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Chapter 645

Chapter 645: God Seal Technique

Xiao Yan rubbed this dark-black scroll with his hand, and let out a gentle sigh. The figure of that elegant lotus-like young lady slowly surfaced in his mind and could not be removed…

“Xun Er, wait for me…” Xiao Yan muttered softly as he shook his head with all his strength, tossing all emotion out of his head. After which, he threw all his attention onto the black-colored scroll in his hand.

“How should I open it?” Xiao Yan knit his brows as he flipped the scroll up and down. It was definitely not possible to forcefully open this kind of thing. Otherwise, he would regret it if he damaged the thing inside.

Xiao Yan mused for a long while before a thought struck his mind. He tried to maneuver the Dou Qi within his body and twine it over the scroll. Something strange happened the moment the first thread of Dou Qi made contact with that dark-black scroll. He realized that the Dou Qi was actually absorbed by the scroll.

Xiao Yan felt a little stunned at this situation. He immediately calmed his emotions as his mind moved. An unceasing amount of Dou Qi began to surge out of his body before moving along his arm and pouring into that dark-black scroll.

There was not much activity after an enormous amount of Dou Qi was poured in other than the dim glow that was emitted on the surface of the dark-black scroll became a little richer. However, Xiao Yan was not anxious. Since Xun Er had said that one required the strength of a Dou Wang in order to open it, it would not be too difficult for him to open it with his current strength.

The pouring in of Dou Qi continued for a total of half an hour or so. Xiao Yan’s expression had gradually become solemn as he poured Dou Qi in this never-ending fashion. The unusualness of this dark-black scroll had somewhat exceeded his expectations.


The dark-black scroll, which did not have much of a reaction before, suddenly emitted a soft ‘crack’ sound while the thought was lingering in Xiao Yan’s heart. Although this sound was extremely faint, it still entered Xiao Yan’s ear. He threw his surprised gaze toward the dark-black scroll.

At this moment, the surface of the scroll had already cracked opened, forming a tiny crack line. The cracking sound he had heard earlier was emitted from the inside.

With this success, Xiao Yan finally put down the worry in his heart. Powerful Dou Qi surged out like a torrent from every single corner of his body. Finally, it poured into the dark-black scroll under Xiao Yan’s control.

Following the pouring in of more Dou Qi, the crack lines on the surface of the black scroll gradually increased. There was a faint golden-colored light that seeped out from between the crack lines.

When another powerful wave of Dou Qi poured into the scroll, Xiao Yan suddenly realized that the scroll’s ability to absorb Dou Qi seemed to have completely disappeared. Immediately, he saw that the crack line on the scroll was swiftly spreading before it eventually covered the entire scroll…

A bright golden glow suddenly shot explosively out of the scroll the instant it was covered with crack lines. The intensity of that glow was something that caused even Xiao Yan’s eyes to feel a piercing pain. It forced him to have little choice but to quickly shut his eyes.


The dark-black scroll suddenly cracked apart just as Xiao Yan shut his eyes. A large cluster of golden light shot out, and lit the entire secret chamber until it was bright-gold in color. It was extremely beautiful.

Xiao Yan hurriedly opened his eyes when he heard the sound of the scroll cracking apart. He saw the broken scroll on the ground and did not have the time to wail when he discovered a large cluster of golden light lingering in the air in

front of him. There was something writhing within the golden light. At a glance, it seemed to be some sort of writing.

This dense-golden light writing gave Xiao Yan a dizzy feeling the moment he looked at it. He hurriedly shifted his eyes aside and slowly extended his hand forward before eventually placing it into the cluster of golden light.

The cluster of golden light also began to writhe intensely as Xiao Yan extended his hand into it. It rotated immediately before eventually turning into a golden glow that shot directly into Xiao Yan’s head. The golden light entered Xiao Yan’s head without any resistance the moment it made contact.

Xiao Yan suddenly grabbed his head and emitted a miserable cry the moment the golden glow entered his head. His head appeared as if a countless amount of things were being forcefully poured into it, causing it to have an inflated feeling where it was about to burst. However, the pain from this kind of inflated feeling came and left quickly. The intense pain gradually disappeared within a short ten plus seconds.

Xiao Yan’s entire body appeared to have become weak after the intense pain disappeared. He tilted his head, and fell onto the bed. His chest rose and fell repeatedly, and his face carried a pale-whiteness. Clearly, the golden light that had entered his mind earlier had caused him to suffer quite a bit.

“Dammit. What exactly is this thing?” Xiao Yan only recovered his mind after lying on the bed for a while. His palm rubbed his head, which was still feeling some remanent pain, as he spoke weakly.

Naturally no one replied to Xiao Yan’s question in this empty secret chamber. Hence, Xiao Yan could only clench his teeth and get up after whining on the bed for a while. After which, he crossed his legs and sunk into his mind. He entered his brain to search for the golden light from earlier.

Xiao Yan’s mind had just entered his brain when the bright-golden light shot toward him. He looked around, only to discover that this was basically a world made up of golden-colored light. Countless numbers of characters agglomerated from golden lights and matched with one another in the empty space in front of him. Eventually, they twisted and turned, arranging themselves into a light curtain in the air. Large golden-colored characters shone from the light curtain, causing Xiao Yan’s eyes to feel a little pain.

“God Seal Technique. Di class High level. Legend has it that it was created from a certain Dou Di during ancient times. It has a total of five styles. The Open Mountain Seal, Sea Flipping Seal, Overturning Land Seal, Sky Burying Seal, and the Ancient God Seal. Each seal is linked to one another. When one reaches complete mastery of all five seals, one will be able to flip the sea, overturn the oceans, and swallow the Heavens and Earth! It is comparable to a Tian class Dou Technique at its peak! However, one must be at the Dou Wang class in order to practice this seal. Otherwise, one will fail and suffer bitterness alone!”

“What a domineering name…” Xiao Yan’s mind was somewhat in a trance as he read the few large words. The name of each seal caused Xiao Yan to feel awe and an overbearing aura. Something that was created by a Dou Di. This was the Dou Technique with the most extraordinary origin among those that he had come across.

“Moreover, it requires one’s strength to reach the Dou Wang class in order to practice it. Isn’t the requirement of this thing a little too high?” Xiao Yan immediately smacked his lips and sighed when he saw the last sentence. This kind of strange Dou Technique was the first of its kind that Xiao Yan had ever seen. An expert Dou Wang was already called a strong person on the continent. However, here, he had just reached the qualification to practice it.

“No wonder even Xun Er was so solemn back then. It looks like this so-called ‘God Seal Technique’ is indeed extraordinary.” Xiao Yan felt a sudden understanding as he recalled the solemn expression of Xun Er back then. On top of his sudden understanding, he also felt a loving emotion toward the girl. She had so easily handed this Di class High level Dou Technique, which was sufficient to cause the experts on the continent to go crazy over, to him. This affection…

“However… why does this Dou Technique only have such a brief few words of introduction? How does one practice it?”

Xiao Yan sighed softly in his heart. He raised his head and was at a loss as he looked at the golden light word curtain. He felt a fog in his head. This thing might be strong, but it was far too mysterious. It did not even mention a little about how to practice it.

The bright golden light curtain suddenly trembled just as Xiao Yan was feeling at a loss. A golden glow immediately shot explosively out from his heart.

The sudden golden glow caused Xiao Yan to be shocked. However, he did not dodge it. He did not believe that Xun Er would leave behind anything that would harm him.

The golden light passed through Xiao Yan’s mind. In an instant, there was something that was faintly imprinted deep within his mind.

Xiao Yan slowly shut his eyes. A torrent of information came swarming over. Xiao Yan read it in detail, and discovered the method to practice the ‘God Seal Technique’ among this information. However, it seemed that there was only the method to practice the ‘Open Mountain Seal’ and the ‘Sea Flipping Seal’ within it. There was no record of the remaining ‘Overturning Land Seal,’ ‘Sky Burying Seal,’ and the ‘Ancient God Seal’ training method within it.

Xiao Yan was somewhat depressed as he studied all of the information. He still failed to find the training method for the last three remaining seals. He could only helplessly give up. It seemed that the Dou Technique which Xun Er gave him was incomplete.

Just as Xiao Yan had completely checked over the information, there was a soft, gentle, familiar, lovely voice that was unexpectedly and slowly emitted at the end of the information. The familiar voice caused Xiao Yan’s mind to tremble intensely.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, if you can open the scroll and listen to my message, you should have already advanced to a Dou Wang. Ha ha, Xun Er shall first congratulate Xiao Yan ge-ge here.”

“There is not much time, so I cannot leave too many words. Xiao Yan ge-ge must remember Xun Er’s words. The ‘God Seal Technique’ is one of my clan’s most profound Dou Techniques. Xun Er has also yet to obtain the last three seals. Therefore, I can only leave Xiao Yan ge-ge with the first two seals. Practicing the ‘Open Mountain Seal’ would at least require the strength of a Dou Wang. As for the ‘Flipping Sea Seal’, it is best that you practice it only after you have reached the Dou Huang class. Besides this, if Xiao Yan ge-ge was to learn the ‘Open Mountain Technique’, promise Xun Er that you will use it as little as possible unless it is a crucial moment. The ‘God Seal Technique’ is a secret Technique that is passed down within my clan. If it is leaked, then the clan will definitely send someone to retrieve it. Therefore, Xiao Yan ge-ge must use it cautiously!”

“Additionally… Xiao Yan ge-ge… Xun Er misses you. Take care!”

The soft, gentle voice slowly reverberated within Xiao Yan’s mind before it gradually disappeared. Xiao Yan’s mind began to tremble because of the last sentence. That cute girl had really done too much for him…

Xiao Yan’s mind slowly withdrew from his head. He slowly opened his eyes within the secret chamber. He was somewhat absent-minded as he studied the broken scroll on the ground. A moment later, he suddenly tightened his fist. His muttering voice slowly resounded throughout the secret chamber.

“Xun Er, wait for me. I will definitely go and look for you! No one can stop me!”

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