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Chapter 767

Chapter 767: Agility Fight

The sudden change in the white-haired lady aroused the attention of Yan Luo Tian by her side. He was also surprised. This was the first time in such a long while that he had seen this cold woman reveal such an expression.

“Poison Sect Leader, what is it?” Yan Luo Tian opened his mouth and asked after a moment of hesitation.

The white-haired woman ignored Yan Luo Tian’s inquiry. Her gray-purplish eyes merely stared intently at the face that had been hidden deep within her memory. A glow flashed in her eyes. She appeared to be struggling over something. This continued for quite a while before the ripple in her eyes slowly became fainter. She inhaled a deep breath of air and those gray-purplish eyes once again recovered their indifference. For some unknown reason, her eyes were unwilling to remain on Xiao Yan’s face.

“I’ll leave him to you…” The white-haired woman waved her hand and finally opened her mouth to speak.

Yan Luo Tian smiled and nodded upon hearing this. He laughed in a ferocious manner, “Relax, I will let him taste a swift death by my hands.” His voice had just sounded when he suddenly sensed a gaze that was filled with a dense chill shooting over. He immediately turned his head, only to see that the white-haired woman’s ice-cold eyes were shooting over.

Tiny goosebumps immediately rose on Yan Luo Tian’s skin upon being stared at in such a manner. His heart was baffled but his face forcefully smiled with great difficulty. He laughed dryly, “What is it?”

“Remember, I want him alive!” The white-haired woman’s voice was filled with a cold sternness.

Yan Luo Tian was immediately stunned when he heard this. A strange feeling immediately rose within his heart. Ever since he became acquainted with this leader of the Poison Sect, he had always felt shocked over the other party’s indifferent and emotionless character. Hence, he had always been very afraid of her. This was the first time in such a long time that he had actually heard her utter such a request.

“Ke ke, since the Poison Sect’s leader has such a request, it will naturally not be a problem. Should the army attack after we begin the battle? If we break this fortress of theirs, it is likely that the other side’s morale will fall. Along with it, the experts from the Jia Ma Empire will also have the intention of withdrawing. In this way, we can also save a lot of trouble.” Yan Luo Tian hurriedly laughed while this thought lingered over his heart.

The eyes of the white-haired woman flickered. This method was her original intention. However, for some reason the current her was somewhat hesitant to do this. This was because she knew that if she truly did that, the Jia Ma Empire would definitely suffer countless numbers of injuries and deaths. He…

The white-haired woman clenched her silver teeth slightly while her voice spoke in a cold manner, “There is no need to. The Jia Ma Empire will naturally fall apart themselves without us attacking as long as we defeat these two people.”

The white-haired woman withdrew her icy-cold eyes once she said this. Her toes pressed on the head of the eagle and her body was immediately suspended in the sky. That enormous eagle flapped its enormous wings and flew to the side.

Yan Luo Tian helplessly shook his head as he looked at the white-haired woman who had descended from the eagle’s head. Would he not have to work harder in order to do as he was told?

The lovely figure of the white-haired woman stood in the empty air. Her grayish-purple eyes coldly glanced at Medusa as she slowly said, “Medusa, surrender. I will give your Snake-People Race a satisfactory place to stay in the future.”

“Dream on?” Medusa gave a rid

iculing smile. How could somewhat as haughty as her accept this kind of charity like gift?

“Since you are so stubborn, this ancestor (refer to a Dou Zong) can only destroy your entire Snake-People Tribe…” The white-haired woman was not disturbed. Her tone was still calm but the words that she spoken were so cruel that it caused one’s heart to become cold.

“You can come and try!” A dark, cold expression appeared on Medusa’s face. She was also extremely angry at this white-haired woman.

“You are that Sect Leader of the Poison Sect?” Xiao Yan, who was standing by the side, swept his eyes over this white-haired woman while he frowned and asked in a deep voice.

A slight glint appeared in that woman’s eyes when she heard Xiao Yan’s voice. She lowered her eyes slightly and calmly questioned, “Who are you?”

“The chief of the Xiao Alliance, Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan cupped his hands and spoke with a faint smile.

The white-haired woman clenched her delicate hand under her sleeves when she heard this name that had been hidden in her memory. However, there was not much fluctuation in her voice, “Let the Yan Alliance surrender. I will guarantee that not a single person will be hurt.”

The eyes of Yan Luo Tian, who was following behind the white-haired woman, became much stranger when he heard these words. Not a single person would be hurt? Why was it that these words had a ridiculing effect when spoken from the mouth of this female demon who was numb from killing people? However, she seemed to be somewhat unusual today…

A thought flashed within Yan Luo Tian’s heart as his eyes suddenly looked at the black-robed, young man. It seems that this leader of the Poison Sect had become somewhat unusual when making contact with this person. Did she have a crush on this fellow?

“If I were to actually surrender, there is likely no need for me to return and meet my clan members. We can forget about Sect Leader’s good suggestion.” Xiao Yan smiled faintly. His smile was somewhat mocking in nature. His gaze swept over the white-haired woman once again. For some unknown reason, his heart faintly felt a familiar feeling. However, he had no leads if he wanted to explore around. After all, the current her had undoubtedly undergone a drastic transformation in terms of character, appearance, and image compared to back then.

Yan Luo Tian’s eyes became cold when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. He was just about to open his mouth to reprimand him when he suddenly remembered something. His eyes glanced at the white-haired woman by his side. After hesitating for a moment, he swallowed these words.

The white-haired woman immediately let out a soft sigh when she heard this. Her pair of gray-purplish eyes turned towards Medusa as she spoke in a faint voice, “Your support should be her right? Since that is the case, I will defeat her and see whether you will still be so stubborn after that.”

“What bold words. It seems that the palm from the last time did not let you know how to hold back!” Medusa laughed coldly. Majestic Dou Qi suddenly surged out from her body. The surrounding air began to violently fluctuate under the frightening attack by this Dou Qi.

Majestic Dou Qi spread over dozens of meters around the white-haired woman before it seemed to have received an invisible force and ceased moving further. Some seven colored Dou Qi that had forcefully entered it began to be separated into nothingness at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yan Luo Tian laughed when he saw that the two people had already quietly began to face off against each other. His body moved and rushed toward Xiao Yan. A cold smile appeared on his mouth as he said, “Brat, I did not expect you to break the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ of the three Mulan Elders. I am also interested in that agility Dou Technique of yours. I will definitely study it properly after capturing you.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed as he watched Yan Luo Tian rushing over. The fire wings on his back were flapped as he hurriedly withdrew. Compared to the Mulan three Elders, this fellow was undoubtedly a little more troublesome. After all, he was a genuine elite Dou Zong. That strength belonged to him and he was able to maneuver it as he wished.

Xiao Yan’s body had just pulled back when a golden glow suddenly brightened on Yan Luo Tian’s back. A pair of golden-colored wings that were at least seventy to eighty feet in size were swiftly spread apart. They flapped slightly and a wild wind whistled. His speed had suddenly soared. Within a short instant, he had actually appeared beside Xiao Yan. He flapped those enormous goose wings and a countless number of golden glows shot out in all directions. A powerful wind tore through the air and an ear-piercing whistle reverberated unceasingly across the sky.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed as he sensed that every single part of his body was covered by a dense, cold wind. His heart moved and a fierce jade-green flame suddenly surged out from his body. The temperature of the place suddenly soared following the appearance of the flame. Those golden glows were repeatedly transformed into wisps of green flames that quickly disappeared under this high temperature.

“Heavenly Flame?”

Yan Luo Tian let out a surprised gasp when he saw the jade-green flame on Xiao Yan’s body. His body advanced instead of withdrawing. His hand formed a blade shape as the bright golden energy surged and violently hacked toward Xiao Yan’s neck.

The silver glow under Xiao Yan’s feet swiftly flickered as he sensed the sharp wind that was contained on Yan Luo Tian’s hand blade. His body also strangely flashed back.

“You want to escape?” Yan Luo Tian let out a cold laugh when he saw Xiao Yan’s withdrawing figure. His body was twisted into an unusual arc and he immediately stepped forward. That body of his flew through the sky as he followed Xiao Yan like maggots in tarsal bones.

Yan Luo Tian, who had swiftly followed, caused Xiao Yan to narrow his eyes slightly. The other party’s agility Dou Technique seemed to be extremely mysterious. This was the first time that someone had followed him this closely ever since he had started practicing the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’.

Silver glows once again flashed under his feet as an afterimage remained behind in the same spot. Xiao Yan’s body appeared to have teleported as he appeared over ten meters away.

Wind once again rushed toward Xiao Yan just when he had appeared. All he could see was Yan Luo Tian spread his arms in an even manner while his legs were curled slightly back. He appeared as though he was a large flying bird as it flew across the sky and once again caught up with Xiao Yan in an unusual manner.

“Hee hee, brat. Your agility is indeed quite good. You can compare with my Golden Geese Sect’s ‘Goose Flight’. If I am able to obtain and practice it, my speed would definitely far exceed an ordinary elite Dou Zong.” Yan Luo Tian laughed in a sinister manner. His face had a greediness that he could not hide. Clearly the agility that Xiao Yan displayed had already stirred his greedy heart.

“Why? Have you stopped running?” Yan Luo Tian lifted his brows when he saw that Xiao Yan had actually ceased flying after having been caught up to. The gold light in Yan Luo Tian’s hand grew even denser and a sharp force shook the air until it fluctuated slightly.

Yan Luo Tian suddenly flapped the goose wings on his back and his body appeared at a spot that was less than a meter from Xiao Yan in a ghost-like manner. He let out a dark smile as the hand blade, which was wrapped in a golden light, ruthlessly hacked at Xiao Yan’s arm.

The golden light blade cut through the sky. However, before it ruthlessly hacked off Xiao Yan’s arm, a cold smile was lifted on the latter’s face. The hand seal which was maintained for a long time in his hand was abruptly pushed forward. Immediately, it easily collided with Yan Luo Tian’s chest.

“Open Mountain Seal!”

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