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Chapter 920

Chapter 920: The Final Victor

The enormous fire wave swept out in all directions from the black fog sea. The remnant waves created by the fire wave caused the trees within a thousand meters of the valley to emit a ‘puff’ sound as they turned to ashes…

If one were to look down on the scene from above, one would be able to see a lush green color within a thousand meter radius disappear almost instantly, with the Demon Flame Valley as its center. Even the forest more than a thousand meters away had turned to a withering yellow. Clearly, the high temperature contained within the fire wave had vaporized all the moisture within this region.

The might of the fire lotus was this frightening!

At this moment, the Demon Flame Valley was in complete chaos. The enormous rocks that rolled down from the wall caused the people from the Demon Flame Valley, who did not have time to prepare themselves, to suffer great losses. It was still alright for some agile experts. They were still able to dodge this great calamity with their speed. However, those who were slow were buried in an enormous rock ruin.

The experts in the open ground, who were late to leave, only managed to flee from the valley after some graceful dodging. Due to the frightening wave from the enormous fire in the sky, no one dared to fly. They were afraid of being struck by the wave. Their ending would likely be quite miserable if that happened.

Only after everyone fled the Demon Flame Valley in a miserable manner did they stop running, but they had all been shaken up pretty badly. They stood on a slope and looked at the many mountain peaks around them that had suddenly become empty. All of them involuntarily inhaled a cool breath. The forest of this mountain range had been destroyed by Xiao Yan’s fire lotus…

Everyone stood outside of the valley in a hushed manner. The atmosphere was very quiet. There was a look of sedation within the eyes of quite a number of people. It was likely that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty creating such frightening destruction. It was unexpected that it all came from Xiao Yan’s hands… only at this moment did the doubt regarding the rumor of Xiao Yan being able to contend with an elite Dou Zong quietly disappear.

Within the crowd, Su Mei, Wu Tie, Old Ying Gu, and the other helpers that Xiao Li had summoned exchanged looks with each other. They could see a shock that was difficult to hide in the eyes of the other party. This was not the first time that they had seen Xiao Yan’s fire lotus Dou Technique. When they had followed him to the Jia Ma Empire back then, Xiao Yan had displayed it once against the Misty Cloud Sect. However, the strength then was much weaker compared now. Clearly, the might of this fire lotus Dou Technique had grown extremely quickly following the increase of Xiao Yan’s level.

“The might of this skill is this frightening with a mere six star Dou Huang strength… when he reaches the Dou Zong class, it is likely that it will be difficult for him to find an opponent within the Dou Zong class… the growth potential of this person is really too frightening. One should not be enemies with him…”

This thought appeared and remained in the hearts of Su Mei’s group at this moment. They had a type of friendship with Xiao Yan, and they also knew a little about him. This young person had made quite a number of enemies during these years. Although many of these opponents were way stronger than him, he was still able to persist until the end. Moreover, the only person who grew stronger during the battle was him alone…

Even Han Feng, who was once regarded as the ‘Pill Emperor’ of the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ had declined during such a long battle. Today, he might even completely parish in this place. Although everyone

knew that Han Feng was an elite Dou Zong, their hearts gradually leaned in favor of Xiao Yan after experiencing the terror of the fire lotus firsthand.

“This fellow’s fire lotus is really stronger…”

Xiao Li looked around. He saw the thousand meters of scarlet ground and involuntarily shook his head. He sighed and laughed. The shock and fear of the experts and leaders of factions from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ around him were all captured in his eyes. A torrent-like pride quietly surged within his heart. Being able to frighten the rebellious experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ until they were docile was definitely not what an ordinary expert could achieve. Yet, Xiao Yan, his third brother, had done it…

A warm, prideful smile surfaced within Xiao Li’s eyes as he raised his head and looked at the skinny back in the distant sky. He had basically seen Xiao Yan grow one step at a time through these years.

The young man back then had endured ridicule as he carried humiliation and the reputation of being a useless person. With his dedication and stubbornness, the young man left his home by himself and roamed the empire. Xiao Li remembered a distant memory of sudden understanding. He finally understood why his father placed hope in his third brother, who everyone had treated as a joke, when he saw the young man carrying an enormous heavy ruler at the edge of the desert, enduring his lonely training.

Time flowed by, and the young man had gradually lost his sentimentalism during his training. He appeared to have undergone a transformation. He and his ruler fought with a mighty being, the Misty Cloud Sect, in front of a countless number of stunned gazes in the Jia Ma Empire…

At that time, many people might have ridiculed the ignorance of trying to do the impossible. However, a couple of years later, when a young figure stood at the Misty Cloud Mountain and used a calm voice to determine the fate of the Misty Cloud Sect, finally someone recalled the scene from back then. On top of letting out a shock of exclamation, they had to learn how to exhale and inhale again. It was indeed the case of not bullying a young man for being poor…
TL: not bullying a young man for being poor – meaning that a young person has limitless potential even if he is currently in a bad state

Time was just like water and the tender youth had transformed into a mature, young man within a couple of years. These years, he had left behind memories as well as a reputation everywhere he had walked.

At this moment, those people who were acquainted with him would involuntarily feel stunned when recalling this scene. Who would have expected a couple of years ago, that this young man, who was looked down upon and discriminated within the clan, would be able to create such a reputation?

“Father… your eyesight is really very good… third brother might well become the most outstanding person in our clan’s history. He might even be able to surpass the so-called Xiao clan’s ancestors, who might not exist that you mentioned back then…”

Xiao Li’s thoughts slowly calmed down as he raised his head, looked at the skinny back in the sky and muttered softly.

The black fog scattered and drifted in the sky. After the frightening eruption of the fire lotus, the originally enormous black fog region had been completely destroyed. The permeating black fog was scattering at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were icy-cold as he watched the swiftly scattering black fog. He took out a couple of medicinal pills from his ring and stuffed them into his mouth. Immediately, a faint redness surfaced on his pale-white face. Using the three colored fire lotus exhausted a ton of Dou Qi. However, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan’s strength was already mighty. Hence, the sequelae of gradually descending into unconsciousness the moment the fire lotus left his hand did not happen anymore.

The Little Fairy Doctor stood facing the wind beside Xiao Yan. The demonic charm contained in her grayish-purple eyes firmly stared at a certain spot in the black fog. A dense poison fog quietly churned on her hand as she prepared to attack.

The black fog gradually scattered under the watchful eyes of the two people, revealing an extremely miserable figure within…

At this moment, Han Feng’s clothes were in tatters. His body did not even have a patch of skin that looked normal. Blood bubbles surfaced in a dense manner and his hair had been completely incinerated. His face and chest were filled with blood traces. If one were to look carefully, half of this fellow’s hands had been blasted apart. Fresh blood dripped from them.

Looking at this scene, it was obvious that despite having preserved his life, Han Feng’s injuries were extremely frightening. It seemed as though he would remain a cripple even if he healed…

Everyone on the ground looked at Han Feng’s appearance and involuntarily wiped off their cold sweat. Their hearts held some lingering fear for the terrifying destructive strength of the fire lotus.

Old Ying Shan, who had already ceased fighting, looked at Han Feng’s miserable manner. A fear also surfaced on his old face. He knew that if it had been him instead of Han Feng, it was likely that his fate would have been even worse than Han Feng’s appearance now.

“Looks like there is no hope for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva… this little fellow is too troublesome to deal with… your carefulness is not without reason.” Old Ying Shan sighed within his heart. He turned his head and spoke with a bitter smile to Mo Tian Xing by the side.

Hearing this, Mo Tian Xing’s face revealed a cold smile. He faintly said, “According to what I know, this fire lotus is still not the strongest trump card of his. This three colored fire lotus’s strength might be great, but it is impossible to cause someone at Old Ground Demon Ghost level to be seriously injured…”

Old Ying Shan’s eyes immediately shrank when he heard Mo Tian Xing’s words. A moment later, he quietly nodded. The greed in his heart for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva finally paled. A treasure might be good, but that was only the case if one had the life to enjoy it.

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware that Mo Tian Xing’s words had dissuaded Old Ying Shan of continuing to pester him. At this moment, the killing intent within his dark-black eyes immediately surged upon seeing Han Feng revealing himself. However, before he could act, the Little Fairy Doctor by his side rushed forward in a lightning-like manner. Within an instant, she appeared in front of Han Feng. Her eyebrows contained an evilness as a cold and indifferent cry was suddenly emitted from her small mouth, “Blood Corrosion!”

Han Feng’s body stiffened when the cry sounded. Immediately, a strange blood-red color surfaced on his body, turning him into something like a blood person.

“You… you used poison?”

The boiling feeling that was emitted from the blood within his body caused Han Feng’s face to instantly turn pale. His eyes viciously glared at the Little Fairy Doctor as he hissed.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s gaze coldly glanced at Han Feng. She extended her finger and immediately pressed it heavily on the latter’s head. A strange snort was emitted from her mouth.


Han Feng’s eyes suddenly widened as this sound landed in his ears. His eyes appeared to be about to pop out. Then, he heard a muffled sound as his skin burst apart. Fresh blood transformed into a blood fog that scattered into the sky.

The sudden blood fireworks caused everyone to feel stunned. They immediately saw Han Feng’s broken body fall head first from the sky. Finally, it landed heavily on a rock. A ‘snap’ sound appeared and even his bones split apart at this moment…

The world had become completely silent as everyone stared at the pile of rotten flesh. No one expected that Han Feng, who had grand plans just an hour ago, had at this moment… fallen to such an end.

While everyone was hissing, none of them sensed a thread of Spiritual Strength quietly spring out from the pile of bloody meat. It entered the ground and swiftly fled.


Just when the thread of Spiritual Strength was about to flee, a black figure suddenly fell from the sky. A fist violently smashed into the ground and was withdrawn from it. A Spiritual Strength was struggling with all its might in his hand. Han Feng’s savage and vicious face faintly surfaced in it.

“Senior… if you were to leave now, how would you be worthy of the big gift that I have given you?”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he looked at the Spiritual Strength in his hand. However, his smile contained a blade-like killing intent.

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