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Chapter 646

Chapter 646: Plans

There was not a single person in the large hall when Xiao Yan came out from the secret chamber. He felt somewhat surprised at this before he immediately shook his head with a bitter smile. He searched for a seat and sat his body feebly onto it before exhaling comfortably. All the rushing around during this period had caused him to feel a little tired.


The door to the hall was gently pushed opened when Xiao Yan was recuperating with his eyes shut. Immediately, a long shadow was formed as the sunlight landed on a tall figure.

Joy flashed across the pretty eyes of the lady who had pushed open the door when she saw Xiao Yan resting in a chair with his eyes closed. Immediately, she became afraid to disturb his rest. After a brief moment of hesitation, she began to withdraw.

“Ke ke, why are you still leaving after you have come in?” A warm voice suddenly sounded. This surprised the lady who paused her withdrawing footsteps. Her pretty eyes took a glance and saw that Xiao Yan, who was resting with his eyes closed, had unknowingly opened them. He was now looking at her with a smile.

“Are your injuries alright?” Xiao Yu stood at the door. Her gaze looked in all directions as she softly asked.

“Since when have you been so gentle?” Xiao Yan was surprised as he looked at Xiao Yu. This woman had been fierce toward him since he was young. When had she spoken with such gentleness?

Xiao Yu immediately felt a little angry when she heard Xiao Yan’s surprised words. This brat still had a glib tongue despite not having met for two years. However, it was also because of these familiar words of Xiao Yan that caused her unfamiliarity to slowly disappear and the familiarity of the past to slowly return.

Xiao Yu became blunt after abandoning the unfamiliarity within her heart. She strode in with her long sexy legs, legs Xiao Yan had coveted back then, and walked into the hall. After which, she sat down on a chair beside Xiao Yan. Only then did she turn her head and look at the familiar face that contained a smile. After having not seen him for two years, this fellow, who had given her a great headache back then, had become much more mature. His young and delicate face was light and clear when he smiled, giving people a kind of unknown comfort.

“Have all of you been well during these past two years?” Xiao Yan took the lead to break the silence. This was the first time he was alone with Xiao Yu after coming up from the underground. Although he came to ‘Pan’s Gate’ once the last time, he did not converse much with Xiao Yu and the others as he was pressed for time.

“Aye. Xiao Ning and Xiao Mei have also entered the Inner Academy. They are doing very well with the protection of ‘Pan’s Gate’.” Xiao Yu nodded her head and sighed. She immediately scanned Xiao Yan before speaking somewhat angrily, “You should be more careful when you do things in the future. Do you know the despair that we felt in our hearts after you were swallowed by the ‘Heavenly Flame’? Now, you are the only person who can revitalize the Xiao clan. If any accident were to happen to you, it is likely that no one will be able to avenge our clan members!”

Xiao Yan let out a bitter laugh as he watched Xiao Yu whose eyebrows had gone vertical. Only after her words sounded did he sigh, “One must have strength if one wants to take revenge. How can there be no risk when obtaining strength?”

Xiao Yan felt apologetic toward the younger generation of the Xiao clan. The reason for the Xiao clan to face such a catastrophe was related to him. The clan members had suffered serious injuries and death. Some of the parents of the younger generation had even lost their lives. Although he was not entirely at blame for this

, the guilt was still present.

Xiao Yu was speechless as she looked at the somewhat thin face of Xiao Yan. Although this person never displayed the worry in his heart on his face, it was likely that the pressure he felt was extremely great. He clearly understood his own importance to the Xiao clan. Moreover, there was the matter of uncle Xiao missing…

“Ke ke, let’s not discuss this matter.” Xiao Yan smiled when he felt the atmosphere become somewhat heavy. He changed the topic and teased, “It has been two years. Has any lucky fellow managed to woo you?”

“Chi, how can it be this easy to woo this lady?” A flushness surfaced on Xiao Yu’s face as she smacked her lips. She suddenly took out a few cards from her storage ring and handed them to Xiao Yan. “These are currently the ‘Fire Energy Cards’ of ‘Pan’s Gate’. Wu Hao and Hu Jia had said to hand these to you when you completely recover from your injuries. After all, you are the true leader of ‘Pan’s Gate’.”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled. He did not receive it but simply smiled and shook his head. He spoke with a soft voice, “I am not the only person who has credit for the current achievement of ‘Pan’s Gate’. I might not be staying too long within the Jia Nan Academy. It is better for all of you to take care of these things.”

“You are leaving? Where are you going?” Xiao Yu’s expression changed slightly when she heard this. Her voice was hurried as she spoke.

“I am naturally returning to the Jia Ma Empire.” Xiao Yan smiled. However, a faint cold glint flickered within his dark-black eyes. “I have to settle the grudges from back then right?”

“You are going to look for the Misty Cloud Sect? I am also going. I want to take a look at those clan members who have survived.”

“Ke ke, there is no need to hurry. There should still be a period of time before I return. This time around, there will be a big intense fight when I return. Hence, I must prepare everything properly. I was chased out of the empire once back then. I don’t want to be chased out a second time.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and said, “As for all of you, it would be best if you remain in the Jia Nan Academy. This is the safest place. Don’t interrupt. I am not visiting relatives this time around. Instead, it will be a true battle to death. You should clearly understand just how strong the Misty Cloud Sect is within the Jia Ma Empire. Therefore, I cannot take any risks.”

Xiao Yu could only nod her head in a dejected manner when she saw Xiao Yan’s stern expression with his lips tightly pressed together. Currently, the Xiao clan was in a battered shape. As those from the younger generation, they could only obey all of Xiao Yan’s arrangements. Moreover, Xiao Yan was no longer that willful young man after these few years. The shoulders of the current him already possessed the ability to carry all the burdens. That boldness of his also caused them to have little choice but to obey.

“Relax. All of you can return to the Jia Ma Empire once I have settled everything.” Xiao Yan patted Xiao Yu’s shoulders and laughed.

Xiao Yu nodded helplessly. She immediately seemed to have recalled something as she said, “Oh right, cousin Xiao Li seems to be looking for you. It is best that you go and see him.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows before nodding slightly. He chatted and smiled with Xiao Yu for a little longer. After which, he took the lead to stand up and search for Xiao Li.

“Second brother, are you looking for me for something?” Xiao Yan coincidentally saw Xiao Li in the latter’s room and immediately inquired with a smile.

“Are your injuries fine?” Xiao Li also rejoiced when he saw Xiao Yan. The former pulled him into the room and asked in a concerned manner.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His gaze paused on Xiao Li’s body as he waited for the latter to speak.

Xiao Li mused for a moment while being watched by Xiao Yan. After which, he slowly spoke, “Currently, the ‘Black-Corner Region’ has become chaotic because of the dissolution of the ‘Black Alliance’. This is not a bad opportunity. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ might be chaotic, but there are quite a number of strong people present. If we can gather them, they would likely be a great help when we take revenge on the Misty Cloud Sect in the future.”

“You want to establish a faction in the ‘Black-Corner Region’?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly as he spoke in a soft voice, “The people there are those uncontrollable terrible people who lick blood off their blades. It won’t be easy to gather them.’

“Hee hee, these people are indeed very vicious. If one wants to rein them in, one must be even more vicious than them. Those subordinates of mine now were also extremely haughty people in the past. However, they still end up obeying my orders now.” Xiao Li laughed. “It should not be too difficult if you are willing to help me this time around. Though ‘Pan’s Gate’ may possess quite a great potential but they are only students after all. Moreover, due to the environmental factor, you cannot be overly strict by requiring them to obey your orders. However, the ‘Black-Corner Region’ is different. One can just kill those who disobey there. Therefore, it is much easier to control them. Of course, the precondition is that you possess sufficient strength. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he voiced his thoughts, “Those people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ do possess quite strong combat capabilities. If we can rein them in, there would be quite a lot of benefits for us. After all, the Misty Cloud Sect has many strong people and some things are difficult to achieve alone.”

“Putting it this way, you don’t have any objections right?” Xiao Li rejoiced as he clapped his hand and spoke.

“If second brother has the ability, you can just go and do as you like. You can come and look for me if you meet any problems that you cannot settle. For those who have any objections, die!” Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and waved his hand with stern killing intent.

“Ha ha, good. You are bold.” Xiao Li laughed out loud. He patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and immediately said, “However, there is still a big problem.”

“What is it?” Xiao Yan was startled as he inquired.

“The Inner Academy.” Xiao Li spoke in a deep voice.

“The Inner Academy?” Xiao Yan knit his brows.

“The Inner Academy has always possessed some fear toward some of the overly strong factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The ‘Black Alliance’ is the best example. If we were to successfully establish a faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’, it is likely that it would incur the attention of the Inner Academy. At that time…” Xiao Li smacked his lips and spoke to Xiao Yan, “Hence, you must convince Su Qian before making a decision. Otherwise, there will be trouble sooner or later. There might even be the possibility of meeting with swords drawn.”

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. A moment later, he laughed softly and said, “You need not be worried about this. The Inner Academy always takes notice of those overly strong factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ because they are worried that they will act against the academy. Our intentions do not lie in this area, and there doesn’t have to be conflict with them. Moreover, we can also help them monitor the other factions. This does not hurt the Inner Academy.”

“This may be the case, but I still think that it is best to tell them about it in order to avoid trouble in the future.” Xiao Li voiced his thoughts. His character was vicious and cautious. He basically did not trust anyone other than a couple of relatives.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He stood up and said, “Alright. I will go and look for First Elder to discuss it. If he agrees, you can head for the ‘Black-Corner Region’.”

“If this matter can succeed, we will no longer need to be the least bit afraid even if the Misty Cloud Sect maneuvers its entire sect’s strength!”

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