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Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Refining the Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill

A warm gentle light shone over the quiet secret chamber, expelling all the darkness within it.

A flat bed was placed in a corner of the secret chamber. It leaned against the wall. Xiao Yan was seated cross-legged on it. Various kinds of medicinal ingredients, which were wrapped nicely, were placed in front of him. Some of these medicinal ingredients were quite rare, and could definitely be sold for quite a high price within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Moreover, there were quite a large amount of them. One really could not help but sigh at the richness of Han Feng’s wealth.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the large number of medicinal ingredients placed in front of him. He could not help but shake his head, and his heart once again sighed in surprise at Han Feng’s wealth. Regardless of how wealthy Han Feng was, it all ended up benefiting Xiao Yan now.

“I was barely able to gather the necessary ingredients needed to refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ from these medicinal ingredients.” Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze, mused for a moment before he immediately spoke in a somewhat surprised voice.

The ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’. Xiao Yan recalled the Ice Emperor Hai Bodong in the Jia Ma Empire when he thought of this medicinal pill. Being his first partner, this old man whose character appeared a little cold and indifferent, gave Xiao Yan quite a good impression. This was especially the case when he actually provided help while Xiao Yan was being chased after by the Misty Cloud Sect. This was sufficient to cause Xiao Yan to feel extremely grateful toward Hai Bodong.

Hence, Xiao Yan had kept the medicinal pill he owed Hai Bodong back then in his heart. In the past, he did not possess the ability to refine it. However, he already possessed the ability after having left the underground. Though, the medicinal ingredients he had gathered with much difficulty in the past had completely disappeared while he was underground. It was only natural for Xiao Yan to remember Hai Bodong now that he actually saw that he had a set of medicinal ingredients he could refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ with.

“Ke ke, since there is sufficient medicinal ingredients, I shall first help that old fellow refine one. Otherwise, I won’t be able to answer to him if he inquires about it when I return to the Jia Ma Empire in the future.” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth wore a smile as he shook his head slightly. He waved his hand and a large crimson-colored medicinal cauldron flashed out of the Serene Sea Storage Ring. Finally, it landed in front of him.

The crimson-colored medicinal cauldron was large in size. Its body was covered with different kinds of unique lines. Various life-like fierce beast drawings were carved into it. Their savage large mouths were open, and if one were to place one’s ear close beside it to listen, one would be able to hear some strange roars that were faintly emitted from the medicinal cauldron. These unusual characteristics all indicated that this crimson cauldron was extraordinary.

This crimson-colored cauldron was naturally not something that belonged to Xiao Yan. It was something that Han Feng had left behind. From the looks of it, this was something the latter had used to refine pills.

“This fellow had been lording over the ‘Black-Corner Region’, and had obtained quite the benefits.” Xiao Yan’s hand gently tapped on the crimson-colored medicinal cauldron. The clear sound of metal colliding pleasantly reverberated in the secret chamber. With this, Xiao Yan nodded his head with satisfaction and laughed softly.

Although Xiao Yan was unaware of the origin of this crimson medicinal cauldron. He was clearly aware that with the exception of the

so-called Black Demon Medicinal Cauldron, which was ranked in the ‘Heavenly Cauldron Ranking’, the other medicinal cauldrons that he had used could perhaps only be described with the word ‘garbage’ when compared to this cauldron.

Xiao Yan flicked his finger, and a wisp of dark-green flame appeared on its tip. The temperature of the secret chamber immediately rose following the appearance of the flame. However, this naturally did not pose any hindrance to Xiao Yan. His gaze focused intently on the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, he waved his hand, and the dark-green flame shot out before eventually following the fire outlet of the crimson medicinal cauldron to enter into it.

The dark-green flame suddenly expanded after entering the medicinal cauldron, turning into a fierce flame that withered and soared.

The dark-green flame surged wildly within the medicinal cauldron, and repeatedly unleashed a terrifying temperature. However, regardless of how this temperature soared, that crimson medicinal cauldron continued to show no activity. Despite the temperature within it being shockingly high, its outer surface was still as cool as the air outside.

“Good cauldron!” Xiao Yan’s eyes were fiery hot as he stared at this large item. A moment later, he could not resist opening his mouth to praise. Although he had yet to begin refining a medicinal pill, he was still able to guess just how great of a help this medicinal cauldron would be in the refinement of pills through his experiment. One could even unceremoniously say that using this medicinal cauldron to refine pills would likely increase the success of refinement by quite a bit. For an alchemist, what thing other than a medicinal cauldron that could raise the chances of success in the refinement of pills possessed a greater allure?

The temperature within the medicinal cauldron gradually reached Xiao Yan’s desired level as the dark-green flame churned within it. During this period of time, Xiao Yan also repeatedly read the refining method for the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’. Yao Lao had already passed the medicinal formula to him back then. However, he had never taken action to refine it due to his refining ability being too poor back then.

Xiao Yan’s mind gradually became focused after he read the medicinal formula for the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ a couple of times within his head. He waved his sleeves and the few medicinal ingredients were skillfully thrown into the fierce flame within the medicinal cauldron.

The medicinal ingredients had just entered the medicinal cauldron when it began to wither at a rate visible to the naked eye under the high temperature. Although the leaves of the medicinal ingredients had withered, its core area was slowly emitting different colored liquids. A moment later, the few drops of different colored liquids surfaced on the dark-green flame after the leaves were completely withered. The impurity contained within them was slowly removed as it was grilled.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly as he faintly glanced at the medicinal liquid that was slowly becoming purer under the grilling of the dark-green flame. His ten fingers flicked one after another as the medicinal ingredients that were placed in front of him flew about as he did so. Finally, they were all poured into the medicinal cauldron. The scene of medicinal ingredients dancing all over the place was quite spectacular.

Of course, Xiao Yan would naturally not dare to be this careless and bold if this were the past. However, things were different now. With the soaring of his strength, his control of the flame also grew increasingly more sophisticated. His current ability along with the help from the dark-green flame that was born from the merger of two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ and the crimson cauldron that Han Feng had left behind, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s chances of success would reach quite a high level even when refining a tier 6 medicinal pill.

One after another, the medicinal ingredients fell into the medicinal cauldron. They were turned into powder or liquid in an instant as they were suspended within the cauldron. With the flow of time, one could see that the various medicinal liquids and powders that were suspended within the medicinal cauldron increased. Refining these medicinal liquids greatly exhausted one’s Spiritual Strength. Among those of Xiao Yan’s class, it was likely that only Xiao Yan was able to afford squandering such a great amount of it. If it was someone else, it was likely that such a person would not dare to mess around like this.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the various medicinal liquids and powders that were suspended within the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, the final medicinal ingredient was finally thrown into the medicinal cauldron by Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s mind also gradually became solemn after he threw the final medicinal ingredient into the medicinal cauldron. In the past, Xiao Yan naturally needed to divide the refinement of these medicinal ingredients into many steps. However, he was currently able to throw all of them into the medicinal cauldron in one go and was also able to maintain different flame intensities to refine each and every one of these medicinal ingredients. This kind of achievement was something that could not be compared to the past.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength swarmed into the medicinal cauldron. The kind of high temperature environment did not hinder his Spiritual Strength. Instead, that warm feeling caused his Spiritual Strength to feel a comfort like a fish entering water.

Those medicinal liquids that were suspended within the medicinal cauldron were completely controlled by Xiao Yan after his Spiritual Strength swarmed into it. A moment later, Xiao Yan exhaled a breath and his hand seal changed abruptly!

A catalyst appeared to have been added into the originally warm dark-green flame within the medicinal cauldron after his hand seal changed. An extremely frightening temperature suddenly erupted. Those medicinal liquids began to swiftly evaporate under this frightening temperature!

The impurities that were contained within the liquids were completely refined and removed following the evaporation of the medicinal liquids.


A low cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. Immediately, the dozens of different colored medicinal liquids and medicinal powders within the medicinal cauldron began to be dragged by something and swiftly merged together. They finally began to rotate wildly…

The fist-sized coagulated liquid body slowly shrank as it was burned by the high temperature of the surrounding dark-green flame… After two to three hours had passed, the fist-sized coagulated medicinal liquid was now only the size of a thumb. Its rotation began to gradually slow, and one could vaguely see the embryonic medicinal pill shape began to slowly appear!

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw the embryonic medicinal pill shape. Although the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ was a tier 6 medicinal pill, the requirements needed to refine it were not very high. The effect of this medicinal pill was far too unique. Only a small number of people required it. It was useless for most people to obtain it. If one were to discuss its value, a ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ was not even comparable to a ‘Dou Spirit Pill’.

The temperature of the dark-green flame was gradually reduced. Finally, it turned into a cluster of fist-sized flame that was suspended under the embryonic pale-purple medicinal pill. The gradually reducing temperature slowly completed the final step of refining a medicinal pill: brewing a pill!

With the temperature slowly dissipating, the outer appearance of the purple-colored embryonic medicinal pill also turned round and sleek. Moreover, it gained a rich luster.

An unusual medicinal fragrance and an energy ripple suddenly surged out from the medicinal cauldron around an hour later. Only then did Xiao Yan slowly open his eyes. He immediately felt somewhat surprised to see that the energy ripple and purple-colored fragrance rising from the purple-colored medicinal pill were all contained within the crimson medicinal cauldron. They were unable to escape regardless of how much they knocked around.

“This medicinal cauldron is actually also able to hide the unnatural phenomenon that appears when a tier 6 medicinal pill is formed?” Xiao Yan was surprised as he observed the effect of the medicinal cauldron. He could not resist letting out an exclamation. It was a long time later before he withdrew the surprise within his heart. With a wave of his hand, the cover of the medicinal cauldron opened by itself, and a purple-colored medicinal pill, carrying a wisp of fragrance, flew out from the cauldron before eventually being grabbed by Xiao Yan’s hand. After which, he stuffed it within a medicinal bottle he had already prepared.

Xiao Yan laughed softly as he studied the purple-colored medicinal pill with a gem-like luster. Only now was he able to actually fulfill the reward he had promised Hai Bodong back then…

However, being able to successfully refine the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ had already caused Xiao Yan to be quite happy. This was because being able to refine a tier 6 medicinal pill meant that he already possessed the ability of a tier 6 alchemist despite this ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’ being one that was ranked among the lowest of the tier 6 medicinal pills.

Xiao Yan suppressed this joy within his heart as his gaze once again turned to the other medicinal ingredients that had been laid out in front of him. He let out a bitter laugh. It seemed that he would need to accompany this medicinal cauldron for a long period of time after this…

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