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Chapter 643

Chapter 643: Serene Sea Storage Ring

“He is indeed worthy of being the Alliance Head of the ‘Black Alliance’ by actually carrying such a high grade storage ring.”

Xiao Yan lifted the corner of his mouth and unceremoniously took that deep-blue storage ring from Han Feng’s finger. Storage rings were divided into high and low grades. A high grade storage ring was extremely rare. It was an object in great demand that no supplier, even the auction houses of the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ could fill. Even Xiao Yan had never worn a high grade storage ring in all these years. He could only improvise, and barely manage by using a low grade storage ring.

In the past, Xiao Yan did not have a very great requirement for storage rings. However, he had begun to pay more attention to this ever since that storage ring cracked apart in a baffling manner during his training. He had always stored some precious objects within his storage ring. The last time around, he was fortunate to have the isolation of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame,’ which had prevented him from losing his precious objects. However, it was difficult to be certain of such good luck. Hence, it would indeed reassure him if he were able to possess a high grade storage ring. After all, a high grade storage ring was much greater than a low grade storage ring whether it was in terms of firmness or safety.

Xiao Yan played with the deep-blue storage ring in his hand. He tried probing into it with his Spiritual Strength, but was surprised to realize that his Spiritual Strength was repelled by the storage ring.

“It is indeed worthy of being a high grade storage ring to actually possess such a protection.” Xiao Yan parted his mouth and smiled. He vaguely understood that a high grade storage ring would allow the owner to place a spiritual imprint on it. In this way, if anyone luckily obtained the storage ring and wanted to take out the things within, one had to remove that spiritual imprint first. The owner of the storage ring would sense it if he attempted to do so. Such an automatic defensive ability was something that only a high grade storage ring possess. It was also one of the greatest reasons for its price to soar greatly.

From a certain point of view, Han Feng was currently dead. Hence, Xiao Yan naturally need not be worried of him sensing anything. A fierce Spiritual Strength instantly surged out and used the most brutal method to remove the spiritual imprint that Han Feng had left behind. After which, he immediately placed his own imprint onto it. In this way, the high grade storage ring had officially changed owners!

Xiao Yan was satisfied as he placed the deep-blue storage ring on his finger. His mind moved and his Spiritual Strength entered the storage ring without any hindrances…

The probing merely lasted for a moment before Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his mind from the storage ring. At this moment, his eyes contained a joy that was difficult to hide. The things that Han Feng had collected within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were really difficult to count. There were quite a number of various rare medicinal ingredients present within the storage ring. Moreover, there were also various scrolls containing Qi Methods and Dou Techniques randomly placed inside it. Clearly these were items given by various people who had begged him to refine a pill.

Although he had merely took a hurried glance, the rich collection within the storage ring caused Xiao Yan to feel extremely excited. He might not have ultimately obtained the most important ‘Sea Heart Flame’ when he killed Han Feng this time around, but he had obtained all of Han Feng’s fortune. The treasures stored within this deep-blue high grade storage ring were sufficient enough to cause any expert within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to become crazy.


Medusa’s gaze was still icy-cold as she looked at Xiao Yan who was laughing away while hugging the storage ring. She knit her eyebrows slightly, and she sighed in anguish within her heart. If she had stood idly by the side today, Xiao Yan would have had difficulty escaping death. In that case, she would have gotten revenge for her hatred toward him because of the profane act he had committed against her. However, her indifferent heart had suddenly beat wildly in the nick of time. A faint pull from deep within her spirit caused her to ultimately intervene…

“Dammit. This Queen will kill you personally sooner or later!”

Medusa clenched her silver teeth with hatred. She clearly understood in her heart that given her old character, it was likely that she would add fuel to the fire by shifting the position of the attacking chain such that it was more fatal. There was no need to even mention helping Xiao Yan. However, these various hesitations that she currently felt was due to the merger of the two spirits. Although she had obtained absolute control of the body, the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was also secretly affecting her. The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ had followed beside Xiao Yan for one or two years and was already quite attached to him. Such attachment had more or less caused some minor changes in Queen Medusa during the merger of spirits.

According to a normal situation, Queen Medusa should have left and returned to the Snake-People Race in the Vast Tager Desert now that she had merged with the spirit of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ and recovered her strength. Now, however, she continued to be around Xiao Yan. Such a situation was due to the influence of the attachment of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’.

Xiao Yan had also sensed something when Medusa’s icy gaze was staring at him. He raised his head and gave an embarrassed smile. His feet took a couple of steps back without leaving any trace. Although he did not understand why this person who desperately wanted to kill him would actually rescue him, he still felt a great fear for this Queen Medusa, who killed without blinking. This was especially so given that he was currently in his weakest condition where he did not even possess the strength to flee.

“*Cough*, that… Your Majesty, thank you very much for rescuing me this time around. Xiao Yan will remember this favor. I will definitely return it in the future if I have the chance to!” Xiao Yan smiled awkwardly in the face of the cold and emotionless Queen Medusa.

Queen Medusa totally ignored Xiao Yan’s embarrassed smile. Her gaze was indifferent as she stared at Xiao Yan. She gently tightened her delicate hand, and a colorful seven-colored energy slowly surged.

Perspiration immediately filled Xiao Yan’s forehead upon seeing the actions of Queen Medusa. This woman was indeed temperamental. She had just rescued him, but she was now actually planning to attack him.

A rushing wind sound suddenly appeared in the sky just as Queen Medusa took a step forward. Su Qian’s elderly figure appeared in front of Xiao Yan. His gaze was cautiously looking at Queen Medusa. Cupping his hands together, he said, “Expert, may I know who you are? Can you reveal your name. You might well be an old acquaintance of our Jia Nan Academy.”’

Xiao Yan immediately sighed in relief when Su Qian appeared. He carefully shifted his body behind him and softly said, “First Elder. Be careful. This woman changes her face faster than one flips a book.”

The corner of Su Qian’s mouth twitched involuntarily when he heard Xiao Yan’s reminder. He really did not know how this fellow had provoked this person, causing her to chase after him bitterly. Moreover, the thing that caused Su Qian to be most dispirited was that this fellow had to go and provoke an expert of such level. If he were to fight with the woman in front of him, even Su Qian did not have more than a fifty-percent chance of victory. This could be seen from the way the other party had shaken and forced back someone from the ‘Hall of Souls’ with just a single attack.

Queen Medusa halted her footsteps after Su Qian appeared. She ignored his words as her gaze coldly looked at Xiao Yan. Her tone was icy cold, “You can only repay those things that you did to me with your life. This is the last time! I will definitely not show any mercy the next time around!”

Queen Medusa ignored the strange expression of Su Qian as she turned around and turned into a seven-colored flowing light that shot into the sky after speaking those words. After which, she swiftly disappeared.

Xiao Yan only wiped off the perspiration on his forehead when he saw Queen Medusa leave. He bitterly shook his head. Provoking such a woman really gave him a massive headache. It looked like he really needed to find some time to converse properly with her. Otherwise, just when would this endless chase end?

“You little fellow… you are really too bold. However, I am really curious. How did you manage to do those things to her given her strength?” Su Qian turned around and looked at Xiao Yan with strange eyes. He shook his head while clicking his tongue. With his great experience, he was able to detect something from those words of Queen Medusa earlier.

These words of Su Qian provoked Xiao Yan and got him to let out a few forceful coughs. He shook his head in embarrassment. He did not seem to have any other choice but to act confused at such a moment. It was not honorable to speak about forcefully taking a woman. Although this woman could not be viewed with ordinary eyes…

“Ugh, forget it. In any case, you should be more careful. This woman’s strength is really too frightening. Even I don’t have much chance of beating her.” Su Qian was helpless when he saw that Xiao Yan was unwilling to say anything. He ended up patting Xiao Yan’s shoulders and said those words.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded.

“Huh? Isn’t this the ‘Serene Sea Storage Ring’? You are really unceremonious. Back then, Han Feng had went through a great battle in order to obtain this storage ring. It is unexpected that you are now currently benefiting from it.” Su Qian’s gaze glanced at the dark-blue storage ring on Xiao Yan’s finger, and he immediately let out a surprised cry. His voice carried some envy within it.

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “It is but my victory prize.”

“The credit for defeating Han Feng is basically completely yours. Although that woman added the final kick, no one is going to fight with you for this thing.” Su Qian smiled. He immediately turned his gaze toward the wall of Feng City not far away which was packed with people. He said, “Han Feng is currently dead. I’m afraid that the ‘Black Alliance’ will automatically dissolve not long later. That thorn in my heart can finally disappear.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he spoke somewhat regretfully, “Unfortunately, I did not obtain the ‘Sea Heart Flame’. That flame had already been refined by Han Feng. Therefore, the ‘Sea Heart Flame’ was taken away when that fellow dragged away Han Feng’s spirit earlier.”

“It is already not bad that there is the ‘Serene Sea Storage Ring’ as compensation.” Su Qian shook his head. He slowly withdrew the smile on his face and said, “However, the most important thing now is that ‘Hall of Souls’ already have their eyes on you. That mysterious organization is not something that an ordinary faction can compare with.” Su Qian’s face involuntarily revealed a worry when he spoke up to this point. Clearly, he was also extremely afraid of the mysterious ‘Hall of Souls’.

Xiao Yan smiled and spoke calmly, “Even if they don’t come looking for me, I will end up looking for them sooner or later. This is something that I cannot escape from…”

Su Qian was startled. He studied Xiao Yan’s faint smiling face and nodded quietly. However, he did not pursue the matter until the end. All he did was pat Xiao Yan’s shoulders and sigh, “You should recuperate first. Take advantage of the time before that organization comes looking for you to raise your strength a little. In the future, you will know just how frightening they are…”

Su Qian turned around and slowly walked toward the exterior of the plains after saying this.

Xiao Yan watched Su Qian gradually disappearing figure and smiled. A day where he collided head on with the ‘Hall of Souls’ was something that was long within his expectations. However, the thing that caused him to rejoice was that the current him already possessed the strength to protect himself and Yao Lao. If he was at his peak condition today, he believed that he would be able to force back that cluster of strange black fog. The current him possessed such strength!

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