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Chapter 634: Arrival of the Great Battle

Black-Corner Region, Feng City.

The current Feng City had transformed immensely during these short two years. This was because Han Feng had established the ‘Black Alliance’ and had situated its headquarters in this city. This caused this small city to become a renowned city within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. The current Feng City’s size and businesses were all far from what they could be compared with two years ago.

A grand mansion stood in the large area in the middle of the city. That majestic overbearing aura was something that not a single building within the city could exceed. Of course, being the place where all the strong people within the ‘Black Alliance’ discussed issues and the home of Han Feng, it was likely that not a single person within the city possess the courage to exceed it.

The current Han Feng had already become the overlord of this place. His status was as solid as rock under the great reputation of the ‘Black Alliance’. No one in the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’ dared to provoke him.

There were quite a number of human figures sitting within the extremely spacious hall of the mansion. The person who was seated in the highest leader’s seat was naturally the current Alliance Head of the ‘Black Alliance’, Medicinal Emperor Han Feng!

Not far to the left and right of Han Feng were the strongest people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’, the Gold Silver Brothers. Below them were the heads of the various factions that had joined the ‘Black Alliance’. Any one of the heads of these factions were the kind of extremely powerful people who could cause the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’ to quiver a little by just stomping their feet. However, these strong people could only sit in the lower seats in this kind of occasion. One could just imagine just how strict the division of one’s position in the ‘Black Alliance’ was.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was somewhat pressuring. This kind of pressuring atmosphere all originated from the somewhat dark, gloomy face of Han Feng in the leader’s seat.

“Everyone…” Han Feng’s gaze slowly swept across the faces of everyone in the hall as he spoke in an indifferent voice, “I think that all of you should have heard some news. The little brat called Xiao Yan in the Inner Academy is still alive.”

There was some commotion within the large hall. Although those seated were no ordinary people, their expressions changed a little at hearing this extremely familiar name. An expert who could defeat Han Feng was someone that they were not allowed to underestimate.

“The sect leader of the ‘Blood Sect’ has already died in the hands of this brat.” Han Feng’s finger gently tapped against the armrest. The words that he spoke were like a bomb that shook everyone until they were stunned.

Although they had received some news from two days ago, they did not dare to confirm Fan Lao’s death. By saying this now, Han Feng was undoubtedly announcing Fan Lao’s final end to everyone.

Although the ‘Black Alliance’ was not completely united, Fan Lao’s death also caused them to grieve for their kin. Obviously, what they felt most was a faint worry and unease. Back then, Xiao Yan’s near death in the ‘Heavenly Flame’ was directly or indirectly related to them. Now that the brat had unexpectedly lived, it was likely that he would not allow the people who were involved in the matter back then to easily escape. This was clear from the way he had killed Fan Lao.

“Although I did not have much contact with that brat, I can see that he is the kind who will definitely take revenge. Everyone seated here participated in the sneak attack back then, and I think that he will not let anyone off easily.” Han Feng knit his brows slightly and said, “Fan Lao’s strength could be ranked among the top ten even if placed in the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’. Yet even he was still defeated by Xiao Yan hands. This clearly indicates that the fellow might well be even stronger than he was two years ago.”

“If he were to really come and seek revenge, how many of you seated here have the confidence that you can flee alive?” Han Feng’s gaze looked all around the room. His voice was somewhat dark and solemn.

Everyone in the hall looked at one another. With the exception of the Gold Silver Brothers, everyone knit their brows slightly. Their faces were quite ugly. There might be a small number of people among them whose strength was stronger than Han Feng, but there was undoubtedly quite a big gap between Xiao Yan, who was able to kill Fan Lao, and them. If it was a simple matter of meeting him alone, whether they were able to flee was really quite an important question. After all, they clearly knew of the tactics of that old fellow Fan Lao. Even if he could not defeat the other party, he possessed many methods to flee. However, he still end up being defeated by Xiao Yan’s hands, not to mention them.

“Ke ke, brother Han, he alone may be very strong, but was our purpose not to put an end to such a situation when we established the ‘Black Alliance’ back then? If he really comes and seeks revenge, the many experts from our ‘Black Alliance’ will attack together. Don’t tell me that he can flip the sky?” The silence lasted for a moment before an old man wearing a gray robe with a dark eagle-like face suddenly spoke with a laugh to Han Feng. In order to be able to have a seat in a chaotic area like the ‘Black-Corner Region’, one must not only possess viciousness, but also cunningness. Therefore, this old man had bundled the entire ‘Black Alliance’ together when he spoke in this manner.

Everyone in the hall finally recovered after hearing the words of the gray-robed old man. All of them smiled and agreed.

Han Feng also smiled and nodded in the face of the gray-robed old man’s words. They had indeed established the ‘Black Alliance’ back then in order to deal with the revenge seeking Jia Nan Academy. This kind of vengeance seeking was naturally also part of it.

“I have already sent some people to inquire about Xiao Yan’s whereabouts from all over the place. I will inform everyone the moment I get some news. At that time, we can act first without him coming to look for us.” Han Feng smiled as he spoke. However, a viciousness seeped out from his smile.

Everyone in the hall sighed in relief when they heard Han Feng’s words. Xiao Yan was ultimately a thorn in their hearts. They would not be bothered about some bad reputation of bullying someone with numbers if they could get rid of him. Fairness and justice had long been thrown into the stinky drains when one was in a place like the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

The corner of Han Feng’s mouth moved a little as he saw that everyone did not voice any disagreement. An unusual smile flashed over his eyes, “If we really capture Xiao Yan at that time, I hope that everyone will hand him over to me to deal with. In exchange, I will give everyone a satisfactory reward.”

Everyone in the hall hesitated a little when they heard this before nodding their heads. They knew that Han Feng greatly coveted Xiao Yan’s ‘Heavenly Flame’. Although a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was extremely rare, which ordinary person would dare to refine it? If one were careless, being turned into ashes by the backlash was something that could easily occur. Hence, everyone may covet the ‘Heavenly Flame’, but no one really dared to touch that thing.

Han Feng saw everyone nod their heads. Although he knew what they were thinking in their hearts, he did not open his mouth to refute it. He really did greatly covet Xiao Yan’s ‘Heavenly Flame’. However, the thing that he was most concerned about was the complete ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method that Xiao Yan practiced.

As a person who practiced an incomplete ‘Flame Mantra’, Han Feng was clearly aware just what kind of frightening strength this Qi Method possessed. One would be able to control numerous ‘Heavenly Flames’ by simply practicing it!

A ‘Heavenly Flame’ was able to allow him to barely fight with an elite Dou Zong with a strength that was at the peak of the Dou Huang class. If he were to refine and merge a couple more ‘Heavenly Flames’, it was likely that there would no longer be anyone who could match him on the continent.

The incomplete ‘Flame Mantra’ might have been studied by Han Feng all these years, but just controlling one kind, the ‘Sea Heart Flame,’ had caused his control to feel somewhat strained. If he were to swallow a second kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’, it was likely… that there would be quite the high chance of backlash.

Han Feng knew this clearer than anyone else within his heart. Hence, he had a kind of crazy possessiveness for the complete ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method. As long as he was able to find it on Xiao Yan, he might be able to possess the potential and qualification to leap to the peak of the continent!

Of course, the matter of the ‘Flame Mantra’ was far too important. Hence, Han Feng did not mention this to anyone else. After all, this Qi Method was not something that only an alchemist could practice. As long as one’s body was of the fire affinity, one would possess the qualification to practice it. In the future, one could refine and merge ‘Heavenly Flames’, obtaining limitless possible achievements. How would he easily reveal such a big matter to another person?

An ordinary person only knew that he was extremely interested in Xiao Yan because the latter possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame’. However, they did not know that his true target was the complete ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method which Xiao Yan practiced!

During the time that everyone in the hall had begun planning how to capture Xiao Yan, the Gold Silver Brothers, who were half-asleep with their eyes shut, on the two sides of the leader’s seat suddenly opened their eyes. Their expressions changed slightly as they threw their gazes to the southern sky.

Han Feng also sensed something the instant the faces of the Gold Silver Brothers changed. His gaze turned from the hall to the southern sky. A large number of powerful auras were swiftly approaching from that direction. Han Feng was not unfamiliar with these auras. These auras would occasionally come and harass them during these two years. However, each time around, their faces would turn ashen and they would return in failure.

All the experts from the ‘Black Alliance’ within the hall looked at the sudden change in expressions on the faces of Han Feng and the Gold Silver Brothers. All of them were startled. Due to their lack of strength, they did not possess such a sharp sensing ability like the three people in front of them.

“Brother Han, Gold Silver Brothers, what is it?” The gray-robed old man with a dark eagle-like face carefully opened his mouth and inquired.

“Tsk tsk, our ‘old friend’ is here again.” The old man who was wearing golden robes laughed in a strange manner as he stood up from his chair, smiled, and replied.

Everyone was startled when they heard this. They immediately came to a sudden understanding as all of them laughed out loud.

“These old fellows from the Jia Nan Academy really have great perseverance. Each time, they come with a fierce aura and each time they flee with their tails between their legs…”

Han Feng brows were slowly knit together in the face of the loud laughter all over the place. With the help of a certain perception between the ‘Heavenly Flames’. He could vaguely sense that there appeared to be an extremely familiar hot aura that was approaching amid the large number of auras.

Moreover, for some unknown reason, HIS writhing ‘Heavenly Flame’ actually became slightly dull each time he relied on his ‘Sea Heart Flame’ to sense that familiar hot aura. This kind of situation was as though it had met a certain thing that it was afraid of…

Han Feng’s expression slowly became solemn. Shock was subsequently added onto his face. Being able to cause even the ‘Sea Heart Flame’ which was ranked fifteenth on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ to be afraid… just what kind of frightening thing was hidden behind that hot aura?

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