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Chapter 633: Medicinal Formula

The medicinal pill was entirely blood-red, and was around the size of a dragon's eye. This medicinal pill appeared extremely strange. At a glance, it seemed to be like a transparent body that was filled with blood. There was a bloody dark-red glow at the middle of the medicinal pill. The pill was just like a tiny eye at a glance and its entire body emitted a strange feeling.

Xiao Yan's gaze stared intently at the blood-red medicinal pill. With the help of his outstanding Spiritual Perception, he appeared to be able to faintly sense that this medicinal pill had some differences from an ordinary item. However, he was unable to identify the areas where it was different. Regardless of what it was, this 'Life Devouring Pill' was the highest tiered medicinal pill that Xiao Yan had seen in many years!

"Teacher had mentioned that when a medicinal pill had reached a certain tier, it would possess some spirituality. I wonder if it is also the case for this 'Life Devouring Pill'?" A thought flashed across Xiao Yan's heart. He carefully picked up the bottle and his gaze swept over the bottle's mouth only to be slightly startled. A certain kind of energy trace was drawn on the bottle's cap. If one took a more careful look, it seemed that it had some sort of sealing effect.

"It is indeed worthy of being a peak tier 7 medicinal pill. It is unexpected that even the thing used to store it must use energy to suppress it. From the looks of it, what teacher mentioned is true." Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly, but did not take the medicinal pill out of the bottle. A medicinal pill of such tier could not be randomly taken out. Otherwise, it would bring about some unusual phenomenon.

"Is there any other thing second brother obtained with the medicinal pill?' Xiao Yan held the bottle as he lifted his head and asked Xiao Li.

Xiao Li was startled when he heard this. His gaze immediately began to look all around him cautiously. After which, he nodded and took out a blood-red scroll from his storage ring. The scroll had a faint red glow seeping out from it. Moreover, there was not a single spot on its entire body to open it. The entire thing was just like a tight jade pole.

"This is something that I obtained together with the pills, but I was unable to open it." Xiao Li handed over the blood-colored scroll to Xiao Yan as he spoke with a frown.

Xiao Yan swiftly put down the jade bottle in his hand and received the scroll. He placed it on his hand and examined it for a long while. Finally, he gently exhaled and voiced his thoughts, "If I am not mistaken, this should be the medicinal formula for the 'Life Devouring Pill'."

Xiao Li's expression did not change much when he heard this. He had vaguely guessed something similar when he had obtained the medicinal pills back then. However, he was simply not too certain.

Xiao Li's heart became boiling hot when he heard Xiao Yan's confirmation. He licked his tongue and used an extremely soft voice to speak, "If this is really the medicinal formula for the 'Life Devouring Pill', our Xiao clan might have the hope of prospering. Being able to create dozens of expert Dou Wangs. That Misty Cloud Sect would be nothing!"

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before he immediately shook his head and said, "Difficult… even if this 'Life Devouring Pill' can overdraft one's life to obtain three years of Dou Wang strength, it is also at the peak of tier 7 medicinal pills. How could it be so easily refined? It is likely that there is hardly anyone in this continent who could create such tier 7 medicinal pills in mass quantities."

Yao Lao had to put in all his effort in order to luckily refine the tier six medicinal pill, 'Ground Spirit Pill' successfully back then, much less this 'Life Devouring Pill' which could be considered among the top within the seventh tier. Forget about the issue of whether it was possible to find sufficient medicinal ingredients. Even if one managed to find them, just refining a tier six medicinal pill already brought about such an unnatural phenomenon. If one were to refine a tier seven medicinal pill, would the Heavens not send down lightning that would destroy both the person and the pill?

Moreover, even if the lightning did not kill, would the person not be even more unlucky if it attracted the attention of some strong people?

In the current Dou Qi continent, alchemists who could refine a medicinal pills at the peak of the seventh tier were already existences as rare as a phoenix feather and unicorn horn. Perhaps, even the current Yao Lao would be hard pressed to refine it, unless he recovered his peak strength…

Even with Xiao Yan's current strength, which had just surged greatly, and the fact that he controlled the 'Fallen Heart Flame', his chances of successfully refining this 'Life Devouring Pill' might not even reach ten-percent. Moreover, it would undoubtedly be an extremely foolish decision if he were to hand the medicinal formula to an alchemist who had the ability to refine this kind of medicinal pill. Hence, attempting to rely on this 'Life Devouring Pill' to create dozens of expert Dou Wangs was definitely something that was not possible.

Xiao Li also awoke from his illusion somewhat disappointed when he heard Xiao Yan's words. He helplessly sighed and said, "You should keep this thing. I am not an alchemist, so it won't be much use for me to hold onto it."

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He did not reject it. It was indeed unsuitable to place this kind of hot potato in Xiao Li's hands. Xiao Yan flicked his finger gently on the scroll. A moment later, he spoke with a solemn expression, "You must not mention this 'Life Devouring Pill or its medicinal formula to anyone. Otherwise, there will be quite a lot of trouble if it is leaked."

"Relax, I am not an impulsive person. During these two years, there is no one else, other than you and I who know about this." Xiao Li smiled as he replied. He pointed toward the jade bottle on the table and said, "You should also take the last 'Life Devouring Pill' with you. It no longer has any use to me."

Xiao Yan hesitated a little before taking it. He voiced his thoughts, "I will find some time to study this 'Life Devouring Pill' and its medicinal formula to find a method to overcome it within a year in order to remove this thing from you."

Xiao Li smiled indifferently at this. "All is well as long as you are alive. It doesn't matter if I am around or not."

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes at Xiao Li's words. He stood up and said, "I will return to the Jia Nan Academy now. Two days later, I will finish the matter with Han Feng."

"Han Feng?" Xiao Li's brows were knit tightly when he heard this name that was known to everyone in the 'Black-Corner Region'. He said, "You want to look for him? That fellow is a true elite peak level Dou Huang. Moreover, he has the help of one kind of 'Heavenly Flame'. He would have the ability to fight even if he met an ordinary Dou Zong. Isn't it too great a risk for you to find him? Moreover, the 'Black Alliance' has as many strong people as there are clouds. You…"

"Ke ke, you need not worry. There may be many strong people within the 'Black Alliance' but there are also quite a number of strong people within the Jia Nan Academy. This time around, we are acting together, and it is not just me alone." Xiao Yan waved his hand and said. "Moreover, that Han Feng may have a 'Heavenly Flame', but so do I. Moreover, I have more than him."

"What is your exact strength right now?" Xiao Li weighed Xiao Yan up and down before suddenly asking.

"I should be at the peak of the Dou Wang class and should not be far from breaking through to become a Dou Huang." Xiao Yan smiled. He had exaggerated a little in order to reassure Xiao Li. He may currently be at the peak of the Dou Wang class but he had yet to truly control the strength at this level. Unless there was some special situation, he still required a period of time before he could once again advance to a Dou Huang.

"A gap of an entire class…" Xiao Li frowned. He wanted to say something, but when he saw Xiao Yan's smiling face, he immediately recalled the matter of Fan Lao dying in his hands. Only then did he slowly nod his head and said, "Be careful. Additionally, it would be best that you bring me along this time around. I should not be a burden to you given my current strength."

"Ke ke, I would also be worried if I left you in the 'Black-Corner Region'. Second brother, you should straighten out the situation. I will bring you to the academy to stay for two days." Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He placed the 'Life Devouring Pill' and its medicinal formula into his storage ring before turning around and walking out of the hall.

Xiao Li usually acted resolutely and quickly. Therefore, in less than an hour, he had completely settled everyone. Although some members had died during that great battle earlier, there were still nearly a hundred people. Although this could not be compared to a big faction like the 'Blood Sect,' it was not considered to be a weak strength within the 'Black-Corner Region.'

Xiao Yan did not hesitate much after everything was settled. Over ten griffins were fully loaded with people before they flapped their wings and flew high in the sky, carrying a large group as they once again flew back to the Jia Nan Academy.

Due to some reason, Xiao Yan was able to get Xiao Li to settle his subordinates in Jia Nan City outside of the academy. They stayed there while Xiao Li alone was brought Jia Nan Academy's Inner Academy.

There was some commotion when Xiao Yan and the others returned. This commotion became especially apparent when some of those members of 'Pan's Gate', who had participated in the big battle, spread news that sect leader of the 'Blood Sect', Fan Lao, was killed by Xiao Yan. The entire Inner Academy became embroiled. An elite Dou Huang was a height that they could only look up to. However, such an expert did not even leave behind a corpse in Xiao Yan's hands.

Of course, Xiao Yan was naturally unconcerned about the commotion that he had aroused within the Inner Academy. He went to look for First Elder Su Qian after he returned to the Inner Academy. The latter also felt surprised at Xiao Yan killing Fan Lao. However, he did not appear too shocked. He clearly understood just how frightening Xiao Yan's fighting strength was given that he was in control of two kinds of 'Heavenly Flame'.

Although it was somewhat against the rules for Xiao Yan to bring Xiao Li into the Inner Academy, Su Qian quietly agreed to it. After all, the former's status was currently something that an ordinary student couldn't hope to compare to. Xiao Yan, who possessed two kinds of 'Heavenly Flames' was someone that even he did not dare to easily underestimate.

Therefore, after admonishing him a little, Su Qian released Xiao Yan. He even specially reminded Xiao Yan about the big activity two days later.

This large activity was something that Xiao Yan also felt great anticipation for.

Two days flew by in his anticipation. The sky on the second day had just become bright when some students sensed that the atmosphere within the Inner Academy was not quite right. Only when they saw the human figures that flew up into the sky from all over the Inner Academy did they finally come to an understanding. It looked like the Inner Academy was intending to do something big…

The students in the Inner Academy had seen quite a number of such big occasions during these past two years. Each time the strong people from the Inner Academy moved, they would definitely go and find trouble with those fellows from the 'Black-Corner Region'. However, there were some sharp people who discovered that the scale this time around was larger than any previous time!

A clear voice suddenly sounded from within the Inner Academy just as a countless number of students stared at those Inner Academy experts who were flapping their wings in the sky with envious faces. Immediately, a gorgeous pair of jade-green fire wings carried a black figure as they rushed to the sky before the figure surfaced.

A countless number of gazes followed the howl and turned. Their eyes became hot and wild when they saw the black-robed, young man who had appeared.

During all these years, Xiao Yan was the first person who participated in such an Inner Academy great battle with a student status. This was extreme glory in the eyes of these young students.

This was because having such a qualification indicated that Xiao Yan had already become a truly strong person whom even the upper echelons of the Inner Academy had recognized!

Xiao Yan ignored those wild heated gazes below him as he stood in the sky. His gaze turned toward the northern sky, and an arc which was filled with a chill slowly surfaced on his face.

"This time around, let me help teacher clean out the garbage!"

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