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Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Treasure Hunting

The almost invisible Spiritual Strength struggled with all its might within Xiao Yan’s hand, but it was ultimately unable to escape its restraints. Furious and vicious roars were faintly emitted while it struggled.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced coldly and indifferently at this spirit. Han Feng was really a decisive person. He was actually willing to abandon most of his Spiritual Strength and use only a trace to escape. This small thread of Spiritual Strength was something that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty sensing. If Xiao Yan had not been present, it was likely that this fellow would have once again fled.

In front of Xiao Yan, who possessed an exceptionally sharp Spiritual Perception, this little trick of Han Feng was not something that could be hidden. This thread of Spiritual Strength had not only failed to hide its figure by fleeing underground, but had instead expose itself to Xiao Yan.

A cluster of jade-green flames rose on his hand, wrapping around the Spiritual Strength. Xiao Yan then took out a jade bottle and threw the Spiritual Strength in. He wiped his hand and a faint fire layer made of jade-green flame was formed at the mouth of the bottle.

“I will entertain you properly once this is over, Senior…” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was lifted into a cold smile. With a flip of his hand, he returned the jade bottle to his Storage Ring.

Xiao Yan only raised his head after securing the Spiritual Strength. His eyes looked all around him, and he saw how the Demon Flame Valley had been turned to ruins. His calm eyes slowly took in the open ground.

The area immediately became quiet when they saw Xiao Yan’s sweeping gaze. The experts and leaders from the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ who had been invited by Han Feng, felt their hearts leap. Their gazes drifted uncertainly and were afraid to meet Xiao Yan’s eyes. They had witnessed this great battle today. There had been two, or three if one included the so-called fierce spirit, elite Dou Zongs on their side. However… these three elite Dou Zongs had all perished by Xiao Yan’s hand…

“It is fortunate that I did not indicate that I wanted to follow Han Feng. Otherwise…” Quite a number of people quietly wiped off cold sweat as they rejoiced in their hearts.

Xiao Yan’s gaze did not pause for a long time on these people. After looking once around, it paused on Old Ying Shan.

Old Ying Shan’s heart tightened a little after having sensed Xiao Yan’s land on him. However, his face did not reveal anything. Powerful Dou Qi also quietly circulated within his body as he prepared himself to fight at any moment.

“Old mister Ying Shan. I can let today’s bygones be bygones. However, I hope that this doesn’t happen a second time. Otherwise…” A cold glint flashed within Xiao Yan’s eyes as he spoke with a deep voice.

Old Ying Shan’s expression changed a little upon hearing the hidden threat within Xiao Yan’s words. However, his eyes shrank before he could reply. He saw Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor quietly appear, one in front and one behind him. Their auras faintly locked onto him.

With Old Ying Shan’s strength, just dealing with First Elder Su Qian alone would leave him at a stalemate. If the stronger Little Fairy Doctor joined, he would be left with not even the slightest chance of victory.

Old Ying Shan’s eyes flickered, and his expression changed abruptly once again because he had realized that Mo Tian Xing had also shifted a couple of steps away without leaving a trace, coincidentally sealing off his final path of retreat.

“This old fellow is really shameless…”

Being locked onto by three elite Dou Zongs, even Old Ying Shan

did not dare to have any unusual thoughts within his heart. A somewhat stiff smile was forced onto his old face as he said to Xiao Yan, “The old me has underestimated little friend. The old me has also been instigated by Han Feng today. Please do not blame me.”

The expressions of the many experts present were interesting when they saw that Xiao Yan had made an elite Dou Zong speak such soft words. The gazes that landed on Xiao Yan revealed an even denser respect without their owners realizing it.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Old Ying Shan’s manner. After a big battle, both the Little Fairy Doctor’s condition and his were quite weary. Their fighting strength had been greatly reduced. If he really forced Old Ying Shan to go all out and fight, an unexpected change might occur, especially with a neutral Mo Tian Xing present. Although this fellow appeared to be standing on their side now, one could not guarantee that he would control himself and not intervene should their fight with Old Ying Shan end up with both of them seriously injured… hence, it was naturally the best if they could frighten off Old Ying Shan.

“Is Old Ying Shan willing to part with the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva?” Xiao Yan glanced at Mo Tian Xing and laughed faintly.

Old Ying Shan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he heard this. He shook his head and said, “Such a unique treasure deserves to be owned by someone with ability. Since little friend has such power, the old me will naturally cease meddling… however, some people might be having the sweet dream of obtaining both the items and wealth.” Old Ying Shan looked at Mo Tian Xing with a cold smile when he spoke until this point.

Mo Tian Xing did not get angry despite being implicitly mocked by Old Ying Shan. He smiled and said, “Old fellow, you should stop trying to find trouble for me. The old me is extremely reassured that the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is in little friend Xiao Yan’s hand.”

Not only did Old Ying Shan scoff at these words, but Xiao Yan also involuntarily moved the corner of his mouth. This old fellow really had quite the thick face.

“Ke ke, little friend Xiao Yan. The old me has acted according to our agreement and did not intervene to help Han Feng. May I know…” Mo Tian Xing ignored the thoughts within the hearts of those around him. He changed the topic and smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s eyes landed one the Little Fairy Doctor when he heard this. He nodded slightly, and she waved her hand. A jade bottle was tossed to Mo Tian Xing.

Mo Tian Xing extended his hand and a wind surged out of it after he saw the item tossed over by the Little Fairy Doctor. He immediately grabbed the jade bottle from the air and wrapped various layers of Dou Qi around its surface. Only then did he carefully open the bottle cap and to reveal grayish-brown medicinal powder within.

One could not blame Mo Tian Xing for being this careful. He knew a little about the Little Fairy Doctor. He knew that her poison skill was deep and unpredictable. If he was careless, it was likely that he would be tricked by her. The scene of Han Feng’s body exploding earlier was clearly captured in his eyes. Though part of the reason Han Feng exploded was because he had been seriously injured, but potent poison should never be underestimated.

“Mix the medicinal powder within boiling water. Allow your son to soak within it for one month. The poison will be completely gone by then.” The Little Fairy Doctor coldly explained after glancing at Mo Tian Xing, who had carefully received the jade bottle.

“Ke ke, thank you.”

Mo Tian Xing sighed in relief after hearing this. He eventually cupped his hands to the Little Fairy Doctor as he replied.

The Little Fairy Doctor ignored this thanks by him. From the way she saw it, this person was too cunning and too much of a hypocrite. He was really detestable.

Xiao Yan looked all around him after dismissing Mo Tian Xing. He looked over the Demon Flame Valley, that had turned to ruins, and a cold smile surfaced on his face. This big battle would really destroy the Demon Flame Valley’s reputation. Now that their headquarters was destroyed, this Demon Flame Valley would no longer have the strength to survive in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Xiao Gate would be around to deal with those who had escaped. In the future, these people would have difficulty traveling even an inch in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’

Xiao Yan’s body moved gently and he appeared beside Xiao Li’s group. The many experts around hurriedly cupped their hands together when they saw this. Waves of congratulatory laughs repeatedly sounded.

Xiao Yan also smiled in response to these people. After which, his gaze turned to Xiao Li, who smiled and said, “Relax, I have already arranged for some people to remain outside the Demon Flame Valley. The people from the Demon Flame Valley who escaped will not be able to run very far…”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. In the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ kindness was something that could be thrown into a smelly drain. Their grudge with the Demon Flame Valley was something that could not be resolved. Some hidden danger must be removed in order to ensure the safety of the students heading out to train.

While Xiao Yan was chatting with Xiao Li, Xiao Li had managed to instruct the members of Xiao Gate to entertain Su Mei and the others. Those experts and factions who had quite a good relationship with the Demon Flame Valley and Han Feng earlier, quietly left with a new awareness of the situation. They all knew that the Demon Flame Valley would no longer exist in the future. Of course, their hearts did not have any thoughts of taking revenge. Han Feng and the experts from the Demon Flame Valley had mostly died. Who would go and offend Xiao Gate and the Jia Nan Academy for no reason?

After dispatching some members, Xiao Li began to give the order to search the ruins of the Demon Flame Valley. This Demon Flame Valley was an ancient faction. Their accumulation over the many years should result in quite a deep foundation. Various Qi Methods, Dou Techniques, weapons, and the many unique spiritual medicines were things that caused one’s eyes to turn red. Now that they had eliminated the Demon Flame Valley, the many things that they had owned would naturally need to be removed. These things were undoubtedly a windfall to Xiao Gate.

Although Xiao Yan and the others had this thought, they were unable to find even a trace of the treasure warehouse after searching for half an hour. It was as though the Demon Flame Valley had never owned these things.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Li brows lightly knit as they looked at the members from Xiao Gate helplessly returning from the ruins. Did the members of the Demon Flame Valley move all of these things away?

In his doubt, Xiao Yan’s gaze suddenly glanced at Zi Yan, who had crossed her arms over her chest. He was involuntarily startled as he smiled and said, “I had forgotten about you girl. Isn’t searching for treasure your speciality?”

“Hmph, you only remembered me now?” Zi Yan coldly snorted at Xiao Yan’s words. Clearly, she was somewhat displeased with Xiao Yan for remembering her only at this moment.

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he saw her pout. He persuaded her with nice words, causing a slight smile appear on this little grand-aunt’s face. After which she shut her eyes and slowly opened them a moment later. Her body moved and rushed to the deepest parts of the Demon Flame Valley. Xiao Yan, Xiao Li, the Little Fairy Doctor, and the others behind hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

They followed behind Zi Yan as they passed through a long path within the valley. Around a couple of minutes later, their sight was covered by a rock wall that was filled with wild grass.

The few human figures slowly stopped in front of this rock wall. Their gazes swept over it but they did not sense anything unusual about it. Their gazes immediately swept doubtfully to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan immediately smiled pridefully when she saw the lost look on the faces of most of Xiao Yan’s group. Her body flashed and moved, appearing at a certain part of the rock wall. After which, she tightly clenched her little fist and violently smashed it down.


Rock fragments shot in all directions and a crack line formed in the rock wall. Zi Yan once again stepped forward. Her little fist was just like a machine that opened mountains as she forcefully struck the mountain wall and formed a tunnel that was at least ten meters deep. After which, Xiao Yan and the rest saw a dark-black cave hidden deep within the rock wall.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after seeing the deep cave behind the wall. He helplessly shook his head and bitterly laughed.

“It is indeed here… but this little girl’s treasure seeking methods are really too barbaric…”

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