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Chapter 655

Chapter 655: Medicinal Pill Auction

One bottle after another of finished medicinal pill products were repeatedly delivered to Xiao Li’s hand following the gradual increase in time Xiao Yan spent in retreat. On top of feeling a joy at such a rich source of pills, Xiao Li also ceased selling medicinal pills one at a time. After having muddled along within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for two to three years, he was clearly aware that the perfect method to obtain the greatest value for medicinal pills was to auction them!

Currently, Feng City was already completely controlled in the hands of ‘Xiao Gate’. Given their strength, it was already sufficient to manage a reputable auction that focused solely on the sale of medicinal pills. Hence, Xiao Li finally sent out the information of an auction being held through various channels after a few days of preparation.

Various large and small auctions would frequently appear within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. However, an auction that focused solely on the sale of medicinal pills was quite rare. Moreover, Xiao Li had naturally leaked news of some high-tier medicinal pills that were to be auctioned when he spread the news of the auction. Hence, the auction that Feng City was about to hold attracted sufficient attention within a short two to three days.

Of course, the most important thing when holding an auction within a place like the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was an extremely great strength. Otherwise, some of the fellows whose greed had covered their reasoning might perform some extremely crazy actions when the auction began. An example was to snatch the item to be auctioned. Such a thing might be somewhat shocking in the outside world. However, it was only too common within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ where people had seen it occur many times.

If ‘Xiao Gate’ were to hold such an auction with its past strength, it would naturally be mocked by others. Where did a faction only near that of a first-tier faction get the qualification to hold such an event?

However, this kind of mockery completely disappeared after the Dark Sky Sect and two other large factions ended up publically announcing that the ruler of Feng City was ‘Xiao Gate’s’ after leading their men and rushing fiercely into Feng City. From this declaration of theirs, many people were able to tell that they had clearly met with an extremely strong resistance during their joint attempt to charge into Feng City. That resistance was something that even they were extremely afraid of!

With things having developed to this point, the many large and small factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had little choice but to once again begin to take this new faction, that had suddenly appeared, seriously. The combination of the three large factions was something that even the ‘Black Alliance’ back then would not dare to easily provoke. Despite this, they ended up suffering losses at the hands of the so-called ‘Xiao Gate’. This caused many people’s imaginations to run wild.

The people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were extremely aware of just what kind of characters the leaders of the three large factions possessed. It was not overboard to say that their tactics were vicious and their behaviors eccentric. However, ever since they had returned from Feng City, they had remained unusually silent. They did not release even the slightest information regarding ‘Xiao Gate’, and when they sent people to be stationed in Feng City a couple of days later, they did not choose any area that was close to the private mansion at the middle of the city.

All of these actions clearly indicated that the three large factions were worried, and even afraid of this so-called ‘Xiao Gate’!

At this moment, anyone who naively th

ought that the so-called ‘Xiao Gate’ merely had a strength that was close to a first-tier faction possessing only an elite Dou Wang might really have a brain that was damaged…

Hence, everyone obediently shut their mouths when news that the ‘Xiao Gate’ was holding a medicinal pill auction spread in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. No one dared to express any mockery. Moreover, not long later, the other factions felt lucky that they had remained silent after the three large factions announced that they would send helpers to help maintain order in Feng City. This ‘Xiao Gate’ really did seem to be hiding a terrifying strength that caused the three large factions to be afraid!

Of course, regardless of the attitude the other factions held toward the ‘Xiao Gate’, at the very least, over half of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ knew that Feng City was holding a great medicinal pill auction because of Xiao Li’s actions…

An increasing number of people began to rush over from all over the ‘Black-Corner Region’ as the auction approached. Almost everyone had a great interest for medicinal pills. Moreover, this kind of medicinal pill auction was something that was appearing in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for the first time; therefore, it naturally attracted quite a number of people.

The crowd in Feng City had already reached a frightening number just one day before the auction. It even exceeded the peak period back when the ‘Black Alliance’ was still around. From this, one could see just how successful Xiao Li’s idea of an auction which specialized in medicinal pills was.

Xiao Li had naturally informed Xiao Yan of a big matter like holding an auction. Xiao Yan also clearly understood that such an auction would require an expert of a certain level around. Otherwise, trouble would definitely appear. Hence, he had ceased his dull pill refining one day before the start of the auction and quietly discussed matters with Queen Medusa for a long time. Only then was he totally assured.

Time passed and the medicinal pill auction finally began amid the expectations of a countless number of people. On the day it opened, numerous black-clothed figures, who emitted a rich bloody scents from their bodies, stood around the auction grounds like statues, giving everyone a feeling of pressure and fear within their hearts.

Xiao Yan looked down at the torrent-like human flow from a tall ground where he could see the entirety of the spacious auction ground below and nodded slightly.

“Third brother, I have spent all my efforts and have finally found and ordered all the medicinal ingredients that you need. However, it requires quite a great amount of money in order to get the goods. If the auction were to progress smoothly, not only will we be able to obtain all the medicinal ingredients, but our ‘Xiao Gate’ will also gain a large amount of money.” Xiao Li by the side spoke with a smile as he looked at the lower ground with satisfaction.

“Aye.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief upon hearing this. He smiled and nodded. There were indeed many capable people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The medicinal ingredients he had requested were mostly unorthodox and rare. It was unexpected that all of them could really be purchased.

“However, there will also be some trouble today.” Xiao Li suddenly knit his brows and whispered.

“What trouble?” Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows and asked without a change in his expression or tone.

“The activity I have created this time around is too big, and it has attracted many factions from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ over. There were quite a number among these factions who were members of the ‘Black Alliance’ back then. It is even rumored that the Gold Silver Brothers will also attend.” Xiao Li helplessly said.

“You are afraid that they will create trouble?” Xiao Yan spoke with a smile.

“Aye. Those fellows aren’t ordinary people. Especially the Gold Silver Brothers. They may be afraid of the Jia Nan Academy, but they aren’t the least bit afraid of us.” Xiao Li nodded as he replied.

“Relax. It’s only two old fellows who won’t die. Second brother, you only need to ensure that the auction will progress until the end. Leave everything else to me.”

“This… alright.” Xiao Li hesitated a little when he heard this before he immediately nodded. He had a great confidence for Xiao Yan. Even that kind of incomparably fierce woman like Queen Medusa was suppressed by him, much less these fellows.

The incomparably spacious auction hall below was gradually filled by a great number of people while the two of them were conversing. At a glance, the black masses of human heads appeared to be endless. The noisy buzzing and cursing merged together. From the looks of its momentum, it seemed as though it wanted to break through the ceiling.

Some of those well known important people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and the leaders of some factions were naturally arranged to be at the front of the auction with extremely good views. The leaders of these factions would occasionally whisper softly with one another. Their gazes were sweeping in all directions with questionable thoughts lingering in their hearts.

There were quite a number of important people who were clustered at the front row in the north-western side of the auction ground. The two people who were nearest to the front were surprisingly the Gold Silver Brothers whom Xiao Yan was extremely familiar with. Behind the two of them were some experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who were quite well known in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Most of these people were members of the ‘Black Alliance’ back then. Hence, they naturally gathered together when they met.

At this moment, these people were repeatedly engaged in private conversations while the Gold Silver Brothers were resting with their eyes shut. No one knew what they were thinking in their hearts.


A clear sound suddenly appeared amid the noise within the auction house. The noise within the auction house was gradually reduced after this gong sounded. Everyone’s gaze also slowly gathered onto the auction stage…

Xiao Li’s figure slowly walked out from backstage in front of everyone’s line of sight. Finally, he stood on the stage without any fear and cupped his hands in all directions. A smile was revealed on his cold, stern face as he spoke with a clear voice, “I am Xiao Li, the person managing the affairs of ‘Xiao Gate’. Today, we are holding this auction for the first time. Please be magnanimous if we slight anyone.”

All the gazes within the quiet place were locked onto Xiao Li’s body. Being the new faction that had gained the limelight within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ recently, many people were quietly guessing just who had the ability to cause even the three large factions to be afraid of. Now that they heard these words, they were questioning if he was the leader of ‘Xiao Gate’.

The silence continued for a moment before private conversations began to appear. There was no lack of experts among those who had come to participate in the auction. Hence, there were naturally people who could identify Xiao Li’s strength at a glance. He was at best in the Dou Wang class. How could he suppress the three large factions?

The Gold Silver Brothers who had their eyes shut amid the private conversations also slowly opened them. Ridicule was revealed in their eyes as they glanced at Xiao Li on the stage. One of them laughed coldly, “Brat, let the true leader reveal himself. If you are really the leader of ‘Xiao Gate’, there is no longer a need to hold the auction today. Regardless of how one put it, Han Feng possessed quite a great reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Although he died to Xiao Yan’s hands, it is not up to a younger generation like you to occupy his city.”

Since they were the strongest people currently in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, quite a number of people voiced their agreements after the words of the Gold Silver Brothers sounded. It was only too common to find people who would add insult to injury within the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Xiao Li’s expression became slightly ugly as he observed the Gold Silver Brothers, who had cold smiles on their faces. He was about to speak a moment later when a faint laugh appeared and resounded across the entire auction hall.

“Ke ke, you two. Since Han Feng has died by my hands, what is wrong with me taking my reward?”

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