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Chapter 931

Chapter 931: Big Commotion

Xiao Yan did not hurry to begin refining the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill after coming out of the magma world. A tier 7 medicinal pill was not something of an ordinary tier. With his current strength, it was likely that his chances would not be higher than a fifty percent success rate even in peak condition and with the help of a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ His weary condition after having refined the Earth Demon Puppet made those odds even worse.

Moreover, Xiao Yan had yet to gather all of the medicinal ingredients that were needed to refine the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill. Additionally, the medicinal pill refinement this time around was definitely not something that could be successfully accomplished on the first attempt. Hence, Xiao Yan needed to prepare enough medicinal ingredients to avoid the embarrassing situation of running out of medicinal ingredients.

Xiao Yan did not spend much effort on the matter of searching for medicinal ingredients. After giving Xiao Li a list of medicinal ingredient names, he maneuvered the strength of Xiao Gate to swiftly search for them. This kind of large scale searching was much more efficient compared to Xiao Yan searching by himself.

Xiao Yan had become much more relaxed after leaving the matter of finding medicinal ingredients to Xiao Li. He would occasionally roam the Inner Academy and give pointers to some members of ‘Pan’s Gate.’ After which, he spent the remaining time training quietly, hoping he would return to his peak condition as soon as possible.

Xiao Yan waited for nearly ten days. During these ten days, Xiao Li finally managed to gather all of the medicinal ingredients that Xiao Yan required after utilizing an enormous amount of manpower. The number of medicinal ingredients also caused Xiao Yan to be extremely happy.

On the third day after these medicinal ingredients were delivered to Xiao Yan’s hands, he, while training within a quiet room, slowly opened his eyes. The shut chamber suddenly rang with the sound of whistling wind after he opened his eyes. There was even the deep sound of thunder within the wind whistle…

An invisible strength caused Xiao Yan’s robes to expand and flutter. His white-colored outer clothes had also moved without the presence of any wind. A glow faintly flickered within Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. The corner of his mouth revealed a slight smile.

At this moment, Xiao Yan seemed to have reached the best condition he had ever been in since he had advanced to a six star Dou Huang!

“It is time…”

A low mutter was transmitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. His body slowly stood up. His figure was covered in a white-colored windbreaker, causing him to appear extremely tall. He raised his head and softly muttered, “In that case, we will begin.” The rushing sound of thunder broke through the air, ruining the quiet atmosphere of the room. Xiao Yan’s body had gradually turned blurry.

His figure became blurrier. A moment later, it disappeared in a strange manner…

There were stairs made of rocks somewhere in the middle of the Inner Academy. At the top of the rock stairs was a small platform that could only accommodate two people sitting cross-legged. This place was the tallest part of the Inner Academy. Ordinary students were forbidden from entering it.

If one were to raise one’s head while in the Inner Academy to look at this spot, one would see a small platform supported only by a thin staircase made out of rocks. One could view the entire Inner Academy by standing on this platform. Similarly, this place could be seen by everyone within the Inner Academy…

The stairs and the platform had been built a very long time ago. According to the First Elder, this place was where the Headmaster used to train. Hence, ordinary students w

ere forbidden from climbing it. However, Su Qian loaned it to Xiao Yan the moment he heard that Xiao Yan wanted to attempt refining a tier 7 medicinal pill.

This place was naturally not as ordinary as it looked, especially since it had been used by the mysterious headmaster as a training area. A faint spatial ripple that was difficult to discover permeated through the air around the rock platform. These spatial ripples were extremely unique. They were just like a magnet that sucked in all the surrounding natural energy.

The effects of training in this spot were quite great. Additionally, the safety of the platform was very high with the vaguely visible spatial ripple acting as protection. Hence, those within the Inner Academy who possessed the qualification to train in this place were so few they could be counted on one’s hand.

At this moment, the faint muffled sound of thunder appeared on the rock platform that had been left quiet for a long time. A figure rushed over like lightning. Finally, the figure appeared on the rock platform. After which, he sat cross-legged on it.

The one who had appeared was naturally Xiao Yan, who had exited the quiet chamber. At this moment, he was in his peak condition. Powerful Dou Qi surrounded his body. Under its might, a majestic feeling was formed. This kind of feeling was something that even some of the experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class had difficulty producing.

With Xiao Yan’s current condition, he appeared like a light surrounded by darkness, which was extremely eye-catching. Hence, he had just appeared when numerous figures began to swiftly fly over from all parts of the Inner Academy. They quickly rushed over. Finally, they paused a hundred meters away and watched Xiao Yan in the distance.

A couple of figures also rushed over after these Elders. Finally, these figures appeared in the sky. All the Elders hurriedly gave their greetings when they saw who they were.

The only person who could be treated with such respect by these Immer Academy Elders was Su Qian. At this moment, his eyes were narrowed as he studied Xiao Yan from a distance. A smile also flashed across his face as he sensed the fluctuating Dou Qi around his body. He turned his head and smiled as he said to the Little Fairy Doctor beside him, “Looks like this little fellow has put in a lot of effort for this day…”

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded. Her gaze looked at the densely packed human figures below, causing her to involuntarily knit her brows. She said, “Will refining a pill in such a place disturb him?”

“Ke ke, relax. A spatial ripple that was placed by the headmaster back then is present around the rock platform. It is extremely difficult for someone outside to disturb him. Moreover, the reason I asked him to refine the medicinal pill here because of the unusual natural phenomenon that occurs with the birth of a tier 7 medicinal pill. It might even be accompanied by Pill Lightning. The surrounding spatial design of the rock platform might help him a little when the time comes…” Su Qian waved his hand and smiled as he explained.

The Little Fairy Doctor slightly nodded after hearing his explanation. She did not say anything else as her grayish-purple eyes found Xiao Yan.

The sudden appearance of so many Inner Academy Elders in the sky naturally caused a commotion within the entire Inner Academy. A countless number of gazes glanced in the direction they were facing before finally seeing a black-robed, young man sitting cross-legged on the rock platform. All sorts of noise immediately erupted within the Inner Academy.

“Isn’t that Senior Xiao Yan? Why would he appear there?”

“Recently, I heard news from a member of ‘Pan’s Gate’ saying that Senior Xiao Yan seemed to be planning on refining a high tier medicinal pill…”

“Is he really refining a medicinal pill? I have long heard that Senior Xiao Yan is not only very strong, but he is also a tier 6 alchemist. If I can see him refining a medicinal pill today, hee hee, I would have the capital to brag to my clan when I return in the future.”

As many private conversations spread across the Inner Academy like a wave, an increasing number of students put aside the things they wished to do. Instead, they ran out of their rooms. After which, they came to a spacious region, raised their heads, and looked toward the rock platform in the distance. Some fear and respect flashed across their eyes as they looked at the somewhat skinny black-colored figure. After the intense battle between him and the Old Ground Demon Ghost, the position of Xiao Yan within the hearts of these Inner Academy students was something that even some Elders could not match.

Quite a number of human figures were standing on a tall pavilion not far away from the rock platform. All of these people were wearing a similar badge on their chest. They were surprisingly members of ‘Pan’s Gate.’

Wu Hao, Hu Jia, Xiao Yu, Xin Lan, and the other leaders stood around the leader’s spot, lookimg at Xiao Yan. They knew more about the matter of Xiao Yan refining a high level pill than the rest of the students. A tier 7 medicinal pill; a tier that caused one’s heart to quiver involuntarily. Such a medicinal pill rarely appeared even in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ An alchemist who could refine a tier 7 medicinal pill had not appeared in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for quite a number of years…

Tier 7, a medicinal pill of this tier could already be ranked at the peak among the medicinal pills. Even if it were to placed within the Central Plains where the strong gathered, it would also create a large commotion. The tier 7 level possessed the qualification to be snatched by some of the old demons in the Dou Zong class…

“This fellow is restless even though he is about to leave. This gathering today is likely the biggest one in the history of the Inner Academy…” Wu Hao lowered his head and glanced at the area below. At this moment, every part of the Inner Academy with an empty space was filled with black masses of human figures, and a countless number of gazes gathered on the black-robed, young man on the rock platform.

“However, if he really does succeed, he will likely be the strongest student in the history of the Jia Nan Academy ever since its founding…” Xiao Yu smiled slightly. Her pretty eyes contained a glow as she stared at the skinny figure. It was difficult to imagine that the youth who had been given the title of trash by the clan back then was currently sitting in the most glorious spot within the Jia Nan Academy…

“Ever since the Jia Nan Academy was founded, there were two people who advanced to the Dou Huang class before they graduated. There was one person who advanced to the Dou Zong class. They are not an ordinary human being and had been blessed with an exceptional training talent. It was only due to this that he ended up advancing. However, if Xiao Yan were to be able to successfully refine a tier 7 medicinal pill, he would be able to surpass him…” Hu Jia laughed. She looked at Xiao Yan and said, “This fellow is indeed very outstanding. Now, even I involuntarily feel my heart being moved. No wonder someone as talented as Xun Er would have her heart taken by him.”

Xin Lan, who was wearing blue clothes, stood beside Hu Jia and smiled sweetly. Her eyes looked to the rock platform as she grabbed her hands to tightly suppress her emotions. Her heart was extremely excited. If Xiao Yan was able to refine a tier 7 medicinal pill, his potential would be quite terrifying. After all, an alchemist of such an age who could refine a tier 7 medicinal pill was an existence as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns even in the Central Plains…

The current Xiao Yan was unaware of just what kind of big commotion had been created because of his appearance. At this moment, his mind was completely focused. External distractions had great difficulty interrupting him even a little.


A breath that carried some heat seeped out of Xiao Yan’s nose. An extremely solemn expression flashed in his eyes. Both of his hands moved and an enormous bright-red medicinal cauldron suddenly appeared. It carried a ‘clang clang’ sound as it landed on the rock platform!

The most difficult pill refinement Xiao Yan had ever attempted, since becoming an alchemist, had officially begun!

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