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Chapter 694

Chapter 694: Fu Yan

Xiao Yan smiled faintly when he saw that bossy face. He was too lazy to say any nonsense as he raised his palm aimed it at Aoba from a distance. A suction force suddenly surged out and forcefully sucked the ‘Ice Fire Snake Scale Fruit’ from the other person’s hand.

“Bastard, you are seeking death!”

Aoba was immediately embarrassed when he saw Xiao Yan’s sudden actions. With a furious cry, he waved his hand and the ten plus men beside him pounced toward Xiao Yan like hungry tigers.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Xiao Yan looked indifferently at the dozen men pouncing over. He randomly waved his hand and a wind surged out explosively before immediately smashing violently into the chest of the dozen plus men. The powerful force smashed at them until they flew backward before finally smashing away from the crowd, bringing about screams and chaos.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Another wave sounded!

Aoba was also stunned when he saw his ten plus subordinates falling in the blink of an eye. He was just about to let out a curse when a human figure flashed in front of them. A black robe strangely surfaced in front of his eyes as a long arm gently covered his chest. After which, a faint voice slowly sounded beside his ear, causing his entire body to be covered with cold sweat.

“Although there is an increasing number of people in the current Alchemist Association, there are also many more dregs. Today, I shall help Fa Ma clean up a little…”

A powerful force suddenly erupted from the palm that was pressed on Aoba’s chest after the voice sounded.

“Grug! Grug! Grug!”

Aoba was heavily struck and sent flying amid numerous stunned gazes in the transaction area. A mouthful of fresh blood involuntarily spat out, plastering against the ground for over ten meters before gradually coming to a stop.

Surprise flashed across the hearts of those around when they saw that Xiao Yan could defeat Aoba with a random palm. Although this Aoba had a poor character, he was an expert who was about to advance to the Da Dou Shi class no matter how one put it. It was really unexpected that he was unable to even endure one exchange in the hands of this black-robed, young man.

However, everyone threw numerous pitiful gazes toward Xiao Yan after they became surprise. This fellow might have enjoyed giving that punch but did he not know that the old fellow Fu Yan always protected his own? Other than a small number of people in this Alchemist Association whom he did not dare offend, most of the people felt a little afraid of that eccentric old man who protected his own.

“You… ugh, you have gotten into trouble. Quick, follow me and leave this place!” Xue Mei was also shocked at Xiao Yan’s sudden attack. She looked at Aoba who was lying on the ground in the distance repeatedly emitting a groan. She hurriedly urged Xiao Yan softly before she pulled the latter, turned around, and left.

Xiao Yan did not resist Xue Mei pulling him. He glanced at the moaning Aoba not far away before pulling Zi Yan and following Xue Mei as they left this noisy place.

The three of them squeezed all the way out of the transaction area but Xue Mei still did not stop. She pulled Xiao Yan and ran to the exit of the Alchemist Association. Seeing this, Xiao Yan could only helplessly remove his hand and speak with a smile toward her, “He is but a useless second generation. Do we need to act like this?”

“That fellow may indeed be a useless person but his teacher is an Elder in the association with quite the authority. His reputation is extremely great in this capital, and he tends to go to great lengths to protect his own. If we were to wait for that fellow to go and complain, that old fe

llow will definitely not let you off.” Xue Mei could only hurriedly speak in the face of Xiao Yan who was afraid of nothing.

“Frank seemed to be also an association Elder right? Why are you still afraid of him?” Xiao Yan knit his brows and asked her a question.

“Teacher is merely a tier 4 alchemist now while that Fu Yan is a genuine tier 5 alchemist. His medicine refining level would not be much inferior even when compared to the deputy association head. Naturally, his position far surpasses that of teacher.” Xue Mei sighed. Her heart was extremely shocked.

Xiao Yan also came to a sudden understanding when he heard this. If one added all the tier 4 alchemist in the Jia Ma Empire, there would at least be more than ten of them. However, there were only a few people who were tier 5 alchemists. Moreover it was difficult for an alchemist to advance from one tier to another. Some people might even remain in a certain tier for the rest of their life. It was likely that there was only one abnormal person in the entire continent who was like Xiao Yan who could rely on a ‘Heavenly Flame’ and Ya Lao’s rich experience.

The difference between a tier 4 and tier 5 alchemist was just like the difference between a Dou Ling and a Dou Wang. This was an enormous gap. Hence, the difference between them was naturally great. It was also difficult to compare the position between the two.

“Relax, I will be able to take care of myself properly. Just now, I lended you a hand because I could not help it. Ke ke, it’s fine…” Xiao Yan was also helpless when he saw the worry and anxiety on Xue Mei’s pretty face. He did not expect that his stepping out to help her would cause her more anxiety. At that moment, he could only laugh and comfort her.

“Hee hee, it’s fine? Little brat really knows how to talk big. It is likely that there aren’t many people in this capital who could hurt my student and say everything is fine!” A cold laugh sounded in the enormous hall of the association not long after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. A group of people immediately walked over in an aggressive and quick manner. That leader of the group was an old man who was wearing an alchemist robe. There was a cauldron shaped badge on the front of his robes with five silver glowing ripples on the medicinal cauldron. Light shot in all directions as his robe flapped, appearing extremely eye-catching.

A tier five alchemist! He was actually so great. It really was the case of failing to recognize talent!

The human flow that was coming and going in the hall immediately paused when they looked at the badge that represented a kind of honor. Their faces were filled with respect and envy. That kind of expression… seemed…

Xue Mei’s pretty face immediately changed slightly when she saw that old man. She felt extremely frustrated in her heart. Why was the speed of this old man, who would not die, so quick?

“He is the one called Fu Yan?” Xiao Yan ignored the surrounding gazes which seemed to be watching a good show as he turned to Xue Mei and asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Xue Mei sighed in her heart as she looked at the old man who displayed a cold smile and anger on his face as he swiftly walked over. She bit the bullet and nodded her head before immediately whispering, “You should try to speak as little as possible. This old man should not dare to make things too difficult for the younger generation like us in public.”

Xiao Yan was noncommittal when he heard this. It was really unexpected that the Alchemist Association would actually become more terrible during these three years. He really did not know how that old fellow Fa Ma was managing it.

During the time that Xue Mei was speaking softly to Xiao Yan, that Fu Yan brought a large group and headed to their front in an aggressive manner. The old man glanced at Xue Mei and immediately narrowed his old eyes to look at Xiao Yan. He turned his head to the pale-white Aoba beside him and asked, “Is it this fellow who attacked you?”

“That’s right, teacher. Originally, I was competing with Xue Mei to purchase a medicinal ingredient to prepare to refine a medicinal pill as a gift for teacher’s birthday. However, I did not expect that this fellow would forcefully snatch away the medicinal ingredient when he appeared. He even launched a heavy attack and beat me up in this manner. Teacher, you must stand up for me!” Aoba immediately complained with a crying face when he heard Fu Yan. Of course, he naturally found an extremely sound reason for himself at such a moment.

“Elder Fu Yan, this matter…” Xue Mei hurriedly cried out. Her expression immediately changed when she heard Aoba speak such irresponsible lies.

However, before Xue Mei’s voice sounded, Fu Yan waved his hand and said faintly, “Xue Mei, this matter has nothing to do with you. You should not join in. Otherwise, you might go and say some nonsense to old Fu Ke Lan.”

“You are the one who attacked just now, right? It is really unexpected that you use such heavy blows despite your young age. Who is your teacher?” Fu Yan turned his gaze and threw it to Xiao Yan. He spoke in an old-fashioned cold voice.

Xiao Yan merely smiled when he saw this manner of Fu Yan. He said, “It is really unexpected that the quality of the association’s Elders is becoming lower and lower. Bullying others with numbers, taking advantage of one’s seniority… just a stinky old man…”

The hall immediately became much quieter when everyone heard Xiao Yan’s words that carried some ridicule. Was this brat’s courage not a little too great? He actually dared to mock Fu Yan in such a manner in front of the latter himself.

“What a sharp tongued youth… Good… Good…. Very good….. You have guts.” As expected, Fu Yan’s expression darkened. In his anger, he began laughing: “ If you can walk out of the Alchemist Association unharmed today, then will I, Fu Yan, still have face?”

“This old man is really irritating! Very irritating. Ignore him.” Zi Yan immediately became somewhat irritated when she heard Fu Yan’s blabberings. She covered her ears and spoke with curled lips.

The surrounding people smiled a little when they saw this jade-carving-like little girl suddenly say these words. However, all of them sensibly shut their mouths when they saw the increasingly gloomy expression of Fu Yan.

Xiao Yan also gradually became impatient after seeing more and more people gathering around them to watch the scene. He was too lazy to say any nonsense to this old man. He pulled Zi Yan and Mei Xun, turned around, and left.

Fu Yan’s expression immediately turned green when he saw this action of Xiao Yan. This was the first time that he had met such an arrogant young person after all these years. Fury immediately blew through him. A powerful, hot Dou Qi surged out of his body with an angry cry!

The powerful Dou Qi that erupted in an instant immediately caused the surrounding people to hurriedly take a couple of steps back, afraid of being innocently caught in the mess.

“Little brat, today, I will help your teacher teach you what is called respect for your teachers!” A fiery red Dou Qi curled and rose on his shriveled dried palm like a fierce fire. Fu Yan let out a sharp cry and his body flashed forward. He immediately turned into a fire figure that shot explosively toward Xiao Yan’s back.

Quite a number of people in the hall emitted an exclamation when they saw that Fu Yan actually ignored his status and attacked a younger generation. Fu Yan was a genuine expert Dou Wang. There was hardly anyone who could contend with him even within this capital. Moreover, from the looks of the momentum of his angry attack, it seemed that this black-robed, young man would at least end up being seriously injured if he were struck.

Fu Yan moved close to Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner just as this thought flashed across everyone’s heart. However, the hand was just about to grab the latter’s robe when Xiao Yan suddenly waved his arm. A sleeve of his cut through the air. The sleeve was as hard as metal after Dou Qi had poured into it.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sleeves collided with Fu Yan’s fist and a wind erupted out from the point of contact. Immediately, everyone’s face became shocked as they saw Fu Yan’s body suddenly fly backward before finally smashing against the ground miserably. Everyone was stunned!

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