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Chapter 865

Chapter 865: Capturing

An enormous grayish-brown fire bird flapped its wings as it floated in the azure sky. Hot waves radiated from its body, causing the space in the sky to become distorted. The surrounding space would emit a slight ripple each time this so-called ‘Star Fire Phoenix’ flapped its wings. Hot, wild wind whizzed around this place, causing one’s head to be filled with perspiration as though one was in a desert…

The faces of Fang Yan’s group had clearly turned much paler after this enormous grayish-brown fire bird appeared. Moreover, their auras swiftly became sluggish. Clearly, they had already consumed most of their strength in order to agglomerate the form of this ‘Star Fire Phoenix,’ that possessed a great amount of destructive strength.

Although Fang Yan’s face was pale, the viciousness between his brows became denser. He laughed at Xiao Yan in the middle in a strange manner, “Chief Xiao. How is this ‘Star Fire Phoenix of ours? Can it be compared with your ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced at the old face covered with a vicious hatred. The corner of his mouth was curled slightly as he nonchalantly asked, “Is this your ultimate killing move?”

The corner of First Elder Fang Yan’s eyes twitched when he heard the relaxed tone of Xiao Yan. The ferocious smile on the corner of his mouth widened. “Perhaps chief Xiao will change your statement after you sense the strength of this ‘Star Fire Phoenix’ of mine…”

First Elder Fang Yan’s expression swiftly turned dark after his voice sounded. A cold cry was emitted from his mouth as the seal formed by his hands changed.

Following the change of the seal formed by his hands, the enormous grayish-brown fire phoenix in the sky suddenly raised its head and let out a sharp cry. A hot substance-like sound wave came sweeping over, blowing over the forest below until the trees rose and fell indefinitely in a wave-like manner.

The grayish-brown fire phoenix flapped its wings viciously after its cry sounded. Immediately, a ‘suo suo’ sound appeared. The densely packed grayish fire wings immediately shot out from the body of the fire phoenix and rushed at Xiao Yan from all directions.

The fire feathers’ sharp wind tore through the air and reverberated throughout the sky. The hot temperature was like many small rocks that had erupted from a volcano, possessing both heat as well as a great destructive strength.

The fire feathers that came from all directions were swiftly magnified in Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. However, when they were around twenty feet from Xiao Yan, a deep-green flame suddenly appeared in his dark-black pupils…

“Chi! Chi!”

A circular deep-green flame cover suddenly appeared in a strange manner when the fire feathers that fell from all over the sky were around twenty feet from Xiao Yan’s body. The grayish-brown flames that spread around all of the fire feathers, that had shot into this circular flame cover, immediately seemed to have met ice water as they were swiftly extinguished. Following the extinguishment of the flames, the feather Dou Qi that it had formed quietly scattered. Finally, they turned into nothing.

Fire feathers came pouring down, like a storm, into the flame barrier. Within the flame barrier, Xiao Yan slowly placed his hands behind him as his gaze calmly observed the enormous grayish-brown fire phoenix in the sky. This fire phoenix, that had basically been agglomerated from most of the Dou Qi within the bodies of Fang Yan and the other two Elders, did indeed emit frighteningly hot temperature. A temperature of such an extent was extremely close to the Green Lotus Core Flame. However… no matter how close it was, it was ultimately not a genuine &ls

quo;Heavenly Flame’!

Most ‘Heavenly Flames’ formed in nature over a countless number of years of pressure, accumulation, and evolution. They would eventually evolve into a ‘Heavenly Flame’ that possessed a destructive strength. This destructive, wild, violent character was accumulated over a long period of time. Although it might not be completely impossible for something created from nothing to contend with a ‘Heavenly Flame,’ it was impossible to do so with the strength of Fang Yan’s group.

Having lost its destructive, wild, violent character, even the strongest flame would forever be unable to become a ‘Heavenly Flame’… how could a lion that had lost its fierceness be able to force another beast to submit?

Fang Yan and the two other’s aim was to raise this so-called ‘Life Transforming Flame’ into the degree of a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ However, they did not know that the truly frightening part of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was not just its terrifying temperature, but its destructive property that destroyed everything was also truly horrifying!

Yet, they actually intended to use this kind of flame to attack Xiao Yan who possessed two genuine ‘Heavenly Flames’. This was undoubtedly a whimsical and laughable thought.

The concentrated gray fire feathers in the sky were completely destroyed. When Fang Yan and the two others saw that Xiao Yan, who was covered by a flame barrier, was actually unhurt, a green color gradually climbed onto their faces.

“Your ‘Life Transforming Flame’ is only to such a degree… this really disappoints me.” Xiao Yan raised his eyes gently as he stood within the flame cover. His eyes swept over Fang Yan and the other two before speaking in a faint voice.

Fang Yan’s face was green with fury. A ferocious look soon surfaced. Without replying to Xiao Yan, his gaze turned to the other two Demon Flame Valley’s Elders as he roared in a sinister voice, “Sacrificial Flame!”

The expressions of the other two Elders slightly changed when they heard this low roar from Fang Yan. They violently bit their tongues and a mouthful of fresh bright-red blood was immediately spat out. The blood that was spat out did not scatter. Instead, it agglomerated into a couple of blood droplets that rolled in front of him. The already weary auras of the two Elders once again weakened after a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. Clearly, this mouthful of fresh blood was not ordinary blood. Instead, it was an essence blood that contained the purest Dou Qi within their bodies.


Fang Yan bit his tongue when he saw this. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. Finally, he controlled it with his finger and the two other clusters of fresh blood shot over. Finally, the three clusters of blood agglomerated together and formed a fist-sized deep-brown cluster of blood.


Fang Yan waved his sleeves and the cluster of liquid blood shot out. Finally, it landed in that enormous fire phoenix.

The Star Fire Phoenix’s extended wings stiffened the moment the liquid blood entered its body. An unusual blood-red color seeped from within its body. The fire phoenix turned from its initial grayish-brown color to an unusual blood-red one.

A dense bloody stench slowly rose from the fire phoenix’s body as its color changed. Finally, it dyed this sky until it became somewhat scarlet. Moreover, the blood-red fire phoenix’s aura became a couple of times stronger than earlier. Perhaps it was because of the essence blood from Fang Yan and the three others, but this current Sky Fire Phoenix appeared to possess a vague intelligence…

“Kill him!”

Fang Yan’s eyes were bright-red as he looked at the Sky Fire Phoenix whose appearance had transformed. A savage smile surfaced within his eyes. His finger suddenly pointed at Xiao Yan as he cried out loud.


The red-colored Sky Fire Phoenix’s empty-hole-like eyes suddenly revealed a blood-red color after Fang Yan’s voice sounded. A sharp eagle cry reverberated through the sky in a deafening manner. Immediately, its wings were abruptly withdrawn, and its enormous body was like a huge javelin as it wildly rotated. Finally, it emitted a xiu sound as it rushed forward…

The speed of the Sky Fire Phoenix was so quick that it was somewhat terrifying. It appeared to have torn space as it appeared around twenty feet from Xiao Yan. A dense blood-redness adhered on the Sky Fire Pheonix’s sharp bird mouth, causing it to appear a little strange.

A solemness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he sensed the speed of that Sky Fire Phoenix. This Demon Flame Valley did indeed have a couple of tactics. It was able to create a man-made flame that was this strong…

Xiao Yan’s hand was also quick as this thought flashed through his heart. A seal was formed with his hands, and the flame barrier that covered his entire body shook. Immediately, an enormous green-colored fire net suddenly swelled by over a hundred feet. Finally, it stretched apart and wrapped around the Sky Fire Phoenix that had charged over.

The Sky Fire Phoenix had just been restrained when it began to struggle. The blood-colored flames on its body swiftly churned as it struggled against a great force. Its body repeatedly grilles the green-colored fire net. Moreover, due to the enormous charging force earlier, the sword-blade-like fire mouth of the fire phoenix still shot toward Xiao Yan despite the fire net stopping it.


Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly solidified as he let out a stern cry when the sharp fire mouth was swiftly expanded within his dark-black eyes.

The green-colored fire net’s strong light once again erupted as his cry sounded. Immediately, it began to bind the fire phoenix while emitting waves of cracking sounds…

Xiao Yan let out a soft sigh from his mouth. He glanced at the sharp fire mouth that was less than a foot from his head and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. Immediately, he smiled at Feng Han before changing his hand seal and crying out loud, “Coagulate!”

The word had just sounded when the green-colored fire suddenly turned into something like a flamethrower that repeatedly spat out a deep-green flame. Moreover, this green flame caused the fire phoenix to roll as though it was suffering from an intense pain the moment the flame adhered to the latter’s body. That strange blood flame seemed to have met its nemesis under the discharge of the green-colored flame. It actually began to show signs of being extinguished…

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. He watched as the surface of the fire phoenix’s body weakened. His heart immediately moved and he used all his strength to maneuver the Green Lotus Core Flame within his body before finally spitting all of it at the fire phoenix.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The fire phoenix was like a wounded chicken under the erosion of the high temperature belonging to the Green Lotus Core Flame. It struggled repeatedly and an ear-piercing cry miserably sounded.

“Eldest, quickly withdraw the fire phoenix. This brat’s ‘Heavenly Flame’ is really too frightening. The fire phoenix is unable to endure!”

An Elder from the Demon Flame Valley hurriedly cried out when he saw the change in the fire phoenix. The three of them had a connection with the fire phoenix. Hence, they were naturally aware of just what kind of extremely terrible condition it was in.

At this moment, a paleness mixed with Fang Yan’s angry green face. At this moment, he finally understood that using a flame to deal with Xiao Yan seemed to be the wrong decision. The great power of a ‘Heavenly Flame’… had far exceeded their expectations.


Fang Yan did not hesitate as this thought flashed in his heart. He let out a cry and the seal on his hands changed.

The blood-colored fire phoenix within the fire net slowly ceased its struggle after Fang Yan’s cry sounded. It was about to separate into a countless number of flame light spots again like bees that had left their hives. Finally, they surged out from the gaps between the fire net in a densely packed manner.

“You are actually thinking of using the same technique twice? Today, I will definitely capture this ‘Life Transforming Flame’ of yours!”

Xiao Yan merely let out a cold smile when he saw this scene. He flicked his finger and the space where the gaps of the fire net were located began to twist. An invisible flame appeared and completely chased all of the fleeing blood-colored flame back in.

The green-colored fire net swiftly shrank after the blood-colored flame was chased back. Within a couple of blinks, the net had transformed into a fist-sized green-colored fire barrier. Inside of this fire barrier was a unique cluster of blood-colored flame that was sluggishly dancing. Its appearance was similar to a bird trapped in a cage…

The green-colored fire barrier was suspended over Xiao Yan’s hand. His gaze swept over the cluster of blood-colored flame within it before his eyes slid to Fang Yan’s group. He smiled slightly and softly said, “Thank you for your gift. Xiao Yan shall unceremoniously accept this valuable gift…”

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