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Chapter 930

Chapter 930: Successful Refinement!

Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened within the cave. A joy flashed in his eyes. Both of his hands immediately formed a strange seal and a somewhat unusual cry was emitted from his mouth.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s body trembled suddenly following the emission of this cry. Immediately, the spirit that lingered in its head seemed to have been forcefully shattered by something invisible. It transformed into a countless number of light spots that densely scattered through every part of its body. The instant the spirit turned into light spots, the Monster Core that was in the body’s chest emitted a slight buzzing sound. Soon wild, violent energy surged out like rising lake water. Finally, the energy moved along the body’s veins like it was being circulated.

The grayish-white color on the surface of the body became denser following this change in the spirit and the Monster Core. The size of the entire body was also slowly shrinking. A majestic aura that was void of any emotion slowly spread from the corpse.

Xiao Yan’s eyes also brightened a little as he sensed this aura that could match a four or five star Dou Zong. He forcefully controlled the slight excitement within his heart. With a move of his hand, the cluster of dark-gold liquid floating in front of him slowly drifted out. Finally, it was scattered onto the ice-cold corpse.

Chi! Chi!

The liquid metal of extremely high temperature landed on the corpse and immediately formed waves of white fog, a burning smell was emitted. However, the skin in contact with the liquid did not show any signs of being damaged. After the refinement earlier, the strength of the puppet’s body had already reached a powerful level.

Spiritual strength swept over this puppet like floodwater while the dark-gold solution slowly wormed its way all over the body. In an instant, smelly white fog smoke was expanding from the puppet’s body. The ‘chi chi’ sound that was emitted when the high temperature made contact with one’s skin caused one’s pores to stand.

The grayish-white color was replaced by a dark-gold color when the liquid completely spread over the puppet. That flickering gold light gave one the strange feeling of it being hard.

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced at the puppet covered by the liquid mixture. He let out a gentle breath. Immediately, he waved his sleeves and the jade green flame once again surged out. After which, it completely wrapped around the puppet. A frighteningly high temperature slowly seeped out…

The dark-gold-colored liquid began to slowly encroach into the puppet’s skin following the repeated high temperature grilling. With the increasing intensity of this encroachment, the color of the puppet’s body gradually turned a dark-green. It appeared just like a bronze piece at a glance.

Xiao Yan’s brows were knit. He studied the puppet’s color as it turned darker. He said, “It is merely a bronze color?”

It was recorded in the bamboo scroll that the ‘Sky Demon Puppet’ was divided into three categories, Sky, Earth, and Man. The Sky category was gold, the Earth category was silver, while the Man category was bronze. The color that this puppet currently displayed clearly indicated that it belonged to the last category among the three. No wonder Xiao Yan was somewhat dissatisfied.

Although Xiao Yan felt somewhat disappointed in his heart, he did not cease the flame’s grilling immediately. A frighteningly high temperature continued to seep out, allowing the dark-gold mixture to absorb into the skin and the shriveled muscles.

This so-called ‘Sky Demon Puppet’ refining method used these metal materials to reform the strength of the body. If someone did this while alive, it was likely that he woul

d have died with his body being blasted apart. However, this puppet was able to completely ignore such an intense pain by not having any senses. Hence, if it was successfully refined, the puppet, which did not know any Dou Techniques , would still possess a physical body that was a perfect killing weapon…

A silver glow suddenly flashed over the skin, that contained the faint-green color, as the dark-gold solution was gradually soaked up by the puppet…

The silver glow that had suddenly appeared was not ignored by Xiao Yan. His eyes immediately stared at the puppet’s body and an excitement quietly rose in his heart.

An increasing number of silver glows began to flash and appear while Xiao Yan’s eyes remained fixated on it, not blinking. The dark-bronze color on the puppet’s body slowly dispersed.

Following the appearance of the silver glow, the aura that was spreading out of the puppet was gradually increasing!

This transformation took around ten plus seconds. After which, the dark-bronze puppet turned into a shiny-silver one. However, there was still a little bronze flickering within the silver light. Nevertheless, it could be ignored when compared to the large silver glow…

When the silver glow reached its peak, it suddenly came to a stop. The rising aura also abruptly halted. Immediately the silver glow dimmed and all the light seemed to enter the puppet. Although the silver glow had dimmed, Xiao Yan sensed that the aura of the puppet had not been reduced at all. Clearly, the scattering of this kind of silver light was a small tactic that prevented the puppet from being too eye-catching.

The puppet slowly stood up within the jade-green flame. After which, it floated in the air without borrowing any force to support it. It did not move even a little and its eyes were two empty black holes.

Xiao Yan gently bit the tip of his tongue. A drop of fresh blood that contained some Spiritual Strength drifted out. It accurately landed on the forehead of the puppet and slowly penetrated its body. In the end, it formed a thumb-sized dark-red blood spot.

After this drop of blood entered the puppet’s head without any resistance and imprinted a mark that could not be removed, the empty black eyes of the puppet slowly gained a barely present life. It turned its somewhat stiff neck, lowered its head, and looked at Xiao Yan seated cross-legged on an enormous rock. After which, its leg landed on the ground as it knelt with one knee. Its head slowly lowered in the direction of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were shut. When the spiritual blood had entered the puppet’s forehead earlier, he had clearly sensed that his spirit seemed to have been separated into two. One of them controlled his actual body while the other controlled this puppet in front of him… at this moment, he felt a kind of vaguely present feeling. The puppet in front would obey all of his orders. Even if that order were to have it attack Xiao Yan himself, it was likely that it would attack without hesitation.

With the spiritual seal imprinted on it, this puppet would become Xiao Yan’s best bodyguard because it could never possess any thoughts of betraying its master.

Xiao Yan’s gaze contained a fiery heat as it stared at this Sky Demon Puppet who knelt with one knee on the ground. Oh… perhaps it was more appropriate to call it an Earth Demon Puppet because this puppet had not reached the highest level recorded in the bamboo scroll.

Even though it was merely an Earth Demon Puppet, Xiao Yan was still quite satisfied. He could sense that the strength of this Earth Demon Puppet was likely not weaker than a five or six star Dou Zong.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the Earth Demon Puppet for a moment before he suddenly laughed. His body moved and rushed out of the cave. The Earth Demon Puppet followed close behind him. Perhaps it was because of a lack of familiarization, but each time one of its feet landed, it would cause a couple of spider-web-like cracks to spread across the ground. Xiao Yan was stunned by the powerful force with which it walked.

Xiao Yan flapped his bone wings and floated in the air above the magma sea. The Earth Demon Puppet also stood in the empty air beside him without any expression.

“Punch this.” Xiao Yan’s finger pointed at the magma sea below and ordered out loud.

A red glow appeared in the Earth Demon Puppet’s eyes the moment Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. The puppet’s fist tightened before it was punched straight out!


The fist was thrown forward and the space in front of the Earth Demon Puppet began to distort. The air seemed to have formed an arc with the fist at the middle. A-hundred-foot-large wall of compressed air appeared to have wrapped around the frontmost portion of the arc. Finally, it was like a cannonball, carrying an ear-piercing ring as powerful wind ripples shot out!


The cannonball of air violently smashed into the magma. Immediately, a soul-stirring sound resounded over this world. As the magma surged, an enormous magma wave churned and appeared. It violently smashed against the mountain wall, causing the deep hole to tremble…

The strength of its fist was actually this frightening!

A shocked feeling flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw the enormous magma fire wave that had been created. The fist earlier would definitely be able to cause some of the elite one to two star Dou Zongs to be seriously injured! If that person was even unluckier, it was not impossible for them to be killed from just one punch!

This Sky Demon Puppet was indeed worthy of being a killing weapon that was passed down from ancient times. Such a powerful killing force fit the word ‘terrifying’ perfectly.

Moreover, this current puppet of Xiao Yan’s had only reached the level of an Earth Demon Puppet. Just how powerful was the Sky Demon Puppet?

A heat erupted within Xiao Yan’s eyes as he thought until this point. However, he helplessly shook his head. Just refining this Earth Demon Puppet had exhausted a corpse of a seven star Dou Zong, a rank 7 Monster Core, and an elite Dou Zong’s spirit. If he wanted to refine a Sky Demon Puppet, would he not require the corpse of an elite Dou Zun, a rank 8 Monster Core, and a Dou Zun’s spirit?

Xiao Yan wiped the cold sweat off his face. He wisely tossed all of these unrealistic thoughts out of his head. With a wave of his sleeves, he stored the Earth Demon Puppet into his Storage Ring. A Storage Ring cannot keep any living being alive. However, the Earth Demon Puppet was merely a puppet that did not even possess the slightest consciousness.

“The Earth Demon Puppet has already been successfully refined. Next, I will have to refine the Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill…”

Xiao Yan softly sighed as he rubbed the Storage Ring. Honestly speaking, even he was not confident in refining a tier 7 medicinal pill…

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