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Chapter 738

Chapter 738: The Thought of Undertaking a Retreat

Xiao Yan was deep in thought as he carefully tasted that strange feeling. It was a long while later before he slowly opened his eyes and gently exhaled. His eyes wandered.

“I am able to sense it but I ultimately have difficulty truly breaking through that barrier. It seems that I must find a quiet place to undertake a proper retreat during this period of time. Otherwise, it might be disadvantageous by dragging things out for too long.” Xiao Yan softly muttered. Although he had not touched that mysterious barrier for the first time, there was ultimately still a certain gap.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before he once again became calm. He waved his hand and a jade-green flame once again surged into the medicinal cauldron. He flicked his finger and over ten jade boxes appeared from his storage ring before landing beside him.

The ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’ had been successfully refined. Next, Xiao Yan needed to refine some Yaowan for Zi Yan. This girl also seemed to be about to breakthrough. She would require an unusually large amount of energy to complete this advancement. Hence, Xiao Yan did not hesitate to take out some of those rare medicinal ingredients that Yao Ye had delivered back then.

Although these medicinal ingredients were rare, they were clearly not even worth mentioning when compared to Zi Yan’s advancement. Currently, Zi Yan was able to contend with an ordinary elite Dou Huang while at the Dou Wang class. That frightening unusual strength of hers was something that even the current Xiao Yan did not dare to easily endure. If she was allowed to successfully advance to the Dou Huang class, her strength would likely soar once more. At that time, she might even be able to contend with an elite Dou Zong.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s side required such an expert. The mysterious and unusual faction known as the ‘Hall of Souls’ pressed against Xiao Yan. If Medusa had not intervened back then, he might also have been captured by that Protector Wu. The Xiao clan might well be truly finished at that time.

Xiao Yan’s expression became unusually ugly when he thought of the situation that the Xiao clan would face should he be captured. He tightly clenched his fist and softly said, “Looks like I must quickly get to the Dou Huang class. Once I am there, I will have the ability to at least give a fight if I meet Protector Wu again in the future. The Xiao clan still needs my protection. Hence, no accidents must happen to me!”

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth as this thought flashed across his heart. He had already made up his mind within his heart. Once he settled the issue of his second brother, he would immediately undertake a deep retreat. He would not give up until he advanced to the Dou Huang class!

Xiao Yan ceased delaying things any longer once his heart had come to a decision. He waved his hand and the medicinal ingredients in the jade boxes, which were emitting a faint fragrance, rushed into the medicinal cauldron before they were finally wrapped by the jade-green flame…

The refinement of Yaowan could be said to be as far as the Heaven and Earth when compared with the refinement of medicinal pills. Xiao Yan might need a long time to refine a medicinal pill but these Yaowans were something that were as easy to refine as raising his hand. Within less than an hour, he had refined all the medicinal ingredients in the jade boxes into thumb-sized Yaowans. Moreover, having considered that the little girl did not like bitter things, Xiao Yan had also added some special seasoning to them, which turned them into something similar to sweets.

Xiao Yan exhaled a deep breath after storing the three large bottles of Yaowans into his storage ring. He tidied up the secret chamber a little before slowly walking out.

Xiao Yan arriv

ed in the front yard after leaving the chamber only to see that quite a number of people had clustered around this place. He swept his gaze around and discovered that Lin Yan, Lin Xiuya, and the others were in this place. He immediately felt somewhat surprised. This group of people, who normally stayed outside, were actually all gathered in this place.

The yard had a large group of people who were busy with their own task. They had discovered Xiao Yan’s figure the moment it appeared and rejoiced. They smiled and stepped forward.

“Hee hee, Chief Xiao. This name really intimidates people…” Lin Yan teased and laughed at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. His eyes swept over Lin Yan, Lin Xiuya, and Liu Qing. He immediately cupped his hand and laughed, “I haven’t had the chance to thank the three of you.”

“We have only followed you to train and gain experience. Moreover, it seems that we were not of much help. It is completely useless to rely on us against those true experts.” Lin Xiuya laughed bitterly. Other than helping block some Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders in the big battle at the Misty Cloud Sect back then, they did not have a chance to be involved in the actual fight.

“Those Elders on the Misty Cloud Sect only possessed such an achievement after training for so many years. All of you are still young. By the time you are their age, it is likely that you will all have reached the Dou Zong class.” Xiao Yan laughed. Given the talent of the three of them, it was not impossible to achieve this level if they had the opportunity.

Lin Xiuya and the other two laughed when they heard this. They were similarly filled with confidence in themselves. The most precious thing was that they were still young; therefore, they were still at their peak condition. As long as they were given enough time, their achievements would definitely be extraordinary.

“Although we did not participate in the actual big battle, we also gained plenty of benefits during this period of time. The strengths of the three of us have rose by one star one after another a few days ago. It might not be as frightening as you but it can be considered quite a good improvement.” Lin Xiuya laughed with satisfaction.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the three of them. He was surprised to discover that the auras of these three people were indeed a little stronger compared to when they left the Inner Academy back then. It seemed that it was really indeed as Lin Xiuya had said. The strength of the three of them had improved some time earlier.

“The three of you have yet to consume a ‘Dou Spirit Pill’. This time around, I shall use the time that I am undertaking a retreat to help each of you refine one. After you consume it, your strength can be raised by one star. Ke ke, treat this as my thanks for your help.” Xiao Yan mused before laughing softly.

The three people were startled when they heard this. Their face were immediately filled with joy and they did not open their mouth to reject. A ‘Dou Spirit Pill’ did indeed possess an enormous attraction toward experts of the Dou Wang class. Even they were not immune to this.

Some of the people in the yard involuntarily threw envious gazes toward Lin Yan and the other two upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

“Ke ke, chief Xiao… that…” Old Yin Gu, Wu Tie, and Su Mei rolled their throats. They exchanged looks with one another and laughed dryly.

Xiao Yan naturally knew what they wanted to say when his gaze looked toward Old Yun Gu and the other two, who appeared to have difficulty giving voice to something. He immediately smiled and said, “Relax, I will hand the three ‘Mighty Huang Pill’ to the hands of the three of you within half a month.”

“Hee hee, we naturally trust chief Xiao’s promise. However, we have already left the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for a couple of months. We are also worried about our nests in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. You should also know just how chaotic that place is…” The three of them sighed in relief when they heard Xiao Yan’s words. That old Yun Gu also spoke with a bitter laugh.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He laughed, “My second brother will also be going back to manage ‘Xiao Gate’ in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. At that time, I might still need to ask the three of you to help take care of him. I will also frequently return.”

The three of them hurriedly nodded and laughed upon hearing this. “That is only natural. Now, we can be considered to be in an alliance with the ‘Xiao Gate’. We will definitely do our best to help.”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he looked at the respectful faces of the three of them. He also sighed in relief in his heart. With the support of these three people, it was likely that second brother would have a little less trouble. Of course, Old Yin Gu and the other two were not to be completely trusted. However, Xiao Yan was not too worried. After all, he still had the powerful support of the Inner Academy.

As long as it was not a situation where a large number of factions in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ joined hands, any single faction alone would not dare to contend with the Inner Academy. The ‘Xiao Gate’ would definitely be fine with the support of the Inner Academy.

“You want to undertake a retreat? How long is your retreat going to be?”

Xiao Ding and Xiao Li were startled when they heard Xiao Yan speak about his intention within the yard. They ended up speaking with some surprise.

“Yes. I have already vaguely got the feeling of breaking through to the Dou Huang class a couple of times. However, I am ultimately a little lacking. This time around, I must get to the Dou Huang class during my retreat!” Xiao Yan nodded and voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Ding mused for a moment before slowly speaking. “The increase in your strength is naturally the most important. Since that is the case, we will leave it to you. Leave the matter of the ‘Yan Alliance’ to your second brother and me.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He looked at Xiao Li and gave the ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’ he refined earlier to the latter. He also introduced the medicinal effects in detail. It was likely that it could temporarily remove the harassment of the ‘Life Devouring Pill’.

“Second Brother, you should also follow Old Yin Gu and the two others back to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ when they return. You also need to be more careful in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Remember, you should try your best to increase your strength. It would be best that you are able to breakthrough to the Dou Huang class within ten years. I will also help you refine a ‘Dou Spirit Pill’ when I help them refine the ‘Mighty Huang Pill’.” Xiao Yan softly said.

Xiao Li nodded his head. He also knew that even with the help of this ‘Deep Green Longevity Pill’, he still did not completely escape the medicinal drawbacks of the ‘Life Devouring Pill’. Unless he was able to breakthrough to the Dou Huang class during this period of his increased lifespan, he would still end up dying due to his shortened lifespan.

“That’s right, where are you undertaking your retreat? How long will your retreat be?” Xiao Ding’s gaze looked at Xiao Yan before suddenly speaking.

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment before he softly spoke, “The Magical Beast Mountain Range. Back then, I found a mountain valley where countless numbers of rare medicinal ingredients grew. I will go there to undertake my retreat. However, I am not too certain how long I will be in my retreat but it will definitely not be short…”

“The Magical Beast Mountain Range? Do you need protection?” Xiao Ding knit his brows tightly and asked.

“There is no need… I will bring Zi Yan along.” Xiao Yan shook his head. His gaze looked at Xiao Ding as he said, “After I leave, I will hand over all the matters of the ‘Yan Alliance’ to big brother. If any great unexpected change were to occur during this period of time, you can send someone to the place that I am undertaking a retreat. I will send someone to inform you after I settle down.”

Xiao Ding nodded slightly. His hand gently patted Xiao Yan’s arm as he spoke with a faint smile, “You can relax and undertake your retreat. The current prestige of the Xiao clan is completely built upon your strength. Hence, your strength is the most important thing. That’s right, when will you leave? Are you prepared?”

Xiao Yan smiled. He sighed softly and muttered.

“Now… are you certain it is now?”

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