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Chapter 959

Chapter 959: The Location Where Yao Lao was Imprisoned

After Xiao Yan sent Han Xue out of a clean guest room in the backyard of the Han clan, he shut the door and sighed in relief. Honestly speaking, he really did not wish to get involved with the matter between the Han clan and the Hong clan were it not because of Han Xue and Han Yue. Of course, the reason he spoke was was naturally not referring to Han Xue and Han Yue personally. Although the both of them were excellent women, he was not a person whose mind was ruled by another part of his anatomy. Naturally, he never had those thoughts.

“After observing Hong Chen from a distance today, he does indeed have a great strength. He might be an arrogant person, but it is just as the others have said. This fellow does indeed possess the qualification and capital to be arrogant.” Xiao Yan came to the side of the bed before sitting crossed-legged on it. His face revealed an expression of being in deep thought.

The strength of this Han clan is definitely not like what one saw in the hall earlier. According to Xiao Yan’s expectations there were some experts from the older generation hiding behind the scene. After all, for the Han Yan to be able to fight against the Hong clan in Tian Bei City, it was impossible that they did not possess an elite Dou Zong. However, from what he saw today, other than Han Chi, who could be vaguely considered someone with half a foot into the Dou Zong class, no one else had reached this stage.

If this was the case for the Han clan, even less needed to be said about the Hong clan, which was a little stronger. Xiao Yan had already become enemies with such a faction after just arriving in the Central Plains. He could be considered unlucky.

After sighing quietly in his heart, Xiao Yan tossed aside these thoughts. He was not an indecisive person. Moreover, he was clear about his grudges and favors. If there was a favor, he would repay it. If there was a grudge, he would also repay it. Han Xue had rescued him while he felt somewhat apologetic to Han Yue for stealing the treasure. Due to this, Xiao Yan would naturally not reject their requests given his character, even if this meant that the price was to offend that so-called Hong clan.

“By looking at Hong Chen today, it was likely that his strength is around that of a seven star Dou Huang. It is quite similar to me. It must be said that his training talent is indeed surprising.” Xiao Yan muttered to himself. Although his talent was extremely outstanding, it was something that he had trained all by himself. That Hong Chen, on the other hand, not only had the support of the entire clan, but was also groomed by the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It was considered normal for his achievement to not be any less than Xiao Yan’s. After all, there were many hidden experts in the Central Plains region. It was likely that he would meet even more of them in the future.

Although the achievements of this Hong Chen caused Xiao Yan to be surprised, it was only limited to this level. With Xiao Yan’s current fighting strength, it was likely that hardly any people from the same class could defeat him. There were more than ten experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class who had fallen to his hands. Even the names of elite Dou Zongs were left on his death list, much less a seven star Dou Huang…

“Once I settle this matter and return the favor, I will leave this place. If it is possible, I should try to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class before the start of the Pill Gathering. Although this will be extremely difficult, I can only think of a way to go all out in order to obtain the Three Thousand Burning Flames.” Xiao Yan’s face was somewhat solemn. The Pill Gathering was the top alchemist grand meeting in the entire Dou Qi continent. That size was incomparable to any other huge gathering. One could even say tha

t the Pill Gathering was the most outstanding competition in the alchemist world on the Dou Qi continent…

Faced with this kind of top notch alchemist gathering, even Xiao Yan had to treat it seriously. Currently, he might have already become a tier 6 alchemist, but this was far from sufficient. It was likely going to be quite difficult if he wanted to rely on only this to enter the top ten…

The Three Thousand Burning Flame had sufficient allure to Xiao Yan. As long as he successfully swallowed it after breaking through to the Dou Zong class, he would at least possess the ability to fight a little even if he ended up meeting with the legendary elite Dou Zun. Hence, Xiao Yan must enter the top ten in order to get the qualification to do so!

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. His hands also slightly tightened. He was looking forward to the largest gathering in the alchemist world. It was rumored that his teacher had stood at that place back then and ended up becoming Yao zun-zhe, who was renowned throughout the continent. Being Yao Lao’s disciple, Xiao Yan naturally did not wish to embarass his teacher’s name at that place.

Xiao Yan suppressed the many thoughts within his heart. His finger suddenly rubbed that white-colored ring before frowning slightly. Ever since Tian Huo zun-zhe had absorbed the soul of the fierce spirit, he had been in a deep slumber. If this former Dou Zun were to wake up, it was likely that he would be a big help to Xiao Yan. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan did not dare use any external strength to wake him from his slumber…

Xiao Yan softly sighed. He seemed to have suddenly recalled something as he flipped his hand. A jade bottle with an invisible flame covering it appeared in his hand. One could faintly hear a miserable cry being transmitted from within the jade bottle.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth contained a coldness. His finger rubbed over the mouth of the bottle before he beckoned to it. An extremely weak spirit slowly rose wrapped in a cluster of invisible flames. Finally, it appeared in front of Xiao Yan.

At this moment, Han Feng was extremely weary after being burned by the Heart Flame for such a long period of time. Xiao Yan’s Heart Flame could cause harm to a spirit. That kind of searing pain that spread out from deep within a spirit was really an unendurable torture to a spiritual body.

“Have you enjoyed enough?” Xiao Yan glanced at the illusionary figure of Han Feng in front of him before asking indifferently.

Han Feng’s body immediately quivered intensely upon hearing Xiao Yan’s voice. There was some additional fear in the vicious eyes he used to look at Xiao Yan. He was really suffering a fate worse than death under the grilling of the Heart Flame during this period of time.

“What exactly do you want to do? Just kill me already!” Han Feng’s voice was so weak that he was nearly on his last breath.

“Tell me the location where the ‘Hall of Souls’ has locked up teacher.” Xiao Yan spoke in a cold and indifferent voice.

“Tsk tsk, you wish to rescue that old fellow? Do you really think that the ‘Hall of Souls’ is a place that anyone can just enter?” Han Feng involuntarily laughed upon hearing his demand.


The cold laughter had just sounded when Xiao Yan waved his hand with an expressionless face. The Fallen Heart Flame that lingered outside of Xiao Yan’s body was suddenly moved. Finally, it adhered onto Han Feng’s body. A ‘chi chi’ sound appeared along with a sharp cry and waves of white smoke.

“Looks like you have not enjoyed enough during this period of time. Since this is the case, I shall let you enjoy this for half a year.” One could not hear any emotion in Xiao Yan’s voice. He waved his hand and the Fallen Heart Flame carried Han Feng along as it once again entered the jade bottle.

“Don’t, don’t. I’ll speak. I’ll speak!”

Han Feng hurriedly endured the searing pain and screamed when he saw that Xiao Yan was planning to store him inside the jade bottle again.

Xiao Yan’s hand paused. The Fallen Heart Flame slowly dissipated. He glanced at Han Feng and indifferently said, “You have one last chance. I have quite a lot of time. The next time I summon you might be half a year or one year later. Hopefully, you will not be incinerated into nothingness by the Heart Flame…”

The illusionary body of Han Feng immediately trembled violently when he heard these words. A terror flashed across his eyes. A moment later, he finally clenched his teeth and said, “Will you allow me to leave if I tell you the location where Yao Chen is being locked up?”

“You do not have the qualification to bargain with me.” Xiao Yan’s expression turned cold. The Fallen Heart Flame that covered the exterior of Xiao Yan’s body was about to be maneuvered again.

“Stop, stop… I will tell you…” The horror in Han Feng’s eyes became even denser when he saw this and he hurriedly said, “The ‘Hall of Souls’ has a branch hall that is located in a city name Ming City in the western region of the Central Plains. Yao Chen is locked up there.”

“Western region of the Central Plains… Ming City…” Xiao Yan slowly repeated these two words in his mouth. An excitement quietly rose in his heart. However, he did not reveal the ripple in his heart when he continued. “How many people from the ‘Hall of Souls’ are guarding that branch hall?”

“It is rumored that there are a couple of Protectors. Moreover, there is also an Honorable Elder. That branch hall is a little more important, hence, the ‘Hall of Souls’ has dispatched a genuine expert to protect it…” Han Feng hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Honorable Elder?” Xiao Yan’s expression immediately changed a little when he heard this term. Currently, he was no longer completely ignorant of the ‘Hall of Souls.’ It was not the first time that he had heard of the term ‘Honorable Elder.’ This position was above that of an Elder. Moreover, each Honorable Elder’s strength was that of a genuine elite Dou Zun.

“Could the large hall which I had reached with my Spiritual Perception through the fire seal back then be Ming City? Could that extremely frightening Spiritual Strength back then be something unleashed by the guarding Honorable Elder?” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. The thoughts in his heart were churning like a tide.

“If this matter is true, it seems that I will need to plan properly. An elite Dou Zun… that is really a little too powerful for the current me. Even if I use the strongest Extermination Fire Lotus, it is likely that I will not cause him much harm. After all, the difference between a Dou Zun and a Dou Zong is really vast…”

Xiao Yan gently exhaled when he thought until this point. His gaze coldly landed on Han Feng. He immediately waved his hand and the Fallen Heart Flame once again swept over the latter before entering the jade bottle. The flame quickly rose and agglomerated into a fire seal on the mouth of the bottle.

“Hopefully, what you have said is true. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to die even if you wish to!”

A bone chilling voice was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth and transmitted into that jade bottle, causing Han Feng to violently quiver.

Xiao Yan slowly shut his eyes after throwing the jade bottle into his Storage Ring. The only thing he could do now was recover his strength. Only after he settled the matter in this place would he be able to roam the Central Plains and find a method for him to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class…

The room once again became quiet after Xiao Yan entered his training state. A gentle light flickered slightly and slowly expelled the darkness within…

Two days swiftly passed while Xiao Yan was recuperating within the training room. During these two days, the Han clan had also prepared all of the medicinal ingredients that Xiao Yan needed. After which, they instructed Han Xue to deliver them to Xiao Yan’s room.

Xiao Yan shut the door once again after having obtained the medicinal ingredients. Outsiders could only sense the heat that was seeping out of the room. However, due to the order that Han Chi had issued some time ago, no one dared to interrupt Xiao Yan. This allowed him to stay in an extremely quiet training environment.

The three day’s limit that the Hong clan had issued had arrived while this door was shut…

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