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Chapter 695

Chapter 695: Meeting

The entire hall was completely silent in front of this somewhat unusual scene. It appeared that even Fu Yan was in disbelief at this scene and his face was completely shocked and dull. He had clearly sensed that the strength of the young man in front of him was ordinary, why…

Fu Yan climbed up from the ground miserably. His face was completely flushed red. Being turned into such a miserable state in public by a member of the younger generation had caused this proud person to become crazy.


Fu Yan clenched his teeth and cursed. He was just about to attack again when the slight sound of rolling-thunder reverberated out. He immediately felt his eyes suddenly become dazzled as an the expressionless black-robed, young man in front of him appeared by his side in a ghost-like manner.

The sudden appearance of the black-robed, young man caused the pores on Fu Yan’s entire body to open wide. He was just about to launch an attack when a long warm hand unknowingly appeared on his neck. That ice-cold voice caused his entire body to stiffen.

“You don’t have the qualification to represent my teacher in teaching me…”

Xiao Yan laughed coldly before he suddenly turned his head and spoke faintly while his gaze swept to a corner of the hall.

“Association head Fa Ma, I would not mind letting your Alchemist Association lose a tier 5 alchemist if you continue hiding by the side, watching the show…”

Everyone in the spacious hall was startled when they heard Xiao Yan’s words. They immediately turned their heads in a certain direction.

Helpless laughter sounded in the shadow in a corner under the focus of the gazes of the many people in the hall. Immediately, an old figure slowly came sailing out and appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. From the looks of his appearance, he was surprisingly the association head of the Alchemist Association, Fa Ma!

The deputy association head, Qie Mier followed close beside Fa Ma. There was also a girl wearing a green-colored alchemist robe beside Qi Mier. The girl had an elegant and moving appearance. She curled her red lips slightly, revealing a haughtiness. Her skin was as white as snow and a pair of intelligent bright eyes carried a slyness as they moved. Clearly, this woman was a quirky individual. At this moment, this girl’s eyes were flickering with an unusual glow as she looked at the hall and conveniently looked at the black-robed, young man who had subdued Fu Yan.

“Ha ha, it has been three years since we last met. Is little brother Xiao Yan well?” This old man who managed the Jia Ma Empire’s Alchemist Association revealed a smiling face in front of the public’s gazes and inquired about Xiao Yan in a friendly manner. It was as though he did not notice the green-faced Fu Yan whose throat was being grasped by Xiao Yan.

This attitude of Fa Ma naturally caused everyone in the hall to be surprised. However, when the name, a name that had wildly spread and caused an uproar within the capital, left his mouth, everyone once again became stunned. They immediately came to a sudden understanding. The gazes that they used when they looked at the black-robed, young man once again had immediately become interested. No wonder this fellow dared to be so arrogant. He was actually the Xiao Yan. The person who had caused the Misty Cloud Sect to suffer great losses…

Fu Yan, who was being restrained by Xiao Yan, turned pale-white in an instant after hearing the form of address that Fa Ma used on the young man to his side. The anger in his eyes immediately disappeared. Back then, even the Dou Huangs from the Misty Cloud Sect had died to the hands of this person. He did not have the slightest doubt that Xiao Yan only needed a little prompt in order to break his head.

Moreover, with Xiao Yan’s strength, it was likely that the Alchemist Association would not adopt any retaliation measure even if Xiao Yan really did kill him. This point could be clearly seen from the attitude of Fa Ma toward Xiao Yan when the former appeared.

Fu Yan’s mouth trembled a little as he turned his furious gaze toward the already shivering Aoba by the side. If this bastard had not failed to open his eyes and offend such a person, why would he end up in such an embarrassing situation?

“Ke ke, association head Fa Ma, this Alchemist Association has really disappointed me after having not met for three years… collaborating with such a faction, I’m afraid…” Xiao Yan laughed softly before turning his head and spoke to Fa Ma who was slowly walking over.

Fa Ma laughed bitterly when he heard this, “Little brother Xiao Yan. Our association does indeed have some responsibility in this matter. Fu Yan has offended you. Therefore, you can deal with him anyway you like…”

Although these words of Fa Ma were a little soft but it gave Xiao Yan extremely great face. Moreover, he also knew that the current Xiao Yan was no longer that young man from back then who could be motivated to fight for the champion spot in the competition by just being given a medicinal formula. Given the latter’s current ability and faction, he did have the qualification to enjoy such treatment. This was because the current Xiao Yan was worthy of being a truly strong person in Fa Ma’s heart.

“Ha ha, little brother Xiao Yan. Fu Yan’s character is originally somewhat reckless and fiery in nature. He did not intend to offend you… moreover, if we were to discuss about it, little brother Xiao Yan is also considered an honorary Elder in our Alchemist Association. We are all from the same side…” Qi Mier smiled and stepped forward to smooth things over.

Xue Mei was beside Xiao Yan as she watched these two extremely important people from the Alchemist Association step forward and speak to Xiao Yan in an extremely courteous tone that gave Xiao Yan a lot of face. Such treatment caused her to be amazed. Her gaze repeatedly drifted over Xiao Yan’s body. She knew that Xiao Yan had become the champion of the Alchemist Grand Competition back then. However, this alone would not be sufficient for alchemist grandmasters like Fa Ma and Qi Mier to treat him with such politeness. Moreover, from the way the conversation was proceeding, it seemed that they were willing to lose a tier 5 alchemist rather than coming into conflict with Xiao Yan. This caused her to be completely stunned. The young man who was chased out of the Jia Ma Empire by the Misty Cloud Sect back then actually possessed such abilities?

The eyes of the pretty girl beside Qi Mier flickered as she looked at the black-robed, young man whose face was still calm even when these two extremely important people of the association stepped forward. She felt absent-minded within her heart for a moment. The young man back then might have been outstanding, but he was merely a member of the younger generation who possessed some potential. However, within a short three years, he had already become an expert whom even association head Fa Ma had to treat in a courteous manner. This growth speed really did cause people to be quietly aghast.

“No wonder even great-grandfather said that this person’s achievements in the future would be extraordinary in the future back then…” The girl suddenly recalled a sentence that Jia Xing Tian had mentioned to her back then. At that time, she was still somewhat unconvinced. However, now even her proud self could not help but be completely convinced. Compared to the other young people from this generation back then, the current Xiao Yan had undoubtedly walked to a relatively high position.

Xiao Yan glanced indifferently at Fa Ma and Qi Mier. He subsequently looked at the pale-faced Fu Yan who did not even dare to move his body. He smiled, slowly withdrew his hand and softly said, “Since the two association heads have stepped forward, it is only natural that Xiao Yan will give both of you some face. Originally, today’s matter was some small problems among the younger generation. I had no choice since this Elder wanted to come running out by himself.”

Fu Yan’s expression immediately alternated between green and white when he heard Xiao Yan’s words.

“Ke ke, little brother Xiao Yan, thank you for letting Fu Yan off. The old me will privately settle this matter today and be accountable to you.” Fa Ma also sighed in relief and hurriedly spoke when he saw Xiao Yan did not really attack Fu Yan.

Xiao Yan waved his hand and stared at Aoba. This fellow should have already become aware that the most unlucky person would definitely be him when this matter was settled. Hence, his face was a ghastly white as though it was painted with white powder. He also did not expect that he would actually end up kicking such a hard metal plate today.

“Is everyone here?” Xiao Yan’s gaze turned to Fa Ma and asked, no longer lingering on the original topic.

“Ha ha, everyone is here. We are waiting for you.” Fa Ma smiled and nodded.

“Let’s go then…” Xiao Yan did not delay any longer after hearing this. He turned his head to Xue Mei and said with a smile, “I currently have some matters to deal with and will leave first. Help me say hi to grandmaster Frank when you see him.” Xiao Yan did not wait for Xue Mei’s response after saying this. He pulled Zi Yan and walked to the interior of the hall.

Xue Mei only recovered after Xiao Yan had turned around and left. The back of her teeth gently bit her lower red lip as she studied that tall skinny back. There was an unusual color flowing in her eyes…

Back then, when she had met Xiao Yan for the first time, the latter was still striving to become a tier 2 alchemist. With the quiet flow of time, Xiao Yan had unknowingly become an expert who was comparable to these top people of the empire. This kind of transformation could not be described as small. It was likely that Frank and Ao Tuo would also sigh emotionally should they know about his progress…

Xiao Yan followed Fa Ma’s group and turned into a couple of corridors before moving along the stairs and making the slow climb to the higher levels of the association.

During their walk, Xiao Yan, who had been chatting and smiling with Fa Ma and Qi Mier suddenly turned his gaze to the somewhat familiar looking elegant girl at the side. He smiled and said, “We have not met for three years. Little Princess is becoming prettier and prettier.”

The elegant girl was immediately startled when she realized Xiao Yan had suddenly acknowledged her. She slyly laughed, “It is really unexpected that an expert like you can still remember me. It is really my honor…”

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at this girl who was still sort of quirky. A smile surfaced on his calm face as he sensed the tone of her words. Although these years of venturing out had given him an extremely rich appearance, it also turned him into someone like an old man. Who could imagine that he was actually not much older than the little princess. He recalled back then when a group of members from the younger generation were competing with each other to be the champion of the Alchemist Grand Competition. Now, the people who participated have changed.

Fa Ma and Qi Mier who were walking at the front, glanced at Xiao Yan who was happily conversing with the little princess. They were slightly startled before they immediately exchanged gazes. An unusual smile flashed across their eyes.

“Little princess’s age… seems to be one where she should find a partner. This girl is extremely proud with extremely high expectations. Given Xiao Yan’s ability, he is extremely compatible with her…” A thought suddenly appeared in the hearts of these two old men as they walked. They looked at one another before a sly fox smile lifted on the corner of their mouths.

Xiao Yan was naturally not aware of the thoughts of these two people. He sniffed the youthful scent that was scattered from the body of the girl by his side. He was quite happy that he could converse with someone much younger at this moment. However, when Fa Ma and Qi Mier stopped in front of a large door, he slowly ceased his conversations. He arranged his robes and his expression once again became as still as an old well. He knew that the people inside were all the top experts within the Jia Ma Empire. He could only look up to them back then. However, now he had the qualification to face them as equals or even look at them as inferiors…

“We’re here…”

Fa Ma smiled as he spoke. After which he exchanged glances with Qi Mier before he gently pushed open the door. They moved their bodies a little to the side and opened up a path to walk in.

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