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Chapter 598: Green Flame Everywhere!

The sudden appearance of a powerful aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than an elite in the Dou Huang class not only caused the countless of students in the distance to be stunned, but even the chaotic battlefield in the sky had appeared slightly silent because of it.

Numerous gazes swept toward the area where the aura erupted. Many experts were startled when they saw the source of the aura. Upon seeing Fan Lao who was facing the source on the opposite side, their expression became different. The faces of those who regarded Han Feng as the leader immediately became ugly. At this moment when they were evenly matched, the impact an elite Dou Huang possessed was quite great. One could even say that it could decide the final victor…

Su Qian, Hu Gan, and the other experts within the Inner Academy may be stunned at Xiao Yan who had suddenly erupted, but the majority of their feelings were of joy… At this moment, Xiao Yan was undoubtedly a reinforcement who had made an extremely timely appearance. With his help, their side of the battleground would be able to have at least one less expert Dou Huang. This would undoubtedly greatly reduce the pressure that the Elders faced.

“This little brat… indeed held something back. I just knew that it was impossible that he did not possess a true trump card after being able to force the Misty Cloud Sect into that manner.” Hu Gan eyed the aura emitted by Xiao Yan, which was not at all weaker than him. His heart involuntarily let out praise before he immediately gazed toward the frowning Han Feng on the opposite side. He could not help but laughed coldly, “Han Feng, you better pray that the Headmaster will not return within a short period of time. Otherwise…”

Han Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke in a faint voice, “A natural and unique treasure like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is something that a destined person should possess. This kind of sealing method of your Inner Academy is somewhat against the rules.”

“Then it is within the rules to give it to you alchemists to refine it?” Hu Gan ridiculed.

Han Feng knit his brows, but did not continue the meaningless argument. While he was facing off against Hu Gan, his gaze was repeatedly thrown in the direction where Xiao Yan was. For some unknown reason, he repeatedly sensed a very strange feeling coming from this young man.

“This feeling… why is it such a familiar feeling?” Han Feng muttered in his heart. He thought about it bitterly to no avail and could only throw his gaze toward the battle circle where Su Qian and the Gold Silver Brothers were at. As the three strongest people present, there was no sign of anyone else within a hundred meters of their battleground. The remnant waves of such a fight at such a level was something that even a Dou Huang expert like them did not dare to easily ignore.

“The Gold Silver Brothers may be able to fight with an elite Dou Zong after joining hands, however, it was clearly impossible for them to defeat Su Qian. As more time passed, they would gradually end up in a disadvantaged situation. There might be quite a bit of trouble if Su Qian was allowed to divert his attention at that time. Looks like I need to quickly escape.” A thought swiftly ran through Han Feng’s heart, and his gaze gradually became cold a moment later. He flipped his hands and a deep-blue flame suddenly rose from his palm.

Hu Gan’s expression became much more serious upon seeing the writhing deep-blue flame in Han Feng’s hand. Any expert Dou Huang would be extremely afraid if Han Feng were to control the ‘Heavenly Flame’ with his current strength. This naturally included Hu Gan.

Powerful Dou Qi spread out from Hu Gan’s body causing his sleeves to flap. He slowly exhaled a breath of air, and a thunder-like explosion was emitted from his tongue. The aura on his entire body had also become much stronger amid this strange explosive sound.

“You are dreaming if you intend to snatch a ‘Heavenly Flame’ from the Jia Nan Academy.” Hu Gan laughed coldly as he twisted his body. It disappeared in an instant, and was shockingly in front of Han Feng the next time it appeared. Waves of rolling thunder sounded as the winds from his palms intertwined with each other.

“All of you should pull back first. I will deal with him.” Xiao Yan slowly turned his head around and spoke to Zi Yan and Liu Qing with a smile.

Liu Qing and Zi Yan were watching Xiao Yan with shocked gazes. The powerful aura that spread out from the latter’s body was not the least bit inferior to Fan Lao on the opposite side. Xiao Yan’s strength had basically soared in a frightening manner within a short period of time. Moreover, this kind of great increase was without reason. Although they knew that Xiao Yan possessed a kind of Secret Technique that could allow him to increase his strength within a short period of time, it could at the very most raise Xiao Yan’s strength by a few stars. Now, however… he basically leaped through two classes, no?

Liu Qing swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He merely felt his throat become dry. Originally, he had thought that the powerful Dou Technique that Xiao Yan had displayed back then was his final trump card. Only now did he understand that if Xiao Yan were to completely unleash his strength, he would not even be able to endure a single exchange!

“Xiao Yan, what kind of medicinal pill did you consume? Why have you become so strong?” Zi Yan could not control the curiosity in her heart, and immediately ignored the somewhat superficial bloody aura within her body that was caused by Fan Lao’s attack as she asked with a surprised face.

“Where can one find such a powerful medicinal pill?” Xiao Yan smiled and pulled at Zi Yan’s ponytail. The latter immediately shook her head in displeasure and avoided him. Only then did Xiao Yan speak, “Alright, little fellow. Bring Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya down. Leave this to me.”

Zi Yan curled her mouth and could only nod her head somewhat unwillingly. “Alright. However that old fellow is too detestable. You must get back at him for me, and make sure to give him a good beating.”

“No problem.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. That brilliant smile caused a chill to form all over Fan Lao’s body not far away.

Only after seeing Xiao Yan nodding his head in agreement did Zi Yan drag Liu Qing and flashed before appearing beside Lin Xiuya, whose wings on his back had become increasingly illusionary. With one hand grabbing each of them, she swiftly rushed down from the sky and returned to the place where the group of them had stayed earlier.

Lin Yan, Yan Hao, and the others on a roof watched Zi Yan and the other two rushing down from the sky before hurrying forward.

Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya merely smiled and shook their heads at faces of the group showed. They immediately lifted their head together without any prior agreement and threw their gazes toward Xiao Yan who was facing Fan Lao in the sky alone. It was a long while later before they let out a sigh. They looked at one another before sighing with a bitter smile, “This top spot on the Inner Academy’s ‘Strong Ranking’ should belong to this fellow. It is really unexpected that he actually hid a card so deeply…”

Zi Yan, who was the person in question, did not reveal any grimacing expression with regards to the words of these two people. She clearly understood that even she was much weaker compared to the strength that Xiao Yan was currently displaying.

Lin Yan, Yan Hao, and the others behind the two also smiled bitterly as they nodded. The frightening strength that Xiao Yan suddenly displayed also caused them to be extremely shocked.

“It is really unexpected that you actually possess such a trump card. No wonder Ling-er died in your hands.” Fan Lao’s expression was dark and solemn as he eyed the surging aura of Xiao Yan. His voice was gloomy as he spoke.
TL: Ling-er – Fan Ling, Fan Lao’s son

“I did not need to be like this in order to deal with him.” Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes which were staring at Fan Lao slowly became cold. “Since you are also muddling along within the ‘Black-Corner Region’, you should also know what kind of price a life had there. Who cares if a person was killed regardless of his identity? Forget about your son, even if you, an old dog, who likes human blood were to die, it is likely that not many people would remember you.”

Upon hearing this, Fan Lao ended up laughing in his extreme anger. “What an arrogant little fellow. Don’t think that your victory is certain just because your strength has soared. What kind of situation have I, Fan Lao, not seen after so many years? You little brat don’t have the qualification to speak to me in this manner.”

Xiao Yan curled the corner of his mouth slightly and was too lazy to continue speaking nonsense with this old fellow who was overflowing with confidence. He flicked his finger, and a green-colored flame instantly surged out from the tip of his finger. Finally, it turned into two long flame-whips that were swung violently in front of him. Immediately, a great heat that carried a thunderclap resounded.

Fan Lao’s expression slowly became serious as he sensed the gradually surging flame outside of Xiao Yan’s body. Although his lips spoke those words, he did not dare to look down on the current Xiao Yan by the slightest bit. Due to his Qi Method, his Dou Qi leaned toward the dark and cold side (Yin). This kind of Dou Qi affinity feared the strong yang and explosive fire affinity Dou Qi. Xiao Yan’s Dou Qi was not only of the fire affinity but the flame he was controlling was a spiritual being among the flames: a Heavenly Flame. Hence, Fan Lao suffered a great disadvantage when the two fought. This was not very obvious due to the large gap in their strength earlier. However, Xiao Yan’s strength had currently soared. Along with it, his control of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, and even its temperature had also soared greatly.

Hence, Fan Lao could no longer adopt the same kind of attitude he did toward Xiao Yan earlier when faced with such a troublesome opponent.

With a wave of his sleeve, the sea of blood that was dozens of feet wide immediately began to churn. Fan Lao once again hid within it. This sea of blood was created from Dou Qi after practicing his Qi Method until its pinnacle. It would provide an enormous enhancement regardless of whether it was in terms of Dou Qi recovery or attacking during a fight. Moreover, the cover of the sea of blood could even help in hiding one’s body. This so-called sea of blood possessed an enormous amount of credit, credit that allowed Fan Lao to be able to build the Blood Sect within the man-eat-man ‘Black-Corner Region’ to what it was and to become a powerful leader.

Fan Lao’s aura immediately became much more powerful following the disappearance of his body within the sea of blood. That aura which spread across the sky and contained some bloody scent also swiftly soared. In the end, the surrounding sky faintly carried a dark-red color.

A countless number of students below opened their eyes as they watched the pale-blood color spreading in the sky. A wave of bloody stench also came pouncing on them despite being a great distance away, causing many to feel a chill in their hearts.

“A useless move.”

Xiao Yan simply laughed softly upon seeing the expanding aura of Fan Lao. With a flick of his finger, the green-colored flame curled out from his body in all directions. The temperature in the sky immediately soared. The dark-redness that was spreading through the sky appeared to be like ice cubes meeting boiling oil as it swiftly melted…

In the blink of an eye, the bloody stench that caused the bodies of a countless number of people to become cold completely disappeared from the horizon.

Xiao Yan glanced faintly at the sea of blood that hid Lao Fan. He let out a smile as he slowly extended his finger and pointed toward the cluster of bloody sea.

Time paused at this moment. An instant later, an unceasing amount of flame came spreading out with shocking speed. Immediately, they agglomerated into a sea of flame under a countless number of stunned gazes. The bloody aura was swiftly becoming vaporized within that sea of flame…

“This sea of blood… let it also be incinerated.”

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