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Chapter 864

Chapter 864: Life Transforming Flame

The grayish-brown flame remained suspended above Xiao Yan’s head. It appeared like a grayish sun that repeatedly emitted a frighteningly high temperature that caused the air to distort. This kind of temperature was already very close to the Green Lotus Core Flame that Xiao Yan had obtained back then…

Of course, this flame was merely close to it. A ‘Heavenly Flame’ was a completely unique thing in this world. Nothing could replicate it. This point was something that Xiao Yan was clearly aware of in his heart. Although this so-called ‘Flame Creation Skill’ was mysterious, it was far from the level of being able to create a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ At its very best, it could only achieve something that was very close to that of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Always and forever… it would never be able to surpass the later!

Although Xiao Yan was thinking in this manner, Fang Yan and the two Elders from the Demon Flame Valley clearly did not think the same way. They were filled with a great confidence by this grayish-brown flame formed from the merger of Dou Qi from their bodies. During these years, the ‘Fake Heavenly Flame’ that they had formed had caused quite a number of opponents to perish in their hands. These people included some of the peak experts within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

The grayish-brown flame curled and slowly rose. It abruptly split into three clusters amid Feng Yan’s cold laughter. After which, they flew out and entered the bodies of the three Elders.

The aura that spread from the surface of Fang Yan’s group suddenly turned a lot wilder and more violent when the grayish-brown flame entered their bodies. Waves of hot pressurizing wind merged together and swept toward Xiao Yan like floodwaters.

Xiao Yan’s clothes fluttered unceasingly as he stood within the torrent-like pressure. However, his expression did not change much. His gaze swept over the three of them before he suddenly laughed, “You three. Although you have merged and formed such a flame, doesn’t it appear as though you have injured yourself before you even hurt another?”

Fang Yan coldly laughed when he heard Xiao Yan’s laughter, “Chief Xiao really has sharp eyes. Each time we use the ‘Flame Creation Skill’ to merge and form this ‘Life Transforming Flame’, the interior of our bodies indeed ends up with quite a number of burns. However, it’s not considered much if we are able to snatch the ‘Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva…”

“So this kind of flame is named ‘Life Transforming Flame’ by all of you… the ‘Flame Creation Skill’ of the Demon Flame Valley is indeed unique. However, compared to a true ‘Heavenly Flame’, this ‘Life Transforming Flame’ of yours is still a little inferior.” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His hand slowly moved and formed seals in front of him before it suddenly stilled.

“Skyfire Three Mysterious Change!”

The cry sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart as an emerald-colored flame streaked from his body like a volcano. It lingered over the surface of his body for a moment before it gradually withdrew into his body. Following the withdrawal of the flame, Xiao Yan’s aura suddenly soared.

The actual strength of Xiao Yan was that of a four star Dou Huang. Adding this to his physical strength, which far exceeded those experts of his level, his Qi Method, and the increase in his strength from borrowing of the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’, he was able to contend against someone at the peak of the Dou Huang class without using any Dou Skills. Of course, he was a little weaker when compared to Fang Yan, who was an expert with half a foot in the Dou Z

ong level.

“I have long heard that chief Xiao is in possession of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Please show it to us today and allow us three old fellows to widen our perspective. Now that we think about it, this ‘Life Transforming Flame’ of ours has never contended against a true ‘Heavenly Flame’. Today, we will ask for advice from chief Xiao.” Fang Yan coldly laughed. His face did not reveal the slightest surprise in the face of Xiao Yan’s soaring aura. Clearly, they were already aware that Xiao Yan possessed a secret technique that could raise his strength.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth was slowly lifted into a sly arc when he heard this. If they really wished to fight three against one, he would honestly have to spend quite a bit of effort. However, these three old fellow did not choose to use Dou Qi to fight. Instead, they wanted to challenge Xiao Yan with a ‘Heavenly Flame’. This was undoubtedly using their weak point to challenge another person’s strong point. It was no different from seeking to make things difficult for themselves.

Xiao Yan gently flicked his finger and a cluster of flames was suspended in his hand. This cluster of flame was not an emerald-jade color. Instead, it was a pale-green one. It was not the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame, but the first ‘Heavenly Flame’ of Xiao Yan that he had not used for a long time, the Green Lotus Core Flame…

This ‘Heavenly Flame’ was the first flame that Xiao Yan possessed. He was extremely familiar with controlling it. The flame was little different from the moving clouds and flowing water under his control. There was not the slightest unfamiliar feeling to it.

Xiao Yan gaze drifted after he had displayed the Green Lotus Core Flame. At this moment, Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor were each being delayed by Han Feng and Mo Tian Xing. Both of them had descended into an intense battle. On the other side, Mo Ya and Qi Shan had gradually rose into the air to head to Zi Yan with ill intent. Clearly, they planned to join hands and subdue Zi Yan…

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over Mo Ya and Qi Shan, causing his eyes narrowed. A sharp cold glint flashed in them. He had never expected these two bastards to be this unscrupulous to actually bully a little girl with numbers.

Zi Yan threw her gaze over after having seemed to have sensed Xiao Yan’s gaze. Both pair of eyes entangled with each other before the former saucily smiled. A clear voice was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ears, “Relax, I can deal with these two fellows. Just remain relaxed and deal with those three old fellows who will not die…”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled upon hearing Zi Yan’s voice. Seeing that the latter did not reveal an overly worried look, Xiao Yan felt much more relaxed. Zi Yan’s original form was extremely mysterious. Moreover, her background also did not seem to be simple. She also possessed a never-ending number of tactics. Although she had only entered the Dou Huang class for a short period of time, her fighting strength was quite great. Even though Mo Ya and Qi Shan had joined hands, it would not be a simple matter to finish off Zi Yan within a short period of time…

“Chief Xiao, now is not the time to be distracted…” Fang Yan gave a dense laugh while Xiao Yan’s gaze was looking in all directions. The seal in his hands moved immediately and the grayish-brown flame suddenly turned into a half-a-foot-large fire bird. The fire bird flapped its wings as its sharp fire beak attacked Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

The grayish-brown fire bird flew through the sky. Within the blink of an eye, it appeared at a spot over ten feet from Xiao Yan. However, before it could flap its wings again, a pale-green fire net strangely extended out before wrapping around the grayish-brown fire bird.

Fang Yan’s eyes turned slightly cold after the fire bird was wrapped. His hand seals moved and the fire bird swiftly expanded like a balloon that had been filled with air. The grayish flame repeatedly grilled the pale-green fire net, cooking the later until it became slightly illusionary…


Xiao Yan let out a soft exclamation as he sensed the change in the fire net that was formed from the Green Lotus Core Flame. An unusual glint flickered in his eyes. This ‘Fake Heavenly Flame,’ that Fang Yan’s three men team had used Do Qi to create, did indeed possess some unique qualities. At the very least, it was much stronger than some ‘Beast Flame’. However… a ‘Fake Heavenly Flame’ was ultimately fake regardless of how strong it was. In front of a genuine ‘Heavenly Flame’, it would still be extremely fragile!

A cold smile surfaced on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as he clenched his hand. The fire bird, that had swelled to the point where it was about to break the green fire net, abruptly emitted an intense fire glow. Suddenly, it began to shrink!


The tight shrinking of the fire net caused a ‘Puchi’ sound to appear. The enormous fire bird was strangled by the green fire net into flame spots. Finally, they surged out of the flame like a swarm of bees and entered Fang Yan’s body from all directions.


A muffled snort sounded in Fang Yan’s throat after the flame returned to his body. Clearly, he was slightly injured during the flame collision earlier.

Xiao Yan was once again surprised by the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ ability to split itself apart to dodge the fire net lock. Disbelief surged in his heart. “If I capture this so-called ‘Life Transforming Flame’ and use ‘Flame Mantra’ to swallow it… I wonder if it would enable the ‘Flame Mantra’ to evolve a little?”

This ‘Life Transformation Flame’ that Fang Yan’s three men group had displayed could be said to be the strongest type of flame among all the non-Heavenly Flames fire that Xiao Yan had seen. As long as it was a flame, ‘Flame Mantra’ would be able to swallow and refine it. This was just like the ‘Purple Flame’ that Xiao Yan had refined back then… Of course, with the current class of the ‘Flame Mantra’. Swallowing any ordinary beast flame would no longer be useful. However. This ‘Life Transforming Flame’ was a little different. There might be some benefits if he were to capture it…

This ‘Life Transforming Flame’ was formed from the gathering of all the Dou Qi that belonged in Fang Yan and the other two Elders. If he captured it, the strength of Fang Yan and the other two would definitely be reduced. No one knew just how much more time they would need in order to return to this level. The dense smile on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth had unknowingly turned even denser when he thought until this point.

“Since all of you wish to play with fire, I shall teach all of you what is called burning oneself when playing with fire!” Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. A flame was shapeless and without substance. It was naturally extremely difficult for an ordinary person to capture it. However, this was not too difficult for Xiao Yan who possessed two types of ‘Heavenly Flames’…

“Second brother, third brother!” Fang Yan, who had suffered a hidden disadvantage, revealed a slightly dark and solemn expression when this thought was lingering in Xiao Yan’s heart. The former cried in a sharp voice, “Star Fire Phoenix!”

The two Demon Flame Valley’s Elders were slightly startled when they heard this sharp cry by Fang Yan. They exchanged glances and immediately clenched their teeth. The seals on their hands changed and a dense grayish-brown flame suddenly surged from their bodies in all directions. They immediately entwined with each other in the sky. When Fang Yan completely merged the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ within his body, an unusually intense energy ripple swiftly spread from the grayish-brown flame…


The grayish-brown flame repeatedly churned like a cloud layer. A moment later, a clear bird cry suddenly carried a hot wind from the grayish-brown flame. Fire clouds rippled and an enormous gray-colored fire bird, over a hundred feet in size, slowly agglomerated within the grayish-brown flame…

“It is not easy to be able to agglomerate the flame into such a shape…” Surprise also flashed across Xiao Yan eyes as he observed the enormous divine bird in the sky made out of flames. An unusual smile surged onto his face as a soft mutter quietly sounded.

“This star phoenix should have been formed from the fire that was agglomerated within these three people’s bodies… since this is the case, I shall unceremoniously accept all of them!”

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