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Chapter 683

Chapter 683: Debt Collection!

Naturally, Jia Lao was not the only one who had discovered the sudden arrival of the clear rolling-thunder. At the same time, the few leaders who possessed quite a strong faction within the empire revealed stunned faces as they looked in the direction the roaring sound had come from. However, other than the Head of the Alchemist Association, Fa Ma, the other people did not possess sharp senses. Hence, they naturally had difficulty identifying the person who had arrived. Even though this was the case, the majestic Dou Qi that was contained in the roar caused their expressions to change drastically. This kind of strength was something that even the old demon Jia Xing Tian in the imperial city could not be compared with. Since when had such a strong person appeared in the Jia Ma Empire.

The couple of them were not the only ones who had gained such questions. Everyone in the capital was completely stunned. Clearly, there was not a single person aware of just when an expert, who possessed such a strength, had appeared in the Jia Ma Empire.

The clear roar was just like thunder that rolled and arrived. Doubt had flashed in everyone’s heart when silver-colored lightning suddenly rushed over from outside of the capital. The speed of this silver-colored lightning was so fast that it was frightening. Even the few elite Dou Wangs could only vaguely see a silver glow flash and disappear in the sky. A storm brewed within their hearts.

The silver glow rushed across the sky. It shot from outside to inside the city within a short instant. Finally, the glow flashed and a human figure which was completely covered in a jade-green flame appeared in the battleground in the sky in a ghost-like manner. The spot in he was occupying was surprisingly in front of Hai Bodong.

Only after that eye-catching jade-green fire figure appeared in the sky did the people all over the city below let out an alarmed cry. From the looks of the situation, it seemed that the clear roar a moment ago was emitted by this mysterious person? Moreover, from the spot in which he was standing in, it seemed that he was here to help Hai Bodong?

Although it took some time to describe it, only a short two to three seconds had passed from the sounding of the clear roar to the appearance of the mysterious jade-green fire person in front of Hai Bodong. Due to the frightening speed of the latter, the ferocious fist of Yun Du and the three others, accompanied by fluctuating air, still violently approached after he had appeared in front of Hai Bodong!

The appearance of the jade-green fire human figure instantly caused Hai Bodong’s face to become stunned. He moved his body only to discover that Yun Du and the three others lock on him had unknowingly been undone. He was startled for a moment before immediately coming to an understanding. This was an act done by the mysterious person in front of him. However, at this moment, he naturally did not have the time to inquire about the other party’s origin. He could only cry out loud, “Friend, be careful of their attack!”

The jade-green fire figure did not turn around in the face of Hai Bodong loud cry. All he did was randomly wave his hand.

“You actually dare to meddle in the Misty Cloud Sect’s affairs? You are seeking death!” The sudden appearance of the jade-green fire human figure also caused Yun Du and the others to be startled. However, they quickly discovered the other party’s intention and their faces immediately turned gloomy. The moment the cold cry sounded, the aura of the fists that had the combined force of the four of them immediately soared. The humming sound of sharp rushing wind resounded across the city, causing one’s eardrum to feel a wave of piercing pain.

The attack which had gathered the full strength of two Dou Huangs and two Dou Wangs had a power that ev

en Jia Xing Tian could only afford to dodge. However, that jade-green flame human figure remained in the sky. His expression was solemn, but he did not move. From the looks of it, he seemed to be intent on receiving the attack from the four people head-on.

Numerous exclamations immediately sounded from the city below when they saw the actions of his. Was this fellow who had suddenly appeared not overextending himself? It should be known that his opponent was not an ordinary strong person but two Dou Huangs and two Dou Wangs. They were strong people who even Ice Emperor Hai Bodong could only back away from!

This was not only the case for the ordinary people below. Even the expressions of Hai Bodong and those experts who had been observing this place from certain spots in the capital changed slightly when they saw the actions of this mysterious person. From the looks of the frightening speed that this person had displayed earlier, it was clearly not difficult for him to dodge this attack. However, he still chose to receive it head-on. If one did not have absolute confidence in receiving it head-on, one was a fool to do this…

Would such a strong person be a fool? The answer was obvious. No!

The sharp fist glow that had gathered the full force of Yun Du and the three others burst air apart within a ten meter radius and formed a vacuum region under the countless number of gazes from the capital. That terrifying glowing fist rushed toward the jade-green fire figure with a speed that was difficult to sense with one’s naked eye!

The air fled in all directions wherever the fist glowed passed, causing this space to appear extremely distorted!

The jade-green fire person finally reacted when the terrifying glowing fist was about to approach his body. His fist was slowly extended out. Finally, the bones in his arm trembled and a frightening force swiftly agglomerated within an extremely short period of time. Finally, it suddenly erupted amid a low and deep cry!

“Octane Blast!”

The fist that was wrapped by a flame did not appear beautiful. However, a stone appeared to have been thrown into the air around just as the fist was about to be unleashed, forming wave after wave of ripples!


Both fists shook and suddenly collided in front of a countless number of tiny eyes. Everything was momentarily still before a thunder-like explosion suddenly resounded across the sky. A wind ripple immediately swept in all directions like an ocean wave!

The fists separated upon contact in front of numerous gazes. The flame human figure swayed a little before withdrawing a couple of steps in order to resolve the force. Yun Du and the other three on the opposite side were like sandbags that had been sent flying in the shocked eyes all over the city. They flew back by over a hundred feet before they stabilized their bodies in a somewhat miserable manner!

The sleeves on their hands were immediately blasted apart when they stood up, revealing their naked arms. Clearly, Yun Du and the three others not only failed to gain the advantage in this collision, but they were even miserably defeated under the fist of the mysterious man!

The entire city was completely silent at this moment! Regardless of whether it was the manor of the Primer clan which was filled with fights or any other place, everyone was looking at the sky with stunned faces. The scene a moment ago gave them a kind of dream-like feeling.

Crushing a joint attack by two Dou Huangs and two Dou Wangs with one’s own strength. It was likely that only Yun Shan alone possessed such a strength in this large Jia Ma Empire!

Yet, it was extremely obvious that this mysterious person was not Yun Shan. In that case… just who was this mysterious expert who was completely wrapped within a flame?

At this moment, there were countless number of people who were draining their minds trying to guess the identity of this mysterious person. Unfortunately, their efforts were to no avail!

Hai Bodong also revealed a stunned expression as he looked at the flaming human figure not far away. Although he could guess that the strength of this person was quite strong, he did not expect that this person was not only able to withstand the combined attack of Yun Du and the other three but also possessed the additional strength to shatter the sleeves of these four people. Such a strength was indeed terrifying!

Silence continued in this city for a moment before it was finally broken by Yun Du’s somewhat sharp, fearful voice.

“Just who are you? Please tell us your name!”

Yun Du and the other three people exchanged glances with one another. Their eyes contained shock. After the earlier lightning-like contact, they were vaguely able to guess that the fire figure in front of them had a strength that was definitely even more frightening than the old demon Jia Xing Tian in the imperial city! Why was it that their Misty Cloud Sect was totally unaware that such a powerful person had appeared within the Jia Ma Empire?

“Ke ke, after having not met for three years, it is really unexpected that the Misty Cloud Sect still specializes in bullying others with numbers…” The cluster of flames covering the human figure in the sky finally emitted clear laughter.

A countless number of people were startled when they heard the laughter from the flaming human figure. Hearing this voice, they were certain that this mysterious person was not very old.

An ordinary person might only be surprised at how young it was when they heard this laughter. However, when this laughter landed in the ears of Ya Fei and Xiao Ding, who had lifted their heads in the manor below, it caused the bodies of the both of them to suddenly stiffen. They widened their mouths slightly and slowly turned their heads to exchange glances with each other. A moment later, they were able to see disbelief surging out from deep within the other party’s eyes.

Being an old man, Hai Bodong naturally did not feel anything special toward that voice. However, he was vaguely able to sense a familiar feeling to it. However, he was unable to find any answer despite knitting his brows and savoring it.

“This friend, don’t think that you can act recklessly just because the four of us are unable to do anything to you. There is no one in this Jia Ma Empire who dares to provoke our Misty Cloud Sect!” Yun Du’s expression had become very gloomy as he spoke with a stern voice when he heard the ridicule from the voice of the fire figure.

“You should reveal yourself if you have the ability. Hiding your head, exposing your tail, and sneaking about is not what an expert should do!”

The fire figure once again emitted soft laughter after hearing Yun Du’s cold cry. Immediately, everyone sensed that the jade-green flame that was lingering on his body was slowly disappearing.

The city, where private conversations had just broken out, once again became strangely quiet when they saw this scene. Numerous gazes looked at the sky without blinking. Everyone was curious to learn who this mysterious expert was.

Of course, it was not only the ordinary people who possessed this thought. Both parties who were fighting within the Primer clan’s manor, those in the imperial city, the Alchemist Association, Nalan clan, Mu clan… the people from all these places were staring intently at the sky with large eyes!

The flame on the fire human figure gradually disappeared under the eyes of a countless number of fiery hot gazes. The skinny figure within it slowly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Ya Fei raised her pretty face and looked at the somewhat familiar back from the Primer clan’s manor. Her delicate hands involuntarily covered her mouth. A fog surged in those bright eyes because of her excitement.

It really is him? He has returned!


The flame finally disappeared completely following a slight sound. The black-robed, young man who was carrying a heavy ruler in the sky flapped the jade-green fire wings on his back as he remained suspended in the sky.

“Ke ke, it’s been three years…”

“Misty Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan has come to collect your debt!”

The black-robed, young man remained suspended in the sky. His soft laughter slowly reverberated through the sky, causing the expressions on the faces of everyone in the city to completely solidify!

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