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Chapter 939

Chapter 939: One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions

Horizon City sat in a mountain range called Tianqing, tens of thousands of kilometres away from the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Being the only city which possessed a wormhole to the Central Plains within a radius of thousands of kilometers, the flourishment of this Horizon City was second to none.

With the speed of the Griffon, it required nearly half a month’s time in order to reach the Tianqing Mountain Range from the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ However, Xiao Yan’s group had no other choice in the face of this matter. Xin Lan had yet to reach the Dou Wang class. Even if she had barely reached it, it would have been difficult to support her flight all the way to Horizon City. It was simpler to ride the Griffon rather than travel a little bit and stop repeatedly even though this would exhaust an even greater amount of time. However, once one got used to it, a few days’ time was nothing.

During this flight, Xiao Yan increased his understanding of the Central Plains from his chat with Xin Lan.

The Central Plains of the continent was extremely vast in size. Hence, most of the large scale cities within the Central Plains had installed so-called ‘Wormholes’ and using it to reduce the time one needed to travel. The builders of these ‘Wormholes’ were mostly peak experts or ancestors that belonged to the city. Hence, if the ancestor who built the ‘Wormhole’ belonged to a certain clan, this ‘Wormhole’ would also belong to that clan. Of course, owning a public transport machine was something that even an extremely strong clan did not dare randomly do by themselves. Despite this, there were still a couple of clans who would do such a foolish thing. After all, if one were to open it to the public, the profit that a ‘Wormhole’ would bring ever year would reach an extremely frightening number. Such a number was sufficient to support the entire clan.

Hence, the appearance of every ‘Wormhole’ within the Central Plains would attract the red eyes of a countless number of factions. However, other than some powerful clans or sects, the remaining people could only simply watch full of envy. After all, not everyone could invite an elite Dou Zun to spend a great amount of effort to build a ‘Wormhole.’ Hence, the ‘Wormhole’ represented wealth and strength within the Central Plains. Those clans able to own one were mostly renowned factions. Of course, this was with the exception of some clans which were enjoying what was left behind by their ancestors…

“The Central Plains is indeed different from other places. A wormhole. Such a thing had never existed in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” Xiao Yan on the Griffon involuntarily smacked his mouth and laughed after hearing Xin Lan talk about the Wormhole.

“Connecting two distant spatial points requires an extremely precise control over spatial strength. It is extremely difficult for anyone other than elite Dou Zuns to do it.” The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly. Her tone contained some surprised.

“Wormholes are but one of the specialities of the Central Plains. Once big brother Xiao Yan arrives there, you will be able to personally experience them.” Xin Lan smiled as she spoke.

“Who are the strong factions within the Central Plains?” Xiao Yan nodded his head. He hesitated for a moment before eventually asking. When walking into that region, he should know who he could offend and who he not afford to offend.

“The factions in the Central Plains are divided. I am only aware of some of the human factions, and I don’t know much about the Magical Beast Tribes or the other races.” Xin Yan mused for a moment before speaking, “In the Central Plai

ns, the human factions are roughly divided into One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions.”

“One Hall, One Tower, Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions? “ Xiao Yan slowly repeated these words in his mouth. He frowned slightly and asked, “This one tower should refer to the Pill Tower, right?”

“Yes, the tower refers to the Pill Tower. As for the hall, it refers to the ‘Hall of Souls’.” Xin Lan stared at Xiao Yan and softly spoke. She had heard First Elder mention that Xiao Yan had quite the grudge with the ‘Hall of Souls.’

“Hall of Souls?” These simple words instantly caused Xiao Yan’s face to turn dark and cold. Sharp killing intent flashed out of his dark-black eyes.

“The ‘Hall of Souls’ is extremely mysterious in the Central Plains. An ordinary person has difficulty meeting a member of the ‘Hall of Souls.’ Forget about its headquarters, there are few people who even know about some of their branches. Despite this, the ‘Hall of Souls’ is still able to be ranked side by side with the Pill Tower. This is enough to tell just how frightening its hidden strength is.” Xin Lan nodded. She paused for a moment before continuing, “Big brother Xiao Yan, I know that you have quite the grudge with the ‘Hall of Souls.’ However, for your safety, I advise you to hold out and reach the point where you can really contend against it. After all, even the Pill Tower doesn’t wish to easily make contact with the ‘Hall of Souls.’ It should be known that the three great heads of the Pill Hall are legendary experts that could be ranked in the top ten even in the Central Plains. Even though this is the case, the three great heads are extremely afraid of the mysterious chief of the ‘Hall of Souls.’ According to some rumors, the three great heads of the Pill Tower had once quietly exchanged blows with the ‘Hall of Souls.’ No one has ever heard about the results of the exchange.”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded in the face of Xin Lan’s suggestion. He inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the killing intent in his heart. Since the ‘Hall of Souls’ had such deep roots in the Central Plains, he would sooner or later be able to follow their traces and pull all of them out! No matter how strong they were, Xiao Yan would not display the slightest hesitation or shrink back!

“What about the Two Sects, Three Valleys, Four Pavilions?” Xiao Yan suppressed the churning thoughts within his heart, changed the topic, and asked.

“The two sects are the Profound Sky Sect and the Flower Sect. These two sects also possess an extremely great strength within the Central Plains. The experts within their sects are as numerous as the clouds. Although they can not be compared with the Pill Tower nor the ‘Hall of Souls,’ they are an existence that cannot be underestimated. The three valleys are the Icy River Valley, Sound Valley, and Burning Flame Valley.”

“Burning Flame Valley?” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched involuntarily as he heard this somewhat familiar name. It was the only faction that he knew which possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Moreover, the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change that he practiced was a secret from that faction.

“If I have the opportunity, I might head to this Burning Flame Valley and try to see if I am able to obtain the final two changes. If I can, my strength would greatly soar once again.” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered as he muttered in his heart.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, he was undefeatable in the Dou Huang class by just using the first change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change. If he obtained the other two changes, it was likely that he would be able to face an elite Dou Zong head-on even without using the Angry Buddha Lotus Flame.

Xin Lan was naturally unaware of the thoughts in Xiao Yan’s heart. When she saw that there was something unusual in his expression, she thought his expression was because the Demon Flame Valley also possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Immediately, she hurriedly reminded, “Big brother Xiao Yan, the Burning Flame Valley’s Nine Dragon Lightning Flame has long been perfectly sealed by them over the generations. Even if an outsider managed to obtain it after much effort, it would be difficult for him to use it as his own. Offending such a powerful faction for a ‘Heavenly Flame’ that could not used is not wise.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He said, “Relax, although I require ‘Heavenly Flames,’ it has not reached the point where I experience such foolish thoughts.”

Xin Lan finally sighed in relief upon hearing this. She did not wish to bring Xiao Yan to the Central Plains only to end up watching him get himself into trouble for no reason. Her clan might possess some strength within the Central Plains, but it was not to the extent where it could treat a faction like the Burning Flame Valley as nothing.

“The four pavilions are the Falling Star Pavilion, Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion, Yellow Spring Pavilion and the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Due to their positions on the Central Plains, the coincidentally form a square shape; therefore, it is called the Square Pavilion. Their strengths are similar and quite strong. They could be considered the top even among the top rate factions in the Central Plains. Try your best not to offend these factions that I have mentioned in the Central Plains in the future…” Xin Lan seriously reminded.

“Wind Lightning Pavilion?”

This other familiar name directly caused Xiao Yan’s expression to become somewhat strange. He clearly remembered that the Three Thousand Lightning Movement he practiced seemed to be a top ability technique of this Wind Lightning Pavilion.

“Of course, these factions are only some of those with the biggest reputation in the Central Plains. However, there are too many hidden dragons and tigers in a place like the Central Plains. Some factions, which seemed to be relatively unknown, might hide some ultimate expert within it. Hence, it is best to be extremely careful when doing anything in the Central Plains.” Xin Lan clapped her hand as she spoke.

“My knowledge regarding the non-human factions is extremely limited. However, their strengths are extremely frightening. There is no lacking of frightening factions which could contend with the ‘Hall of Souls’.” Xin Lan bunched up her eyebrows when she spoke until this point. She reminded, “Moreover, if you wish to kill any Magical Beast in the Central Plains, it is best that you ascertain that there is no tribe behind it. If there is, try your best to kill it without anyone knowing. Otherwise, it is very easy to invite the vengeance of a Magical Beast tribe.”

Xiao Yan immediately wiped the cold perspiration off his forehead when he heard these words. Wasn’t the Central Plains too mysterious? One actually had to investigate the background of a Magical Beast before one could kill it?

“Ha ha, of course, there is definitely no necessity to do this if it is an ordinary Magical Beast. What I am referring to are those Magical Beasts which can speak the human language and possess some intellect. Moreover, there are also strong and weak Magical Beast tribes, and they are disunited. With the exception of some frightening existences, nothing will happen if you do things cleanly.” Xin Lan covered her mouth and laughed when she saw Xiao Yan’s face.

Xiao Yan only sighed in relief when he heard this. He now possessed a vague outline of the distribution of the factions in the Central Plains. He immediately smiled. It seemed that the Central Plains would indeed be an extremely exciting place. The number of experts there were as numerous as the clouds and the factions were all jumbled together. Such a place was suitable for him. The strong had their own paths. Only with repeated tempering and battles would one be able to find the essence of fighting. Such a life was what he wanted. At the very least, he did not feel the slightest disappointment when he heard Xin Lan’s introduction.

Xin Lan’s face suddenly became joyful while Xiao Yan was praising the region in his heart. She pointed at mountains that had suddenly protruded from the ground and joyfully uttered, “Tianqing Mountain Range. Big brother Xiao Yan, we have arrived!”

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