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Chapter 833

Chapter 833: The Gathering of the Strong

Xiao Yan’s three man group followed the route that the female servant from earlier had described. They walked through the enormous Black Emperor Pavilion for a long while before finally finding the resting area that occupied a large space.

This resting area retained a quiet environment. The lush green clusters around the buildings and the courtyard added a faint refreshing fragrance to the air braced his attention. This serene area caused Xiao Yan’s group to feel extremely satisfied.

The enormous residence area was divided into the Sky, Ground, and Human categories. The Human category rooms were for those experts or factions who possessed little reputation within the Black-Corner Region. Normally speaking, one would have the qualification to stay in this place as long as one reached the Dou Wang class. The Ground category rooms were for those who had reached the Dou Huang class and some factions that possessed quite a great reputation within the Black-Corner Region.

The Sky category room was the most luxurious of them all. Those who could enter that area were all, without exception, well-known experts in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and some top tier factions comparable to the Black Emperor Sect. There were only a few countable people who fulfilled these two conditions in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Xiao Yan’s group took a few turns within the enormous residence area before arriving at the Ground class area. They searched for their room number for a moment before finding their living quarters.


The three of them gently pushed open the door before entering the room. Their gazes swept around it. They found that these quarters not only possessed a living room, but they also contained a couple side rooms. There was even a chamber that was specially meant to be used for training. Even with Xiao Yan’s pickiness, his mouth emitted a clicking sigh when he saw the comprehensive quarters.

“Just look around freely. This can be considered our temporarily resting place for this period of time.” Xiao Yan smiled at the Little Fairy Doctor and took the lead to walk into the quarters. After which, he randomly found a seat and sat down in the living room.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s gaze swept all over the place. After which, she walked to the center of the living room in front of Xiao Yan’s and Zi Yan’s confused gazes. She took out a deep-blue flower from her Storage Ring and inserted it into a flower vase. After doing all of this, she took out two Yaowans (Pills) from her storage ring and handed one to Xiao Yan and one to Zi Yan. She softly said, “This is the ‘Soul Swallowing Flower’. The fragrance it emits causes one to faint. You will not be influenced by it if you consume this. It is best to be a little cautious when traveling outside.”

Xiao Yan observed that extremely beautiful blue flower with great interest after hearing this. He sighed emotionally and said, “Looks like the profinity of a Poison Master is not any less than that of an alchemist. Unless one has deeply studied poison, who would know that an inconspicuous flower that is displayed in this place would have such an effect.”

Xiao Yan took the Yaowan as he spoke. He threw it into his mouth and turned his head to look at Zi Yan who was not very excited. He helplessly shook his head and asked, “Are you still bothered about that matter? That Mo Ya’s strength is at most around a six to seven star Dou Zong. However, the Qi Method that the fellow practices has an exquisite effect of countering brute strength with leverage. It is only natural for you to suffer a disadvantage by being careless. Moreover, you did not use your full strength. If you use a vicious attack the next time you meet, I believe that the fellow&rsq

uo;s strength-countering Dou Technique will not be able to completely remove all of your strength.”

Zi Yan’s little face began to look a little better after hearing Xiao Yan’s comforting words. She softly snorted, “Allow me to go first the next time we meet. Anyone who dares to let this one be so embarrassed will not be let off easily!”

“I think that you will have this chance.” Xiao Yan laughed with a deeper meaning. He had a premonition that this fellow called Mo Ya would not simply appear in front of them just once. There might be quite a number of interactions with him in the future.

“Today, it is possible that that fellow had quietly instructed Kui Sha to come and look for trouble with us.” The Little Fairy Doctor carelessly mentioned.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He muttered, “Don’t tell me it is because of that Qi Shan?”

“I’m not certain. However, we should be more careful regardless of the reason. This is after all still the territory of the Black Emperor Sect. Moreover, I can vaguely sense that there are some auras within the Black Emperor Pavilion that even I can only vaguely sense. Clearly, they should be elite Dou Zongs.” The Little Fairy Doctor voiced her thoughts.

Xiao Yan nodded and sighed, “Looks like they have all come because of that Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. We must be more careful when we do things in the future. Currently, strong people have gathered in this Black Emperor City. There will be endless amounts of trouble if something even goes slightly wrong.”

The Little Fairy Doctor faintly nodded.

“Alright, it is quite later today. Let’s rest first. I will still need to refine medicinal pills tomorrow. At that time, I will require the protection of the both of you. It will be somewhat troublesome should any activity be created that causes me to be interrupted.” Xiao Yan discussed a little, stretched his lazy waist, and immediately stood up. Finally, he walked to a room.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan paused for a moment after hearing him before they eventually found their own room to rest in.

A layer of a dark atmosphere covered a Sky category room some distance from Xiao Yan’s group while they all went to their rooms to rest.

A couple of human figures were seated within this room with the red-haired old man attracting the most attention. It was surprisingly the First Elder from the Demon Flame Valley whom Xiao Yan had saw during the day. There were a couple of old men with extraordinary strength seated beside him. They were likely the Elders of the Demon Flame Valley.

These couple of people possessed an extremely high position within the Demon Flame Valley. Other than the First Elder, who was seated in a chair, the remaining people were all standing with their hands behind their backs at this moment. A human figure wrapped in a gray robe was quietly sitting in front of them.

“Mister, according to what I know, the Black Emperor City has attracted quite a number of old established factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Moreover, the people that led their groups over were all renowned experts within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ It seems that they are also interested in possessing the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva at all cost.” The red-haired First Elder Fang Yan knit his brows and spoke in a somewhat respectful voice to the gray-robed person in front of him.

“The chief has said that we must obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva at all cost. Therefore, we will kill anyone who dares to obstruct us!” A dense gaze slowly shot from the darkness under the gray robe. A hissing sound that caused one’s body to feel a chill slowly reverberated within the room.

“Mister, you can rest assured that our Demon Flame Valley has sent out almost all our elites for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. Other than the fourth Elder’s group, which still has not arrived, the remainder have already been appropriately arranged.” Fang Yan spoke in a deep voice.


“However, mister, I have heard that the ‘Xiao Gate’ and the Jia Nan Academy have dispatched experts over this time around. Both factions are enemies with our Demon Flame Valley. If it is possible, we might need to request mister to act and capture all of them.” Fang Yan hesitated for a moment before speaking slowly.

“‘Xiao Gate,’ the Jia Nan Academy huh…” A low laugh that caused one’s hairs to stand on end was suddenly transmitted from the gray robes when he heard these two names. A moment later, it turned into a hoarse savage laugh, “Relax, none of them will escape.”

Fang Yan smiled when he heard this. He immediately frowned and said, “Looks like the attraction of the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is indeed very great. However, I don’t understand why the Black Emperor Sect would take out this kind of treasure to sell? If this thing is related to the Bodhisattva Heart, why do they not leave it for themselves?”

“It is not that they have never thought of searching for it by themselves. They just do not have that ability. Even though the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva and the Bodhisattva Heart have a relationship, they do not have the qualification to find this relationship. At such a time, they might be able to exchange for something useful if they take it out to auction. Additionally… who knows whether those fellows have some other plans.” The gray-robed person coldly laughed.

Fang Yan nodded upon hearing this. He laughed, “Mister is really experienced. Ke ke, I wonder if that Bodhisattva Heart is really related to an elite Dou Sheng.”

“There are some things that it is best to remain ignorant of. Knowing more might instead be more dangerous.” The gray robes moved slightly as a thread of illusionary aura that was accompanied by an icy-cold voice drifted out.

A cold sweat started to seep out of Fang Yan’s forehead when he heard this. He hurriedly nodded his head. He felt somewhat afraid of this temperamental fellow in his heart.

“Since this is the case, I shall not disturb mister. I will pay more attention to any news regarding the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva and will inform mister if I learn of any.” Fang Yan stood up and spoke respectfully to the gray-robed person.

“Aye, you should also go and investigate just which experts have come. There is no need to pay attention to elite Dou Huangs. Those old demon Dou Zongs are the most troublesome ones. I think that they are not certain about whether this rumored Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, but just the words ‘Dou Sheng’ are enough to get them to come out.” The gray-robed person slowly spoke.


Fang Yan respectfully replied. He waved his hand and led a couple of Elders as they orderly left the room. After which, they gently shut the door.

The room once again became quiet after the few people left. That gray-robed person quietly sat on the chair. His body did not move even a little. This continued for awhile before a low muttering voice was emitted.

“Why is it that the back I saw today possess a somewhat familiar scent? Don’t tell me that I have met him before?”

The gray robe gently moved as the mutter sounded. A hand was extended and grabbed the teacup. When it was about to make contact with the teacup, a light appeared on his hand, making it appear somewhat strange and illusory.

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