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Chapter 940: Close

The Griffon passed through the flat plains and slowly entered the mountain range. These mountains were filled with lush-green trees. Many of the giant trees were over a thousand feet tall. Many agile monkeys were climbing and playing rough with each other within this forest. These fellows were filled with intellect, and did not hide when they saw a person. All they did was duly give them a glance. Clearly, they were already used to seeing passersby. One could see a faint spiritual aura present on these mountains. It was likely that this place was where the land veins were located, filling it with sufficient spiritual strength. It was most suitable for practitioners to train. Xiao Yan's group did not stop at this place. They continued to drive the Griffon over a mountain. Immediately, spacious well-connected roads in the mountain range appeared within Xiao Yan's sight. They were even able to see numerous figures coming and going on the main roads. Despite being this far apart, Xiao Yan was still able to hear some of the noise that was transmitted from the ground.

The sky above the mountain range did not contain this single Griffon belonging to Xiao Yan. They had just entered the mountain range when they heard the rushing sound of wind some distance away. Immediately, they saw many different shaped flying beasts flapping their wings, heading to the interior of the mountain valley. Along the way, some beasts flew close to Xiao Yan's group, allowing him to clearly see some human figures seated aboard the flying beast.

Xiao Yan's first impression of the entire mountain range was a flourishing feeling. After all, even in the sky above the 'Black-Corner Region,' it was difficult to find so many flying beasts appearing at the same time. In this place, it seemed that flying beasts were an ordinary form of transport. However, most of the flying beasts that they saw during their journey were rank 1 or 2 Magical Beasts. There were seldom any existences that exceeded rank 3. Hence, this Griffon of Xiao Yan's attracted quite a number of surprised gazes. This was especially the case when they saw that there were only four people on such a big flying beast. Those surprised gazes began to reveal additional envy. It was quite difficult to find a high rank flying beast like the Griffon. Unless it was a clan or faction which possessed a rich foundation, it was quite difficult for an ordinary person to tame one.

"It is indeed worthy of being the most prosperous city within a thousand kilometers…"

Xiao Yan did not mind the envious gazes. His mouth emitted a soft sigh as his foot gently stepped forward. The Griffon let out a clear eagle cry before immediately flapping its enormous wings, swiftly flying deeper into the mountain range.

The Griffon flew for over ten minutes or so before an enormous city faintly appeared behind the cover of the lush, green mountain peaks.

That enormous city was completely absorbed into Xiao Yan's eyes as he gradually approached. His gaze carefully observed the city size as he involuntarily nodded once again.

The Griffon came closer to the ground as Xiao Yan observed the city. Just when it was about to enter the sky of the city, however, a figure rushed over from the city gate. It immediately transformed into a yellow-robed old man.

The yellow-robed old man had quite a cold, stern face. A pair of Dou Qi wings were flapping behind his back as he stood in front of the Griffon's flying path. He said in a deep voice, "Don't tell me that this is the first time that you have come to Horizon City? Don't you know that flying beasts are not allowed to enter the sky above the city?"

With its flying path blocked, the Griffon stopped its body while emitting an eagle cry. Its enormous eyes contained a fierce aura as it stared at the yellow-robed, old man. However, it only obediently relaxed its feathered wings when Xiao Yan stomped his feet.

"This is indeed our first time here. It is unexpected that there are actually so many rules to this Horizon City." Xiao Yan glanced at the yellow-robed, old man in front of him and spoke with a faint voice.

"An expert Dou Huang?"

The face of the yellow-clothed, old man changed slightly as he sensed the thunder-like voice resounding beside his ear. His gaze cautiously swept over the Griffon. Immediately, he was somewhat stunned to discover that other than one person, the strength of the remaining three people far exceeded his, especially the white-clothed lady's strength. The feeling of pressure her gaze gave caused even the flow of the Dou Qi in his body to become much more sluggish.

"This woman's strength is frightening. There are only a few people even within the Luo clan who can make me feel this way! What is the motive for such a strong person to head to my Horizon City?" Some waves rose within the yellow-robed, old man's heart. His face, however, became much warmer. He cupped his hands to Xiao Yan's group and said, "This friend, this is indeed the rule of Horizon City over the years. There is a special place to park the flying beast that our Luo clan built for travelers at the city entrance."

"Luo clan? Big brother, there are many factions within Horizon City and it is extremely chaotic. However, the one that existed for the longest time is this Luo clan. That 'Wormhole' is also possessed by the Luo clan. There is an ancestor within the Luo clan whose strength is around that of a five star Dou Zong or so. He is the strongest in this city. If not for the existence of this ancestor, it is likely that the Luo clan would have difficulty controlling this 'Wormhole' for so many years. After all, this extremely profitable fat meat is watched by an immense amount of people with envious eyes on a daily basis." Xin Lan softly explained behind Xiao Yan when she heard the yellow-robed, old man's words.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His gaze swept over the yellow-robed, old man. His strength was merely that of a two star Dou Wang or so and could barely be considered an expert. The reason they had arrived was merely to shorten their journey by using the 'Wormhole.' He did not wish for some other problem to occur because of other matters.

"Thank you for informing us. Additionally, I wish to ask where the Wormhole of Horizon City is?" Xiao Yan asked with a neutral voice.

"Friends, you have come at an unfortunate time. The Wormhole is currently under maintenance during these few days and is temporarily closed. However, the experts of my clan are trying their best to repair it. I think that it will open again soon." The yellow-clothed, old man shook his head, and explained the situation when he heard this.

"Closed?" Xiao Yan knit his brows when he heard these words. Was his luck really this bad?

"How long will your repairs take?" The Little Fairy Doctor slowly opened her eyes and asked in a clear faint voice.

"I am not very sure. One hasn't seen the severity of the problem when it comes to repairing the Wormhole. This Wormhole of Horizon City is something built by an ancestor of my Luo clan over a hundred years ago. After being used for so many years, it is only natural that it possesses a lot of problems. We seek your understanding. If the few of you really wish to pass through, you can temporarily stay for a couple of days in the city. It should be fixed by then." The yellow-robed, old man, afraid of slighting the Little Fairy, hurriedly replied when he saw her open her mouth.

"Additionally, my clan's ancestor is recently recruiting some elite Dou Zongs to help him repair the Wormhole together. If miss is interested, you can head to the center of the city where the Wormhole is located…" The yellow-robed, old man seemed to have recalled something after he had spoken and he quickly added some more information.

The Little Fairy Doctor was non-committal to the yellow-robed, old man's words. She randomly lowered her snow-white chin before throwing her pretty eyes to Xiao Yan.

"Let's enter the city first…"

Xiao Yan mused a little before immediately cupping his hands to the yellow-robed, old man. With a wave of his sleeves, a wind wrapped around the Griffon and swiftly landed it on the ground.

The yellow-robed, old man bitterly laughed when he saw Xiao Yan's group land on the ground. He sighed, "The problem with the Wormhole this time around is massive Otherwise, with ancestor's ability, he would not need to invite other elite Dou Zongs to work with him. It is not easy to hire these fellows. Not only do they have an attitude, but the rewards they wish to obtain are exorbitant… "

Xiao Yan did not head in the direction the yellow-robed, old man had indicated and land in the so-called stopover point. He randomly found an area in the forest outside of the city and landed.

"Return home…"

Xiao Yan's group leaped down once the Griffon landed on the ground. He looked at the Griffon which was creeping on the ground and smiled as he gave it a command.

Like it had understood Xiao Yan's words, the Griffon used its large head to rub Xiao Yan a couple of times. After which, it flapped its enormous wings and slowly rose into the air before swiftly disappearing into the horizon.

Xiao Yan also exhaled as he sent the Griffon off with his eyes. He waved his hands to the Little Fairy Doctor and the rest, turned around, and took the lead to walk to Horizon City.

"Xiao Yan, the Wormhole is temporarily closed. What should we do?" The Little Fairy Doctor followed with slow steps as she walked beside Xiao Yan. Her eyebrows were slightly knit as she asked.

"We will first rest in the city for a night and wait to see if there is any news. If there is still no news tomorrow, we will head to the center of the city to take a look." Xiao Yan walked slowly and spoke with a smile.

The people present naturally did not object to Xiao Yan's words. Hence, all of them simply nodded.

Xiao Yan's group randomly found a cleaner inn after having entered the city. After which, they stayed in it. News flowed the quickest in a place like this where human traffic gathered. Such a place was the most convenient and fastest way to know what was happening in the city.

After settling the Little Fairy Doctor and the rest in, Xiao Yan took a stroll around, successfully obtaining some of the information he needed.

It was just as the yellow-robed, old man had explained. Currently, the Wormhole within Horizon City had been closed. Moreover, it seemed that the problem of the Wormhole this time around was really quite big. Even the ancestor of the Luo clan, who was a five star Dou Zong, was unable to resolve the problem in one go. Hence, he could only invite other elite Dou Zongs to aid him. However, elite Dou Zongs were extremely rare existences even in Horizon City. Additionally, the relationship of this place was extremely complicated. Moreover, this matter was also related to a valuable object like the Wormhole. Hence, the invitation by the ancestor of the Luo clan did not achieve much effect. Due to the lack of manpower, the matter of repairing the Wormhole was temporarily shelved. This caused the Luo clan to feel a great heartache. After all, their Luo clan would suffer a great loss everyday the Wormhole remained closed.

"Looks like tomorrow… there is a need to go and take a look. Delaying things this way is not a good thing…"

Xiao Yan in the room held this thought as he slowly shut his eyes and entered his daily training condition…

Chapter 941: Red Clothed Young Lady

When the first rays of sunlight penetrated the window and transformed into light spots that shot onto the ground, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes shut, finally slowly opened them. He softly muttered, "Looks like there is a need to head to the city center to take a look. After all this place is the only Wormhole within a thousand kilometer radius of Horizon City…"

Xiao Yan sighed softly and rolled off the bed. He bathed a little before heading out to gather the Little Fairy Doctor and the other two. The group walked out of the inn and rushed to the city center.

Xiao Yan's four men group was slowly walking down the main road, that had an unending amount of traffic. Perhaps it was because it was still morning, but the air contained moisture that existed in the mountain forest, giving them a refreshing feeling.

The two sides of the street, paved with bluestones, would occasionally transmit various cries. A dazzling array of merchandise had placed in the shops on both sides. The huge human flow was just like ants that were penetrating through them. Horizon City was emitting an exceptionally busy, constricted feeling.

"It is rumored that the ancestor of the Luo clan is inviting helpers to repair the Wormhole. We can go and take a look. We will decide whether to lend a hand depending on the situation. After all, the factions within Horizon City are too complicated. It is not wise for us to get involved." Xiao Yan's feet were slowly progressing at a special pace. His gaze swept over the shops on both sides of the street while his mouth spoke indifferently.

"Yes." The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly when she heard this. She was the only one among them who had stepped into the Dou Zong class and possessed the ability to control spatial strength.

Da! Da!

Waves of horse hooves were suddenly transmitted from the front of the street while Xiao Yan was conversing with the Little Fairy Doctor. Immediately, the street became chaotic. A fiery-red figure rushed over from the end of the street, knocking over a countless number of people along the way. When these people took a look with furious eyes, they discovered that there was a young lady in bright-red clothes on the horse. The young lady appeared extremely attractive, but there was a thread of wild arrogance between her brows. A bright-red whip hung from her small waist while a proud lovely laughter reverberated across the street.

The red horse was just like a flame that fwhiped over from the distant. Within a couple of blinks, it appeared a short distance from Xiao Yan's group.

"A good dog doesn't block the road! All of you, move aside for this miss! Otherwise, no one will take responsibility if you are stomped to death!"

The red-clothed, young lady cried out. Her brows immediately bunched up as she looked at the few figures in front of her who did not move.

Xiao Yan, who was originally going to dodge aside, immediately revealed a cold expression when he heard these words. He disliked this kind of arrogant woman the most. He placed the leg, which he had just lifted, back down and continue slowly walking forward without lifting his eyes.

"Hmph, you're seeking death!"

This action of Xiao Yan was naturally absorbed into the red-clothed, young lady's eyes. She let out a cold snort as her hand grabbed the whip. Immediately, a red shadow rushed forward amid a clear air tearing sound, carrying a wind as it was swung at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's face continued to remain calm. He randomly clenched his hand and the whip was automatically caught. After which, he pulled at it randomly.


The enormous force that was transmitted from the whip caused the red-clothed, young lady to let out a sharp cry. Her body was pulled down from the horse, and she landed on the ground on her butt.

"As***le, bastard you dare attack this lady?" The face of the red-clothed, young lady immediately turned green when her buttock made contact with the ice-cold dirt. She furiously roared at Xiao Yan, appearing like an angered female tiger.

"I am merely teaching you a lesson on behalf of your elders…" Xiao Yan glanced at the red-clothed, young lady. He immediately ignored her as he led the Little Fairy Doctor and the others down the street.

"What are you? You actually dare to teach me a lesson? Who do you think you are?" The indifferent words Xiao Yan gave her had completely angered this red-clothed, young lady. Immediately, her voice became much sharper. "Uncle Hua, uncle Lui, kill this as***le!"

The young lady's sharp cry had just sounded when two old figures swiftly rushed through the air and arrived, blocking Xiao Yan's man group.

The two figures, who appeared in front of Xiao Yan, had gray and white hair respectively. By observing the aura of these two, it seemed that their strengths were around a five to six star Dou Huang and could be considered quite strong.

"This friend, my clan's young lady is indeed a little mischievous. However, she is after all a girl. Isn't it a little inappropriate for you to treat her like this…" The gray-haired, old man initially glanced at the red-clothed, young lady, whose face was flushed red with anger. After which, he looked to Xiao Yan, and frowned as he spoke.

With his eyesight, he was naturally able to sense the aura of this black-robed, young man in front of them was little different from theirs. It was even a little strong. Hence, their words were not too domineering.

"That is why she is currently still alive." Xiao Yan raised his eyes. His voice was still calm, but he was not a kind person. If it had been an arrogant male who dared curse at him today, the punishment would not have just been getting pulled down from a horse.

At this moment, quite a number of people had gathered around the street because of this unexpected occurrence. These people shook their heads when they saw the red clothed young lady. Immediately, they threw some pitiful gaze towards Xiao Yan's group. This red clothed young lady was a famous little demoness in Horizon City. Anyone who meet her could only consider themselves unluckily. It was unexpected that this fellow actually dared to attack her today. Looks like they should be people who had come from outside the city.

The expressions of the two old men changed slightly in the face of Xiao Yan's calm words that hid a chill. Their eyes became somewhat sinister. The red-clothed, young lady was the most doted granddaughter of the ancestor of the clan. Hardly anyone in this Horizon City dared to say such words.

"You as*****. You still dare to be so arrogant in Horizon City. By striking this lady, my grandfather will definitely not let you off. If you are wise, you will kneel down now, kowtow to this miss and apologize…" The red-clothed, young lady had climbed to her feet at this moment. Losing such face in front of so many people was something that she, who had an unusually great pride, had difficulty accepting. Immediately, her small face had significantly changed due to her fury. However, before her furious cry was completely voiced, a ghost-like figure suddenly appeared in front of her, and the figure swung its hand. It immediately landed a violent strike onto the young lady's face in front of a countless number of stunned gazes.


A clear sound appeared on the street. At this moment, everyone's hearts quivered violently. This slap… was really too cool.

The red-clothed, young lady turned her head. Five somewhat purplish-red fingerprints appeared on her face. A thread of blood overflowed from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. She could not believe that there was really a person who dared to give her a slap.

"He will not kill you if you dare curse again. I will!"

An indifferent ice-cold voice that was filled with killing intent slowly sounded from in front of the red-clothed, young lady, causing her body to tremble. She slowly raised her head, only to see a plain dressed beauty standing with a pretty face that contained an evilness. When both of their eyes met, the red-clothed, young lady was able to see genuine killing intent radiating from from the other party's eyes.

"How dare you!"

The sudden slapping sound caused the two old men to be stunned. Immediately, they let out a furious cry. Their bodies moved and they rushed toward the Little Fairy Doctor in a lightning-like manner.

The two people had just moved when the faint sound of rumbling thunder appeared. Immediately, a black figure appeared in front of them. Two fists were thrown out. The shockingly wild energy that momentarily erupted caused the expressions of the two to change. They hastily met the punches.


The sound of flesh colliding suddenly rang out. Immediately, everyone was stunned to see the two old men, with a strong reputation within Horizon City, swiftly step back. The black-robed, young man appeared to be like an unmoving rock.

"You only have yourselves to blame for this matter today. If you continue to be insensible, do not blame me for being vicious!"

Xiao Yan's gaze was dark and cold as he looked at the two old men. The killing intent within his eyes contained traces of coldness. The matter today was fast reaching his bottom line.

The two old men did not dare to make any unnatural movements after having been deterred by the strength that Xiao Yan had displayed. They could only cry out bitterly in their hearts. This little grand-aunt had dominated the city for so many years and had finally collided with the tip of a spear. This little fellow might appear young, but he was extremely strong. The attack earlier was something that hardly anyone within their clan could display.

"This friend, I am a member of the Luo clan. The young lady who offended you earlier is the young miss of the Luo clan. Please do not hurt her on account of the Luo clan." The gray-haired, old man sighed in his heart as he cupped his hands together and pleaded.

"Luo clan?" Xiao Yan frowned slightly when he heard this. Although he already knew that the background of this lady was likely not weak, he did not expect her to be a member of the Luo clan in Horizon City.

"You… you dare hit me?"

Only at this moment did the red-clothed, young lady finally recover from her stunned state. She rubbed the fiery hot fingerprint mark on her face. Her hands trembled as she pointed at the Little Fairy Doctor in front of her. The anger in her eyes had reached a frightening degree.

After her words sounded, the red-clothed, young lady took out a jade plate from her Storage Ring in her fury. After which, she violently broke it and viciously said, "Slut, you dare strike me? My grandfather will not let you off. Once you land in this Miss hands, I will definitely cut your fingers off one at a time!"

The Little Fairy Doctor's gaze merely glanced at the red-clothed, young lady coldly as the latter cursed viciously. Immediately, a faint indifferent voice was transmitted from beside her ear.

"Hit her again. With such a vicious heart, leaving her be will only lead to a calamity…"

The corner of the Little Fairy Doctor's mouth curled when she heard this. She immediately raised her hand once again in front of the shocked eyes of the red-clothed, young lady and unceremoniously gave her a tight slap.


This slap had just landed when a gray-colored light shot over from the center of the city. It immediately appeared in the air above the street. His gaze swept under him. A majestic aura suddenly surged out and swept in all directions. A dark, solemn voice reverberated unceasingly throughout the street.

"The actions of the few of you really look down on my Luo clan!"

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