find someone of the same generation to defeat him, the Hong clan will not be enemies with the Han clan for the next ten years.”

“Hei, these words may sound nice, but there is really no one in the younger generation within this Tian Bei City who can beat this unlikable fellow. It would be difficult even for Han Yue from the Han clan…”

“If the Han clan were to lose this time around, they would have to lose an angel-like daughter…”

The people from the Han clan slowly climbed the stone stage amid a countless number of private conversations. After which, they paused on the part of the rock stage that was opposite the Hong clan.

“Ke ke, head of the Han clan, you are finally here. I thought that you would not turn up today.” A large middle-aged man in the leader’s seat of the Hong clan, who was of similar age to Han Chi, stood up and laughed loudly upon seeing the appearance of the group from the Han clan.

“Hong clan’s head has thought too much. Since the Hong clan is willing to maintain ten years of peace with our Han clan, we will naturally have to receive it. Otherwise, we would be letting down the good intentions of the Hong clan.” Han Chi raised his eyes and spoke indifferently.

“That is the clan head of the Hong clan, Hong Li.” A soft voice that carried a serene fragrance was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear. He turned to take a look and found that it was Han Xue.

“I’m afraid that before you have received my good intentions, you will have lost your daughter. Ha ha, but you need not worry, I will be extremely tolerant to the daughter-in-law of my Hong clan.” Hong Li coldly laughed.

“Alright, let’s not waste our breath. I don’t have much time and will need to return to the northern pavilion to train during these two days.”

Hong Chen frowned and stood up. His body shook and a faint thunderous roar sounded. His body appeared on the spacious stone stage below in a ghost-like manner. His gaze was arrogant as he looked at the Han clan’s seats and cried, “There is no need to be so long-winded. We will talk after we have fought. Who is coming to face me?”

The gazes of the entire place instantly turned to the spot where the seats of the Han clan were located upon hearing Hong Chen’s cry. Finally, they remained on Han Yue. It seemed that she was the only one among the younger generation of the Han clan who had entered the Dou Huang class.

Han Yue merely smiled sweetly while being under the focus of all the eyes present. She immediately shook her head slightly and her delicate finger pointed to a spot beside her. Her clear moving voice reverberated over the entire arena.

“His opponent is not me. It’s him!”

A countless number of gazes suddenly shifted. Finally, they paused on an unfamiliar young man in the Han clan’s seats who was wearing an ordinary linen clothes. Everyone was instantly stunned…

Hong Chen’s eyes were somewhat dark and cold as they were thrown at Xiao Yan. The arrogance and belittlement in his eyes was not even slightly hidden.

“Even if you wanted to find someone to die for you, you should have found a decent one, no?”

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he heard the cold laughter and disdain that was transmitted from Hong Chen’s mouth. His smile contained a faint chillness.

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