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Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Poison Sect’s Sect Leader

Xiao Yan, who was forming a hand seal, became slightly stunned when the eagle cry resounded over the sky. His brows were knit slightly the moment he saw the wild joy on two Mulan Elder’s faces that had suddenly appeared. His gaze also followed the direction from which the eagle cry was transmitted and looked over.

“Brat, I want to see if you can defeat another elite Dou Zong in your current condition?” The bear-headed Elder’s gaze was filled with a viciousness as he looked at Xiao Yan and laughed in a savage manner.

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His gaze merely stared at the distant sky behind the alliance army from the three large empires. A large figure was rushing over in a lightning-like manner from that direction.

The figure swiftly broke through the sky and finally appeared in front of everyone’s gazes in a sudden manner a moment later. One could see that the large figure was surprisingly a serene blue-colored eagle!

The large eagle was a completely serene-blue color. Its sharp large mouth was curled into a cold arc that contained a cold glow. Those large eagle claws under it were incomparably sharp. Just looking at this size, it seemed to have the strength to easily smash rocks.

The large three empire’s army suddenly went into an uproar when this enormous serene-blue eagle appeared. Some of the people knelt on the ground while looking at the enormous eagle that flew over. Their faces were filled with a wild heat.


Another loud and clear eagle cry resounded over the place. It finally carried a wild wind and appeared in the sky. Enormous pairs of large wings were slowly flapped and the slight wind that it carried immediately transformed into tiny wind cyclones that swept in all directions.

The huge eagle was suspended in the sky and the gazes of everyone present gathered on that eagle’s head. There was a graceful lovely figure quietly standing at that spot. The surrounding wild wind that blew over did not even cause the corner of her clothes to flap. The lady was wearing loose purple-red clothes. Her sleeves had an expensive purple-gold thread dexterously sewn around it, appearing extraordinary luxurious. Of course, the thing that attracted the most attention was that bright snow-white long hair which softly scattered downward, appearing just like a splashing silver waterfall…

The woman’s face was covered by a veil that hid it from sight. Although the face appeared hazy, it gave a person a curiosity to investigate. Additionally, the thing that appeared somewhat strange were her purple-gray eyes that were as unemotional as withered bark!

Over half of the flying rays of light in the sky hurriedly stopped when they saw the white-haired lady who was standing on the large eagle. They were suspended in the sky while bowing and greeting her.

“Greetings Sect Leader!”

The white-haired woman who had suddenly appeared also shook the battleground of Medusa and Yan Luo Tian. The two of them withdrew a couple of steps after an intense collision. Yan Luo Tian swiftly wiped a thread of blood trace from the corner of his mouth. His body withdrew in a lightning-like manner. When he did so, he did not forget to laugh loudly to Medusa’s ice-cold face, “Ha ha, how unfortunate. Although the three useless Mulan Elders have failed, we still have the Sect Leader of the Poison Sect. This is an elite Dou Zong whom even you can do nothing against. Today, the fate of the Jia Ma Empire has been sealed!”

Medusa’s face was ice-cold. A pair of pupils that contained killing intent leaped past Yan Luo Tian and stared at the white-haired lady on that enormous eagle.

Xiao Yan exchanged looks with the two Mulan Elders in front of him after Yan Luo Tian withdrew his body. He also flashed an

d withdrew. Within a couple of flashes, he appeared near the enormous eagle before carefully pausing his body. He no longer dared to advance. All of them knew that this white-haired lady was too frightening when it came to using poison. If he were too get to close, it was likely that he would not even realize just when he was poisoned and become unconscious.

The cheer that was originally on the fortress had completely disappeared. An exceptional silence covered the top of the walls. A countless number of people were looking at that lady with drifting white hair on that enormous eagle. Their eyes held a fear that was emitted within their heart. This kind of look was something that did not even appear when Yan Luo Tian and the three Mulan Elders appeared at the same time,

“Isn’t she recuperating? Why… would she actually appear at this time?” Hai Bodong’s hand that was placed on the walls involuntarily trembled. His voice was also unusually hoarse as he spoke.

The expressions of Jia Xing Tian, Fa Ma, and the others were not very good. Even if Medusa were to attack, it was difficult for her to be victorious in the face of this extremely mysterious Sect Leader of the Poison Sect. Moreover, that unusual and peerless poison skill caused one to have difficulty defending against. With her appearance, it was likely that the threat today would soar once again.

Xiao Ding gently rubbed his forehead. His eyes revealed a defeated expression. Clearly, the appearance of this mysterious leader of the Poison Sect weighed down on him.

That sect leader from the Poison Sect had only just appeared but she had already caused people from the Jia Ma Empire to fall into such a low atmosphere. From this, it could be seen just what kind of fearful heart the people from the Jia Ma Empire held toward her.

While in the sky, Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn as he watched the two Mulan Elders withdraw. After which he threw his gaze toward the white-haired lady on the enormous eagle. His heart slightly sank. He could sense that this mysterious woman’s strength was extremely frightening. It was likely that she was not much weaker than Medusa. It seemed that the situation today was becoming increasingly worse.

“She is that Sect Leader of the Poison Sect, you should be careful.” Medusa’s figure moved and appeared beside Xiao Yan. Her face was solemn as she spoke.

Xiao Yan’s heart once again violently sank when he saw that even Medusa revealed such an expression. It seemed that this Sect Leader of the Poison Sect really did have an extremely frightening strength.

“Do you have confidence in dealing with her?” Xiao Yan softly inquired.

“Difficult… this person is also extremely strange. It is already my limit to block her. Unless we really fight to the point where both of us are defeated with serious injuries, it is extremely difficult to defeat her.” Medusa hesitated for a moment before shaking her head and sighing.

Xiao Yan could only softly sigh when he heard this. He turned his head to look at the deathly silent atmosphere of the walls, clenched his teeth and said, “It is also alright to just block her. The other party’s three Mulan Elders have been crippled by me. Leave Yan Luo Tian for me to deal with!”

Medusa once again hesitated before slightly nodding. However, her heart vaguely sank. Although she and Xiao Yan might be able to block the two elite Dou Zongs from the other side, the experts from the three sects far outnumbered those from the Jia Ma Empire. If they were to launch a full attack on the fortress, it was likely that the fortress would really be unable to last for long before it would fall. If this large alliance army were allowed to charge into the empire at that time, they would be extremely tired even if they had the excess strength to give chase. However, with the current situation, they were left with no other choice but this. After all, they could not just allow this Sect Leader of the Poison Sect and Yan Luo Tian into this offensive and defensive fight. These two people would likely be able to kill quite a number of experts from the Yan Alliance and the Snake-People Tribe by just lifting their hands.

During the time that Xiao Yan was discussing and deciding with Medusa, the purple-gray pupils of the white haired lady on the enormous eagle in the distant swept indifferently over Yan Luo Tian and the two Mulan Elders. Her voice was flat as she said, “You two have let this ancestor (refer to oneself as a Dou Zong) down.”

Yan Luo Tian and the two Mulan Elders revealed an embarrassment on their faces when they heard these words of hers. The former coldly snorted, “It is only because these three old fellows were careless. Not only did they fail to finish off that Dou Huang class brat but they even let him break their ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ and seriously injure one of them.”

The two Mulan Elders also became furious when they heard Yan Luo Tian make accusations. The Elder who had transformed into a bear-headed person earlier said angrily, “Sect Leader Yan, that fellow is not an ordinary Dou Huang. I dare to say that his strange agility earlier is something that even your Gold Geese Sect’s top agility skill cannot match!”

“No matter how mysterious his agility skill is, he is at the very most merely a Dou Huang! Looks like the reputation of the three Mulan Elders from the Mulan Valley is over exaggerated.” Yan Luo Tian laughed coldly. His eyes were also filled with fury at this moment. If these three old fellow hadn’t failed, how would he end up becoming so miserable in Medusa’s hands, resulting in him losing face in front of so many people.”

“Yan Luo Tian, you better not go overboard. My Mulan Valley isn’t afraid of your Gold Geese Sect!” The two Mulan Elders immediately became extremely furious as they cried out sternly.

“Why? You two, who have lost the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ also dare to scream at me?” Yan Luo Tian narrowed his eyes while he spoke in a dark and sinister manner. The Mulan Three Elders without the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’ were merely just ordinary people at the peak of the Dou Huang class. They did not pose much of a threat in the eyes of an elite Dou Zong.

“You…” The three Mulan Elders were extremely furious. Their faces swelled to a purple color but they did not dare to attack.

“Finished bickering?” The-white haired woman on the enormous eagle spoke in an indifferent manner while the three people were picking on each other.

Yan Luo Tian and the two Mulan Elders felt a chill on their faces when they heard the coldness in her voice. They once again looked at each other ferociously before turning their eyes away.

“Mulan two Elders, the both of you should gather with the other experts in the army after this.” Gray-purple eyes swept over the two people’s body as the white-haired lady spoke in an indifferent voice.

The faces of the two Mulan Elders changed a little when they heard this but they could only nod their heads with a bitter smile. Having lost the ‘Three Beast Savage Skill’, they were merely at the peak of the Dou Huang class. They were unable to participate in the battles at the Dou Zong class. Immediately, they moved their bodies and joined the large army below.

The white-haired lady glanced at Yan Luo Tian by the side after dispatching the two Mulan Elders. Her eyes remained as still as an old well, “Leave Medusa to me… as for the Dou Huang brat that you have mentioned…”

Her eyes swept over the sky above the fortress when she spoke until this moment. Her gaze paused on Medusa’s body before turning to the black-robed, young man by the side. The face under the veil were initially startled when she saw the cold, young face. It immediately changed as she involuntarily muttered, “How can it be him?”

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