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Chapter 739: Qingshan

This time around, Xiao Yan did not drag things out. After accounting to Xiao Ding and Xiao Li about this matter, he found Zi Yan in the mansion and brought her along as he quietly left.

Xiao Yan was bringing Zi Yan along and was just about to leave the empire quickly using his Dou Qi wings to travel when Zi Yan by his side pulled his sleeve. Her little hand pointed in front of them and laughed with a clear voice, "Cai Lin jie (older sister) is there."

Xiao Yan was immediately startled when he heard these words. He hurriedly threw his gaze in the direction she pointed and did indeed see Medusa's bewitching figure leaning lazily on a tree trunk. Her pretty eyes were starting at the two of them.

"Why are you here?" Xiao Yan asked in surprised.

"Don't think that you can bring Zi Yan away by yourself. I am worried about her following you." Medusa faintly replied. She immediately walked over with slow footsteps and lifted Zi Yan up while ignoring Xiao Yan's stunned eyes.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head when he saw this. He could only say, "Alright, you can follow. I am going to undertake a retreat and not to have fun. The reason I am bringing Zi Yan along is also because she will require an enormous amount of energy in order for her to advance and the place that I am heading to is very suitable for her."

While he spoke in this manner with his mouth, Xiao Yan's shoulders shook, and his jade-green fire wings slowly extended out. Finally, they transformed into beautiful fire wings that were over ten feet long.

"You can bring Zi Yan along and follow me." Xiao Yan spoke to Medusa before flapping his wings. His body rose to the sky before flying toward the distant Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Medusa looked at Xiao Yan's helpless figure from behind and a faint arc that could hardly be sensed was lifted on her cold beautiful face. She immediately pulled Zi Yan as her body flashed and appeared in the sky. Her toes pressed on the empty space and swiftly flew in the direction of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan had took a map of the Jia Ma Empire when he left. He followed the route in his memory and swiftly flew to northwestern side of the empire.

Back then, that little mountain valley was located deep in the northwestern part of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. That place was extremely far from the empire. An ordinary flying beast or a horse carriage would have at least taken five or six days before they could reach the place they were headed to. However, the current Xiao Yan was no longer that small Dou Zhe from back then. With his current speed, he would need less than a day to move anywhere in the Jia Ma Empire.

Using the route indicated by the map, Xiao Yan and the other two continued hurrying through their journey for half a day. They arrived at a mountain peak that was near the Magical Beast Mountain Range in the evening.

Their bodies slowly landed from the sky. Xiao Yan stood on the mountain peak. His eyes carried a thread of memory as he studied the land that was somewhat familiar. He could still remember that it was in this place that he had once been chased by a mercenary company called the Wolf Head until he had fled deep into the mountain range. It was there that he had first met Yun Yun, who had been using the name Yun Zhi at the time…

Xiao Yan descended into his memories. Only after a long while did he softly sigh. A couple of years had past. It truly was a situation where the physical aspects were similar but the people had completely changed.

Xiao Yan's gaze followed the mountain peak and shifted down. Finally, it paused on the little town that was seated at the foot of the mountain. He could still remember that this little town was named Qingshan Town. It was his first training spot after he had left Wu Tan City back then. Here, he had befriended the first friend of his life, the kind girl who was called Little Fairy Doctor…

hat white-dressed girl, who was gently sitting in a medicinal shop healing those injured mercenaries, flashed across Xiao Yan's head. He exhaled his breath. Nearly six to seven years had past and he did not know how she was currently doing. Did her 'Woeful Poison Body' that even Yao Lao was somewhat afraid of undergo an outburst? Xiao Yan felt heartache as he recalled that kind girl who had to consume poison everyday to maintain her body's functions.

Numerous emotions flashed across Xiao Yan's heart. A moment later, they transformed into a soft sigh that was emitted from Xiao Yan's mouth. He looked toward Medusa and Zi Yan by his side. He smiled and said, "Let's go. First, head to the little town…" His body moved after saying this and became like a falling leaf in a breeze as it gently rushed down. Medusa and Zi Yan followed close behind.

Given the speed of the few people, they appeared in the little town after a couple of breaths. They looked at the somewhat ancient words on the entrance of the small town that still existed. Xiao Yan mind was momentarily a little absent-minded as he muttered, "Qingshan town, it has been a long time since I last saw you…"

A few years ago, a young man had left his clan to train. He had difficulty walking while carrying that enormous black ruler on his back. He had arrived at this place with a head covered with perspiration. That somewhat tender face revealed a smile as though he had unloaded a heavy burden when he looked at the small town.

"This place is the first place I came to when I was training back then. The me then was merely a little fellow who had just advanced to the Dou Zhe class…" Xiao Yan smiled slightly and spoke to the two people beside him.

Zi Yan and Medusa were startled when they heard this. They secretly laughed, "It is unexpected that after having not come here a few years that the little fellow who was a Dou Zhe back then has already become this strong. Do you have the feeling of the physical objects remaining the same but the people being different?"

Xiao Yan smiled and patted Zi Yan's head. He lifted his head and looked in all directions. The current size of Qingshan Town was much larger compared to what it was back then. Even the flow of people had become many times greater than what it was. There were some passersby and mercenaries who were preparing to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range to hunt for Magical Beasts passing by this entrance of this small town. This human flow would involuntarily slow their footsteps when they passed by Xiao Yan and the other two. Of course, the main reason for them to shorten their strides was naturally not because of Xiao Yan but instead because of Medusa and Zi Yan by his side.

There were hardly any females whom Xiao Yan had met that could compare with Medusa in terms of beauty. This was especially true combined with her ice-cold and noble demeanor that was faintly present. It caused people's eyes to involuntarily shoot over. Moreover, due to her being Medusa, her entire body was emitting a kind of bewitching allure that caused one to become a moth that leaped uncontrollably into a flame despite clearly knowing that she was a beautiful female snake who knew how to eat humans.

Zi Yan currently still possessed the appearance of a little girl, her jade-carving-like appearance was extremely cute. Her gem-like eyes flashed repeatedly and gave one the feeling of liking her too much to let go. This point could be clearly identified from Medusa's attitude toward her.

Of course, those numerous gazes that looked at the two woman would still be thrown toward the black-robed, young man who stood between them. Some of the mercenaries whose body were covered with muscles would curl their mouths upon seeing the other party's skinny figure. They would quietly grumble about how this skinny, weak guy would have such luck with women.

Medusa's coldness also attracted quite a lot of attention. Perhaps it was because these people had frequently licked blood from their blades but these mercenaries' instincts told them that this woman was somewhat frightening despite the heat that was revealed in their eyes…

Their instincts were extremely accurate. This was because Medusa's pretty eyebrows had already become slightly vertical under the focus of the many eyes. Seven colored energy was partially visible on her hand under her sleeves.

"Forget it…" Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head when he sensed the slight energy fluctuation from beside him. The killing aura of this woman was too strong.

Medusa hesitated for a moment after hearing Xiao Yan's words. Although she did not say anything, the energy on her hands had been quietly reduced.

Xiao Yan walked into the small town. The road that was paved with rock fragments caused Xiao Yan's mood to be quietly relaxed. He had not felt such a feeling in a long time. After he had left the Jia Ma Empire, he had been living by utilizing every second as he raced against time. He had trained all day and night.

Xiao Yan walked an entire street before turning around once again. A long while later, he slowly paused his footsteps outside an enormous medicinal shop. His gaze was absent-minded as he looked at the scene that was still somewhat familiar. Back then, he had met the Little Fairy Doctor for the first time in this shop. The medicinal shop was currently even larger than back then, but it lacked that gentle smile to brighten the place.

Xiao Yan let out a soft sigh. He suddenly felt a feeling of melancholy. With a wave of his hand, he turned his head and spoke to the two people beside him, "Forget it, let's leave. We will enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range today."

Medusa and Zi Yan did not reveal any other opinions as they nodded.

Xiao Yan did not procrastinate when he saw this. He turned around and walked toward the path that lead out of the small town and headed into the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

However, Xiao Yan had just turned his body when chaos suddenly ensued on a path not far away. Two human figures immediately rushed into the crowd and fled in panic. When the two human figures rushed past the street, a couple of human figures came rushing down from a building beside them and blocked the both of them.

"Ha ha, you are thinking of fleeing? Today, not a single person of your 'Bloody Battle Mercenary Company' will be able to flee!" A middle-aged man,who had a scar on his face, slowly walked forward, and gave a savage smile to the man and woman who were blocked by him.

The two people who were surrounded were a man and a woman. The man was a middle-aged person with a strong build. His calm face currently held a bitterness. The woman by his side was quite young. Her lovely figure was slim and her appearance was also quite beautiful. However, that lovely face was unusually white at this moment.

"You should hurry and leave. I will stop them!" The middle-aged man's gaze stared intently at that man with the scar and sternly cried out, "Han Rui, our 'Bloody Battle Mercenary Company' has already given up most of the territory in Qingshan to you. Why must your Snake Nest Mercenary Company exterminate us? Aren't you too arrogant even if you have the He clan supporting you?"

"What can you do if we are arrogant? The chief has said that we will not leave even a single person in the 'Bloody Battle Mercenary Company' alive! If you are wise, you will hand over that little girl as soon as possible. The chief has decided to take her body tonight." The man with the scar let out a savage smile as he spoke.

"Dream on!" The middle-aged man cried out angrily. However, he turned around and slammed his palm onto the woman's body. A force pushed her back by over ten meters. "Ling Er, flee! Enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range!"

The man with the scar coldly watched the actions of the middle-aged man as he let out a cold laugh. He waved his hand. "Kill him!"

A couple of human figures immediately gave an affirmative response when they heard the order. They immediately brandished their weapons and charged at the middle-age man. That man with the scar, on the other hand, strode toward the woman with a pale, pretty face. The corner of his mouth contained a lewd smile.

Xiao Yan watched this sudden unexpected scene from the end of the street. Originally, he was not the least bit interested in this kind of matter where people killed each other for revenge. However, the 'Bloody Battle Mercenary Company' that the man with the scar mentioned had brought back some of his memories. His gaze studied that middle-aged man and the woman. He knit his brows slightly. Ling Er?


During the time that Xiao Yan was deep in thought, the middle-aged man, who was originally injured, was no match for an attack from a couple of opponents. Finally, he was forced back with a palm strike and a mouthful of blood was spat out. He turned his head and looked at the man with a scar who was walking toward the woman with a lewd smile. A tragic laughter was emitted as despair surfaced in his eyes.

"Uncle Ka Gang!" The woman who called Ling Er finally could not control herself as she cried out with tears when she saw the middle-aged person being wounded.

Xiao Yan, who was at the end of the street, let out a soft sigh when he heard her cry. He finally managed to remember that accidental encounter in the Magical Beast Mountain Range back then.

Although there were quite a number of people observing the scene that was happening on the street, there was not a single person who dared intervene. Clearly, the people here were extremely afraid of the people backing up the man with the scar.

That man with the scar also appeared to be aware of this point. Hence, he was unafraid when he acted. His arrogant ear-piercing laughter caused quite a number of people to frown.

"Hee hee, it is useless no matter how you shout. Miss Ling Er, obediently return with me. After our chief has enough fun with you, I will serve you properly…" The man with a scar let out an obscene laugh. His large hand grabbed at the woman. At this moment, the latter appeared to be without any strength to retaliate. Hence, she could only watch the large hand come closer. Her eyes revealed a despair and miserable color.

"Bastard! You are worse than even an animal. A beast…" The middle-aged man who was called Ka Gang watched the actions of the scarred man and angrily scolded. However, his curse had just sounded when a human figure stomped his foot against Ka Gang's chest and kicked him to the ground, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood once again.

The scarred man coldly smiled as he looked at Ka Gang. His hand was suddenly extended and grabbed at the woman in front of him.

However, his body strangely paused when his hand was still half a foot from the woman. A powerful force rushed over and violently smashed into his chest.

"Grug! Grug! Grug… grug… grug…"

The sudden heavy blow caused the scarred man's expression to turn pale. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat to the sky and his body fell like a dead dog. It also rubbed against the street for over ten meters before slowly coming to a stop.

This kind of unexpected turn of events caused the street to instantly become quiet. A countless number of people were stunned as they looked at the man with a scar who had suddenly become a dead dog. Their minds had difficulty coming to terms with the change.

The lovely lady who was called Ling Er also opened her small mouth and looked at the scarred man who was repeatedly moaning on the ground. A moment later, she seemed to have sensed something as she suddenly turned her head. A black robe slowly imprinted itself in her eyes.

Chapter 740: Meeting an Acquaintance

Ling Er's gaze paused momentarily on the black robe before swiftly shifting up. A young, handsome face that was covered with a calm expression appeared in her sight.

She opened her sleek, red, small mouth as she looked at the young face, feeling somewhat absent-minded. For some unknown reason, she repeatedly felt that she seemed acquainted with this face. However, she was still unable to think of where she had seen it no matter how she recalled at this moment.

Ka Gang, who was on the ground after being beaten, took the opportunity to climb to his feet. He ignored the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth and charged forward to protect Ling Er. He raised his head and spoke with gratitude to the black-robed, young man in front of him, "Mister, thank you very much for rescuing us!"

Many people on the street had also recovered at this moment. Their gazes were shocked as they looked at this black-robed, young man who appeared quite young. Although they were very surprised that he was able to force back the scarred man, who was a three star Dou Shi, with a strike, many people revealed pitiful gazes toward him. Did this little, young fellow not know just how arrogant and despotic the Snake Nest Mercenary Company was in the Qingshan Town? With the support of the He clan from the Black Rock City, no one within a five hundred kilometer radius of the Magical Beast Mountain Range dared to offend the Snake Nest Mercenary Company. It was for no reason other than this He clan possessed an expert who was a genuine Dou Wang!

The few men who were clearly people from the Snake Nest Mercenary Company hurriedly ran to help the man with the blade scar up since he was injured. After which, many pairs of vicious gazes were thrown toward the black-robed, young man.

" Pooh!" The scarred man stood up with great difficulty. His face was pale as he spat out the fresh blood in his mouth. His gaze was vicious as he looked at Xiao Yan's calm face. He laughed furiously, "Good little fellow, you are really bold. You actually dare to offend our Snake Nest Mercenary Company in Qingshan Town? Do you not know that our Company Leader is the son-in-law of the He clan?"

Xiao Yan faintly glanced at the scarred man and shook his head. He had really not heard of the so-called He clan.

"This sir, Ka Gang is extremely grateful to you for your favor. However, you should try to leave as soon as possible. Once the experts from the Snake Nest Mercenary Company arrive, it will be difficult for you to leave." Ka Gang sighed softly as he looked at the vicious gaze of the scarred man. He pushed Ling Er toward Xiao Yan and softly begged, "Mister, please bring Ling Er and leave Qingshan. If you feel that it is troublesome, you can get her to leave after you exit the small town. I will stop them!"

"I won't go! If you are going to die, let's all die together. In any case, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company will definitely be unable to live beyond today. There is no meaning to me living if that is the case." Ling Er did not move when she heard this. She simply clenched her teeth and cried.

"You…" Ka Gang became furious. However, he could only sigh dispiritedly when he saw the tragic face of Ling Er. He waved his hand and said, "Forget it, forget it, you should hold the dagger under your sleeves properly. If you are captured, you can commit suicide to avoid being humiliated."

Xiao Yan by the side looked at these two people while feeling neither able to laugh nor cry. He shook his head and laughed softly, "Uncle Ka Gang, you can be reassured that if I wish to protect the two of you today, no one in this Jia Ma Empire will dare touch you."

Ka Gang was startled in the face of Xiao Yan's somewhat familiar form of address. He bitterly laughed, "I appreciate mister's good intention. However, the Snake Nest Mercenary Company is not something that you can contend with. Ling Er and I will delay them. You should leave quickly."

"Hee hee, leave? You want to leave after wounding your grandpa? How could there be such a nice thing?" A savage smile immediately formed on the scarred man's face on the other side. His hand swiftly took out a fire cylinder from his chest pocket. After which, he pulled at it and a signal flew to the sky before exploding.
TL: Calling oneself another person's grandfather is a form of insult

"All the exits in Qingshan Town have been sealed by my Snake Nest Mercenary Company. Where can all of you go to?" That scarred man looked at Ka Gang and Ling Er whose faces instantly turned pale. The sinister smile on his face grew even wider. With a wave of his hand, he cried out furiously, "Kill everyone other than that girl."

Over a dozen people behind that scarred man immediately spread out upon hearing the order. They drew their sharp weapons from their waists and covered them with a thin layer of Dou Qi. After which, they looked at Xiao Yan with ill intent.

Xiao Yan was expressionless as he watched the ten plus people that had swiftly charged over. He slowly stepped forward and spoke in a calm voice, "Anyone who takes another step forward will die!"

These words of Xiao Yan ended up with only the cold laughter of the ten plus people. It was naturally impossible to stop the latter's footsteps by even a little.

Xiao Yan lowered his eyes when he saw this. A faint fierce glow flashed across them. An invisible flame quietly rose on the tip of his finger.

Puff! Puff!

A strange scene quietly appeared on the street the moment the flame appeared. All one could see was that the bodies of those ten plus individuals, who were charging toward Xiao Yan, suddenly stiffened. Immediately, they emitted a puff sound in front of the many stunned gazes from around and without any warning… transformed into black ashes that scattered over the ground!

The somewhat noisy street had suddenly become quiet at this moment. Everyone widened their eyes and stared at the large pile of black ashes that appeared on the ground in a terrified manner. Some people had merely blinked their eyes but when they opened them once again, they could only watch people, who had been perfectly normal a moment ago, transforming into a pile of ashes in front of their eyes…

This strange scene caused a chill to appear from deep within the hearts of a countless number of people. Although the hot sun was currently in the sky, cold sweat repeatedly rolled down their forehead.

The mouth of that scarred man who had a fierce aura had opened as wide as a duck's egg at this moment. His eyes were filled with shock. It was a long while later before he recovered. His body hurriedly moved back. He staggered and fell onto the ground as he spoke in shock, "You… what are you doing?"

When Xiao Yan had acted a moment earlier, he had failed to sense even the slightest ripple of Dou Qi. Yet, those ten plus people had bizarrely turned into black ashes.

With the emission of the scarred man's shocked voice, Ka Gang and Ling Er also recovered from their shock. They looked at the black-robed, young man in front of them and a wild joy gradually surfaced in their eyes. It was unexpected that this young man actually possessed such a frightening strength. It seemed that they had regained the hope of being rescued.

Xiao Yan's gaze indifferently looked at the scarred man who was staggering back. His hand was slowly lifted as it pointed toward the latter from a distance. The invisible flame suddenly flashed and appeared in his palm.


Another deep muffled sound appeared. The scarred man had yet to reveal even the slightest expression when the fierce heart flame that had appeared within his body incinerated him into a pile of black ashes.

Everyone on the street involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air as they watched the scarred man also transform into ashes. Their gazes were appalled as they looked at Xiao Yan while their feet involuntarily took a couple of steps back. From the looks of it, they seemed to be afraid that Xiao Yan would suddenly point that finger of a grim reaper toward them. Only at this moment did they understand that this young person was not trying to act strong as he stepped forward but he truly possessed the qualification and strength to look down on the Snake Nest Mercenary Company.

Xiao Yan gently patted his hands on each other after randomly finishing off these people. There was not much fluctuation within his gaze despite having taken over a dozen lives. Given the wicked and fierce aura of these people, it was obvious that they were definitely not good people. It was nothing if he killed them. He would not feel the slightest burden.

Xiao Yan turned his head and looked at Ka Gang and Ling Er. He laughed softly and slowly said, "Uncle Ka Gang, it has been so many years since we have seen each other. It is unexpected that you are still in this small Qingshan Town."

Ka Gang, whose gaze was originally filled with respect and fear, was immediately stunned when he heard these words from Xiao Yan. He carefully studied the latter's face. His heart, however, was muttering about when he had become acquainted with such a strong person.

Ling Er by the side was staring intently at that face. She knew she had met him before while Ka Gang was feeling uncertain. She suddenly muttered softly a moment later, "Uncle Ka Gang, he seems to be somewhat similar to Xiao Yan who had destroyed the Wolf Head Mercenary Company a couple of years ago…"

Ka Gang's body suddenly shook when he heard Ling Er's words. His body suddenly trembled as he looked at Xiao Yan with disbelief. The memory that was buried deep under the years was swiftly found. Finally, the young man's somewhat tender face, whom he had met once back then, slowly matched up with the Xiao Yan in front of him.

"Little brother Xiao Yan… is it really you?" Ka Gang cried out involuntarily while the shock in his eyes became denser. The Xiao Yan back then was merely a Dou Zhe who had not even reached the Dou Shi class. Yet, now, he was able to turn over a dozen Dou Zhe and a Dou Shi into ashes by raising his hand. How could that tender, young man compare with this demeanor of an expert?

Xiao Yan smiled slightly and nodded.

Ka Gang's face was instantly filled with joy when he saw Xiao Yan nod his head. He immediately hesitated a little before clenching his teeth abruptly as he knelt down. He begged, "Brother Xiao Yan, the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company has met with a great disaster. I beg you to lend a hand and rescue it. Ka Gang is willing to do anything you say after it is over!"

Ling Er was also biting her red lips gently and looking at Xiao Yan from behind Ka Gang. Emotions were churning within her heart. Who could have imagined that the young man, whom she had repeatedly ridiculed due to her immaturity, was actually currently in possession of such a terrifying strength.

Ling Er also hurriedly knelt down as this thought churned in her heart. If she wanted to rescue the Bloody Battle Mercenary Company, she could only rely on this young man in front of her.

"His name is similar to the chief of the 'Yan Alliance' that has recently spread and caused an uproar. However, it is rumored that the chief of the 'Yan Alliance' holds a strength that can fight with a legendary elite Dou Zong. Looks like it is only a situation where their names are similar…" Ling Er's gaze flickered while she softly spoke in her heart. There should be at least a few hundred if not thousands of people with the name Xiao Yan in the enormous Jia Ma Empire. Moreover, the chief of the Yan Alliance was far too glaring. Even she did not dare to think along that line. She only thought that their names were similar.

Xiao Yan waved his sleeves and a gentle force lifted the two people to their feet. He softly asked, "Is it that Snake Nest Mercenary Company? What is their strength like?"

Ka Gang hurriedly nodded when he heard this. He quickly replied, "Their Company's leader is a six star expert Dou Ling with an extremely great strength. No one could match him within the entire Qingshan Town. I wonder if little brother Xiao Yan can…"

"Six star Dou Ling huh…" Xiao Yan mused for a moment before he immediately laughed, "Uncle Ka Gang, I still need to enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range to do something during this trip of mine. Perhaps I won't be able to remain for too long here…"

Ka Gang's expression immediately became gloomy when he heard Xiao Yan's words. His body appeared to have all of its energy sucked out from it. Ling Er behind him also clenched her hand tightly. She miserably mocked herself. Even though that person had some friendship with them back then, it did not reach the point where he would help them offend an expert Dou Ling.

"You should hold onto these five bottles properly. If you are to meet the Company leader of that Snake Nest Mercenary Company, you can use Dou Qi to activate them. After which throw one of them over. The danger will naturally resolve itself automatically. Additionally, this jade plate can make contact with me once. If you really meet with a big matter of life and death in the future, you can break it. I will appear and help you." Xiao Yan flicked his finger. Five small jade bottles and a jade plate flew toward Ka Gang. Each of the jade bottles possessed an extremely tiny fire lotus.

Ka Gang was startled as he received the jade bottles. He was somewhat in a daze. The Company leader of the Snake Nest Mercenary Company could actually be killed by relying on these small jade bottles?

"I still have other matters to do today so I will bid you goodbye. We should be able to meet again if there is a chance in the future." Xiao Yan smiled. He did not wait for Ka Gang to recover when his body shook and strangely disappeared in front of the many stunned gazes around him.


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