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Chapter 684: Giving Others The Taste Of Their Own Medicine

The laughter reverberated through every single corner of the capital like a devil's curse, causing everyone's body to suddenly stiffen. They became just like statues, unable to move…

Xiao Yan?

This name which had already become somewhat foreign caused the faces of many people in the city to be at a loss after hearing it. Three years was enough time for people to forget many things. Of course, this kind of faded memory needed only a small trigger in order to allow it to once again return to everyone's mind.

Under this soft laughter, the faces of many people continued to be at a loss for a moment before waves of exclamations were suddenly emitted.

"Xiao Yan? He is that fellow who had turned the Misty Cloud Sect upside down three years ago?"

"Wasn't it said that he had died while being chased by the Misty Cloud Sect?"

"Nonsense! He was only chased out of the Jia Ma Empire by the Misty Cloud Sect. However, it is really unexpected that he has already become this strong in these short three years. It is really too terrifying…"

"The Xiao clan seems to be the clan destroyed by the Misty Cloud Sect right?"

"Hee hee, didn't you hear what he had just said, he has come to collect debt. The Misty Cloud Sect, tsk tsk, looks like they need to be prepared to repay the blood debt! This Xiao Yan was able to turn the Misty Cloud Sect upside down three years ago and even killed their First Elder. From the looks of his attack just now, it is clearly much stronger than three years ago. Hee hee, looks like this Misty Cloud Sect cannot be arrogant for much longer…"

Private conversations from all over the city were repeatedly spread. Within only a short period of time, this information was spread throughout the capital. The black-robed, young man carrying the heavy ruler in the sky had once again been found in the memories of everyone from three years ago.


Jia Lao watched the black-robed, young man flapping his jade-green fire wings in the sky from the tall tower within the imperial city. Even though he had identified the latter through his aura earlier, this guardian of the imperial family still let out a long sigh when he saw Xiao Yan truly reveal his identity. A glow flickered within both of his eyes. He smiled and spoke in a manner as though he had removed a heavy burden, "How unexpected, how really unexpected. This fellow has actually returned once again. Ha ha, it is likely that it won't be so easy for the Misty Cloud Sect to fulfill its wild ambitions this time around!"

"Great grandfather, he is…" Yao Ye slowly recovered from the shock of the person in the sky defeating Yun Du and the three others with one punch. Her eyebrows became vertical when she heard the somewhat familiar name as she spoke.

"Do you still remember the Yan Xiao from the Alchemist Grand Meeting back then?" Jia Xing Tian laughed.

A glow flickered in Yao Ye's eyes. She had also recalled that renowned person within the capital three years ago. Shock drew across her elegant, pretty face, "It is actually him… was he not chased out of the Jia Ma Empire by the Misty Cloud Sect?"

"Ke ke, he can naturally return after leaving…" Jia Lao laughed and said, "I told you back then that this person was definitely not an ordinary person. Tsk tsk, three years ago, his true strength was but that of a Da Dou Shi. Now, however, from the sharpness and speed that he had displayed when he intervened earlier… it is likely that even I am no match for him!"

Yao Ye was immediately stunned when she heard this. She was extremely clear about Jia Xing Tian's strength. The only person in this entire Jia Ma Empire who could defeat him was likely that old roan from the Misty Cloud Sect. However, no matter how one put it, Yun Shan was an expert who had been training for many years. Yet, this Xiao Yan was merely around twenty years old even if they rounded up his age!

An elite Dou Huang who was only around twenty years old. Even with Yao Ye's cool head, just thinking about this caused her to be momentarily absent-minded. This fellow was indeed frightening…

"Great grandfather's eyes are indeed very sharp. Fortunately, we did not gain any enmity with him…" Yao Ye gently patted her voluminous breasts as she spoke in a rejoiced manner.

"Ugh, actually back then I did think that this fellow would definitely be extraordinary in the future but I never expected that he is able to reach this level within just three short years…" Jia Lao sighed. A gloating expression immediately surfaced on his face as he said, "However, this is just as well. The Misty Cloud Sect has destroyed the Xiao clan and has already become irreconcilable enemies with Xiao Yan. In this way, Jia Ma Empire has an additional strong person like Xiao Yan. Hee hee, I no longer need to be overly worried about Yun Shan!"

"Yao Ye, remember, make contact with Xiao Yan after today's matter is over. At the very least, we must let him gain a favorable opinion of our imperial family." Jia Lao mused for a moment before suddenly speaking.

An unusual glow flickered within Yao Ye's eyes as she looked at the black-robed, young man flapping his jade-green fire wings in the sky. This fellow, could really be considered a great genius favored by the heavens…

"I suggest that we immediately maneuver our army to suppress the Misty Cloud Sect's attack. Although acting at this moment could not be considered to be delivering charcoal in a snowstorm, it is better than waiting for everything to settle. It is likely that the effect of trying to show our goodwill will be extremely weak at that time." Yao Ye fluttered her eyelashes gently and spoke in a gentle voice. However, she was displaying an impressive schemingness. She naturally possessed a mind that an ordinary person could not compare with in order to be groomed as the female emperor of the Jia Ma Empire.
TL: delivering charcoal in a snowstorm – lending a hand when another needed it the most

Jia Xing Tian hesitated a little upon hearing this before nodding heavily. He knew that he would be somewhat stupid if he were to still be indecisive at such a moment. Now that the Jia Ma Empire possessed a strong person like Xiao Yan, they would have some chances of victory even if they were to end up fighting with Yun Shan in the future.

Yao Ye immediately rejoiced when she saw Jia Xing Tian nod his head. She immediately ceased speaking any nonsense and immediately began to give the command…

At the Alchemist Association, Fa Ma exhaled a breath that was suppressed in his chest. He lifted his head and studied the black-robed, young man in the distant sky. A smile was revealed on his old face. He also knew that Xiao Yan's sudden appearance would break the situation where the Misty Cloud Sect dominated the Jia Ma Empire.

"This fellow is indeed not an ordinary person. Yun Shan, allowing him to flee back then might well be the thing that you regret the most in your entire life."


The Mu clan. The head of the Mu clan, Mu Cheng, also slowly withdrew his gaze from the sky and turned his head to look at all the core members of the Mu clan. He could not resist proudly laughing, "All of you have short-sighted mouse eyes. Back then, all of you found so many excuses when I said to quietly lend Xiao Yan a hand. Does it now feel good to have a slap thrown on your faces? Ha ha!"

All the clan members in the Mu clan could only smile bitterly and nod their heads when they saw the proudly laughing Mu Chen. All of them helplessly moaned in their hearts. Who was able to imagine that the fellow who was being chased like a dog that had lost its home back then would actually be able to reach a stage where he could truly challenge the Misty Cloud Sect within a short three years?

Compared to the various laughs in the other few areas, the atmosphere in the Nalan clan appeared exceptionally stiff and depressing. This depressing atmosphere was emitted from the completely stiffened Nalan Jie's body after that soft laughter of Xiao Yan's sounded.

Nalan Su also bitterly sighed as he looked at Nalan Jie, whose face was so stiff that he appeared like a dry corpse. That expert in the sky who could reverse the entire situation of the Jia Ma Empire had nearly become their son-in-law back then…

"Father…" Nalan Su finally could not resist whispering a moment later.

"Ugh…" A sigh which was filled with dense bitterness was slowly emitted from Nalan Jie's mouth. He waved his hand in a depressed manner and said, "Although I am not certain if Xiao Yan will still pay attention to us at this moment, we should try our best to make contact with him for the sake of our clan."

"Father, it's all because of Yanran's selfish, young character. Otherwise…" Nalan Su could not help but say when he looked at Nalan Jie's dejected manner.

"We cannot put the entire blame on her. Back then, Xiao Yan helped me expel the poison, but we did not help him when he ended up being chased after by the Misty Cloud Sect because we were afraid of the latter. It is likely that Xiao Yan will not forget about this matter given his character. Hence, I am also responsible for these matters…" Nalan Jie smiled sadly and mocked himself, "It is really unexpected that in my old age my eyes would become this blind and my heart this muddled…"

Nalan Su was silent. He could sense just how much regret was in Nalan Jie's heart at this moment… However, there was no medicine for regret that they could purchase in this world…

The black-robed, young man, who was carrying the heavy ruler in the sky, slowly turned around. He studied the completely stunned Hai Bodong not far away. He smiled slightly and slowly bowed, "Old Hai, thank you for taking care of the Xiao clan these few years."

"Xiao Yan?" Hai Bodong muttered. A moment later, he finally recovered and looked at the somewhat familiar young face. A wild joy gradually surged onto his face, "You brat, you have finally return!"

Xiao Yan also smiled when he saw Old Hai's extremely excited face. However, he did not have the time to go into the details when a cry filled with disbelief was transmitted over, "Xiao Yan? How can it be? You are actually still alive?"

"I will first dispatch these people here before conversing more with Old Hai." Xiao Yan smiled to Hai Bodong before turning his head and looking at the faces of disbelief of Yun Du and the other three people not far away. He laughed softly, "How can I die so easily when I have yet to kill old dog Yun Shan with my hands? Back then, I said that I, Xiao Yan, will return once again…"

Yun Du's expression changed rapidly. Xiao Yan's sudden appearance had completely broken their initial plan. However, it was fortunate that this fellow was exactly the same as he was back then. There was only him alone. Given the enormous faction of the Misty Cloud Sect, this fellow would not gain anything even if he were to return!

"Arrogant brat. There is no need for the Sect Leader to act if we want to deal with you! We have already taken precautions to deal with any person who blindly comes to create trouble!" Yun Du raised his head and suddenly let out a cold laugh. He immediately and swiftly took out a signal container from his storage ring and pulled at it with a great force. A gorgeous firework suddenly charged up and spread apart in the distant sky!

A couple of stern whistles suddenly sounded from outside of the capital not long after the fireworks exploded. Immediately, five rays of light swiftly drew through the sky and appeared in the sky a moment later!

The city immediately emitted waves of exclamation following the appearance of the five human figures. One could see five bright Dou Qi wings. These five people were actually all experts of the Dou Wang class! It seemed that the Misty Cloud Sect had truly put in a great effort in order to eliminate the Primer clan without any obstacles!

Seven Dou Wangs, two Dou Huangs. This kind of frightening lineup once again caused the entire city to emit a sound of the inhalation of cool air. This Misty Cloud Sect faction was indeed extremely frightening. From the looks of it, even with the return of a strong person like Xiao Yan today, one would have difficulty obtaining much of an advantage.

"Are you going to rely on larger numbers again? Indeed, a dog cannot stop itself from eating shit." Xiao Yan was also startled when he saw the nine human figures suspended in the sky. However, he immediately laughed with some interest.

"Xiao Yan, be careful, you cannot be careless!" Hai Bodong swiftly rushed to Xiao Yan's side and spoke with a solemn expression.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He immediately raised his gaze and looked at Yun Du on the opposite side. Suddenly he laughed, "Do you think that I will still suffer the same disadvantage that I suffered back then without making any preparations?" Xiao Yan suddenly clapped his hands softly after saying this. That clap was just like thunder that swept across the sky.

Yun Du and the others were stunned when they saw Xiao Yan's actions. An instant later, the sound of rushing wind suddenly sounded from Xiao Yan's back.

The gazes of the entire city were hurriedly shifted when the sound of rushing wind appeared. Finally, numerous gazes became dull as they looked at the sky outside of the capital. Over ten human figures were swiftly rushing over from that direction. The Dou Qi wings on the backs of these people were so bright that they appeared extremely dazzling.

"Next, let us give you a taste of your own medicine…"

The expressions of Yun Du and the others instantly turned pale when Xiao Yan's teasing laughter sounded!

Chapter 685: Start a Massacre

The rays of light flew across the sky and appeared in the sky above the capital a moment later.

Over a dozen human figures were flapping the Dou Qi wings on their backs as they eventually sat and waited while surrounding Yun Du and the others in a semicircle shape in front of the dull gazes of the entire city. Their faces all contained some ridicule.

The entire city once again became silent at the appearance of these ten plus human figures with wings extending from their backs. Countless numbers of people were stunned as they looked at the large Dou Wang unit that had suddenly appeared. Over ten expert Dou Wangs? This lineup… many people quietly inhaled a breath of cool air. Their heads began to feel giddy. There were at most only a couple of dozen expert Dou Wangs in the entire Jia Ma Empire. However, they were actually able to see so many of them today!

The expressions of Yun Du's group had turned pale-white at the appearance of these ten plus human figures. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. Only at this moment did they truly feel a kind of terror. The current Xiao Yan already possessed a frightening strength that could shake the Misty Cloud Sect…

"Xiao Yan… are all these your people?" Hai Bodong was also shocked by the sudden appearance of such a huge lineup as he anxiously asked.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

Hai Bodong only sighed in relief upon seeing Xiao Yan nod his head. Joy immediately surged in his heart. He used his strength to pat Xiao Yan's shoulders and smiled as he said, "Good fellow. You are indeed no longer that reckless little fellow back then. You actually know how to gather an army now."

Xiao Yan laughed softly. He raised his eyes and looked at Yun Du's group on the opposite side. A coldness surfaced in his dark-black eyes, "Ke ke, two Dou Huangs, seven Dou Wangs. Very good… it is really unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect has served such a big gift the moment I return. Since that is the case, I shall unceremoniously receive it."

The expressions of Yun Du and the others became even uglier when they felt the dark, cold killing intent that seeped from Xiao Yan's words. From the looks of the situation, it was likely that they would meet their end today. Although the Misty Cloud Sect was in close proximity to the capital, there was still a distance between the two of them. Even with their speed, they would require at least half an hour to hurry to the Misty Cloud Sect. This amount of time was already sufficient for this group of theirs to completely parish in this place.

"Ha ha, Xiao Yan, are these people the so-called members of the Misty Cloud Sect? This style is indeed extraordinary. Sending out seven Dou Wangs and two Dou Huangs when they act. This lineup could be considered quite a strong force even when placed in the 'Black-Corner Region'." Lin Yan's gaze was filled with interest as he spoke to Xiao Yan with a bright laugh while looking at Yun Du's group a short distance away.

Xiao Yan smiled and immediately waved his hand gently. His simple words containing dark, cold killing intent chilled a countless number of people.

"Leave no one!"

"Yes!" Lin Yan and the others nodded heavily after hearing Xiao Yan's words. Immediately numerous powerful Dou Qis that were not weaker than the Misty Cloud Sect's Dou Wangs erupted from their bodies. Finally, they flapped their wings and cut through the air, transforming into numerous blurry, black figures containing a sharp wind as they charged at the somewhat anxious Misty Cloud Sect's expert.

"Xiao Yan, aren't you afraid of being choked to death by trying to swallow us in one go!" Yun Du's heart also pounded wildly when he saw the cold sternness of Xiao Yan as he waved his hand. Threads of wildness immediately surged onto Yun Du's eyes as he furiously spoke.

"All Misty Cloud Sect's disciples, prepare for an all out fight! We will completely lay waste to the Primer clan even if we have to fight to our last man!"

The Misty Cloud Sect's disciples below who had paused because of the activity in the sky immediately emitted an orderly cry after hearing Yun Du's furious roar. They once again waved their weapons and charged toward the interior of the Primer clan like a torrent. Under this wild attack by the Misty Cloud Sect, the defensive lines within the manor were swiftly torn apart!

"Old Hai, I will leave those two Dou Huangs for you to handle. Leave the remaining Dou Wangs to the others!" Xiao Yan frowned slightly when he saw the swaying defensive line of the manor, which was about to fall apart. He turned his head toward Hai Bodong and spoke softly. Only Lin Yan and some expert Dou Wangs had appeared this time around. Xiao Yan did not allow Medusa, Old Yin Gu and the other expert who were of the Dou Huang class or stronger to appear at this moment. There was always a need to hold something back no matter what one did. Exposing all of one's trump cards to the Misty Cloud Sect the moment he returned was an extremely foolish act. The current Xiao Yan would naturally not do this.

"Aye, no problem!" Hai Bodong nodded without any hesitation when he heard this. Knowing that the situation was urgent, he did not say any unnecessary words. The ice wings on his back were flapped and he rushed out before charging into the chaotic battleground in the sky, completely blocking the two Dou Huangs Yun Du and Yun Sha.

The dark-green flames on Xiao Yan's back also moved a little after he saw this. After which, he rushed to the manor below.

"Clan head, the Misty Cloud Sect is about to break into the inner yard. We are unable to defend any longer!"

Anxious cries repeatedly spread from the chaotic manor while the sky descended into a big battle.

"Everyone hold on, don't engage in head on fights with them. Archers, prepare the 'Qi Breaking Arrows'!" Ya Fei also hurriedly cried out as she looked at the swiftly broken defensive lines from the within the manor. Faced with the human-sea-like attack of the Misty Cloud Sect, even they…

"Clan head, there are less than a hundred 'Qi Breaking Arrows' left!" A guard hurriedly said when he heard Ya Fei's orders.

"Use all of them!" Ya Fei's eyebrows were vertical as she cried out loud. However, her cry had just sounded when a black figure abruptly flashed down from the sky.

The black figure landed on the ground and the black-robed, young man carrying a heavy ruler smiled toward Ya Fei, revealing his white teeth. "Ya Fei jie, you have become even prettier than I last saw you three years ago…"
TL; jie – older sister

Ya Fei was somewhat absent-minded as she looked at the young face which had gained an additional maturity compared to three years ago. At this moment, it was as though the anxious cries that were repeatedly transmitted from her surroundings had disappeared. A sourness gradually surged onto Ya Fei's nose and her eyes also became a sleek red. Her somewhat hoarse, yet moving voice was emitted from her red mouth, "You horrible brat, you are still willing to return?"

"These three years, you have worked hard because of the Xiao clan…" Xiao Yan sighed as he looked at the mist forming in her alluring peach blossom eyes. He knew that the pressure Ya Fei carried during these few years was quite great. If not for Old Hai's support, it was likely that she would be unable to endure on…

The little grievances that Ya Fei originally felt in her heart instantly disappeared like a smoke when she heard this low voice that contained some apology. She cracked a smile that was so enchanting that it could enrapture an entire city…

"That's right… quickly come and see your older brother!" Ya Fei suddenly recovered and hurriedly moved her body aside. Behind her was a long-haired man who was seated on a wheelchair. His eyes, which were usually calm and indifferent, were filled with a gentle and faint excitement at this moment.

"Big brother?" Xiao Yan was startled. His gaze hurriedly turned to the man who had half of his face covered by his long hair.

"Xiao-yan-zi… you have finally returned. Ke ke, good little fellow. You didn't disappoint big brother. You are the glory of the Xiao clan and father." Gratification surfaced on the corner of Xiao Ding's mouth as he spoke softly when he saw Xiao Yan, who appeared even more mature than he did three years ago.

Xiao Yan quickly walked to Xiao Ding's side. A wild joy surfaced on his face. However, when his gaze swept toward the wheelchair that Xiao Ding was sitting on, his eyes instantly narrowed and his body also swiftly became dark and cold, "Big brother, your leg?"

"Ke ke, I'm fine. My leg is poisoned and has become completely crippled. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with my head and hands." Xiao Ding laughed as replied.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly as he looked at the faint smile on Xiao Ding's face. He could imagine just how difficult his big brother's life was during these couple of years when he was protecting the remaining members of the Xiao clan…

"Big brother, it has been hard on you these few years…"

Xiao Yan slowly knelt beside Xiao Ding. His eyes were completely red. The hoarse voice of his was finally unable to suppress the emotion in his heart.

A large rough palm slowly rubbed Xiao Yan's head. Xiao Ding smiled and slowly spoke with a warm voice, "Third brother, I am not the only one who has suffered. Don't tell me that you have lived these three years well?"

Xiao Yan's sleeves wiped his eyes with all his strength. He raised his head and laughed, "It was alright. However, big brother will not need to suffer in the future."

"Ke ke, I hope that is so. Alright, brat, just what do you look like crying in public. Moreover, now is not the time to reminisce about old times." Xiao Ding patted Xiao Yan's shoulders and reprimanded with a smile.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He stood up from the ground, turned his head, and softly spoke to a similarly red-eyed Ya Fei by the side, "Ya Fei jie, thank you very much. Leave the Misty Cloud Sect outside to me."

Xiao Yan did not wait for Ya Fei to reply after he said those words. His body flashed and appeared in the air above the manor.

"Hey… be careful. There are too many of them." Ya Fei hurriedly cried out when she saw Xiao Yan rushed into the air.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His gaze immediately turned toward the white-colored torrent outside. A cold, dark ruthlessness flashed across his eyes. With a wave of his hand, a cluster of dark-green flame surged onto his hand. Both of his hands pulled at the flame and the dark-green flame transformed into a cluster of green-colored flame and a cluster of invisible flame.

With a flick of his finger, the green-colored flame shrank into Xiao Yan's palm. That cluster of invisible flame, however, suddenly expanded greatly…

"Ya Fei jie, tell the members of the Primer clan to withdraw… there is no longer a need for these defensive lines." Ya Fei was startled when she heard the voice that was transmitted from the air. She did not hesitate as she waved her delicate hand. The members of the Primer clan who were defending the defensive line swiftly withdrew.

With the withdrawal of the Primer clan members, the white-colored torrent immediately surged in and began occupying most of the manor from all directions.


A slight puffing sound suddenly appeared just as the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect wildly occupied the manor. Flames suddenly and strangely surged out of the body of a Misty Cloud Sect's disciple who was at the front of the white torrent. Immediately, his entire person turned into a pile of ashes in the blink of an eye and burst apart.

The strange fire that had suddenly appeared caused everyone to be startled. However, while everyone was still startled, numerous low, solemn explosive sounds repeatedly rang out!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Hence, the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples, who had swarmed into the manor, were turned into burning people one after another in front of the countless number of shocked eyes belonging to the observers both in and outside of the manor. They finally burst apart in a strange manner. None of them emitted a miserable cry because of their imminent death from the beginning until the end. The entire place only had the soft muffled sound that was emitted from the bursting apart of flesh…

At this moment, an unusual cold darkness lingered in the hearts of a countless number of people…

Chapter 686: Sweep Away

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The low, deep of a physical body exploding repeatedly resounded within the enormous manor. This sound was like the sickle of a death god. Without exception, a Misty Cloud Sect's disciple would turn into ashes each time it sounded.

The Misty Cloud Sect's disciples swarmed toward the innermost layer of the manor like floodwaters. The people behind were completely unaware of the unexpected changes that had occurred at the front due to their limited vision. Hence, when their swarming momentum gradually entered a certain boundary, the sickle of the death god sliced over…

A terror and disturbance finally spread in all directions as an increasing number of Misty Cloud Sect's disciples' bodies strangely auto-ignited. Hence, the atmosphere fell greatly, spurred on by the terror. Finally, they were unable to endure any longer and began to wildly withdraw…

The white-colored torrent that had just come surging over like floodwaters once again fled miserably in all directions a moment later. Their panicked manner was as though they were afraid that the strange auto-ignition would descend upon them.

Hence, the enormous attack of the Misty Cloud Sect began to self-destruct without being attacked under this strange auto-ignition of bodies. Fear and shock was present on everyone's faces. Something that could kill someone without shape and color had an even easier time eroding a person's courage compared to sharp knives and swords.

When the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples fled for their lives out of the outermost part of the manor, the unusual phenomenon of the auto-ignition of bodies gradually began to disappear. However, at this moment, the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples had already suffered serious losses. During that terrifying time of auto-ignition earlier, at least half of the people were turned to dust in an extremely strange manner…

The manor was covered by a kind of grayish-white powder as the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples withdrew in a torrent-like manner. Due to the large amount of it, it had resulted in a layer that was as thick as a finger. The powder danced when the breeze blew over. The entire sky was adrift with terror and bizarre danger, giving one the creeps.
Both the inside and outside of the entire manor had turned into a dead silence under this treacherous feeling. Just a moment ago, half of the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples had been turned into powdery ashes in less than ten minutes. Regardless of whether it was the members of the Primer clan, the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples, or the surrounding observers, all of them felt a chill over their bodies as though they were in an abyss…

This scene was really too terrifying for them.

After the silence continued for a moment, numerous gazes finally began to turn to the black-robed, young man, who was carrying a heavy ruler, in the sky. At this moment, the latter was slowly extending both of his hands. If one were to carefully look at his hands, one would be able to vaguely see clusters of invisible flames fiercely burning above it. From the looks of the situation, it was clear that the earlier frightening auto-ignition frenzy was caused by him!

The Misty Cloud Sect's disciples who withdrew from the manor displayed shocked and terrified faces as they looked at Xiao Yan in the air. That manner was as though they were looking at a vicious, bloodthirsty demon. The viciousness of the latter's tactics earlier was enough to leave behind a phobia in their hearts, one that was difficult to eliminate. This devil-like human figure would follow them like their shadows, appearing occasionally in their hearts. It caused their hearts to be filled with fear.

The members of the Primer clan within the manor looked at the powder outside of the manor's courtyard. They, too, involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Their gazes looked at one another with their eyes filled with shock. The Misty Cloud Sect's disciples who had beaten them until they were unable to retaliate earlier were turned into firecrackers that randomly blasted all over the place. After which, over half of them were eliminated. Only at this moment did they truly understand that in the eyes of a truly strong person, a human life was really mere dirt…

Ya Fei was similarly shocked by this frightening scene. Her enchanting pretty face was somewhat pale as she raised her head to look into the air. The black-robed, young man's indifferent face had a thread of ruthlessness to it. She sighed once again. The hatred Xiao Yan felt toward the Misty Cloud Sect had truly reached a stage where he anxiously wanted to eat their flesh. Ya Fei was quite familiar with Xiao Yan's character. Normally, he would not do something like this. Hence, the Misty Cloud Sect only had themselves to blame for all this.

"Ke ke, this fellow is no longer that softhearted young man from back then… however, this might be considered a good thing for him." Xiao Ding did not felt the slightest resistance to Xiao Yan starting a massacre. Instead, he felt a faint joy within his heart as he laughed and slowly spoke. His voice contained gratification and an unknown soft sigh.

Ya Fei nodded her head slightly. She was just about to speak when the sound of orderly horse hoofs suddenly sounded outside of the manor. She raised her eyes and was surprised to see a dark-black torrent suddenly swarming from all over the city. A moment later, they had completely surrounded those Misty Cloud Sect's disciples outside the manor, not allowing even water to flow past them.

"These people… are the army of the imperial family?" Ya Fei looked at those black armored soldiers on horseback with surprise. She felt somewhat stunned before raising her eyebrows and immediately laughing softly, "The tactics of Yao Ye are really not bad. They did not appear when the Primer clan suffered a calamity earlier. They ended up dispatching their army immediately now that Xiao Yan had returned and the situation had changed drastically. This speed at which they changed direction was really quite quick…"

Xiao Ding laughed faintly and said, "They are naturally trying to curry favor with third brother by maneuvering their military now. However, it is naturally best that she is trying to court us. There are quite a great amount of benefits for the Primer clan to have a good relationship with the imperial family. Moreover, everyone shares the same great enemy known as the Misty Cloud Sect.

Ya Fei nodded. Her gaze looked at the torrent of metal only to see that a pathway was split opened. A strong horse slowly sailed out. There was a lady wearing a purple-black gown and a phoenix crown seated on it. The lady was tall and her eyes contained a dignity as they flashed. From her appearance, she was naturally the future female emperor who would gradually control the Jia Ma Empire's imperial family, Yao Ye.

"The Misty Cloud Sect has ignored the laws and has assembled a mob to invade into the capital. Bring all of them away!" Yao Ye waved her delicate hand and roared. Her eyes were cold as she glanced at the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples who were surrounded.

Perhaps they had lost all their courage from having been massacred by Xiao Yan earlier or perhaps it was because of the threat of the many two to three meter long spears but these Misty Cloud Sect's disciples did not put up much resistance this time around. Instead, they placed their weapons down in a relaxed manner and allowed these gruff tiger-wolf-like soldiers to place a shackle that suppressed Dou Qi on their bodies.

Yao Ye also quietly sighed in relief when she saw that these Misty Cloud Sect's disciples did not resist. These people from the Misty Cloud Sect did have some ability. There might be some trouble if they were to resist.

Yao Ye settled the problem in this place before her gaze faintly swept across the manor. Her delicate hand under her sleeves immediately tightened when her gaze swept over the powder on the ground. She had saw some of those people suddenly auto-ignite earlier. Hence, her expression was currently somewhat uneasy. This kind of strength was really too great. Was a truly strong person so frightening? No wonder great-grandfather had always chosen to endure before he had absolute confidence to deal with Yun Shan.

Her gaze was raised and she looked at the black-robed, young man in the air. A somewhat moving smile was revealed on Yao Ye's pretty face. Her gentle soft voice was emitted from her red lips, "Ke ke, may I know if I should call you mister Yan Xiao or mister Xiao Yan?"

Xiao Yan glanced at this somewhat familiar looking woman. He knit his brows and was unable to recall the latter's identity within a short amount of time.

"This is princess Yao Ye. You met her back then." Ya Fei's laughter was slowly transmitted to Xiao Yan while he was frowning, causing him to come to a sudden realization.

Yao Ye smiled at Ya Fei as the former saw her slowly walk out from the manor. She immediately jumped down from her horse and held the latter's hand affectionately. She said, "Ya Fei jie, I'm sorry. Originally I wanted to come as early as possible but the time needed to dispatch the army is also quite long."

Ya Fei did not display any surprise at Yao Ye's sudden warmth to her. She smiled. Her heart was well aware that it was likely that the imperial family was likely trying its best to form a good relationship with Xiao Yan at this moment. However, some of the matters back then had caused Xiao Yan to possess quite a poor impression for the other factions within the Jia Ma Empire. Hence, this intelligent woman in front of her had chosen to try and court her and use this opportunity to make contact with Xiao Yan.

"Oh it's princess Yao Ye…" Xiao Yan also carelessly smiled after being reminded by Ya Fei. However, he did not display much interest on the outside. He lifted his head and looked at the chaotic battleground in the sky before muttering with his mouth, "There is currently no time to catch up with princess. Let's slowly talk after I settle all these people."

This future female emperor of the Jia Ma Empire did not display any dissatisfaction toward these somewhat cold and indifferent words of Xiao Yan. She merely nodded with a gentle smile.

Xiao Yan randomly dismissed Yao Ye before the jade-green fire wings on his back were flapped. His body gradually rushed toward the chaotic battleground in the sky.

Due to being outnumbered, the few Misty Cloud Sect's expert Dou Wangs were already at a disadvantage in the fight within the sky. They could only parry the attacks and were unable to retaliate. Hence, the situation instantly became one-sided when a heavy weight, like Xiao Yan, joined in.


The blurry, black figure flashed across the sky for a mere few minutes when nearly four expert Dou Wangs became seriously injured and fell from the sky. The fresh blood that they spat out along the way was just like a red fog that slowly drifted in the air.

The entire city was completely silent as they looked at the repeatedly defeated expert Dou Wangs from the Misty Cloud Sect. Then they looked at each other. Anyone could tell that the Misty Cloud Sect did not have the slightest ability to turn the tide.


Another ruthless fist smashed into the back of a shocked elite Dou Wang. The fierce powerful force caused him to instantly lose his fighting strength. In the end, that person fell head first from the sky with no one knowing whether he was dead or alive.

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled turbid air from his chest. His gaze slowly swept toward a distant blurry mountain top outside of the capital. A fierce aura suddenly surged from his body and immediately swept over the entire sky.

The instant that Xiao Yan's aura erupted, Yun Shan, who was training with his eyes shut, as well as the white-robed lady in the 'Forbidden Hall' on the distant Misty Cloud Mountain, suddenly opened their eyes. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief…

"This aura… how is it possible?"

Chapter 687: The Shock of the Misty Cloud Sect

"This aura…"

Yun Shan's eyes were filled with disbelief. He suddenly stood up and muttered with his mouth, "How can it be? This little fellow is actually still alive…" The muttering had just sounded when Yun Shan seemed to recall something. His expression suddenly changed. His body flashed and disappeared from this training room in a ghost-like manner.

The direction he had sensed the eruption of this aura earlier was clearly that of the capital. At this moment… there was a large unit that the Misty Cloud Sect had sent to the capital!

The grand hall of the Misty Cloud Sect was completely chaotic. Various noises mixed with panicked voices. Finally, they lingered within the hall, causing one's head to expand with giddiness.

Yun Shan also knit his brows because of this chaos when his body flashed into the grand hall. He cried out in a deep stern voice, "Quiet down. What a scandal to be in such confusion!"

The noise within the hall immediately began to quietly disappear when everyone saw Yun Shan who had suddenly appeared. It was finally completely quiet a moment later.

Yun Shan coldly snorted only after seeing that the grand hall had recovered its silence. He sat down in the leader's seat and asked, "What happened? Is there any news from Yun Du and the others?"

Upon hearing Yun Shan voice his question, an old man in the hall quickly walked over and spoke respectfully while wearing a somewhat pale expression, "Reporting to Sect Leader, the spiritual tablet of Yun Fu and three other Elders have suddenly burst apart a moment ago. The spiritual tablet of Yun Sha and the other few elders have also become extremely dim. From the looks of the situation, they have obviously suffered serious injuries!"

The faces of everyone within the grand hall including Yun Shan twitched intensely when the old man's words sounded. The experts whom they had dispatched to the capital were basically over half the strength of the current Misty Cloud Sect. Everyone present believed that there was not a single faction within the Jia Ma Empire, with the exception of the Misty Cloud Sect, who could block such a large lineup. However, the truth that was currently placed in front of them had ruthlessly thrown them a slap on their faces, causing them to be at a loss.

"Elder Yun Cha, have you made a mistake?" The silence continued within the grand hall for a moment before dry laughter finally sounded.

"I hope that's the case too…" The Elder who was addressed as Yun Cha laughed bitterly. He flipped his hand and a pile of broken jade tablets appeared on the table in front of him. The expressions of those people who originally had some doubts within their hearts became ugly when they saw these familiar jade tablets.

"How is this possible. That is two Dou Huangs and seven Dou Wangs. Which faction within this capital had the ability to eat up all of them? By just relying on that Primer clan?" An Elder who seemed to have quite a high status furiously spoke with a changing face.

"Don't tell me that the three large clans and the imperial family joined hands?" A person suddenly suggested, causing quite a number of people to quietly nod their heads. From the looks of it now, it seemed that this guess was the most reliable one.

"Since they actually dared to join hands and provoke us, the Misty Cloud Sect, I would like to impeach Sect Leader to give the order to completely eradicate the three large clans and the imperial family from the Jia Ma Empire!"

"That's right. Sect Leader, the Misty Cloud Sect will definitely not endure this kind of provocation! We must let them pay the price in blood!"

Yun Shan's face was gloomy as his gaze swept toward the group of agitated Elders and deacons. A moment later, his palm suddenly slammed violently on the table. The intense sound immediately shocked everyone within the hall. Their eyes fearfully looked at Yun Shan and did not quite understand why the latter would be this furious.

"It is not whatever nonsense three large clan joining hands!" Yun Shan stood up and spoke in a dark, solemn voice. "That little bastard from the Xiao clan has returned."

"Xiao clan?"

Everyone was startled when they heard this. They were all at a loss. The small Xiao clan was now lingering on its last breath. How could they have the ability to defeat that large lineup of the Misty Cloud Sect?

The fury in Yun Shan's heart grew even more intense when he saw the lost expressions on everyone’s faces. However, just as he was unable to control himself and was about to burst out in anger, an exclamation finally sounded in the hall.

"Don't tell me it's that Xiao Yan?"

"Xiao Yan?" The name that was deep within their memories set off the memory that had been hidden in everyone's mind for three years within a short instant. Three years ago, that young man who was not even twenty years old had ascended the Misty Cloud Mountain by himself. He had relied on his own strength to contend with the entire Misty Cloud Sect. Although he ended up being chased out of the Jia Ma Empire, that ferocious wolf-like young man left behind a deep memory that was difficult to remove within a countless number of people from the Misty Cloud Sect.

The lack of any news of him during these three years had caused everyone to gradually forget about that name and young man. However, by mentioning this name today, the scene from three years ago began to gradually surface in the minds of every single person…

"Isn't that fellow dead?" The shock persisted for a moment before there was finally someone who muttered with some surprise.

"Who told you that he had died?" Yun Shan looked at everyone coldly. His voice was dark and chilly, "I sensed his aura earlier. It seems that that fellow should be back. Yun Du and the others might have met with him."

"Even if Elder Yun Du's group was to met with that fellow, but… but it is not possible for them to suffer such deaths and injuries right? That place has two Dou Huangs and seven Dou Wangs… they would not be so quickly defeated even if they were to meet three or four elite Dou Huangs! Don't tell me that Xiao Yan has broken through to the Dou Zong class within these short three years?" An Elder involuntarily spoke doubtfully. He had yet to complete his sentence when he began to scoff at his own words.

"Although he might not have broken through to the Dou Zong class, from that aura of his earlier, it is likely that he has reached the Dou Huang class." Yun Shan slowly spoke. His eyelids involuntarily twitched when he spoke until this point. Dou Huang… given his current strength, he was naturally aware that although Xiao Yan's fighting strength back then was powerful, his true strength was at the very most that of a Da Dou Shi or a Dou Ling. However, only after a short three years, that fellow had actually reached the Dou Huang class? This speed… was indeed frightening!

A commotion immediately surged within the grand hall when Yun Shan's voice sounded. Even that Elder from earlier revealed a dull face. Advancing to the Dou Huang class in three short years… this training talent could only be described as frightening. Looks like, allowing that brat to flee back then was indeed a most regretful matter.

In three years, he was able to reach the Dou Huang class. It was difficult to imagine what would happen if he was given another three years…

As he thought until this point, even someone as sophisticated as Yun Shan could not help but feel a coldness surging into his heart.

Yun Shan inhaled a deep breath of air. His eyes were lowered and a wave of killing intent that was difficult to keep in check suddenly swept out from his heart in all directions. He must not allow that person to remain alive. Otherwise, that person would eventually become a big trouble that he would have difficulty finishing off! In the future, the Misty Cloud Sect might really be completely destroyed by that person's hands like what those fellows had said.

"Little bastard. Back then, you can be considered lucky to have fled. However, don't blame the old me for being vicious since you have come looking for me this time around!"

"Sect Leader, what should we do now? Should we send someone to go and rescue Elder Yun Du and the others?" A person in the grand hall finally recalled Yun Du and the others who were on the brink of death.

Yun Shan mused for a moment after hearing this. He was just about to nod his head when the expression of Elder Yun Cha, who was managing the spiritual tablets of the many Elders in the sect, changed. His voice was hoarse as he spoke, "I think that it is not necessary. Their spiritual tablets… have all burst apart."

The entire place was shocked when these words were spoken. Their heads immediately felt giddy. That was two Dou Huangs and seven Dou Wangs. This lineup had actually completely fallen within a short few hours. Such losses were something that the Misty Cloud Sect had difficulty enduring.

"That bastard. He's too ruthless!" Furious curses repeatedly sounded within the hall. However, when they spoke these words, all of them had forgotten that they did not show any mercy when they had attacked the Xiao clan back then.

The gloominess on Yun Shan's face was abnormally withdrawn in the face of such great losses. He waved his hand with an expressionless face and suppressed the commotion within the grand hall. His gaze flickered for a moment before he spoke in an indifferent voice, "There is no longer a need to send anyone to the capital. That little bastard will come looking for us himself. Since that is the case, we shall quietly wait…"

Everyone was startled when they heard these words from Yun Shan. Although there was an unwillingness in their hearts, they did not dare to object against Yun Shan's decision. Hence, all they could do was respond respectfully.

"Tell everyone that the Misty Cloud Sect will enter a high alert state from now on. Kill anyone who privately ascends the mountain!"

"Yes sir!"

Everyone felt a chill all over their bodies when they heard the dark chilly killing intent in Yun Shan's words as they hurriedly responded. Yun Shan immediately waved his hand and all of them swiftly swarmed out of the grand hall…

The hall was once again completely silent after everyone had left.

"Tsk tsk, how is it? I have just told you some time earlier that Xiao Yan had survived very well within the 'Black-Corner Region'. Looks like the Misty Cloud Sect will be faced with quite the trouble with his return this time around…" The silence continued for a long time before a cluster of black fog suddenly and strangely appeared in the shadows of the grand hall. It immediately lingered in the large hall as an unusual laugh sounded from within it.

Yun Shan's face twitched. A ferocity flashed across his eyes as he spoke in a dense manner, "He is but a little bastard. Even though he currently possesses the strength of a Dou Huang, this ancestor (refer to rank Dou Zong) can still kill him easily. Once I capture him, I will let him taste a feeling that is worse than death!"

"I am unconcerned about the grudge between the two of you. Coincidentally, he has returned. In that case, most of the members of the Xiao clan have been gathered. It also saves us the trouble of going to the 'Black-Corner Region' to search for him." The black fog moved and a voice once again sounded, "According to our information, Xiao Yan has the spiritual body of Yao zun-zhe within his body. It is likely that he has borrowed the help of Yao Chen's spirit in order to kill an expert Dou Wang with his Da Dou Shi's strength. Leave Yao Chen for me to deal with the next time around. All you need to do is to capture Xiao Yan…"
TL: zun-zhe – respectful term for a Dou Zun

Yun Shan nodded slowly. A savage look surged onto his face as he spoke sinisterly, "Relax, I will cripple that little bastard's Dou Qi before handing him to you…"

"Hopefully. However, I would like to remind you that it is best not to underestimate your opponent. Otherwise, your ending at that time might be exceptionally miserable…"

The black fog moved slightly as that unusual laugher was once again emitted. Immediately, it strangely and slowly disappeared from within the grand hall, leaving behind the cold smile and savage face of Yun Shan…

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