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Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Reappearance of the Hall of Souls

The delicate hand appeared to have extended from empty space. It did not cause any fluctuations. It looked gentle and weak, yet it contained an extremely strong and fierce strength that grabbed the metal chain until the point where it could not move.

The sudden help also caused everyone to be startled. Their gazes followed that flawless hand, and slowly shifted. Finally, a beauty with a lovely sexy figure and a nearly perfect bewitching face appeared in front of all their gazes.

TL: In chinese mythology, a female demon is usually extremely beautiful and would occasionally bewitch men

This was the feeling that the woman gave to others at first glance with the exception of her icy-cold face. The merging of coldness and enchantment caused her to possess an unusual allure that had a deep impact on men. Her snow-white chin formed a slightly sharp incline that caused her entire body to be filled with a pride that was difficult to hide. This kind of pride was not an ordinary woman’s arrogance, but an honorable haughtiness that only a woman who possessed a high status could display.

The thing that possessed the greatest attraction to men was this haughtiness. A man would possess an incomparable satisfaction the moment he pushed down such a haughty and distinguished woman. Of course, if one was in a delirious state, this satisfaction would be greatly reduced. One example was Xiao Yan back then…

Everyone was stunned for quite a while when they saw that the person who had appeared to stop the chain attack was actually such a beautiful and bewitching woman. They might be stunned, but no one present was an ordinary person. From the looks of the strange manner in which she had appeared, it seemed that her strength might be stronger than anyone else present.

The sharp portion at the end of the metal chain paused at a spot half an inch from Xiao Yan’s head. The cold glint that faintly seeped out from it caused the latter’s body to be filled with tiny goosebumps. He could imagine that his head would turn into a watermelon that fell on the ground, bursting into countless number of pieces with a bang, if the action to stop the chain had been an instant later.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the tip of the metal chain that had been magnified by a countless number of times in his eyes. His throat rolled a little as he turned his head with great difficulty. The ice-cold face of Queen Medusa immediately appeared in his eyes.

“You…” Xiao Yan’s mouth moved. He did not expect that the one who took action to rescue him would actually be the Queen Medusa who had been after his life. Did she really possess complicated feelings toward him after that incident?

Queen Medusa’s eyes did not even move a little while this thought was lingering in Xiao Yan’s heart. Her other free delicate hand merely flipped and violently slammed against Xiao Yan’s chest without any mercy. The large force caused the latter’s completely exhausted body to be shaken until he took over ten steps back before sitting down on the ground, looking extremely miserable.

Xiao Yan grabbed his chest and let out a few soft coughs after sitting onto the ground. What did this damn woman want to do? She wanted to rescue him yet she was this blunt. If the palm was a little stronger earlier, it was likely that it would have been able to kill him.

“How unfortunate. Just a little more and that bastard will be killed!” Xiao Yan’s gaze turned to Han Feng, who was lying on the ground with a breath remaining. He spoke regretfully within his heart. The current him was already completely exhausted. Although all he needed to do was use the ruler to slam against that fellow in order to kill him, the current him did not even have the strength to stand up.

While Xiao Yan’s eyes were filled with a limitless regret, Queen Medusa, who was grabbing the metal chain, suddenly lowered her head and glanced at Han Feng whom she did not know was dead or alive. She knit her eyebrows and appeared to hate that a man was this close to her. She immediately raised her long, sleek legs in front of a countless number of gazes and heavily kicked Han Feng’s waist.

This kick may appear random, but the sharp wind created by her toes when it was swung smashed and formed quite a large pit on the ground. Clearly, this kick was something that could even cause a lively elite Dou Huang to feel terrible, much less Han Feng, who was seriously injured.

The entire plains descended into a silence when the leg was swung.


The delicate leg firmly imprinted itself on Han Feng’s waist in front of a countless number of stunned gazes. The frightening strength was like a surging flood at this moment. Everyone immediately saw that Han Feng’s body was kicked into the air with a deep muffled sound before finally drawing a parabola across the sky and landing hard on the ground. There was coincidentally a huge rock where he landed. The sound of bones breaking was extremely ear-piercing in this quiet plains.

At this moment, nearly everyone believed that it was likely that Han Feng would have difficulty keeping his life even if he was reborn from someone extremely strong.

“Good! What a damn great kick!”

Xiao Yan, who appeared paralyzed as he sat also watched Queen Medusa’s sudden action with a stunned expression. Only when Han Feng heavily smashed against the enormous rock did he recover. A wild joy surfaced on his face. His hand slammed violently onto the ground and his face was flushed red. He could not control the excitement within his heart as he erupted with a series of vulgarities.

However, his curses had just sounded when a pair of bright, ice-cold eyes suddenly shot over like sharp blades, causing him to instantly shut his mouth. He gave an awkward smile and his buttocks shifted back without leaving a trace, afraid that the Queen Medusa who killed people like killing chickens would also give him a kick. With his current condition, it was likely that his end would not be much better than Han Feng if he were to suffer a kick.

Everyone on the plain, regardless of whether it was the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ or the Inner Academy, were all completely dumbfounded. No one had expected that the peak expert who had dominated the ‘Black-Corner Region’ would actually be kicked to death by a woman? This… this seemed a little too comical, right?

Su Qian’s gaze firmly focused on Queen Medusa from the distant sky. Other people might not have sensed it but he was able to sense that the latter’s random kick seemed to contain some killing intent. Clearly, that kick she gave Han Feng did not hold the thought of simply clearing the place but… it was likely that she really wanted to kill Han Feng.

“Don’t tell me that she also held a grudge against Han Feng? Why have I not heard that there was someone like her in the ‘Black-Corner Region’?” Su Qian muttered doubtfully.

“Tsk tsk, how unexpected. This Han Feng would actually end up dying in the hands of a woman. If such a hopelessly stupid method of dying for him were to spread, it will really cause others to die from laughter.” An ear-piercing strange laugh was emitted from the cluster of black fog, which expanded and shrank in a volatile manner. A ripple was immediately emitted from the black fog and an unusual dark-black energy surged out. It followed the chain as it swept toward Queen Medusa.

Queen Medusa’s gaze was cold and indifferent as she watched the energy surging over. She shook her delicate hand and a seven-colored energy poured out unceasingly. Finally, it collided with that black-colored energy at the middle spot of the chain. A wild and ferocious ripple erupted from the point of contact and destroyed all the grass of the plains nearby,

Although the chain underwent such a powerful explosive force, it did not show any sign of breaking. Clearly this thing was not an ordinary item.


Queen Medusa suddenly released her hand during the explosion. The black-colored chain suddenly turned around with a clever effort, before transforming into a vague black line that shot explosively toward the cluster of black fog.


The black-colored chain passed through that cluster of black fog, causing it to ripple swiftly. It was a long while later before the ear-piercing voice that carried some gloominess was emitted, “Who are you? You actually dare to meddle with the affairs of our ‘Hall of Souls’?”

“His life is mine. No one else has the right to take it.” Those pretty eyes stared at the cluster of black fog in the distance as Queen Medusa spoke faintly, “I can give his corpse to you if I kill him one day. It is not possible now.’

“Hei, what arrogant words. You are the first person in so many years who dares to speak such words to our ‘Hall of Souls’!”

“Get lost. You won’t have the opportunity to attack today.” Queen Medusa completely ignored him. Her voice was still blunt and ice-cold. During the short exchange earlier, she already possessed some understanding of the other party’s strength. If the other party’s energy had not been a little strange, she would have longed killed him. Why would she need to speak so many unnecessary words?

“Tsk tsk, what an arrogant woman. My luck is indeed not bad today. However, my mission is not to kill that little brat. It is sufficient as long as I acquire that Yao Chen’s spirit is in his body! Moreover, thanks to you, I do have something to acquire.” The strange laugh was emitted from the black fog before it immediately moved. The figure suddenly flashed, and in a couple of breaths, it appeared beside Han Feng’s breathless corpse. He let out a strange ‘tsk tsk’ laugh and an unusual suction force erupted. A somewhat transparent spiritual body slowly rose from Han Feng’s corpse following the appearance of this suction force. Finally, it was absorbed into that black fog and disappeared.

“Tsk tsk, a tier 6 alchemist spirit. This is really quite a great acquisition.” That awful voice sounded with some satisfaction after absorbing Han Feng’s spirit into that black fog. The black fog immediately moved and from a distance, Xiao Yan could sense a pair of eyes sweeping over him from within it.

“Brat, I shall allow Yao Chen’s spirit to stay in your body for a period of time. At that time, our ‘Hall of Souls’ will come and acquire it. Tsk tsk…”

Xiao Yan’s expression was somewhat gloomy as he observed the strange cluster of black fog that was drifting aimlessly. He had finally been locked onto be this mysterious organization…

“Enjoy your remaining time. Tsk tsk. At that time, even this woman might not be able to protect you!” A strange laugh sounded from varying distances. That cluster of black fog was just like a ghost. It flashed a couple of times before disappearing from the plains in front of a countless number of gazes…

Xiao Yan’s eyes watched the vague black fog that had disappeared into the distance. He suddenly grit his teeth and stood up. His footsteps staggered toward Han Feng’s corpse. His palm touched the latter’s skin and his expression sank a moment later, “Dammit. The ‘Sea Heart Flame’ has also been taken away along with the soul!”

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth ruthlessly before his eyes glanced at the dark-blue ring on Han Feng’s finger. The flickering faint blue glint indicated the difference between this storage ring and a low grade storage ring.

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