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Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Fighting The Old Ground Demon Ghost

The ghost claw, that contained cold, dark-black air, swiftly expanded in Xiao Yan’s eyes as numerous exclamations were made. However, Xiao Yan’s expression did not change much. The corner of his mouth slowly lifted into a cold smile and the seal, that had long been prepared with his hands, immediately solidified!


A pair of ten-foot-wide bone wings suddenly extended from Xiao Yan’s back following a muffled sound. They were flapped immediately. Wild wind and muffled thunder resonated over the ground while Xiao Yan’s body became blurry in an instant.


The sharp ghost claw flashed over like lightning. After which, it struck Xiao Yan’s throat and simply passed through it without reason.

The hand claw had just touched Xiao Yan’s figure when the eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost shrank slightly. He let out a cold snort as the cold air in his palm spat out and shook this figure until nothing was left. His body slowly turned as he looked at the sky and spoke in a faint voice, “No wonder Fang Yan and the two others have died in your hands. This speed is something that even some elite Dou Zong could not match, much less the three of them. My interest in you is increasing…”

The thrilling scene caused the hearts of quite a number of students below to pound even faster. Their eyes followed the direction the Old Ground Demon Ghost faced. After which, some surprise surfaced within their eyes.

A black-robed, young man was suspended in the sky while flapping a pair of wings. The ten-foot-long bone wings slowly opened as they flapped in the sky. A faint thunder roar resounded over the sky. That pair of bone wings had a somewhat crystal clear feeling to them. Sunlight scattered down from the distant sky, shining on the jade-like bone wings, giving them a flickering eye-piercing luster. This pretty scene was captured in everyone’s eyes. Some of the younger ladies could not help but reveal some stars in their eyes. At this moment, this image of Xiao Yan fit well with their dreams of prince charming… to add to his charm he also possessed an extraordinary strength that even a prince did not possess.

“This fellow always likes to make things so thrilling…:” Wu Hao in the crowd on the open ground rubbed the cold sweat off his forehead as he bitterly laughed to Xiao Yu and Hu Jia beside him.

Xiao Yu nodded slightly. Today, she was wearing an instructor uniform. This kind of robe might be a little loose, but it was extremely matching when worn on Xiao Yu’s figure. She vaguely emitted an alluring aura that caused quite a number of eyes from male students to quietly shoot over.

Xiao Yu ignored all of these surrounding gazes. Her long snow-white neck was lifted like a swan as her pretty eyes watched the black-robed, young man in the sky. The back of her teeth bit her lower red lip while a thread of worry and another hidden emotion were visible in her eyes.

“That Old Ground Demon Ghost… is not an ordinary person. Even though Xiao Yan is quite strong and has the help of that mysterious woman, his chances of victory while fighting this old demon are quite low. Wu Hao, prepare yourself. If any accident happens, you should directly intervene. Although we will not be able to harm the Old Ground Demon Ghost even if we join hands, we will at least be able to delay him a little…” Hu Jia’s face was quite solemn as she spoke.

Wu Hao nodded slowly. His hand gently gripped the blood-colored heavy sword on his back. He would not hesitate even a little if he was required to intervene…

The Little Fairy Doctor in the sky also sighed in relief when she saw Xiao Yan dodge the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s attack. Her body flashed and she appeared

beside Xiao Yan. Her eyes revealed caution as she looked at the Old Ground Demon Ghost. His degree of craftiness had somewhat exceeded her expectations.

The eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost didn’t fluctuate much. He calmly watched Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor as his feet stepped on the empty air and took one step at a time toward the two of them. Each time the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s foot pressed down, the cold, black-colored air that covered his body became increasingly denser. The temperature of the area had also greatly declined. Quite a number of weaker people had started to involuntarily shiver.

A solemness flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes when she saw that the Old Ground Demon Ghost was actually able to influence an area’s temperature with just his Dou Qi. From the looks of this tactic, it was likely that the latter’s strength was at least a seven star Dou Zong. His level exceeded hers by three stars. Such a gap… even though she possessed the ‘Woeful Poison Body,’ it was still quite difficult to make up for it.

“Looks like today… we can only go all out and risk it. It is likely that even Xiao Yan’s heart would not have much confidence in facing such an expert…” The Little Fairy Doctor sighed in her heart. Her eyes gradually became stern as they stared intently at the incoming Old Ground Demon Ghost. At a certain instant, her delicate waist suddenly twisted and her figure transformed into a vague white line, that carried a powerful wind as it shot explosively at the Old Ground Demon Ghost.

Although Xiao Yan’s speed after he possessed the bone wings had become extremely quick, this did not mean that he had the qualification to contend against the Old Ground Demon Ghost. If that monster were to really find an opening and launch an attack, it was likely that that attack would injure Xiao Yan to the point of death. Therefore, even though she knew that she was not a match for the Old Ground Demon Ghost in a head-on collision, she could only step forward and meet him…

The Old Ground Demon Ghost coldly laughed when he saw that the Little Fairy Doctor had taken the lead to attack. Cold, black air lingered over his fingers before all ten of his fingers were suddenly flicked.

“Thousand illusionary ice spikes!”

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The black-colored ice awls might appear inconspicuous, but the winds that contained them were quite frightening. Forget about the attack coming from all directions. Even a single one of them would likely kill an expert Dou Huang. From this, it could be seen that this small thing was actually not as cute as its size.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face appeared solemn as she watched the black ice awls that came from all directions. She did not dare to slight them. With a wave of her sleeves, waves of grayish-purple Dou Qi hurriedly surged out. The Dou Qi immediately twined together and formed a grayish-purple Dou Qi wall in front of her.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The ice awls came in a lightning-like manner. In merely a flashed, they shot into the grayish-purple Dou Qi wall like a swarm of bees. However, these ice awl were corroded by the powerful strength contained within the wall after they had just shot into it. Thus, they swiftly turned into clusters of water that were vaporized.

“Ice Condensate sword Skill!”

The Old Ground Demon Ghost merely laughed coldly as an increasing amount of black ice awls turned into nothingness. His shriveled hand suddenly formed a seal as he sternly cried out.

After his cry sounded, one could see that the many ice awls that had shot into the grayish-purple Dou Qi wall were swiftly gathering together. Within the short blink of an eye, they completely merged to form a ten-foot-wide dark-black ice sword. A pressing cold air erupted after the ice sword was formed and completely suppressed the corrosive strength of the Dou Qi wall. Its sharp point unceremoniously pierced toward the Little Fairy Doctor behind the wall.

“Eroding Poison Demon Hand!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s face changed slightly when she saw the transformation of the ice awls. Her mouth let out a low cry and the Dou Qi wall swiftly wiggled before immediately transforming into an enormous purple hand. After which, the hand was extended and firmly grabbed the dark black ice sword. An intense corrosion emitted waves of ear-piercing ‘chi chi’ sounds when it made contact with the cold air of the ice sword.

The corner of the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s mouth lifted with a dark coldness as his gaze revealed a cold smile. He looked at the Little Fairy Doctor who was still enduring before he softly cried out, “Explode!”


The dark-black ice sword suddenly trembled after his cry sounded. It simply exploded without any forewarning. The assault from the explosion blasted the grayish-purple hand into nothingness. Moreover, the ice sword did not simply shatter after it exploded. Instead, it transformed into a countless number of palm-sized ice blades that broke through the grayish-purple Dou Qi wall in a lightning manner. They were after the Little Fairy Doctor!

The sudden unexpected change had also caused the Little Fairy Doctor to be startled. Her toes pressed against the empty air at a critical moment and here body explosively withdrew. Despite her fast reaction she was still struck by quite a number of ice blades. The sharp ice blades cut through the surface of her body. Lines of fresh blood appeared where her clothes split.

The split second exchange between two elite Dou Zongs contained an incomparable danger. Almost every attack was a fatal move. Quite a number of students had cold perspiration all over their bodies following these soul-stirring attacks that could become fatal at any moment.

While watching the Little Fairy Doctor, who was injured by the ice blades, the Old Ground Demon Ghost extended his hand. The ice blades that carried some fresh blood from the former’s body flashed and returned. Finally, they transformed into clusters of cold, black air that withdrew back into his body.

“By being able to step into the Dou Zong class at such an age, even the old me has no choice but to admit that you have shocking talent. However, you are currently only a four star Dou Zong. You are still greatly lacking if you wish to rely on this power to contend with me. If you are willing to turn around and leave today, the old me guarantee that I will not find trouble with you…” The Old Ground Demon Ghost looked at the Little Fairy Doctor and spoke faintly.

The Little Fairy Doctor revealed ridicule in her eyes as she glanced at the Old Ground Demon Ghost. An unknown mockery flashed in her eyes. Her small mouth moved slightly, “What childish words…”

The Old Ground Demon Ghost had just let out a cold snner when his brows suddenly frowned. He slowly lifted his head, only to see an energy hand seal that contained an unusual crystal glow being formed by Xiao Yan’s hands. He sensed a kind of extraordinary strength in the energy hand seal…

Xiao Yan’s hand seal suddenly stilled after the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s gaze shot over. A ruthlessness flashed across his eyes as he immediately cried out sternly in his heart.

“Sea Flipping Seal!”

Borrowing the delay from the Little Fairy Doctor earlier, Xiao Yan had used the second seal of the ‘God Seal Skill,’ the Sea Flipping Skill. This was because he knew that this time around, his opponent was an ultimate expert whose strength was at that of a seven star Dou Zong. With his current strength, an ordinary Dou Skill was unable to cause much damage to the latter. Hence, he had not attacked earlier. However, when he did, he used a truly ruthless attack!

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