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Chapter 705: A Fight with Ten Exchanges

A countless number of gazes on the open ground were lifted when they heard the clear laughter resounding across the sky. They immediately saw a large group of human figures rushing over before finally remaining suspended all over the sky.

The sudden appearance of a large number of people caused some commotion in the open ground. This was because they realized that everyone in the sky had a pair of Dou Qi wings on their backs. In this way, all of these people were at least experts of the Dou Wang class!

Quite a number of people quietly inhaled a breath of cool air when they thought of this. There were at the very least a couple dozen human figures in the sky. It was likely that even the Misty Cloud Sect would not be able to attract so many expert Dou Wangs with its strength.

On the wedding stage, Yun Shan's expression slowly turned gloomy after hearing the laugh. He raised his head and his gaze appeared to see through the air as he looked at the black-robed, young man flapping his jade-green fire wings in the sky. His dark, cold voice resounded over the entire place.

"Ke ke, the dog that lost its home back then dares to say such lacking words. Xiao Yan, the old me could expelled you like a dog and forced you to flee three years ago. The ending will still be the same three years later!"

Yun Shan coldly laughed. Numerous surprised private conversations immediately sounded in the open ground.

"That person is Xiao Yan? The Xiao Yan who was wanted and chased by the Misty Cloud Sect back then?"

"Hee hee, who else would it be other than him? He has a blood feud with the Misty Cloud Sect. Back then, he was chased out of the empire. It is really unexpected that this fellow has returned three years later. Not only has his strength soared greatly but he has also brought back quite a number of experts."

"It is rumored that the experts whom the Misty Cloud Sect had sent to eliminate the Primer clan were all killed by Xiao Yan's hands. If this is true, isn't this fellow a little too frightening?"

"Looks like the Misty Cloud Sect will experience quite the trouble today…"

"Hei, that is not be certain. The Misty Cloud Sect has Yun Shan, this elite Dou Zong. It is likely that Xiao Yan's chances of victory will not be high if they were to really fight."

Xiao Yan also heard some of the private conversations below. He smiled as his gaze swept toward Yun Shan. Those eyes of his involuntarily turned dense and cold, "Old dog Yun Shan, you have destroyed my Xiao clan. If you don't hand over your dog head, it is likely that it will be difficult to wash away this blood feud!"

During the many years in which Yun Shan had been the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, only Xiao Yan alone dared to call him an old dog in front of so many people. Hence, despite his somber character, Yun Shan's face could not help but appear a little uglier at this moment.

Yun Shan's gaze slowly swept over the large number of human figures in the sky while his expression was ugly. A moment later, he stared at the faces of Jia Xingtian and the others and immediately let out a cold laughter, "Why? Jia Xingtian, Fa Ma, are all of you also going to stand by the side of this little fellow who doesn't know the immensity of the Heavens and Earth?"

"Yun Shan, don't think that we are unaware of what kind of wild ambition your Misty Cloud Sect has possessed during these few years. Do you really think it is so easy to get us to sit back and do nothing?" Since they had already reached this step, Jia Xingtian was naturally unafraid of Yun Shan. Hence, the ridicule in his words was extremely dense.

"Ha ha, alright, alright, very good!" Yun Shan immediately laughed to the sky after hearing Jia Xingtian's words. "It is really unexpected that all of you would have such courage after the return of this little brat, who was forced out of the empire by me back then. Very good. Since all of you are here, there is no longer for any of you to leave today!"

The enormous Misty Cloud Mountain suddenly emitted a whistle after the loud laughter of Yun Shan sounded. Numerous powerful auras erupted from within the sect. Human figures immediately flashed to the sky. The many Misty Cloud Sect's Elders who had been awaiting orders had all revealed themselves at this moment.

An uproar once again erupted on the open ground when everyone saw the Misty Cloud Sect's Elders flashing and appearing. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that a big battle today was unavoidable.

Under the wedding stage, Gu He's expression turned quite ugly after Xiao Yan and the others appeared. This was especially when he discovered that the lady, who was covered in a red dress beside him, suddenly trembled when Xiao Yan's voice sounded. An unknown fury involuntarily surged within his heart. Why? Why do you care so much about this little fellow?

"Xiao Yan, today is my wedding day. Aren't you a little too arrogant in leading people to come and cause trouble in the Misty Cloud Sect?" Gu He inhaled a deep breath of air before he suddenly raised his head and cried out in a stern voice.

Xiao Yan glanced at Gu He indifferently. His gaze, however, involuntarily paused on the lady beside him whose face was covered by a red cloth. That somewhat familiar graceful figure caused his calm heart to tremble a little.

"The Misty Cloud Sect has destroyed my Xiao clan, is that not being arrogant? The Misty Cloud Sect forcefully tried to eliminate the Primer clan, is that not being arrogant? Since the Misty Cloud Sect dares to be so arrogant, why would I, Xiao Yan, not dare to be? The Misty Cloud Sect and I have a blood feud that will not rest until one party dies. Today, I have come only to end this grudge!' Xiao Yan's icy-cold gaze shot toward Gu He. His voice also contained cold laughter.

"Taking revenge is false. I'm afraid ruining the wedding is the true aim, no?" Gu He returned a cold laugh by giving tit for tat.

"Wedding? The bride is but a puppet who is being controlled by someone. Is there any meaning to such a wedding?" Xiao Yan laughed. He suddenly flicked his finger and a wisp of dark-green flame rushed down in a lightning-like manner. It appeared in front of the bride, whose body was wrapped in a red dress, in merely an instant. A faint black glow suddenly surged out of the latter just as the flame was about to strike her, colliding heavily with the flame.


When the two made contact, a muffled sound and spreading wind appeared, and the bride, who was the first to be struck, quickly took two steps back.

"Yun Yun!" Gu He immediately became anxious when he saw the bride step back. He was about to extend his head when a somewhat trembling cool voice was emitted under the red cloth, "I'm fine."

Everyone in the open ground exchanged glances with one another after hearing the bride speak for the first time ever since she had appeared. They had also felt something was wrong earlier.

A pair of jade-like delicate hands were extended out from under the sleeves in front of a countless number of gazes and they immediately pulled aside the red cloth on her head. When the red cloth was pulled off, a beautiful, fair snow-like face appeared in front of everyone's eyes. That familiar appearance was Yun Yun.

Yun Yun's bright eyes were lowered after the red cloth was pulled off. Her gaze shifted but ultimately did not look to the sky. While her head was lowered, a familiar and unforgettable voice in the sky once again carried a cold laugh as it sounded.

"Yun Shan, you actually used such despicable means in order to recruit strong people to your side. You really are a 'kind teacher'…"

"Back then, you were allowed to luckily flee. This time around, I will pull all of your teeth out one at a time after capturing you!" Yun Shan's face twitched after hearing the ridicule in Xiao Yan's words. A fierce glow flashed across his eyes. His voice had also become indifferent.

"Sect Leader, today's matter is greatly related to me. Leave this person to me!" Gu He by the side slowly spoke with a gloomy expression after hearing Yun Shan's words.

"Oh?" Yun Shan raised his eyebrows and fondled his beard with his hand when he heard this. He appeared to be in a deep thought as he said, "Gu He, your speciality is not in combat. You need not stoop to his level. It will be the same once I capture this little fellow and hand him over to you to deal with."

Gu He shook his head. His gaze glanced toward Yun Yun by the side who had tightened her delicate hand. He inhaled a deep breath before speaking, "I want to let her know that only I am worthy of being with her!"

Yun Shan knit his brows slightly when he saw Gu He's persistence. Only then did he grudgingly nod his head.

"Xiao Yan, regardless of who you are after today, it is the truth that you have disrupted my wedding. If you leave now, I can treat it as though nothing has happened. If you still insist on causing trouble, I will also tell you that, I, Gu He, am not a softy whom others can bully as they please!" Gu He finally raised his head and spoke in a stern voice to Xiao Yan in the sky after seeing Yun Shan nod his head.

"Gu He… you…" Yun Yun raised her head by the side and spoke anxiously after hearing Gu He's words.

"Yun Yun, shut up!" Yun Shan by the side reprimanded with a cold face when Yun Yun's voice had just sounded.

Jia Xingtian and the others involuntarily frowned after seeing that Gu He had really stepped forward after being unable to tolerate the situation. The open ground today did not lack experts who possessed a deep relationship with Gu He. If Gu He were to really intervene, these people would naturally not sit by the side and watch. In that case, the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect would undoubtedly become much stronger.

Xiao Yan waved his hand at Jia Xingtian and the others, indicating that they need not be worried. He glanced at Gu He before speaking in a solemn manner, "Today's matter is a grudge between my Xiao clan and the Misty Cloud Sect. Xiao Yan will view anyone obstructing me as an enemy. Even you, Gu He, is no exception!"

"Ha ha, alright!" Gu He let out a wave of cold laughter after hearing the words of Xiao Yan. His shoulders shook and a pair of purple-colored fire wings appeared on his back. The fire wings were flapped and his body gradually floated into the air. Finally, he stood opposing Xiao Yan and coldly laughed, "Since this is the case, let's attack. I also want to see just how strong you, the most outstanding member of the younger generation in the Jia Ma Empire, really are."

"If you are not defeated within ten exchanges, Xiao Yan will immediately turn around and leave. However, if you are unable to endure ten exchanges, please do not intervene in the matters between the Misty Cloud Sect and me!" Xiao Yan glanced at Gu He. He smiled and said some shocking words.

The open ground below immediately started an uproar the moment Xiao Yan's words sounded. During these three years, Gu He had advanced to the Dou Huang class. Other than Yun Shan, it was likely that no one else had the qualification or the ability to defeat him within ten exchanges. However, at this moment, this young man who appeared to be only around twenty years old actually dared to say such improper words. Although many people knew that Xiao Yan was quite strong, they could not resist shaking their heads. This fellow was really too arrogant…

Yun Yun was also startled by Xiao Yan's words. Her delicate hand could not resist tightening. Why was this fellow still so reckless despite having not seen him for three years?

Gu He in the sky ended up laughing from extreme anger when he heard these arrogant words from Xiao Yan.

"Alright, I, Gu He, shall fight with you and receive your ten moves! I want to see just what qualification you have to actually dare to be this arrogant!"

Chapter 706: Fighting Gu He

The atmosphere in the sky immediately became tensed with swords drawn after Gu He's furious laughter sounded.

The expressions of Jia Xing Tian and the others suddenly changed when they heard that Xiao Yan actually made such a promise. Although the former's strength had soared greatly, there was quite a big risk if he wanted to defeat Gu He within ten exchanges. Today, all the factions had gathered and headed to the Misty Cloud Sect in the hopes of destroying it in one go. Moreover, there was a one hundred thousand member army from the imperial family that had begun to surround the foot of the mountain. If Xiao Yan were to make any mistakes at this moment and allow Gu He to receive ten of his attacks, did they really need to stop all their attacks, which they had prepared for a long time for?

Would it not be too childish if this were the case? Once they withdrew today, it was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would attack all out the next day and come and look for them one at a time.

Xiao Yan waved his hand when he saw everyone's expression. After which, he flapped his jade-green fire wings on his back and an unusual heat caused the people around him to feel a boiling hot feeling. The calm, young face caused Jia Xing Tian and the others to calm down a little.

"Relax, given my blood feud with the Misty Cloud Sect, I will definitely not act recklessly…" Xiao Yan smiled and spoke slowly.

Everyone exchanged glances with one another after hearing this. They did not continue saying anything upon seeing Xiao Yan's insistence. No matter how one put it, they still held quite a lot of confidence toward the current Xiao Yan. Moreover, they clearly understood Xiao Yan's character and naturally knew that he would not create some mess in such a place.

"Xiao Yan, be careful. Gu He has already advanced to the Dou Huang class. Moreover, he also controls a kind of extremely powerful flame. Although it is not a 'Heavenly Flame', its strength cannot be underestimated." Fa Ma reminded in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His gaze glanced at the purple fire wings on Gu He's back. As long as it was not a 'Heavenly Flame', it would not pose much of a threat to him.

Jia Xing Tian and the others paused before slowly pulling back after a brief hesitation. They gave the both of them a spacious area in the sky.

The private conversations below greatly diminished after everyone moved back. Although there had been lots of news about Xiao Yan spreading throughout the Jia Ma Empire recently, many people had never personally seen this young man, who had returned with great strength, in the one-sided battle within the capital that day. Hence, quite a number of people adopted an attitude of watching by the side with cold eyes when they heard that Xiao Yan shamelessly boasted that he could defeat Gu He within ten exchanges. Some of the experts who had quite the relationship with Gu He could not help but mockingly shake their heads. Everyone said that this fellow had a great strength but he was ultimately just a young, arrogant brat…

Yun Shan once again turned around and sat back in the leader's seat. His eyes looked at the two people in the sky and the corner of his mouth was lifted into a slight dark smile. He already knew that Gu He would be unable to endure this humiliation and intervene. Although the ten exchange agreement did exceed his expectations a little, it was likely that this would mean that Gu He would go all out. At that time, he should be able to cause Xiao Yan some injuries even if he lost to Xiao Yan.

Below the wedding stage, Yun Yun could not help but raise her pretty face at this moment. A pair of bright eyes looked at the the black robe in the sky. She felt as though she had difficulty moving as she looked at the familiar face in a startled manner. The face had a little less tenderness and a little more maturity compared to three years ago. Clearly, the young man back then had completely transformed during these three years.

A transformation from a weakling to a strong person!

When Jia Xing Tian and the others withdrew from the sky, the atmosphere there suddenly became sharp with Gu He's eyes staring intently at Xiao Yan in front of him. Three years ago, this black-robed, young man could only contest with his disciple. Yet, three years later, he actually dared to create this ten exchange agreement in front of him. This transformation was that between the Heavens and the Earth.

"Today, I will defeat you in front of her!" Gu He slowly spoke. His voice had just sounded when an incomparably powerful purple Dou Qi surged out from his body. Dou Qi lingered on his skin and writhed repeatedly, appearing like clusters of purple-colored substance-like flame that was emitting a hot temperature.

Xiao Yan's voice did not fluctuate much as he glanced at the gloomy looking Gu He. "If you insist on allowing yourself to be wielded by Yun Shan like a spear, it is only natural that I will not show any mercy…"

"In that case, we will see whether you have the qualifications to do so." Gu He angrily smiled. He clenched his fist and Dou Qi fluctuated. An instant later, it agglomerated and formed a deep-purple longsword in his palm. A fierce flame burned on the longsword.

Xiao Yan smiled. His hand faced the ground from a distance and suddenly grasped with his five fingers. With the grabbing of his hand, the black-colored ruler that had been inserted in the ground immediately shot out before transforming into a black shadow that flashed and returned to Xiao Yan's hand.

Quite a number of people let out an exclamation when they saw this skill that Xiao Yan had carelessly revealed. Being able to control a weapon from such a great distance would require one's Dou Qi to reach quite a stringent precision. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan was able to have such control over his Dou Qi at such an age.

"Ten exchanges." Xiao Yan raised the heavy ruler flat and pointed it at Gu He before softly speaking.

Gu He's face trembled slightly. He did not continue to say any unnecessary words as his eyes widened. He let out a sharp cry and flapped the purple fire wings on his back. His body instantly transformed into a purple figure that shot explosively toward Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

His body flashed across the sky and the sharp sword tip easily cut through the air with the help of the powerful Dou Qi. In the blink of an eye, the sword's tip had already reached Xiao Yan's chest.


A black figure flashed and an enormous heavy ruler strangely appeared in front of Xiao Yan. It was just like a thick shield that easily blocked the purple fire longsword.

The sword and ruler collided, and a sharp wind immediately spread out from the point of contact. It shook the air and caused numerous ripples to form.


Gu He's wrist shook after his attack was futile. His sharp longsword was just like an unusual poisonous snake as it swiftly rotated and moved across the heavy ruler before piercing abruptly forward.


The sharp longsword had just flashed past the heavy ruler when a long finger was swiftly extended out. The finger was immediately flicked and a glob of wind accurately struck the sword, bouncing it aside. The heavy ruler was waved at the same time and smashed toward Gu He's face.

Gu He's body moved back and easily dodged Xiao Yan's attack. His eyes suddenly became stern as the Dou Qi flowed wildly within his body. The sword trembled intensely and numerous afterimages instantly appeared in front of his body while it shook constantly.

"Thousand Flame Sword Blades!"

The sword images that appeared in all directions covered the front of Gu He's body within a couple of breaths. His hand trembled and the purple fire longsword was shoved heavily forward. Immediately, the countless number of afterimages pierced toward Xiao Yan like a torrent.

The hot sword images filled Xiao Yan's eyes. Although the countless number of afterimages appeared illusionary, the force that was carried on them was not something that could be underestimated. If Xiao Yan were to carelessly receive such an attack, the true sword glow that was hidden in the afterimages would instantly appear unexpectedly, catching one completely unprepared.

One would be able to see Gu He's true ability just by looking at the sword technique Dou Technique he used. It was indeed not something an ordinary expert could compare with. Moreover, the Dou Qi was supported by the purple fire, giving it an even greater strength. Hence, numerous cheers sounded in the open ground below when Gu He's attack was unleashed. The expression of Jia Xing Tian and the others involuntarily tightened.

Compared to the cheers and worries of others, Xiao Yan's mind was void of the slightest ripple. His gaze calmly looked at the hot sword images that came from all directions. The ruler in his hand was lifted horizontally and immediately drew a somewhat mysterious arc. His hand trembled and the body of the ruler carried blurry black figure that pierced out in a dexterous manner. Although it seemed to not carry any strength, the ruler technique faintly carried a great wave-like movement where one wave surpassed the other in terms of the sharpness in its attack.

Chi! Chi!

The heavy ruler that drew a mysterious arc instantly came into contact with the countless numbers of sword figures. In that instant, a powerful force suddenly erupted from the sword figure. In addition, regardless of how many sword figures there were, they had difficulty breaking through the boundary of the mysterious slow pace dance of the heavy ruler. This manner was as though arrows were raining down from all directions. When the arrows met the great sea-like waves, all of them were swallowed regardless of how many of them were present.

Gu He's face changed slightly as he sensed the strange force that was being emitted from the other party's heavy ruler. He could sense that the sword that was hidden in the afterimages was gradually being pulled nearer the heavy ruler.

"This little fellow does indeed have some skill!" This thought passed through his heart. His hand shook and a sword figure instantly escaped from the many afterimages, piercing toward Xiao Yan's chest.

The sword figure had just revealed itself when the heavy ruler that had a kind of strange dancing pace suddenly increased its speed. A suction force immediately erupted and pulled the longsword such that the direction of its attack changed.

Gu He was startled when the direction of the longsword attack changed. He was just about to move when the black shadow in front of him suddenly flashed. A palm that contained a frightening force was violently struck over. Seeing the other party's attack, Gu He refused to step back even a little. His expression turned cold and the Dou Qi on his palm swiftly agglomerated. He immediately pressed against Xiao Yan's palm unceremoniously.


Both palms collided and a soul-stirring explosion immediately erupted across the sky. Two human figures immediately shot back.

Xiao Yan staggered. His withdrawing figure stabilized before he swung his wrist. He raised his head and looked at Gu He who had flown back a couple of dozens of meters only to smile. After the exchange earlier, he had already ascertained that Gu He's current strength should be around that of a three star Dou Huang. Perhaps it was because of the purple fire but Gu He's fighting strength was comparable to a four or five star Dou Huang.

"Xiao Yan, we have already finished eight exchanges earlier." Gu He flapped his purple fire wings to stabilize his body. He felt his somewhat numb hand before raising his head and letting out a cold laugh.

Within a short blink of an eye, they had already exchanged eight moves. Yet, from the looks of the battle, it seemed that both parties were equal in strength. From the situation, it seemed that Xiao Yan's shameless ten exchange agreement earlier was nothing but a joke.

Gu He did not hide his voice. Hence, the faces of everyone in the open ground had suddenly turned somewhat interesting. Some people even burst out laughing. This fellow was indeed just a little brat who acted arrogantly by relying on that little strength of his.

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