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Chapter 887

Chapter 887: Soul-stirring

The jade-green energy that was visible on Xiao Yan’s hand became more and more glaring. In the end, it was just like a palm-sized handprint, appearing extremely mysterious.

Upon sensing the enormous energy that was formed on Xiao Yan’s hand, surprise flashed across the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s face. With his mere four star Dou Huang strength, Xiao Yan was actually able to unleash such a powerful attack that even an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class would have difficulty reaching. This fellow… was indeed as Han Feng had said. He possessed some Dou Qi with quite a great strength. However, if Xiao Yan wanted to win with just this, he was undoubtedly daydreaming and was a little too naive…

The light seal on Xiao Yan’s hand finally stilled while the Old Ground Demon Ghost was laughing coldly in his heart. His gaze carried a viciousness as he looked at the latter. With a slight flip of the bone wings on his back, Xiao Yan prepared himself to dodge at any moment. His hand also did not pause for even a moment as he let out a cold cry and threw it ruthlessly at the Old Ground Demon Ghost.


The jade-green energy handprint slowly escaped Xiao Yan’s hand. However, the moment it did so, the space around Xiao Yan began to fluctuate intensely under the frightening energy. Numerous ripple-like spatial lines quietly spread out…

The energy handprint had just left Xiao Yan’s hand when it suddenly shook. After which, it strangely disappeared from the spot. Only someone with extremely good eyesight would be able to see that a tiny jade-green light had penetrated through the air and quietly shot toward the Old Ground Demon Ghost.

This energy light seal’s sneakiness might perhaps be able to catch an ordinary expert off-guard. However, it had difficulty achieving such an effect on an expert like the Old Ground Demon Ghost. This was because every action of it was clearly absorbed by his eyes.


The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s eyes were dark and cold as he watched the energy handprint that had transformed into a light ray. He did not dodge. His pride did not allow him to actually dodge when facing a mere Dou Huang.

The energy light seal’s speed was extremely fast. Before everyone below could recover, it had strangely appeared at a spot a couple of dozen feet above the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s head. The hand seal formed by the strange jade-green crystal body had, at this moment, unleashed a frightening energy that was hidden within it…

An eye-piercing jade-green light shot out at this instant, causing quite a number of people to hurriedly shut their pained eyes. At the same time, the energy pressure that was hidden in the light seal had also caused everyone to feel kind of jumpy. Was such a frightening strength really something that an expert Dou Huang could unleash?

The crystal hand seal that had suddenly erupted also caused the expression of the Old Ground Demon Ghost to tremble slightly without anyone noticing. Although this matter had somewhat deviated from his expectations, it did not cause him to feel at a loss. A thought passed through his mind as black-colored, cold air surged from his body in all directions…

The glaring jade-green light was just like a sun suspended in the sky. It was quiet for an instant before the glow suddenly shrunk. Soon after… an earth-shaking energy explosion resounded across the sky like massive thunder!


The sudden thunder explosion caused everyone’s ears to ring. Some of the people who were weaker became dizzy. By the time they had recovered and lifted their heads, they could only see an enormous mushroom-cloud-like jade-green flame forming. However, there was no sign of the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s figure. Clear

ly, he was being wrapped by this hot jade-green energy that contained a frighteningly wild and violent energy…

The entire Inner Academy had become much quieter at this moment. All of them looked at the beautiful jade-green energy mushroom cloud in the sky. Respect and fear for that black-robed, young man involuntarily rose within everyone’s heart. Such a frightening strength was indeed worthy of being a legend in the Inner Academy…

Xiao Yan covered his mouth and coughed softly twice in the sky. His face had a pale whiteness. Although he was currently a four star Dou Huang, using the Sea Flipping Seal still required quite a great amount of Dou Qi. Fortunately, he no longer ended up exhausting all the Dou Qi within his body after using it like he did in the past.

The Little Fairy Doctor moved her body and appeared beside Xiao Yan. Her gaze remained firmly on the enormous mushroom cloud as she said in a deep voice, “Be careful. Although this attack is powerful, it is impossible to defeat him with this…”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He naturally understood that the Sea Flipping Seal, which allowed one to dominate the Dou Huang class without fear, could only barely allow him to fight some weaker elite Dou Zong. However, the Old Ground Demon Ghost was not some ordinary Dou Zong. Instead, he was an elite Dou Zong whose strength had reached the seven star level!

The enormous energy mushroom cloud in the sky finally scattered in front of the focus of a countless number of gazes. Following the scattering of the mushroom cloud, an enormous black energy barrier appeared in front of everyone’s sight…

Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor clenched their fists slowly as they studied the energy barrier. It had a countless number of tiny air swirls all over its surface. This old fellow who would not die… was really troublesome.

Under this quiet and solemn atmosphere, the enormous black energy swirls slowly became pale. A moment later, the Old Ground Demon Ghost, hidden within, once again appeared in the eyes of Xiao Yan and the others.

At this moment, the clothes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost were still clean. Even his hair did not end up becoming messier. A pair of serene ghost-flame-like eyes coldly stared at Xiao Yan and his faint voice contained some ridicule which he did not hide, “Is this your support? If this is your trump card, the old me shall help Fang Yan and the others take this life of yours today…”

The shriveled hands of the Old Ground Demon Ghost were withdrawn into his sleeves without anyone noticing as he said these words. No one saw that the back of his hands had some bright-red blood adhering to them. Clearly, the Old Ground Demon Ghost was not totally unhurt when he receives Xiao Yan’s Sea Flipping Seal like he had shown himself to be…

A monstrous killing intent suddenly shot out of the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s eyes after his voice sounded. His eyes were ferocious as he stared at Xiao Yan. With a sudden trembling of his body, he immediately and mysteriously vanished.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s and Xiao Yan’s faces changed the instant the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s figure disappeared. Xiao Yan took the lead and flapped his bone wings violently. His body disappeared from his original spot. The instant he vanished, a ghost claw that contained dark-black, cold air extended from the sky only to grab nothing.

“What a slippery brat!” The killing intent in the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s eyes grew even denser after he missed. However, before he could attack Xiao Yan again, a sharp force that contained a fishy stench suddenly arrived from behind him.


The Old Ground Demon Ghost let out a cold snort as he sensed the attack from behind him. He turned his body and suddenly waved his hands. They immediately collided with the snow-white female’s hands.


A soul-stirring energy ripple surged out of the four palms like floodwater. Immediately,two human figures shook and swiftly parted. The shoulders of the Old Ground Demon Ghost merely trembled while a paleness surged onto the Little Fairy Doctor’s face. Clearly, she was no match for the Old Ground Demon Ghost in a head-on collision.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost body trembled after having forced back the Little Fairy Doctor. He turned around. His face was filled with killing intent as he chased after Xiao Yan. It seemed that his heart bore a grudge toward Xiao Yan, who had actually caused him to be slightly injured earlier.

Xiao Yan’s expression slightly changed when he saw the Old Ground Demon Ghost come rushing at him. The bone wings on his back were hurriedly flapped as a glaring silver glow flickered under his feet. Each time a low thunder roar sounded, an afterimage would flash and appear in the air. However, within a second of the afterimage appearing, it would be torn into nothingness by the Old Ground Demon Ghost, who closely followed behind him at the next instance.

Two vague figures hurriedly flickered in the sky in a lightning-like manner. However, everyone could only see numerous afterimages in the sky. Even some expert Dou Huangs could only vaguely see an actual body…

The expression of the Little Fairy Doctor changed slightly as she watched Xiao Yan, who could only flee since he was being chased by the Old Ground Demon Ghost. A viciousness surfaced within her eyes. She grit her silver teeth as her delicate hands swiftly formed numerous strange hand seals. Following the change of these hand seals, her aura had also begun to swiftly soar…


Xiao Yan’s figure appeared in the sky as though he had teleported. After having just paused for an instant, he once again hurriedly rushed aside. This repeated dodging had caused his forehead to be covered with perspiration. One needed to focus one’s mind during this chasing and fleeing. Hence, it greatly exhaust one’s spirit. After all, even a second of cautiousness would likely result in a fatal blow arriving…

Xiao Yan’s figure once again flashed and escaped the Old Ground Demon Ghost, who was relentlessly chasing him. He was just about to continue fleeing when a white figure appeared behind him in a ghost-like manner. The surging aura caused the Old Ground Demon Ghost, who was chasing closely behind, to stop in surprise. His gaze was somewhat solemn as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor, whose white hair now reached to her buttocks. Although he did not know what had happened, he clearly understood that the current Little Fairy Doctor was much stronger than earlier. However, she was still lacking when compared to him…

Xiao Yan’s fist suddenly tightened when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor, who had suddenly become strong. He understood that the current her had likely undone a seal on her ‘Woeful Poison Body.’ This might allow her strength to soar but it also caused the time until the ‘Woeful Poison Body’s’ eruption to shrink…

“Allow me…”

The Little Fairy Doctor gently spoke as her long snow-like hair drifted in the wind.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he studied the graceful figure in front of him. After which, he slowly wiped the perspiration on his forehead and softly said, “Help me stop him for a moment. Leave everything else to me!”

The Little Fairy Doctor was slightly startled when she heard this. She turned her head to look at the young man. Something that was crazy was leaping in his dark-black eyes, at this moment. Such madness caused even her to feel a faint fear. What was this fellow planning to do?

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