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Chapter 834: Two Women's Hidden Act

When the first rays of the morning sunlight appeared the next day, the Black Emperor City, which had been quiet for the night, once again became noisy. Countless numbers of people began to gather in this city from the outside. The influence and attraction that had been created from the large-scale auction the Black Emperor Sect was holding this year could be considered the greatest within the 'Black-Corner Region' in a century.

The promotion by the Black Emperor Sect and the mystery of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva caused some extremely powerful people, who had not shown their faces in the 'Black-Corner Region' for a long time, to make an exception and leave their retreats. Their destination was naturally the Black Emperor City, which had currently become the focus of attention within the 'Black-Corner City'.

Quite a few people with keen senses faintly sensed a feeling of the calm before the storm that was quietly brewing within the Black Emperor City with so many experts currently gathering.

This time around, it was likely that the Black-Corner City would erupt into a soul-stirring big battle that had never been seen in the last hundred years.

Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged on the bed slowly opened his eyes when the morning sunlight radiated in. After one night of recuperation, his condition had already reached his peak. Dou Qi flowed like a mountain stream and the feeling of strength covered his limbs. It was as though his body would transform into a human-shaped machine as long as it moved, destroying everything around him.

Xiao Yan leaped down from the bed and slowly walked out of his room. He saw that the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan were already waiting in the living room.

"When will you begin refining pills?" The Little Fairy Doctor was able to sense the powerful circulation of Dou Qi in Xiao Yan's body the moment the latter appeared. She naturally knew that Xiao Yan had recuperated for an entire night in order to refine pills today.

"I will begin now. The both of you needs to help protect me. Don't allow anyone to disturb me. The medicinal pills that I will be refining this time around are not ordinary. It is likely that quite a big commotion will be created when a pill is formed. There are many experts in this Black Emperor Pavilion and it is likely difficult to completely hide everything." Xiao Yan spoke with a somewhat solemn expression.

"Yes." The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly upon seeing Xiao Yan's expression.

Xiao Yan randomly washed himself after giving some instructions. He had just entered the chamber when a knocking sound appeared from the door.

Xiao Yan's group was startled when they heard the knocking. They immediately knit their brows. They were not familiar with the others in this Black Emperor Pavilion. Who would come and find them at this time?

Xiao Yan slowly walked forward while carrying some doubt. He slowly pulled open the door, only to see a white-clothed person standing haughtily at the entrance. It was actually that Junior Sect Leader of the Black Emperor Sect, Mo Ya.

A smile surged onto Mo Ya's face when he saw Xiao Yan open the door. He immediately cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan in a polite manner and said, "Brother Yan Xiao, I am really sorry for intervening yesterday. In order to express my remorse, I am planning to lead the three of you on a tour around the city. You can just tell me if there is any place you wish to go."

A strange expression immediately surfaced on Xiao Yan's face when he heard this. This fellow did indeed have some thoughts for the Little Fairy Doctor. He might say that he was leading the three of them out for a walk, but his real intentions could not escape Xiao Yan's notice.

"I'm sorry, today…" XIao Yan shook his head slightly. He was just about to voice his rejection when a small lovely figure suddenly rushed out from behind him. Immediately, a small fist that carried an ear-piercing sonic boom ruthlessly smashed toward Mo Ya.

The person who suddenly sprinted forth was naturally Zi Yan. However, Xiao Yan did not stop her when he saw this. He was a little concerned about this Mo Ya. This person was able to have such achievement at such a young age. It was likely that his skill was not weak and it was good to allow Zi Yan to go forward and test his skills.

Mo Ya's expression changed slightly in the face of the sudden sneak attack by Zi Yan. No one within the Dou Huang class would dare to randomly slight the terrifying strength of Zi Yan. He immediately took one hurried step back and curled his arm. The strange skill that was similar to yesterday was again displayed by him.

Both of his hands were like catfish as they gently caught Zi Yan's arm. After which, both of his hands were rotated in a strange manner, forming a mysterious arc. The frightening strength on Zi Yan's fist was swiftly reduced while the arc rotated.


Zi Yan, who was prepared, immediately let out a cold snort as she sensed that strange feeling again like yesterday. She once again tightly clenched her little hand. A dense purple glow lingered over her arms without a care for anything. Her arm shook, and her fist smashed toward the strange ring that Mo Ya had formed.

Mo Ya was greatly surprised when Zi Yan's fist escaped his control. His toes pressed on the ground and his body transformed into an illusionary figure that swiftly flashed back.


Zi Yan's tightly clenched fist suddenly opened while Mo Ya's figure was swiftly retreating. The frightening strength that lingered over her fist immediately escaped her hand in a strange manner. Finally, it gnawed through the air and suppressed the air into a football-sized bubble as it violently smashed into Mo Ya's body.


The air bubble exploded and a sharp sound rang out. Mo Ya's legs were dragged over the ground as he took over ten hurried steps back. Only then did he forcefully stop his body. However, his neat white clothes was already in tatters at this moment.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. Being an observer, he could clearly sense that a layer of tiny energy ripples had strangely appeared on his skin just as the invisible air bubble struck Mo Ya. It was this layer of energy ripples that swallowed most of the strength of the air bubble. Otherwise, being struck by Zi Yan's fist would not be a matter that would end with just his clothes in tatters.

"Zi Yan, comeback!" Xiao Yan softly cried out. He halted Zi Yan with a cry. Only then did the latter lick her small mouth, having not gotten enough of a fight. She coldly glared at the somewhat ugly Mo Ya before swaggering into the room. After that punch earlier, the resentment that she had suffered earlier had completely disappeared. Although Mo Ya's strength-reducing technique was mysterious, it was clearly unable to completely eliminate her strength.

"He he, junior sect leader, this child is mischievous and immature. We have offended you." Xiao Yan smiled and glanced at Mo Ya. Without waiting for the other party's reply after having spoken, he continued, "I still have other matters to attend to today and cannot go out. We'll ask Junior Sect Leader to lead us around if there is a chance in the future."

Xiao Yan withdrew to his room after speaking. After which, he shut the door tightly in the face of Mo Ya's green expression.

Mo Ya's expression was ugly as he stared at the tightly shut door outside. He did not expect that he would be beaten this badly today. Not only did he fail to meet the Little Fairy Doctor, but he was turned into such a miserable state by the little girl with brute strength.

"Yan Xiao, huh? Alright, alright, this young master will remember!"

Mo Ya clenched his teeth and cursed in his heart. He violently swung his sleeves, turned his body and left with a dark, solemn expression.

Within the room, Xiao Yan recalled Mo Ya's green face and involuntarily gave a slight smile. He never had a good impression of this person. By using Zi Yan's hand to teach him a lesson today, he could be considered to have vented his anger.

"Hopefully, this fellow will not come and find trouble. Otherwise, once these things are over…"

"The two of you should stay in the room today and ignore anyone. There is no need to be merciful should there really be someone who breaks the door to enter!" Xiao Yan gently exhaled and spoke in a deep voice.

"Relax, there will not be anyone who will disturb you." The Little Fairy Doctor smiled faintly as she replied.

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. He once again told them a couple more things before turning around and entering a secret chamber. After which, the heavy door was closed with a cracking sound. It carried a wave of dust as it was slowly shut.

The Little Fairy Doctor turned her head after seeing Xiao Yan enter the secret chamber. She looked at Zi Yan who was secretly laughing with her hands covering her little mouth as she slightly smiled. She softly said, "Have you used the thing that I gave you?"

"Yes, I used a hidden force to transmit that thing into his body when we exchanged blows earlier." Zi Yan laughed.

"That is good. Everything will naturally be fine if this person is tactful. If he really uses some tactics, I will let him suffer a fate worse than death." The corner of the Little Fairy Doctor's mouth was slowly lifted into a slight arc. Her voice was soft and gentle but it contained a chillness.

If that pitiful Mo Ya were to know that he had been secretly poisoned without reason after only attempting to approach the Little Fairy Doctor, it was likely that he would involuntarily vomit a mouthful of blood.

Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on a rock bed within the secret chamber. There were around ten plus jade containers placed in front of him. The jade containers were emitting a rich medicinal fragrance. One look and one could tell that they were not ordinary things.

These medicinal ingredients were those that Xiao Yan's group had found in mountain forests during their half a year of travel. They were extremely rare items and their value would not be any lower than the last three medicinal ingredients that Xiao Yan had purchased in the Thousand Medicinal House.

The medicinal pill that Xiao Yan wished to refine this time around was named 'Zong Breaking Pill'. This kind of medicinal pill could be considered top grade among the tier 6 medicinal pills. Its effect could cause many experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class to desire it. This medicinal pill did not have the effect of raise one's strength. However, it was able to allow an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class to have a ten-percent greater success rate when advancing to a Dou Zong. Moreover, it guaranteed that the person consuming it would be able to stabilize his or her strength before he or she attempted to break through to the Dou Zong class. Even if the attempt failed, there would not be a situation where his or her level dropped!

It was common knowledge that the success rate of a Dou Huang attempting to advance to a Dou Zong was quite low. Moreover, there was a great amount of risk. Once the attempt at breaking through failed, the Dou Qi ripple within one's body might be too intense if that person was not careful. This would result in the most tragic thing, a decline of one's level. This was the thing that caused almost every expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class to be extremely afraid. At their level, they would need to exhaust a large amount of time and effort to retrain should their strength decline by even a little. This was undoubtedly the most frightening thing to them.

Therefore, the Zong Breaking Pill possessed a fatal attraction to Dou Huangs. Although that ten-percent might seem very low, this ten-percent was enough to cause a countless number of expert Dou Huangs to sacrifice many things in order to obtain it.

This Zong Breaking Pill would be one of Xiao Yan's top cards when he attempted to bid for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva!

Chapter 835: Zong Breaking Pill

Xiao Yan gaze slowly swept over the ten plus snow-white jade boxes in front of him. He gently inhaled a breath of air and suppressed a ripple within his heart. With a flick of his finger, the enormous ‘Thousand Beast Cauldron’ appeared out of nowhere. It heavily landed on the ground, emitting a low and deep ‘gong’ sound.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. The refining method and the various things to take note of when refining the ‘Zong Breaking Pill’ once again flashed across his mind. Awhile later, he opened his eyes and a jade-green flame rose within his dark-black pupils.


A jade-green flame sprang from Xiao Yan’s finger with a sound. He then flicked his finger and the flame transformed into a ray of light that entered the medicinal cauldron in a lightning-like manner.

The flame had just entered the cauldron when its small size suddenly expanded. Within a short instant, that tiny flame transformed into a fierce fire that wildly burned within the medicinal cauldron. Following the increase in size of the jade-green flame, the bright-red surface on the ‘Thousand Beast Cauldron’ became a more eye-piercing red. At a glance, the cauldron appeared just like a cluster of dancing flames.

“This medicinal cauldron left behind by Han Feng is indeed not an ordinary thing. Despite being grilled by my ‘Heavenly Flame’ so many times, it is still able to remain fine. Its quality might even be comparable with that ‘Black Demon’ belonging to teacher.” A satisfied glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes while he muttered to himself. There was not a single crack line on the ‘Thousand Beast Cauldron’ despite having used it so many times.

Xiao Yan waved his hand after the internal temperature of the medicinal cauldron reached a certain stable temperature. A snow-white jade box that was emitting some chillness was sucked into his hand. In the jade box lay a withered tree branch that looked like it had been carved from ice. Although this thing did not have an attractive appearance, the rich medicinal fragrance that it emitted allowed one to know that this was not an ordinary thing.

This item was known as the ‘Cold Marrow Twig’. It was not an actual tree twig but rather something that was agglomerated from pure freezing energy within an extremely cold place. If a person practicing ice type Dou Qi were to refine and absorb it, it would cause that person’s Dou Qi to become even colder. Hence, this thing could be considered priceless in their eyes. Xiao Yan was only able to obtain it because he had luckily entered a cold pond deep in the mountains. However, he was wildly chased by a Magical Beast hidden there, a beast that was about to break into the seventh rank, for over fifty kilometers before he managed to successfully flee.

Xiao Yan’s fingers held the ‘Cold Marrow Twig’ with two fingers and a bone-piercing chill swiftly followed his finger and seeped into him. It almost caused his entire arm to become numb.

Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at his hand covered in thin pieces of ice. A thought flashed in his mind and the jade-green flame within his body swiftly flowed over, swiftly expelling the coldness that had seeped into him.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently tossed the Cold Marrow Twig accurately into the medicinal cauldron. The jade-green flame suddenly surged and swallowed the former like a savage mouth.

The Cold Marrow Twig did not simply await death in the face of these flames. It emitted unceasing waves of cold air in an attempt to block the erosion of the high temperature.

The cold air and the jade-green flame eroded each other. A faint, white fog rose from the point of contact amid a ‘chi chi’ sound. This Cold Marrow Twig relied on its cold energy that it had gathered over a countless number of years. It was actually able to engage in a stalemate with the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame for a short period of time.

“It is indeed worthy of being something that would cause a Magical Beast of that rank to go all out to protect…” Xiao Yan quietly clicked his tongue and praised when he saw this scene in the medicinal cauldron. His mind immediately moved and the temperature within the medicinal cauldron rose!

The Cold Marrow Twig was finally unable to endure after being burned by the high temperature of the flame. The icy-crystal-like appearance of its surface began to show signs of melting.

Xiao Yan softly sighed in relief upon seeing this scene. It was thanks to his ‘Heavenly Flame’. If it was an ordinary flame instead, it was likely that just refining this Cold Marrow Twig would need one to two days time. If that was the case, not only would it waste time but it would also exhaust his Dou Qi.

A ‘Heavenly Flame’ did not lose to a genuine magical weapon from an alchemist’s point of view.

The refinement continued for an hour or so before the stubborn Cold Marrow Twig finally transformed into a viscous snow-white liquid. The liquid circulated and emitted an extremely rich, pure energy.

Xiao Yan spent another half an hour after the completion of the refinement to finish the hardening step. He did not rest after he finished this. With a movement of his hand, he threw another similarly stubborn medicinal ingredient into the medicinal cauldron…

Time slowly flowed past in the tightly sealed secret chamber. The medicinal ingredients in the jade boxes in front of Xiao Yan gradually diminished. A rich medicinal fragrance mixed from the medicinal ingredients lingered in the secret chamber like a cloud.

Xiao Yan’s expression became more and more solemn as the medicinal ingredients were gradually refined. He knew that the steps still left were the truly troublesome ones. This Zong Breaking Pill could be said to be the highest tier medicinal pill that Xiao Yan had ever personally refined. Therefore, the chances of success were quite low.

The Zong Breaking Pill could be considered top grade even among tier 6 medicinal pills. A pill of such tier might not have much use to a genuine Dou Zong, but it was able to attract many large factions into fights in order to obtain. After all, as long as one possessed this kind of medicinal pill, there might be a chance that their sect would gain an additional elite Dou Zong. For those factions who focused on inheritance, it possessed an allure that no one could resist.

Just think of this Black Emperor Sect. One could understand such a mindset by just looking at the amount of natural treasure that they had spent over the years in order to groom Mo Ya, this Junior Sect Leader.

Of course, the ingredients that were necessary to refine this Zong Breaking Pill were rare. If Xiao Yan had not relied on Zi Yan’s treasure seeking ability, during their half a year of travel, to obtain quite a fortune, it was likely that he would have been unable to gather these ingredients.

Despite this, Xiao Yan had only gathered three sets of of ingredients during this half a year. In other words, Xiao Yan only had three chances to refine this Zong Breaking Pill. If he failed every attempt, there was no telling when the next time he would be able to refine it again.

With Xiao Yan’s current medicinal refining skill, there would not be much trouble in refining some ordinary tier 6 medicinal pills. However, this Zong Breaking Pill was not an ordinary item. Even he would likely have less than a forty-percent change in refining it successfully. Moreover, this was the result after accounting for the help from his ‘Heavenly Flame’. If an ordinary tier 6 alchemist were to make an attempt at refining it, it was likely that their chances of success would be even lower.

Xiao Yan similarly knew the degree of difficulty in refining this Zong Breaking Pill. Therefore, he did not dare to neglect it even a little. His eyes stared intently at the activity within the medicinal cauldron. His mind moved at a certain instant, and he suddenly began to compress all the pure medicinal ingredients, that he had refined in the medicinal cauldron, together.


An intense energy ripple erupted the moment the many medicinal ingredients made contact. Immediately, those pure medicinal liquids that had been refined with much difficulty were shaken until over half of them scattered.

Xiao Yan knit his brows as he sensed the unexpected change in the medicinal cauldron. He softly sighed, “As expected… it is always like this. The first time is indeed very difficult.”

Xiao Yan remained seated on the stone bed as he mused for a moment. His mind repeatedly replayed the unusual phenomenon that had been created when the medicinal ingredients had been merged together. It was a long while later before he once again refocused his mind. He cleared the medicinal cauldron and began once again…

Refining medicinal pills was a harsh and troublesome thing. After Xiao Yan’s first failure, he spent nearly five to six hours in order to completely refine a second set of medicinal ingredients. This time around, no trouble appeared during the merger due to Xiao Yan’s careful control. However, when the medicinal pill was about to take on an embryonic form, a small deviation appeared. Hence, a cauldron of precious medicinal ingredients was once again scrapped. Blood dripped from Xiao Yan’s heart as he stared at the medicinal ingredients worthless. These medicinal ingredients were not things that one could just buy if one wanted to.

“Dammit, I have underestimated this thing’s difficulty.”

Xiao Yan forcefully endured the blood dripping from his heart, and gradually calmed his mind a moment later. His hand trembled as he once again took out the final set of medicinal ingredients. This was his last chance. If he failed, he could forget about refining a Zong Breaking Pill anytime soon.

Xiao Yan’s eyes locked onto the medicinal ingredients. This continued for a while before he clenched his teeth. His hand moved and a flame once again rose within the medicinal cauldron.

The little flame withered and a jade-green light landed on Xiao Yan’s unusually solemn face, causing him to appear exceptionally cold and stern. One by one, the precious medicinal ingredients made their way into the medicinal cauldron from Xiao Yan’s rising and falling hand. They were immediately swallowed by the flame.

Time quietly flowed by like sand while the flame churned. Dense beads of perspiration began to faintly appear on Xiao Yan’s forehead. A day long of unceasing refinement was strenuous for even him.

This time around, Xiao Yan had nearly poured all of his Spiritual Strength into the medicinal cauldron. Any unusual activity would be discovered by him immediately. Under this high degree of scrutiny, the many medicinal liquids within the medicinal cauldron gradually began to merge…

The merger proceeded while Xiao Yan felt a great nervousness. However, it was fortunate that nothing went wrong this time. When the medicinal liquid fusion was complete, a gorgeous liquid that was half a fist large began to appear within the medicinal cauldron.

Xiao Yan did not sigh in relief within his heart while he studied the mixture of the liquid body of many medicinal strength. His mind was still tense as his Spiritual Strength controlled the flame to a perfect degree. He slowly reduced the temperature, and allowed the many medicinal liquids within the liquid body to completely solidify.

Around half an hour after the liquid shrank and solidified, the surface of the liquid body began to gradually harden. An embryonic medicinal pill with an uneven surface was slowly formed…

Xiao Yan finally tossed aside the large stone that weighed down his heart when he saw that the embryonic medicinal pill was successfully formed. The most difficult steps had already been completed. All he needed to do now was to maintain the flame keeping this embryonic medicinal pill warm and nourished. After which, the Zong Breaking Pill could be considered to have been successfully created!

Chapter 836: Activity

A faint flower-like fragrance lingered in the large quiet hall where the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan relaxed. The bigger one was still alright, but the smaller one’s face was filled with impatience.

“He has been in the hidden chamber for two days, why is he still not done?” After sitting for a moment, Zi Yan leaped to her feet after failing to control herself.

“Refining pills exhausts a great amount of time. One cannot rush it.” The Little Fairy Doctor placed down a slightly yellowish book in her hand. Her pretty eyes gently glanced at the secret chamber as she said, “Let’s wait a little longer. It should be soon.”

“You have already said these words almost ten times.” Zi Yan curled her lips as she muttered to herself. She could only return to her seat. However, the entire room suddenly and intensely shook just as she sat down.

The sudden shaking caused the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan to be startled. Their gazes turned to the secret chamber in unison. An unusually dense energy ripple was swiftly being formed in that direction.

“Looks like the pill refinement is about to succeed.” Joy flashed through the Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes when she sensed that rich energy ripple. Although she was not an alchemist, she could still be considered quite experienced after all these years. She naturally knew that some high tier medicinal pills would create quite the commotion when they took shape.

“Pay more attention. Do not allow anyone to come here to disturb him. This Black Emperor Pavilion is very crowded with many experts. The activity here will not remain hidden from everyone.” The Little Fairy Doctor spoke with a deep voice. However, her voice had just sounded when the energy ripple from the secret chamber suddenly soared to a frightening degree. One could immediately hear a ‘bang’ and half-a-foot-thick energy light pillar shot out of the secret chamber. Finally, it broke through the ceiling and charged to the sky.

Even the Little Fairy Doctor’s expression involuntarily changed a little when she saw the light pillar that had broken through the ceiling and rushed to the sky. She immediately knit her brows and softly wondered aloud, “What medicinal pill is Xiao Yan refining? The activity it created is very large. Looks like the entire Black Emperor Pavilion has been disturbed by this. Zi Yan, you should guard this place. Kill anyone who enters this room!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s tone was filled with a dense coldness by the end of her words.

“What about you?” Zi Yan nodded before she immediately spoke in a hurried manner.

“I must reveal myself and deter those old demons who have ill intentions.” A cold glint flashed across the Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes. This kind of commotion would definitely attract some elite Dou Zongs. If any old man interrupted in a random manner, it would likely result in Xiao Yan suffering quite a serious injury.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s body moved after her words sounded. She disappeared from the room in a strange manner and was already on the roof the next time she reappeared. Her cold eyes slowly swept around.

It was just as the Little Fairy Doctor had anticipated. This pillar of light that had suddenly shot to the sky had almost instantly attracted the attention of all the experts within the Black Emperor Pavilion. The faces of quite a number of people were shocked as they sensed the pure energy contained in this pillar of light. They immediately rushed out of their rooms. Within less than a minute the treetop and roofs of the buildings around the pavilion that Xiao Yan’s group resided in was filled with human figures.

Some of the experts finally identified the origin of the light pillar following their observation from a close proximity. Numerous exclamations immediately sounded.

“The light pillar is filled with a pill fragrance. It looks like there is someone refining medicinal pills within the room.”

“A high tier medicinal pill might be able to create some activity, but unless it is a tier 7 medicinal pill, there is seldom such an unusual phenomenon? Don’t tell me that there is someone refining a tier 7 medicinal pill here?”

“Impossible! The activity from the pill formation of a tier 7 medicinal pill is much bigger than this. It should be a rare high grade medicinal pill from among the tier 6 medicinal pills!”

“Tsk tsk, a medicinal pill that is able to stir such an activity is definitely not an ordinary item. Hee hee, I wonder which alchemist grandmaster is below? Don’t tell me it is Qi Shan from the Black Emperor Sect?”

“Hei, Qi Shan just advanced to a tier 6 alchemist not long ago. How is it possible for him to possess the ability to refine this kind of high grade tier 6 medicinal pill.”

Private conversations began to increase following a greater number of experts appearing around the building. The eyes of some of those people who had heard these words were gradually filled with an additional greed when they looked at the light pillar. A medicinal pill that could stir such a commotion was definitely not an ordinary item.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Waves of rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared. Immediately some human figures flashed over before remaining suspended in the sky. Their eyes revealed some surprise as they observed the light pillar that surged to the sky.

“It is unexpected that there is such an alchemist grandmaster within the Black Emperor City. I wonder which great person he is.” Over ten human figures stood in the air at a spot in the sky. Their leader, a white-haired old man with a Doupeng, spoke in a surprised voice.
TL: Doupeng – a conical hat with a cloth hanging over it to cover one’s face.

“That’s right, looking at this activity, it is likely that the medicinal pill is almost in the 7th tier. Such a medicinal pill is something that even Qi Shan would be unable to refine.” A man was flapping his Dou Qi wings beside the old man with an expression filled with solemness. This person’s expression was somewhat familiar. If one were to look carefully, it was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s second brother, Xiao Li. Who else could that white-haired old man beside him be other than the First Elder of the Inner Academy, Su Qian?

Su Qian slightly nodded. His eyes looked all around him and solidified before speaking faintly, “It is unexpected that the people from the Demon Flame Valley have also arrived.”

Xiao Li was also startled when he heard this. His gaze immediately followed Su Qian’s eyes as he looked over. He saw a group of human figures suspended in the sky not far away. The leader was an old man who was clearly the First Elder from the Demon Flame Valley, Fang Yan.

“We actually ended up meeting this group of bastards in this place. Looks like we cannot allow them to leave smoothly after this matter is over.” Xiao Li’s eyes turned cold as he laughed after seeing the red-haired old man.

“Yes, huh?” Su Qian nodded his head. His gaze swept over the other side in an indifferent manner. He involuntarily let out a surprised ‘huh’ when his eyes swept over the gray-robed person.

“First Elder, what is it?” Xiao Li asked uncertainly.

Su Qian knit his brows slightly only to shake his head a little. When his gaze once again swept over that gray-robed person, the latter gave him the faint feeling of danger for some unknown reason.

During the time that Xiao Li’s group discovered the people from the Demon Flame Valley, the latter’s eyes had also looked over. Both parties’ gazes crossed each other and the air was filled with a dense killing intent.

“It is unexpected that even the old fellow Su Qian is here. Looks like there might be some trouble killing them this time around.” Fang Yan slowly withdrew his eyes and spoke with a frown.

“When the time comes, all we need to do is kill him together with the others.” The sleeves of the gray-robed person shook as his indifferent voice drifted out. “I am currently more curious about who the person refining the pill is. By being able to refine such a medicinal pill, it is likely that his alchemy skill is even greater than Qi Shan from the Black Emperor Sect. Since when did an alchemist of such a tier appear in this ‘Black-Corner Region’?”

“I am also not certain. This time around, the Black Emperor City has gathered experts from everywhere. I think that this person should be one of them.” Fang Yan shook his head as he replied.

“Yes, however, this person actually dares to refine pills in such a place. I think that now should be the crucial moment before the pill is formed. If he is disturbed at this moment, the destruction of the pill is a small matter. He might even receive a backlash…” The gray-robed person spoke with a hoarse, cold laugh.

“Then what result does mister want? An alchemist of this tier should also have a strong soul.” The corner of Fang Yan’s mouth lifted as he asked.

Fang Yan’s words had just sounded when a snow-white figure slowly appeared on top of the building which the light pillar originated from.

“Anyone who comes within a hundred meter radius will die!”

A pair of cold and indifferent grayish-purple eyes slowly swept around once the white figure appeared. Finally, her eyes paused in a couple of directions. A cold, dense cry immediately resounded across the sky.

A majestic aura suddenly swept out from the graceful and moving person’s lovely figure after her cry sounded. The faces of everyone present changed upon sensing the powerful degree of this aura. Involuntary cries repeatedly sounded.

“An elite Dou Zong!”

Quite a number of people felt a chill within their hearts as they sensed the dense cold killing intent that spread over after their voices sounded. They hurriedly withdrew.

“This girl is actually an elite Dou Zong? How is it possible?” Fang Yan could not help but feel somewhat stunned when he sensed that majestic aura. Since when did this ‘Black-Corner Region’ have such a young Dou Zong?

“You have ten breath’s time to get lost!”

Her chilly ice-like gaze suddenly shot toward Fang Yan while he was feeling shock in his heart. The indifferent killing intent contained within those eyes caused the heart of the First Elder from the Demon Flame Valley to feel a little chilled.

Although his heart felt a chill, when had Fang Yan been yelled at by someone given his current position in the Black-Corner Region? Moreover, he had that gray-robed person following him. Hence, his heart was not filled with fear like an ordinary person.

“Let’s withdraw first. Now is not the right time to fight with her. It is not a wise action to randomly form a grudge with an elite Dou Zong.” That gray-robed person slowly spoke just as Fang Yan felt slightly angry in his heart.

Fang Yan was startled when he heard this. He could only nod his head, wave his hand, and force everyone to withdraw.

The surrounding people could not help but smack their lips together when they saw the experts from the Demon Flame Valley forced back by this white-clothed lady with a cry. An elite Dou Zong was indeed not an ordinary person.

Only Xiao Li’s group of people from ‘Xiao Gate’ were left in the sky after the people from the Demon Flame Valley withdrew. Hence, the eyes of the white-clothed lady, which were filled with a killing intent, slowly swept over.

The expressions of Xiao Li’s group changed when they sensed that indifferent gaze. He exchanged glances with Su Qian and was just about to automatically withdraw when the cold and indifferent eyes of the white-clothed lady became slightly surprised. A somewhat uncertain voice was slowly emitted.

“You are people from ‘Xiao Gate’?”

Chapter 837: Mo Tian Xing

Xiao Li’s group was startled when they heard the voice of this white-clothed woman, which contained some surprise. Xiao Li exchanged looks with Su Qian by his side before he immediately nodded somewhat cautiously. He cupped his hands together and said, “I am the deputy chief of ‘Xiao Gate,’ Xiao Li.”

The Dou Qi within Xiao Li’s body quietly circulated while he spoke. He was certain that he had never met this young Dou Zong in front of him. From the voice of the other party earlier, it seemed that she was related to ‘Xiao Gate.’ However, before he could ascertain whether their relationship was a good or bad one, it was not a bad thing to be a little careful.

While Xiao Li was alert, the eyes of Su Qian by his side solidified. He could sense that this pretty white-clothed woman might be young, but she possessed an unusually great strength. If she possessed an enmity toward ‘Xiao Gate,’ it was likely that they would experience some trouble today. Moreover, there was the Demon Flame Valley beside them who was looking over with predatory intent.

The killing intent that spread around her body was greatly reduced in front of the many gazes around them after hearing Xiao Li’s reply. She immediately and faintly said, “Can the few of you please move aside and not interrupt the person refining this pill.”

Although these words were still bland, they were undoubtedly much better than the attitude that was used to treat the Demon Flame Valley. Quite a number of people were quietly puzzled in their hearts. Since when did ‘Xiao Gate’ come to be acquainted with such a strong person?

The expression of those people from the Demon Flame Valley, who had withdrawn to the roof of a building, changed slightly when they sensed the much warmer tone that the Little Fairy Doctor used.

“‘Xiao Gate’ is actually acquainted with this woman?” Fang Yan’s expression became slightly gloomy as he knit his brows and questioned. If this was really the true, the situation of the Demon Flame Valley would not be good. It was likely that even the person by the side would have a difficult time facing two elite Dou Zong.

“Don’t panic. From their conversation, they might be acquainted, but their relationship is clearly not to the level that you are thinking. The Demon Flame Valley is not one that anyone could just offend as they please, even if she is an elite ‘Dou Zong’.” The gray-robed person’s dark eyes swept over the white-clothed lady above the building before coldly speaking.

Fang Yan’s expression finally grew calmer after hearing this. He frowned and said, “Why have I never heard of such a young female Dou Zong in the ‘Black-Corner Region’? Is she someone from outside the ‘Black-Corner Region’?”

The few Demon Flame Valley’s Elders beside Fang Yan merely felt puzzled and shook their heads in the face of Fang Yan’s uncertainty. Which elite Dou Zong in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was not renowned? Yet, none of them were similar to this white-clothed woman.

Compared with the doubt of Fang Yan and the others, Xiao Li, who was the main character involved, was similarly confused. They did not know why this woman, who was clearly not kind, would suddenly improve her attitude toward them.

Xiao Li’s gaze was exchanged with Su Qian by his side. Doubt flashed across his eyes. He courteously cupped his hands toward the white-clothed woman. He then led his group away to an area beyond a hundred meter radius from the light pillar.

The surrounding space around the pavilion had become completely empty after Xiao Li’s group withdrew. However, the areas further away were packed with people. Clearly, these people still felt a great interest for the light pillar that shot out from the room.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that the auction that my Black Emperor Sect has held this time around has attracted so many foreign and familiar faces. The old me has really gained a lot of face.” A couple of human figures suddenly flashed over from deep within the Black Emperor Pavilion after Xiao Li’s group pulled back. They immediately stopped when they were still a hundred meters from the building.

The human figures had just appeared when everyone swiftly glanced over. A yellow-robed, old man stepping in the air with a smile. As he approached, everyone realized that there were a couple of enormous golden pythons sewn on his yellow robes. They reflected a faint glow under the sunlight, appearing as though they were alive and emitting an unusual pressure.

A white-clothed Mo Ya as well as a red-faced old man wearing an alchemist robe followed close behind the old man. That red-faced old man was the chief alchemist of the Black Emperor Sect who had a conflict with Xiao Yan back in the Thousand Medicinal House, Qi Shan.

The yellow-robed, old man stirred quite a big commotion in this area the moment he appeared. Numerous exclamations sounded.

“It is actually the sect leader of the Black Emperor Sect, Mo Xing Tian?”

“It is rumored that Mo Tian Xing has advanced to the Dou Zong class over a decade ago and has been undertaking a retreat. It is unexpected that even he was disturbed today.”

Mo Tian Xing, who had appeared, swept his eyes over Su Qian and the gray-robed person from the Demon Flame Valley. His gaze passed through some areas within the Black Emperor Pavilion without leaving a trace. Only then did it turn to the Pavilion. Surprise flashed through his eyes when his gaze landed on the Little Fairy Doctor. Clearly, the young age of the latter had caused him to be very stunned.

“It is actually her?” Mo Ya’s eyes swept over the pavilion behind Mo Xing Tian. He was immediately startled when he saw the ethereal face that he had missed so much. After which, he immediately muttered in surprise.

“You know her?” Mo Xing Tian was also surprised when he heard those words, so he hurriedly inquired. Having a good relationship with an expert of such level would be a great benefit to the Black Emperor Sect.

“We have only met once and cannot be considered acquainted.” Mo Ya hesitated for a moment and revealed the details that he knew. He did not hide his affection for the Little Fairy Doctor in his voice. On the other hand, he roughly spoke about Xiao Yan.

“From the looks of it, the one refining a medicinal pill inside should be the young man whom Elder Qi mentioned having a conflict with within the Thousand Medicinal House. It is unexpected… at such an age, his alchemist skill has already reached this tier. How frightening.” Mo Ya’s brief mention of Xiao Yan did not cause Mo Tian Xing to forget about the latter. He recalled some of the news that he knew, and a solemness flashed across his eyes as he spoke in a deep voice.

Qi Shan curled the corner of his mouth slightly while he stood behind. The eyes which he used to look at the light pillar from the building were filled with hatred and jealousy. Back then, he might have been aware that Xiao Yan was also an alchemist, but he had never thought that the other party’s medicine refining skills were at a level that he had difficulty comparing with. Moreover, the thing that caused him to feel extremely unbalanced was that the other party possessed such an achievement at his age. It should be known that even he had only luckily broken through to the 6th tier not long ago.

Mo Ya’s heart was somewhat uncomfortable when he heard these words from Mo Tian Xing. His usual arrogant self was extremely unwilling to see a person who was younger than him attain an achievement that was greater than his. More importantly, there was an exquisite lady whom even he admired greatly by this fellow’s side. This point was something that he had difficulty enduring.

“The both of you should watch out in the future. Try your best not to form enmity with this Yan Xiao. A Dou Zong, an alchemist who can refine a high grade tier 6 medicinal pill, and a little girl who possesses a physical strength that is frightening. This kind of lineup is already extremely strong. One cannot easily offend them. Do you understand?” Mo Tian Xing ignored the thoughts in the hearts of these two people and spoke with a faint voice.

“Yes.” Mo Ya and Qi Shan might feel extremely displeased in their hearts, but they did not dare to reveal the slightest dissatisfaction in front of Mo Tain Xing. All they did was courteously respond.

“This time around, quite a number of old demons who have been living in isolation has come because of that ‘Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva’. If they want to fight, just allow them to do so. As long as they can take out something that satisfies our Black Emperor Sect, who possesses the thing or how many have died or become crippled because of it has nothing to do with us. We can just treat it as watching a fun show.” The corner of Mo Tian Xing’s mouth was lifted into a strange smile as he lowered his body and replied.

Mo Ya and Qi Shan exchanged looks before nodding in agreement.

“Mo Ya, are you interested in this young lady?” Mo Tian Xing suddenly laughed as he narrowed his eyes and observed the Little Fairy Doctor who was emitting a shocking chillness above the building.

Mo Ya was startled. He immediately replied with some embarrassment, “Such a lady is indeed far from what those with cosmetics can compare with.”

“It is naturally good if you really have the means to be together with her. Our Black Emperor Sect’s strength will definitely soar if she becomes yours. Of course, it is best that she does not feel any enmity for us. Otherwise, I will hold you accountable.” Mo Tian Xing laughed. His tone became stern towards the end.

Joy flashed across Mo Ya’s eyes as he hurriedly nodded. He had an extremely great confidence in his appearance, demeanor, achievement, and everything else that he believed mattered. In all these years, there had been an uncountable number of talented and lovely women who had been played by him.

While everyone were quietly caught up in their different thoughts, the light pillar that shot into the sky slowly became dim. However, the pill fragrance that was emitted from it grew denser.

The light pillar grew increasingly faint. Finally, it transformed into some fragmented light spots before slowly disappearing…

After the light pillar disappeared, a thumb-sized cluster of light appeared in front of everyone gaze. The glow suddenly surged after the cluster of light appeared. Its body moved and that appearance as though it was about to escape into the sky.

However, a cold snort suddenly sounded from the room below just as the glow soared. A suction force suddenly erupted!

Under that fierce suction force, that cluster of light began to sway unsteadily. It paused for a moment before rushing back down in front of the many greedy gazes. Finally, it entered that room and disappeared…

The Little Fairy Doctor’s body only moved after she saw that the medicinal pill had been contained. She disappeared with it.

The lingering pill fragrance gradually scattered after the medicinal pill was removed by someone. In an instant, everyone could only shake their heads in disappointment. After which, they carried a heart that was filled with displeasure as they scattered. The so-called pill refining person never revealed himself since the beginning…

Chapter 838: The Start Of the Auction

After the storm that was stirred from the pill refinement that day, the topic of almost the entire Black Emperor Pavilion was gathered on this white-clothed lady with a frightening strength as well as that mysterious alchemist. Many people were keeping watch outside that building, attempting to catch some clues. However, there was no longer even the slightest activity within the building after that pill refinement was over. Due to the extremely strong killing intent, no one dared to carelessly approach it. The owners of that pavilion did not reveal their faces regardless of the uproar in the outside world.

Some people came to visit with strange thoughts, but they could only wisely leave after being left outside the shut door. Mo Ya, who thought of himself as extremely great, was naturally included among these people.

While the outside world was in an uproar because of the matter yesterday, Xiao Yan merely dragged his tired body out of the secret chamber for the first time.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan, who were standing guard in the living room, quickly came forward after seeing that Xiao Yan had finally come out of the secret chamber. They could not help but softly sigh when they saw that the latter’s eyes were filled with traces of blood. Was this fellow actually this crazy when he refined pills?

“You have remained in the secret chamber for two days. We would have forcefully broken the door if you did not come out.” The Little Fairy Doctor could not help but press her eyebrows vertically and rebuke. She watched Xiao Yan drink all the tea on the table in one go.

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he heard the Little Fairy Doctor reprimanding him. He did not stop after having completed the refinement of the Zong Breaking Pill back then. Instead, he had once again opened the cauldron and refined some other medicinal pills after having rested and recovered his Dou Qi. Therefore, the time he ended up spending was a little longer.

Although this kind of continuous refinement caused Xiao Yan to be extremely tired, he did end up with an extremely rich reward. His current wealth would enable him to have some qualification to compete with the people in the auction.

“Was there any problems during these two days?” Xiao Yan placed his teacup down and inquired with a smile.

“Other than some stupid people, no one dares to come and disturb us.” The Little Fairy Doctor replied.

“Ke ke, looks like you have deterred quite a number of people with ill intent by revealing yourself back then.” Xiao Yan smiled as he responded.

“I met with someone from ‘Xiao Gate.’ That person should be your second brother. There is also an old man whose strength is at the Dou Zong class beside him.” The Little Fairy Doctor softly revealed.

“That should be First Elder Su Qian. He is the only elite Dou Zong in the Inner Academy.” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His finger gently tapped the table as he slowly spoke.

“Aren’t you planning to visit them?”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before slowly shaking his head. He said, “Not for the moment. Quite a number of old monsters have come to this Black Emperor City. All of them are here because of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. If we were to expose our relationship with ‘Xiao Gate’ at this moment, it would instead cause some of them to quietly look for helpers. In this way, it will be better for us to reveal ourselves at a critical moment.”

“It’s up to you.” The Little Fairy Doctor was unconcerned. She raised her grayish-purple eyes and randomly said, “That Mo Ya has come a couple of times during these last two days. He said that the sect leader of the Black Emperor Sect, Mo Tian Xing, wants to invite you for a gathering. However, I rejected them because you are refining medicinal pills.”

“It’s fine rejecting them.” Xiao Yan nodded his head. A thought immediately flashed in his heart as he asked, “What is Mo Tian Xing’s strength like?”

“He is also an elite Dou Zong and is about the same as me. He can be considered a four star Dou Zong.” The Little Fairy Doctor mused before she replied.

“A four star Dou Zong huh…” Xiao Yan muttered to himself.

“That’s right, the gray-robed person at the side of the Demon Flame Valley should also be a Dou Zong.” The Little Fairy Doctor seemed to have recalled something; therefore, she suddenly spoke again.

Xiao Yan knit his brows. His moving finger slowly stopped before he sighed, “As expected. I said that the Demon Flame Valley would not simply just allow a Fang Yan to come. Although this fellow can be considered to have half a foot in the Dou Zong class, there is still an extremely large gap when compared with a genuine Dou Zong. They actually possess a hidden card. I wonder what the background of this mysterious gray-robed person is.”

“I am not aware of it.” The Little Fairy Doctor also shook her head. The aura of the gray-robed person was extremely obscure. If she had not been in close proximity that day, it was likely that even she would have great difficulty discovering the strength of this person. She was also completely unaware of the others.

“Looks like this Black Emperor City will not be calm. There are so many factions interested in the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. However, there is only one of it. Hee hee, I wonder which party will become the greatest winner this time around?” Xiao Yan coldly laughed. He had a premonition that the auction this time around would be tainted with blood.

The Little Fairy Doctor vaguely nodded. She immediately saw Xiao Yan’s red eyes and helplessly said, “You should go and rest first. Such exhaustion is not good for your body.”


Xiao Yan felt somewhat embarrassed after hearing this. His exhaustion this time around was indeed great. If he did not quickly recuperate, it was likely that some burden and harm would be placed on his body. Currently, the auction was about to begin and the events that followed would not be smooth. He needed to maintain his body at its peak condition at all times. Only then could he guarantee that he would not be caught off guard by any unexpected changes.

“In that case, I will go and recuperate first and attempt to recover my old condition before the start of the auction tomorrow.” Xiao Yan sighed, stood up and looked at the night sky outside the window. He involuntarily smiled before speaking with a faint voice.

“Looks like tonight will be a sleepless night.”


The night sky quietly departed. When the first rays of the morning sun appeared, an earth-shaking liveliness instantly erupted within the Black Emperor City, which had been silent for the night. Humans surged out from all directions, swiftly filling the large empty streets. The direction these human figures headed in was the same. The place was the enormous auction hall in the middle of the city! Today was the day of the largest auction that had been held within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for the last hundred years. The number of experts who had arrived had already exceeded any previous auctions. Its influence had also covered every single corner of the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

A ray of morning sunlight spread in through a window and entered a room. It eventually crawled onto a black-robed, young man seated cross-legged on a bed.

The tightly shut eyes of the black-robed young man twitched under the sunlight. A moment later, his eyes suddenly opened. An unusually powerful aura suddenly surged out of Xiao Yan’s body like an awakening lion. It continued to spread from Xiao Yan’s body until it filled the entire room.

A substance-like jade-green flame flickered within his dark-black eyes. The black robe covering the surface of Xiao Yan’s body fluttered without the presence of the wind. It repeatedly emitted a flapping sound, and it was a long while later before the light from the flames in his eyes slowly paled.

After the light from the fire disappeared, the robes on Xiao Yan’s body quietly stilled. They once again pressed against Xiao Yan’s skin.

Some joy made its way into Xiao Yan’s eyes when he sensed the Dou Qi within his body. It was even more powerful than what it was two days ago. Although the crazy pill refinement during these two days had caused him to become extremely exhausted, he realized that his Dou Qi had actually improved after he endured his fatigue and trained for a night. Although this kind of advancement was extremely little, as it accumulated over the days and months, it was only a matter of time before his breakthrough.

Xiao Yan leaped down from the bed and randomly washed himself. After which, he took out an unusually large black robe and put it on. He wore a Doupeng which covered his entire body in its shadows.

Xiao Yan’s finger gently rubbed his Storage Ring before smiling. Only then did he push open the door and leave his room.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan, who were already waiting in the hall, were startled when they saw this black-robed person walk out. Zi Yan was just about to laugh when a black robe was thrown over her, covering her head.

“Wear it, otherwise First Elder and the others will recognize you. The Little Fairy Doctor has already revealed herself, so there is no need for her to wear one.” Xiao Yan spoke while looking at Zi Yan who had tossed aside the black robe.

“Such ugly clothes. I won’t…” Zi Yan’s face was bitter. Although she spoke in this manner, she was defeated a moment later under Xiao Yan’s gaze. She dispiritedly put on the black robe. A little black-robed oddball appeared.

“Let’s go. The auction today will likely be very exciting.”

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at the two people who were ready. He took the lead to push open the door and walk out. Zi Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor followed close behind him.

Due to the auction being about to begin today, the people who were waiting outside of the pavilion had all dispersed. This saved them some trouble. The three of them identified their route before walking out of the Black Emperor Pavilion.

“Ke ke, brother Yan Xiao, you have really made me wait.”

Xiao Yan’s group had just walked out of this area when a white figure came toward them. A laugh was transmitted into their ears.

“A soul that won’t disperse.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyebrows were vertical while she stared at Mo Ya’s warm smile.

Xiao Yan did not have any good feelings toward this fellow. The gaze under the black robe glanced at Mo Ya before asking in a faint voice, “Junior Sect Leader, is there a matter?”

Mo Ya looked at Xiao Yan who was hidden under a big black robe. His eyes involuntarily turned to the Little Fairy Doctor. A fiery heat surged in his heart as he looked at the coldness on her moving face. He took out a jade tablet from his Storage Ring and laughed, “Ke ke, this is a VIP seat for the auction. Only those renowned experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ have the qualification to obtain it. I spent all my breath in order to obtain one from my father.”

“Thank you Junior Sect Leader.” Xiao Yan’s heart rejoiced when he saw the gentle manner on that fellow’s face. He unceremoniously took the jade tablet from the latter’s hand. Without saying any other thanks, he turned around and walked out of the Black Emperor Pavilion’s exit. The sneakily laughing Zi Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor made a detour around Mo Ya and followed.

Mo Ya’s face twitched. He viciously cursed Xiao Yan in his heart before a smile was once again piled on his face. However, he was just about to follow when an icy cool voice caused his face to instantly solidified. His feet seemed to have been glued to the ground.

“If you are grumbling about your long lifespan, you can follow us!”

Chapter 839: The Start of the Show

The location where the Black Emperor Sect held the auction was an exceptionally large open ground located in the middle of the city. Even though this was the case, the Black Emperor Sect seemed to have somewhat underestimated the attraction of this auction.

When Xiao Yan’s group arrived at the auction and saw the seemingly endless black masses of human traffic, they immediately felt speechless. Each of these fellows was even more crazy than the other.

Fortunately, the Black Emperor Sect seemed to have expected such a situation. Hence, they had designed a tunnel that was for the use of the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. After Xiao Yan’s group made some inquiry, they took a couple of turns and successfully arrived in front of the tunnel.

There were many guards from the ‘Black Emperor Sect’ guarding this tunnel. Their hands carried sharp weapons that contained cold glints. The fierce human traffic that was shaken to the point of not daring to approach. A couple of Black Emperor Sect’s Elders were also randomly standing at the tunnel’s entrance. The powerful Dou Qi that spread out from their bodies caused the people around to feel a constant pressure.

At this moment, there would occasionally be some people entering this special tunnel. Each time this happened, it would attract a low exclamation from the massive crowd around. Those who were able to enter from this place were mostly those experts and factions who possessed great reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. These great people were those that the ordinary people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had difficulty seeing.

Those few Elders from the Black Emperor Sect would smile and come forward amid those exclamations. They would courteously invite each group to enter the tunnel.

Xiao Yan’s three man group slowly climbed the stairs in front of the many gazes. After which, they made their way to the entrance of the tightly guarded tunnel.

The many gazes around glanced at these three foreign figures. Two of them were completely wrapped in large black robes. Not even the contour of their bodies was revealed under the cover of the robe’s shadows. The person who attracted the greatest attention among the three was the white-clothed Little Fairy Doctor with snow-white hair. Her ethereal demeanor caused the eyes of quite a number of people to brighten.

“Who are these skilled individuals? Why have we never heard of them?”

“I’m not certain… are they from outside of the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s appearance one that was extremely foreign to the people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Immediately, many people began to engage in private conversations with some uncertainty.

The three Black Emperor Sect’s Elders guarding the door discovered the three of them while everyone was feeling some uncertainty. Their faces changed when they saw the cold-faced white-clothed Little Fairy Doctor. All of them hurriedly revealed a warm smile on their faces and stepped forward to greet the group.

From their manner, it was clear that they already knew of the Little Fairy Doctor’s strength. They were likely also present in that pill refining storm back then.

“Ke ke, mister Yan Xiao, you have finally arrived.” A Black Emperor Sect’s Elder in green robes cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan and laughed.

Xiao Yan, who was completely hidden under a black robe, randomly nodded to this Elder. He did not reply unnecessarily.

The Elder did not dare to feel the slightest dissatisfaction from this somewhat haughty manner. The ability of an alchemist who could refine a high grade tier 6 medicinal pill was far from what him, a Black Emperor Sect Elder, could compare with. Moreover, there was an elite Dou Zong with ice-cold eyes by Xiao Yan’s side.

“Ke ke, please come in.” After conversing a little with Xiao Yan and seeing that the other party was not interested, the Elder tactfully moved aside while continuing to speak with a smile.

“Thank you very much.” Xiao Yan cupped his hand to that Elder. He bluntly led the other two and entered the specially reserved tunnel. After which, they disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

“Hu… that woman. Her aura is really cold. The Dou Qi within my body almost stopped circulating while standing beside her. She is indeed worthy of being an elite Dou Zong.” That green-robed Elder rubbed the cold sweat off his face after watching Xiao Yan’s group disappear within the tunnel. Finally, he spoke with some lingering fear in his voice.

“That Yan Xiao should be the person who was refining medicinal pills back then, right? How unexpected. He actually possesses such an achievement at such a young age. Compared to him, even the junior sect leader is a little inferior.” An Elder softly sighed.

“I really wonder what is their background. We have never heard of these three people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” Another old man frowned and muttered.

“Forget it, these matters are not things that we should be thinking.” The green-robed Elder shook his head. His gaze swept over the tunnel before he saw another group of people appearing. A smile once again surfaced on his face as he stepped forward.

Xiao Yan’s group passed through the dimly lit tunnel. A couple of minutes later, the space in front of them suddenly opened up, and an extremely big auction ground appeared in the eyes of the three of them.

Xiao Yan involuntarily clicked his tongue and praised as he glanced at the unknown number of densely packed seats on the auction ground. This was the first time in his life that he had witnessed an auction of this size. Compared to this place, the auction that the Primer clan held in the Jia Ma Empire was like a tiny being meeting someone greater. They could not even be talked about together.

At this moment, the enormous auction grounds were packed by quite a number of people. Hence, various voices gathered together, appearing somewhat noisy.

The three of them had just walked out of the tunnel when a somewhat pretty and unusually sexily clad female servant came forward. She respectfully inquire, “Three sirs and miss, may I know if you have a VIP jade plate?”

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across this female servant’s clothes, which were almost no different than wearing nothing. He discovered that it was difficult to hide some of her exposed nakedness, and he could not help but feel stunned. The Black Emperor Sect was actually resorting to this sort of tactic?

A soft snort suddenly sounded behind Xiao Yan while his heart was stunned. Only then did he awkwardly smile. He did not dare to bother about whether the snort was emitted from the large or small beauty behind him as he hurriedly took out the jade plate that Mo Ya had given them earlier. He then handed it over.

The expression on the female servant’s face became even more respectful and humble after receiving the jade plate. She respectfully greeted the three of them again, bowed, and said, “Please follow me.” She turned around after speaking, swayed her delicate snake-like waist and led the way. Xiao Yan hurriedly maintained a forward gaze as he followed close behind.

The three of them followed the female servant and took a couple of turns within the auction ground. Awhile later, they finally stopped somewhere near the front of the auction ground. After which, she bowed and withdrew.

The front row of the auction ground was composed of many extremely small rooms. Their constructions were unique, appearing exceptionally luxurious. When someone sat within one, the various noises from behind seemed to become distant. Xiao Yan’s eyes looked forward and saw that he had a good view. He absorbed the various corners of the auction ground into his eyes.

Xiao Yan directed the two others to take a seat in this VIP room. After which, he shrank his body into a soft and comfortable chair. His gaze slowly swept over some of the other VIP seats.

At this moment, quite a number of people were sitting in their VIP seats. Hence, the appearance of Xiao Yan’s group attracted quite a number of gazes. The Little Fairy Doctor’s unique appearance was naturally unforgettable. Hence, she was recognized with just a sweeping gaze.

“The black-robed person in the middle should be that mysterious alchemist from two days ago, right? I wonder what his background is. If the ‘Black-Corner Region’ possessed an alchemist of such a tier, it is likely that everyone already knows of him.” Fang Yan spoke in a deep voice. He sat in a VIP seat while he knit his brows and looked at Xiao Yan, whose entire body was wrapped in a black robe.

The couple of Demon Flame Valley’s Elders beside him also shook their heads slightly in the face of his doubt.

“Hopefully, they will not become our obstruction…” The gray-robed person slowly spoke in a hissing voice. Those dark, dense eyes under the gray robes stared intently in Xiao Yan’s direction. For some unknown reason, that familiar feeling was becoming more obvious…

Xiao Yan discovered these gazes that possessed ill intent after Fang Yan’s groups gazes collectively gathered on Xiao Yan’s group. His brows under the black robe knit together before his gaze immediately drifted past the red-haired Fang Yan and paused on the gray-robed person. For some unknown reason, this fellow was repeatedly giving him a dangerous and strange feeling.

Xiao Yan gently swung his head and suppressed the emotions in his heart. He shut his eyes and began to rest, waiting for the auction to begin.

A large number of people began to enter the auction ground not long after Xiao Yan shut his eyes. More and more human figures appeared in the VIP seats up front. After half an hour, almost all the seats had been taken.

Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly opened in the shadows of the black robe after the seats had all been filled. He softly sighed, “It looks like there are indeed quite a number of experts attracted by this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva…”

After gathering details with his eyes shut earlier, Xia Yan discovered that other than First Elder Su Qian and that mysterious gray-robed person, there were at least two obscure auras within VIP seats. Those who were able to hide their strength in front of his sharp Spiritual Perception were either elite Dou Zongs or those who had used some Secret Technique to hide their aura. These two types of people would definitely not be ordinary.

The Little Fairy Doctor slightly nodded. A solemness appeared in her grayish-purple eyes. The difficulty of snatching this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva had somewhat exceeded her expectations…

The clear sound of a gong suddenly rang out from the middle of the auction ground while Xiao Yan mused. It immediately lingered over the entire auction and suppressed the noise.

The ringing of the gong slowly ceased and an energy light ring slowly rose. Finally, it locked the auction table within it like a cage. This was a kind of protective measure. Most of the people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were lawless. Something like robbing the auctioned items had occurred before. Although the Black Emperor Sect was not an ordinary faction, it was best to be careful. After all, the items that were to be auctioned this time around were far too valuable. Should any mishap occur, the Black Emperor Sect would lose all its face.

Xiao Yan softly exhaled as he observed the circular energy ring that had risen. It was finally about to begin…

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